1977 Toyota Celica GT: Regular Car Reviews

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The 1977 Celica GT is everything right about 70's car culture.
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11 feb 2019

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Comentarios 2 192
chillausmc Hace 12 horas
Great car, great video. What a gem!
Daniel Bourdage
Daniel Bourdage Hace 14 horas
I had one a 1973 I juste love it
terry broderick
terry broderick Hace 18 horas
btw: i had one with a hot cam! with 30 thousand take off the head! a hooker header & a pipe straight through to a stebo muffler! and with a twin 45 weber setup! also a sway bar & big t/a tires! had a lot fun beating muscle cars! it came out of the hole like jack the bear!
Box of Rain 1971
Box of Rain 1971 Hace un día
Back in the 70’s I dated a girl who drove a Datsun B210, and a girl who drove a Celica. Guess which one was hot AF?
edxmon Hace un día
Jesus A Valentin
Jesus A Valentin Hace 2 días
Thank for the memories!
Mr. T.
Mr. T. Hace 2 días
That their is one of ur early model shitboxes. Runs on rice liquor
Darryl Anton
Darryl Anton Hace 2 días
I owned a 1980 Toyota Celica, I think the 1977 actually has a better look!
Ron Weaver
Ron Weaver Hace 2 días
They were so popular
Dimi Bah
Dimi Bah Hace 3 días
Datsun skyline gtR
Chase K
Chase K Hace 3 días
Wow, Exact same car, same color, same year, same model Celica GT, I paid $5400 in late 1976 and loved it. I miss that car. where are you?
Suriya Yuwaprom
Suriya Yuwaprom Hace 3 días
Blee Petty
Blee Petty Hace 4 días
I owned a ‘76 and it was the best car I’ve ever owned. It was a five speed and it handled driving in the Pyrenees with no problem. Would buy another in a heart beat.❤️❤️😇
David Sanchez
David Sanchez Hace 4 días
ESvid fags need to stop selfishly banking on ESvid momentary funds at the expense of real car guys everywhere.
Daddy Stewart
Daddy Stewart Hace 2 días
The fuck are you on about
63DW89A Hace 4 días
WOW. Thank you for this video. Brings back a lot of happy memories. Had a 1977 Celica GT hatchback. Built the 2.2L 20R up using Offenhauser Dual-port manifold, a Weber 32/38 two barrel, a mid range cam, headers and a low restriction exhaust. That little 2.2 ROARED to life. At that time, (late 70's, early 80's) the built Celica would embarrass many "high performance" V8's. Incredible bottom end torque out of that 2.2, and it could actually grunt its way up 6% grades in 5th gear, from about 15 MPH up to about 55 MPH and then back down again, going up curvy old US 23 from TN into NC. The 20R was a VERY impressive engine with tons of guts, once opened up and allowed to properly breathe! Third gear killed a lot of V8 opponents, as the torquey little 20R totally walked away from them. The engine, and car were built like tanks, tough as nails, totally reliable, with incredible power out of only 2.2L with only a SOHC and 2 valves per cylinder.
hi dere
hi dere Hace 2 días
The 20Rs and 22Rs are so much better in reality than on paper. I don’t have a Celica, but I do have a truck with the 22R-E. Not fast, but not lethargically slow. Light modifications bring these little engines to life.
Louis Rosen
Louis Rosen Hace 4 días
Gave my ex-wife one in 1976. She loved me then. I still preferred my 1967 Mustang. Those old cars were a lot of fun.
Dino Bino
Dino Bino Hace 4 días
I miss this car❣❣❣
Marktuyet Hace 4 días
Thank you for letting us see your Celica . Brings back memories . Enjoy it .
Aaron Raines
Aaron Raines Hace 5 días
Yeah nice but give me the ra40 lift back... Surfboard in back with me sleeping also
Nick Hace 5 días
I had this exact car, except it was silver. Bought it brand new, first new car I ever had. Fun to drive, good mpg, drove it all over the country. Then it started to just die, engine would quit running for no reason, took it to the dealer, they couldn't find a problem, never died when they had it. It started to do it every 2-3 weeks, it would just quit running. Mfr warranty up at 12,ooo miles, that's when they offered to start really trying to find the problem. If I let it sit for 10-15 minutes it would start again. It definitely had a problem, but the dealer wouldn't take care of it. Never bought another Toyota.
Vernon Findlay
Vernon Findlay Hace 5 días
14 when this popped out of Toyota, nice wheels,84/85 were nice as well.
k.v Hace 5 días
I used to own one of this back in the mid-80’s engine is good, but alternator, starter,and radiator always gave me problems. Exhaust light always came on.
Seiko Watch
Seiko Watch Hace 5 días
My 1980 Datsun 310GX Hatchback has 65 hp. LOL.
