1987 Buick Grand National [4k] Pushing Boost!

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This is Darth Vaders Car! This 1987 Buick Grand National is in excellent condition. Sporting its original paint, she has aged very well. Mechanically she is in tip top shape. We have driven her quite a bit since purchase, and are very pleased. Ice cold air, even braking and lightning quick turbo spooling acceleration. You should watch the video!
The inside of the car is in excellent original condition, all of the gauges work as they should. All of the door cards are in excellent shape and show minimal to no wear. The headliner is very nice as well (recently redone) The aftermarket radio sounds great. All windows go up and down with ease, The carpet is mint. Take a look at the gallery to see huge images of the interior. All gauge’s function as they should. There are no foul odors in this car! No cracking of any kind.
The exterior paint is original, so we rate it a 7.5-10. ( these came from the factory with sub-par paint ) All of the trim is in excellent condition. All of the glass is in excellent condition with no fade or delamination. The exterior dash has not been modified with gauges, it has a small boost gauge near the shifter, and a scan master in the glove box.
This was the fastest production car in 1987! It has been fitted with Kenny Bell upgrades along with a stage 2 chip. The turbo breathes through a 3 inch down pipe to a dual exhaust setup with an electric cut out for some added pleasure. The underside is very nice, It sports helper bags and track bars. The transmission has a shift kit and it feels great. Upgraded intercooler, that is period correct. It spools to 20psi with no detonation of any kind. Power lays down very linear once boost kicks in. This is a true sleeper. Motor is all stock other than what we have listed above, and trust me these unlock the hidden level of fun. No Leaks of any kind, and the A/C is ice cold. Yes! the Original Booster brakes work! It’s a miracle! Watch the video and enjoy our test drive! If you have any questions do not hesitate to call our office.
Key Facts:
Original paint
2 owner car
Darth Vader would drive this
No Rust
We2 Car
Power windows
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13 jul 2018






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Zaida Martínez
Zaida Martínez Hace 4 días
Ese detalle de pegar en el cofre el tacómetro me gustó, entiendo que es para no dañar y tener intacto el tablero. les aplaudo por eso, es una máquina increíble!!!
Scotch Budmeister
Scotch Budmeister Hace 15 días
I bought that Kenne Bell ram air kit with the under bumper scoop and air cleaner housing for my T. It fit well and worked well.
Road Rover
Road Rover Hace un mes
Does Johnathon wear anything other than shorts? Just wondering lol
chapmanmerchant Hace un mes
why you manualy shifting????? makes you wonder?
Taking it out of Over drive before getting spirited is normal.
Ty Mac
Ty Mac Hace 2 meses
You can hear turbo whistle bouncing off each car as they drive by
303StreetMachines Hace 2 meses
Chris R Beauvais
Chris R Beauvais Hace 3 meses
Awesome waste gate's
Jes R SugaPlum
Jes R SugaPlum Hace 4 meses
Sam Mco
Sam Mco Hace 4 meses
Shifting this car does not help speed test were done & slower et Was results leave it in overdrive
Christopher Gray
Christopher Gray Hace 5 meses
The only real 2 years worth buying are 86 and 87 What links were worked out between 86 and 87?
Javi Merlin
Javi Merlin Hace 5 meses
FredRick James
FredRick James Hace 5 meses
Door jams are pretty cruddy.
Magnum Build
Magnum Build Hace 6 meses
not a grand national........T type ...knock off
Magnum Build we2 car bud.
moneyindabank Hace 6 meses
Sucks that the speedometer only goes to 85
L d
L d Hace 6 meses
91rattoyota Hace 7 meses
I didn't dislike the video because of the car (trust me, the car is a legend), I disliked it because the guy trying to sell this car is stupid by wearing no seatbelt while flying towards other people trying to just do daily things in life. I love all things awesome, but I cannot stand all things stupid. Wear a seatbelt homie!!!!!! I'm not impressed.
Ron Tate
Ron Tate Hace 8 meses
Is that the FBI version?
vanessa M
vanessa M Hace 8 meses
how much did it sell for ?
Martha Cervantez
Martha Cervantez Hace 6 meses
A bj
Danny Lugo Jr
Danny Lugo Jr Hace 8 meses
It would be very cool if Buick made a new version of the Grand National. If Buick does their homework and do it right, these will sell like hotcakes.....
