1987 Buick Grand National Accelerating

Gary Corsin
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Driving a 1987 87 buick grand national 0-125 @ a 100 degrees outside. Can't wait to see after dyno tuning and on a cool day. ( kombucha...not beer!) Very fast about 600 -650 hp horsepower @ 20 psi.

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Keaton Storch
Keaton Storch Hace 12 días
This grand national sounds just like my grand national
jiggerjohnson Hace 22 días
Love seeing a Grand National owner really getting in it! Driven like it was meant to !
Kristopher Burt
Kristopher Burt Hace un mes
I had a Volkswagen GTI vr6. It sounded good, raced and won every street race, Mustang gts, Pontiac GTP'S, Subaru wrxs, untill the day I got smoked by a blue haired granny in a Grand National. Put me in check real quick.
RobinLau1 Hace un mes
Use seat belt, but not use turn signal...... .
Gabe Y
Gabe Y Hace un mes
Damn Ik I’m late but bad ass bro!
Honesty Quality
Honesty Quality Hace 2 meses
I know I’m getting old because I’m scared
Scott Worley
Scott Worley Hace 2 meses
Stock? 600hp?
Jeremee Prioleau
Jeremee Prioleau Hace 2 meses
I like the way you drive man. That thing is a monster.
Daniel long
Daniel long Hace 2 meses
What are you pretending to shift?
Gary Corsin
Gary Corsin Hace 2 meses
If you've never ridden in a pre 1990s vehicle, then You have no idea about the flat seating in it. It's for stability, While steering. There is not much for seat bolstering.
R H Hace 2 meses
Nice car bro..but why does it sound like a rattle trap
R H Hace 2 meses
@Gary Corsin that explains that..thought maybe you had suspension issues
Gary Corsin
Gary Corsin Hace 2 meses
Windows sitting in the back seat.......rattle trap?!?
Bino Muhammad
Bino Muhammad Hace 3 meses
I can't wait for my daughter to get older so we can experience stuff like this together
Leandro Felipe
Leandro Felipe Hace 3 meses
Umbra Mortis
Umbra Mortis Hace 3 meses
An 87 GN with T-Tops is one of my favorite cars period. Right up there with the Monte Carlo SS and Cutlass Supreme. I guess I just love G-Bodies lol
Conor Hogan
Conor Hogan Hace 4 meses
That ain’t a true grand national, grand national never had t tops
Gary Corsin
Gary Corsin Hace 4 meses
What an ignorant statement!
Brian Holmes
Brian Holmes Hace 5 meses
Living the life man, riding around in a gnx sipping a cold one......hells yeaa
RegalT-type Hace 5 meses
Ah the crotch cup holder method, I can drink coffee smoke a cigarette and drive this car at the same time
Hardcore Bass Player
Hey I want one!
dabby dabby
dabby dabby Hace 6 meses
@3:03 driving so fast the ghost fell out the window.
tacomahnster Hace 7 meses
hell yea man, nice driving :)
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades Hace 7 meses
The best part of the gbody is it was designed for high speed and handling acceleration. Not necessarily a drift car but great for racing.
Jack of Blades
Jack of Blades Hace 7 meses
Seems nobody posts top speed in these gbodys. Ive been to around 140 mph in my 84 442 clone with a GN transmission
RegalT-type Hace 8 meses
It’s very difficult not to drive em like this
les antoine
les antoine Hace 8 meses
Robert Wilson
Robert Wilson Hace 9 meses
Love the way the passenger seat flops around with the windows open at 50 MPH. GM built and sold total Crap in the 80's; sadly after the Tax Payer bailout-its even worse today. Now they're backing up and taking the "slow boat back of China" along with your bail out dollars. - Back stabbing Traitors.
Benji Arehart
Benji Arehart Hace 9 meses
I got beat by one in 1987 in my 81 Z/28. Next day went to a Buick dealership, but they wanted $16,500 for it. Couldn't swing it. Bought an 87 LX 5.0 Mustang new for$9,500 after trade in, and 2k rebate. Still have, but wanted one bad. Thanks for the ride along.
Gary B
Gary B Hace 9 meses
Viva Texas! Sweet rig by the way!! Some dude was racing one of these near Victoria against a 2015 Hellcat and still spanked it off the line until it caught up!
DrFillyBlunt Hace 9 meses
Nice forethought that he put us in the backseat, now all it needs is VR and this would be perfect.
Paul Pagano
Paul Pagano Hace 9 meses
Love it!! I spent my teen years drooling over this car. I had an 86 cutlass with a gn interior!
kcirred nosrednad
kcirred nosrednad Hace 9 meses
I have to get one of these.
turbotommyguns Hace 11 meses
Great video, makes me miss my '86 :(
Wad3 Hace un año
ColdMoonlight Hace un año
Damn that thing moves. I had an 88 LeSabre with the 3.8, same 85mph speedometer which goes to 125 before it's pegged. Cool video.