RobPetty622 Hace 5 días
When I was about 15, I knew a guy who had one of these, give or take a few years. It was just before I could drive and he used to take me tooling around town and drinking beer in the corn fields. I wanted one like he had so bad, but they disappeared quickly
Hunter Fisher
Hunter Fisher Hace 5 días
They should make this today, cars are over thirty percent higher than in 1969 adjusted for inflation. The auto industry is over-regulated just like the rest of our lives.
峰春美 Hace 6 días
Facts Matter
Facts Matter Hace 6 días
It resembles a Ford Mustang fastback in many ways.
VapeKing Hace 6 días
I used to have a 1981 toyota corolla tercel. Yes the Corolla and Tercel are two different models however toyota was already importing corrolas so they just added the tercel name so they wouldnt have to work on getting another model imported. I was the second owner it was in very good shape other than the sun making some things brittle inside. It only had 57000 miles on it and ran like a scalded hog. I drove it till it no longer had 1st gear then sold it cheap to someone who drove without first gear for a year then fixed it lol. Now I have a 2006 lexus is250 standard shift with 212000 miles! Toyota quality is the best.
leigh byford
leigh byford Hace 6 días
These were twin cams in Australia, i think. maybe 2.0 twin cams + twin carbs. Really rare.
pdx650 Hace 6 días
I still have the shift knob off of my ‘77 Celica. It was not a lift back, but it had a trunk. The fuel tank was in the trunk and covered half of the spare tire. I sold The car to a friend who promptly forgot how to steer on a freeway on ramp and hit the retaining wall with it. Frowns.
Izayoi Monochrome
Izayoi Monochrome Hace 6 días
If I could put a new motor in this thing, I'd pick a 4AG-ZE. Just imagine the feeling of all of that power in that chassis, and supercharger screaming. I mean, simple exhaust, air cone, and ecu if you have the ability to hook up something that's actually close to a modern computer, and you probably could get around 170bhp. Nearly double the stock number.
Roger Dale
Roger Dale Hace 6 días
Looked like a fastback Mustang crossed with a touch of 240 Z. Except better. I was 17 then.
romeo rozeta
romeo rozeta Hace 6 días
I bought after I graduated from high school. I joined the Air Force and had it shipped to Germany. Toped out on the autobahn at 117 mph.
Johnman Hace 6 días
I loved the styling on those first-generation Celica's, especially the fastback. Yes, it did look like a miniature 69-70 Mustang in the fastback version, but that's what I loved about it. My dad had one.
David Behr
David Behr Hace 6 días
OMG. I had this car in 1990, I was about 19. Same color too. Wait, it once lived in Arizona? It could have been mine :) I lowered it a little and put some bad ass wheels on it, dark tinted windows and a good stereo. I remember that the styling of the dash and cockpit felt so sporty. I really liked this car and all these years later still have recurring dreams about it. I have this dream where all the sudden this is like a backup 2nd car I own. What a great old car and when it was only 14 years old and lowered and with the good wheels I had I argue that it was damned good looking in its time.
Michael Lorenson
Michael Lorenson Hace 6 días
You think there was no performance activity around Camaros and other Chevy stuff in the 70s? Listen, dude, I appreciate the general idea here - those Celicas were very tempting in a lot of ways (and, yes, I'm old enough to have been there at the time) - but you are clearly not the subject-matter expert that you pretend to be.
timber_beast Hace 6 días
WAY better than the Capri.
Michael Woodsdale
Michael Woodsdale Hace 7 días
Don’t let him drive it in the salt!
Marc G
Marc G Hace 7 días
Was my first car I bought on my own I loved this car so much. 😀😀😀😀
jesse kuchinski
jesse kuchinski Hace 7 días
Wow that is one wonderful car
General Zod
General Zod Hace 7 días
That's a cool car!
stripervince1 Hace 7 días
Amazing little car. Bulletproof. There's a whole bunch of guys at old Town kissimme car show who have these old Nissan and Toyota, some are like new. Really great cars
Hugh Harper
Hugh Harper Hace 7 días
You need a show. Your commentary is spot on. Great content. Cool "regular car" 👍
ArtAcrobats Hace 7 días
I had this car for a while. It was a fun ride.
Miguel Castaneda
Miguel Castaneda Hace 7 días
hmm tops out 113 mph
Сперти за правду
Yea, on a hot summer night in July of 1977, Jerry pulled up in his brand new yellow Celica GT hatchback, and he lit the street on fire outside the movie theater. It was a one street cruisin' town back in those days, and that car was the best thing out there. My VW Scirocco lost its place in desirability.
sam I is
sam I is Hace 7 días
No performance bolt ons for a camaro or mustang, are you serious?
manny fuentes
manny fuentes Hace 7 días
Too bad I can't like this video more than once....because I would!!