Darrren Betker
Darrren Betker Hace 10 meses
Fast and beautifull but man they sound like shit !!
God.Is.Love Hace 10 meses
My favorite muscle car is a 6cyl beast... 💯
jamie buchanan
jamie buchanan Hace 10 meses
a REAL gnx doesn't have anything on its hood scoop... that's a FACT
HoldWholeTruthHoly Hace 10 meses
I'm currently searching the market for a modestly hopped-up, carefully treated, non-garage queen GN right now., I've got cash in hand for an immediate purchase. Also ready to buy a true Mustang SSP (doesn't have to be a show car). If anybody has any leads on either car in good (streetcar fast not dragstrip fast) running condition at a good price, you'll be helping an enthusiast like yourself fulfill a dream and put an end to a constant yearning. And if your lead follows a straight path into my garage, I promise to make you aware of my appreciation. No BS., please. Seriously, I can't handle more heartbreak right now. I only have time for the truth.. and a sweet road. Thanks
Shawn Goodson
Shawn Goodson Hace 10 meses
It was by far the fastest production car in 1987 LOL
pMp Rei
pMp Rei Hace 10 meses
There was no domestic car that could catch this in a quarter mile. It was running mid to high 13s!!
Hi Viz17
Hi Viz17 Hace 10 meses
Damn Nice GN!!
James Dunn
James Dunn Hace 10 meses
For sale -1987 GN 12,300 miles and one owner “A Title” facebook.com/108965752497958/posts/2197904590270720?sfns=mo
Arcinsane Hace 10 meses
Is this car still available?
Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher Hace 11 meses
If I had this at any point, there’s no chance in shit anyone else is getting it from me 😂 and keep her in the family after I’m dead 😍
dude Hace 11 meses
Forget a Lambo, Ferrari, Bugatti or Koenisigg If I had millions I would be buying something like this and I'm not just saying it because I'm flat broke.
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees Hace 11 meses
nice car. we raced many when I was a kid, yes they were fast.
TOW CARS Hace 11 meses
Sexy thick bitch if anyone goes to my channel i have a monte carlo ss 1987 ls1 swap my project
for paws
for paws Hace 11 meses
Had one...regret selling it..Detroit muscle cars growl
George Piattoni
George Piattoni Hace 11 meses
Brings back some great memories. GN's on the lot were out of my price range in January 87' - so I placed an order for a low option WE4 Turbo Buick including radio delete, manual windows and lock, solid roof, limited slip, and crossed my fingers - took delivery in June '87. Loved that car.
Taz Hace 11 meses
Was that a corvair?!!
WI Patriot
WI Patriot Hace 11 meses
No reason to run a yellow top, doesn't add anything except cost...
scott smith
scott smith Hace 11 meses
Just make sure to future owner keep in drive no od fo wot
scott smith
scott smith Hace 11 meses
Nice car with nice 90’s kB upgrades
scott smith
scott smith Hace 11 meses
H&r parts make grate motor mounts where u can get rid of that torque strap
CG Motorsports
CG Motorsports Hace 11 meses
You’re a loser for playing music over the exhaust
Paul Richards
Paul Richards Hace 11 meses
I owned a 87 in 87, loved the feel of it.
Tito Rodriguez
Tito Rodriguez Hace 11 meses
Awesome....great tutorial,,,, thx
D13 Hace un año
My parents had an 81 Grand Prix and Monte Carlo. Everyone had a Cutlass Supreme. Then this came out. So much about this car is special. Exterior and interior. It might just be my all-time favorite car.
Dog Shit
Dog Shit Hace un año
Kemme bell turbo? Hhm
G.J. KOSTER Hace un año
Dee Hurst
Dee Hurst Hace un año
My grandma’s husband had one im from monroe MI. He sold it I wonder if that’s the same one 😂 jk.
97warlock ismyname
97warlock ismyname Hace un año
Great car , but That simple plain Dash & door panels have always bothered me. The whole car screams Grand National just by looking at it, yet .... Sitting behind the wheel looking at the dash youd think Park avenue or any number of family sedans.
The Jimmy Rig
The Jimmy Rig Hace un año
is this a sales video? sounds like a sales pitch
Jason Langevin
Jason Langevin Hace un año
Interior colour is so ugly. Why isn’t black inside?