19882fast4u Hace un año
So sick.... My dream car..... Badass!.....that thing is quick actually.
Ken Hace un año
I was conceived in one of these cars.
E Koe
E Koe Hace 9 meses
I'm jealous
Maverick Mangion
Maverick Mangion Hace un año
Drinking and driving big no no
Maverick Scott
Maverick Scott Hace un año
Christopher Rohn
Christopher Rohn Hace un año
It's an automatic, relax slick
Ike Mahley
Ike Mahley Hace un año
Now thats how you drive it
tlv156 Hace un año
It's an amazing car. Still love the look of them. I'm a fan of all cars brands and trucks so I'm not a fanboy. But I always kind of dismissed turbo's until I started owning fords with the ecoboost engines. I had a 1.5 liter in my escape which seemed ridiculously too small of an engine but it impressed me. So I bought a new 2018 f150 with the 3.5 ecoboost and holy hell what a fast truck that is. It throws you into your seat when you get on it. I can't imagine what the raptors 3.5 feels like. Turbo's are awesome. Less weight too. I'll never say there's no replacement for displacement again. Sick car man. Wicked fast.
Damon Hace un año
Cedar Park, Texas!
J max
J max Hace un año
Kick ass video I couldn't have did it no better I have one so I understand the evil it brings out in US Grand National owners lol
John Garcia
John Garcia Hace un año
My dream car, also it looks very comfortable inside the gn, so much space
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace un año
GOAT sleeper car. How much would that car go for (650 HP Grand National)?
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Hace un año
This is what driving videos should be like. You can actually see how fast the car is for a change.
Dave Anschutz
Dave Anschutz Hace un año
Holy shit
scannaunderscore1 Hace un año
A real mans car
Jukebox Junkie
Jukebox Junkie Hace 2 años
I never hide my bowl behind the seat...
Tom B
Tom B Hace 2 años
Some say till this day his hand is still on the shifter
Christopher Walker
Christopher Walker Hace 2 años
I noticed the part in parenthesis "(kombucha.. not beer) just as I was thinking "is this dude drinking a beer?!" Lol Actually it looks like Corona.
E Robins
E Robins Hace 2 años
Nice ride dude
Farzan Yasim
Farzan Yasim Hace 2 años
I love the position of the camera here. Great video, and nice driving.
rj1972 rj1972
rj1972 rj1972 Hace 2 años
Was that a beer
Creeker Hace 2 años
I like all these expert drivers telling you to take your hand off the shifter. hey shit heads what difference does it make?
ferrari3696 Hace 2 años
what's the setup on this? built motor heads cam intake? I got an 87 GN
thedevilsmaster Hace 2 años
Bill Q That gn is better than a new camaro and also better looking
Billy Hartford
Billy Hartford Hace 2 años
The setup??
Bill Q
Bill Q Hace 2 años
Gary Corsin lmao...
Gary Corsin
Gary Corsin Hace 2 años
Bill Q whatever makes you sleep at night you obviously have some ego problems otherwise you wouldn't even be responding back to me I'm just responding to you because I can see that it hurts your feelings that you'll never have a 10 second car and it's really not that important if you do or you don't!
Bill Q
Bill Q Hace 2 años
I'm not the one trying to prove to the world it's a ten second car. When really in this video it's not. Meet ya half way?
fabiolas4 Hace 2 años
with ttops??? that's a huge win! beautiful car, sir!
Evan pete basso
Evan pete basso Hace 2 años
Evan pete basso
Evan pete basso Hace 2 años
mustang worst nightmare.
daltex81 Hace un año
Some not all! But nevertheless it is an awesome car!
Bill Q
Bill Q Hace 2 años
Wanna race that thing in Cedar Park? 2017 Camaro ss soon to be supercharged. And there is no way it's making 650 hp at 20 psi. More like 500 crank if your lucky. With the stock setup unless off course it's been modified internally. Respectfully with the boost turned up to 20 psi you would have a hard time beating the newer Mustangs ,Camaro's etc. Still nice blast from the past dude.
MrGreenelight Hace 2 años
Oh yeah, you will need a radio head unit...Sorry, you can not be the new "official cool guy ca"r without tunes, I think some 80's rock , like Phil Collins should set it off nicely.
MrGreenelight Hace 2 años
Man you look like the modern day Steve McQueen. Instead of the 60's Mustang, . The new "Cool Classic Car" is the 87 Grand National. Lets make it official.
Bokushingu's Kendo TV
Nice video! :)
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