Rick Rodriguez
Rick Rodriguez Hace 7 días
Your narrating skills are awesome, and the analogies are unprecedented, and yes the Celica is a bad ass piece of history... subscribed.👍🏼
American Pondmaster
American Pondmaster Hace 7 días
My dads first car lol
Jellyroll 52
Jellyroll 52 Hace 7 días
Buddy of mine had one of these in high school. Great little car and fun as hell to drive. His was a 4 speed.
Allan Peda
Allan Peda Hace 7 días
Hahahaaaa! AMC Gremlin!
Steven Lee
Steven Lee Hace 7 días
Thanks for bringing back the memories, I had a 76 ST, the interior was just the same.
Chet Machen
Chet Machen Hace 8 días
I'm gonna have to stop watching this right now... management frowns on us having a woody at the work desk...
須藤新一 Hace 8 días
Indeed, the air like the classic car.
彷徨える子羊 Hace 8 días
こんなのGTじゃ無いです 海外ではこれをGTとして販売していたの? DOHCエンジンじゃない! GTを名乗るなら18RG(2TG)エンジン以外ない!
Iowa599 Hace 8 días
You stated that the d-series and f-series engines are similar.... Minus rep-points!
mihimaruken Hace 8 días
セリカ いいな~
Wesley Naul
Wesley Naul Hace 8 días
Wow that thing is beautiful. Stood test of time well.
peejay1954 Hace 8 días
I was a Toyota dealer parts man from 75 to 86. I can still remember many of the part numbers for this model (the RA29) but the reason it loses revs so fast is that this is not the original Aisin carb on it which had a deceleration valve on it which let the revs drop slowly.This aftermarket carb does not likely have it. It's amazing that it's an Indiana car and it's not rusted out.I wonder what it looks like underneath. BTW, it's a Celica GT which besides fastback, also came in a coupe. The GT's had 5 speed manual trannys.
Ed Victory
Ed Victory Hace 8 días
I wanted one...in 1977.
Art Tafil
Art Tafil Hace 8 días
Oh, I owned a 2nd gen Celica GT. Fantastic car with the 5-speed.
Art Tafil
Art Tafil Hace 8 días
I lived through the 70’s. You didn’t miss shit!
CptEddyPrice Hace 8 días
where can u buy this beauty
Skiiwa Hace 8 días
Had one! Loved it! Wish I still had it.
Jerry Earley
Jerry Earley Hace 8 días
Thank you for video!!! This body style has all ways been one of my favorites!!!
Levent Taskan
Levent Taskan Hace 8 días
I prefer the 74 TA22.
mohammed jaffer
mohammed jaffer Hace 9 días
Old..but gold..especially if it is a Toyota 😊
James Sawchuk
James Sawchuk Hace 9 días
My first car was a 86 Chevy Astro minivan. It had already rolled the odometer TWICE before I got it. It was a real hoopty or bucket.
Harold Jones
Harold Jones Hace 9 días
I had a 77 Celica with a 22R engine.....not fast but it handeled excellent and highway speed the idle was 2k RPMs ,and thats lower than most 4 cylinders today...this makes me miss that car.
Harold Jones
Harold Jones Hace 9 días
I meant 81 Celica not 77.
Tod Kohl
Tod Kohl Hace 9 días
I had one...best car I even owned.
榊原文弘 Hace 9 días
Frosty Gamer
Frosty Gamer Hace 9 días
Hi. At 8:20 - 9:55 time stamps, it's a little bit jarring. A little stabilization in post production can improve that effect. Ofcourse, I'm just nitpicking though. Everything else is awesome. Keep doing what you've been doing, I like them. Peace.
Xolo Martinez
Xolo Martinez Hace 9 días
Was around and driving in the 70s, we had a BMW 530i that was way beyond pretty much every car made at the time technologically especially Japanese and American. Basically the same car in terms of handling and interior as current day minus the HP and efficiency of today's BMWs. Was also fuel injected not carbureted.
Curtis Pinson
Curtis Pinson Hace 9 días
These little cars were fast and great power , I put a 2 barrel ford carb on mine from a 302 ford , had to make adapter but was worth the trouble to get rid of all the vacuum hoses,,run like a champ
Jarrod McMillian
Jarrod McMillian Hace 9 días
Mr. G
Mr. G Hace 10 días
When Toyota built these cars they understood the cars had to be great. The "Big three" understood people would buy their cars regardless of how bad they were.
peter455sd Hace 10 días
What a piece of crap
floatyboaty 1717
floatyboaty 1717 Hace 10 días
My dad owned one of those and he said it was the most fun thing he'd personally owned
dabby dabby
dabby dabby Hace 10 días
Looks like GT Ford mini
JDSly1 Hace 10 días
I had a good friend back in the day that had a '77 Celica. That 20R engine was indestructible-- and Lord knows he tried his damndest to kill it the way he drove that car.
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