Bret Feeney
Bret Feeney Hace un año
Must have sprayed more clear and sanded.
Dave F
Dave F Hace un año
I thought all GN's had T-Tops?
Eltigre OneNineSevenSeven
most were hard top, some had sun roofs and fewer still had T tops
Crazy Funny Cats
Crazy Funny Cats Hace un año
Ugly interior, beautiful everything else Our friend owned 3 . One stock, one modified with every performance part, And one drag car that ran 8.89mph
jaime tonche
jaime tonche Hace un año
Can this thing whoop Eleanor?
Cory Sennett
Cory Sennett Hace un año
It’s pronounced as KEN!!! NOT KENNY!!! HOLY FUCK!
Ben Dewse
Ben Dewse Hace un año
'this was the fastest production car in 1987'. Oh yeah? Tell that to the Porsche 959.
Diocletian Hace un año
I gotta drive one of these one day.
cordeliaforlear16 Hace un año
The GN is my favorite car
cordeliaforlear16 Hace un año
Kick ass.
Erik Gutierrez
Erik Gutierrez Hace un año
I remember back in the day they were easy g-ridies till I got caught fast car fast gride till getting caught lol sleeper
errin dale
errin dale Hace un año
BUICK , were the best cars from G.M.
Alex Aguilar
Alex Aguilar Hace un año
This is me dream car to be honest ! But to find one now a days fuxk is a mission
El General
El General Hace un año
My pops owned one of these back in the day, what a ride
7Sin0City2 Hace un año
2JZ for that bitch too!!
Gino D
Gino D Hace un año
That door jam though @ 3:50 .
The Skipper
The Skipper Hace un año
I'm looking for one in similar condition.
The Skipper
The Skipper Hace un año
Did they ever sell this car??
Spaz Tastic
Spaz Tastic Hace un año
Steering wheel should have the Grand National logo on horn button. Still a beautiful car.
Kevin Maldonado
Kevin Maldonado Hace un año
how much bullet?
Kevin Maldonado she sold but we have another going up this week.
AWA413 Hace un año
What's the deal with the fu*king background shit music? Would have liked to hear the exhaust when open! (I had this same car with the Kenne Bell stage 2 - but never installed the exhaust cut).
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Hace un año
Only thing I hate about these cars is the terrible interior. Seats are nice but that dash, console and shifter wow, bad. If it had an interior similar to the gta that I had but with an actual glove box, it'd be much better. I know 80s and all but an speedo that doesn't go up till at least 140 for this car is unacceptable. I guess they were going more for the sleeper look though
Brian Hace un año
There's a good documentary about these cars called Black Air. It's on youtube in HD for free. I love the sound
Visionaire TV
Visionaire TV Hace un año
Why didn't GM make a V8 engine for the Buick Regal Grand National?
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe Hace un año
1st, you edited your comment, and I don't remember what your original said. 🙄 But you're still asking why the GN didn't get a V8, and my answer is still the same, why would Buick want it slower. 2nd, the Monte Carlo didn't have an LS1 you clown. The base engine was a carbureted 3.8L or 4.3L V6 depending on year, with an LG4 305 V8 optional, and the SS had an L69 "HIGH OUTPUT" 305 V8
Visionaire TV
Visionaire TV Hace un año
@Philo Beddoe read the comment again. It seems Buick was giving the Regal GN a V6 instead of a V8. Unlike the Chevy Monte Carlo which has the LS1 V8.
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe Hace un año
Visionaire TV Lol. Why would you want it slower?
Charlie B
Charlie B Hace un año
Such a cooler dealership
Mike in the drum room
who in the hell could thumbls down this car??? This is one of my dream cars. I have driven several and love them. They are fast and look mean. What a fast neat car.
Florida Door Gunner vLLCL
Venom Hemi
Venom Hemi Hace un año
nice... whats your 1/4 mile times?
Erik Gutierrez
Erik Gutierrez Hace un año
Omg beautiful my favorite muscle car
SgtPickledic Hace un año
Awesome car, but honestly it could do without the electric cutouts, the 3.8 without cams sound like garbage thru cutouts.
wing 0
wing 0 Hace un año
Next time clean the door jams if you trying to sale a car
BoOg Hace un año
Did the stock grand nationals come with the exhaust cutout?
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