1987 Buick Regal Grand National 3.8 Litre Turbocharged & Intercooled Classic

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A forced-induction favorite, the 1987 Buick Regal Grand National. This turbo-charged and intercooled Buick features a rare power sunroof and a few modifications, but is mostly stock and an absolute blast to drive. We even do a mini burnout. Enjoy this video, filmed by Samspace81 and FAST440 in Forney, Texas. This car is currently for sale on FAST440 showroom floor. You can reach Brent at 972-203-0767 with any questions. SUBSCRIBE TO SAMSPACE81 ESvid CHANNEL


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9 oct 2015






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Bryan Carpenter
Bryan Carpenter Hace 11 días
J T Hace 3 meses
That exhaust looks hideous!
Kirk Benedict
Kirk Benedict Hace 4 meses
Those Buick 3.8 V6 with a turbo aren't no joke, I got a Buick 3.8 in one of my cars. When it was tuned up, that mofo would jump and grab the road like it was going to rip out the asphalt.
AzyPebble Hace 6 meses
cordeliaforlear16 Hace 7 meses
The Hooker exhaust was a popular mod on the GN.
cordeliaforlear16 Hace 7 meses
Dude that is so cool. Thanks for putting posting.
truckguyjoe Hace 7 meses
I have (2) bucket list vehicles...I own 1 of them, my GMC Syclone. This is #2!
killa project
killa project Hace 5 meses
nice truck cyclone. 454 ss chevy nice too original only
Emile Sissac Jr.
Emile Sissac Jr. Hace 8 meses
Fuckin' awesome?...Indeed. Fuckin' A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
Skyforce 213
Skyforce 213 Hace 8 meses
This car beats supras and gtr
samspace81 Hace 8 meses
They can certainly be made faster in a hurry. Thanks Skyforce213! Enjoy the channel.
CHRIS BALI Hace 10 meses
I get the whole nice car thing...But lay into it!
Kenny Hace 9 meses
Pushrod gm 6s got weak rod bearings. Believe me I know one pull to redline and they knock when you lift and will run for a bit before sidewalling the block. Maybe the gn 3.8 is better but I know there's no replacing that for 200 bucks. Lol
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Factory duel 2.5 exhaust
Kenny Hace 9 meses
@Matthew Pavelka fastest factory car you could get anywhere in 87 I believe one of the years
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
My fastest car from stock factory I miss her to her name was casandra
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
Load please true gnx turbo
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
True gnx not Bolt on turbo
Kevin Hace un año
This car is like the glue truck for mustangs. Better run.
Hank Murphy
Hank Murphy Hace un año
Back in the early 90's a friend of mine had one, I got to drive it a few times. Great, great car
The Poor Gamer
The Poor Gamer Hace un año
Wish GNs weren't so damn expensive.
heat cliff
heat cliff Hace un año
Fisher body
Cuttykidd1970 W311970
Sweet car The exhaust is ugly as fuck
Tom B
Tom B Hace un año
The stock exahust and the stock gauge cluster needs to be put back on that car
Lowrider Life
Lowrider Life Hace un año
Yup, it's too legendary
fresh air
fresh air Hace un año
paint the rims flat black..
lisatrnemtp Hace 2 años
Put the factory exhaust back on and get rid of the mid 80s monti SS exhaust. Common man do it right. These cars were perfect from the factory. I love my factory GN and will never change a thing.
Cody Machado
Cody Machado Hace un mes
And pretty sure putting a Monte Carlo ss exhaust on it “ is doing it right “ He coulda just hacked the mufflers off instead
Cody Machado
Cody Machado Hace un mes
lisatrnemtp no it’s his car he can do what he wants you don’t always have to keep a car stock. You can really open these up with mods
Savage Nomad
Savage Nomad Hace 2 años
My Oldsmobile has that same motor, it's Front Wheel Drive without a turbo sadly, and I wish I learned how to convert it to rear wheel drive.
Frigglebiscuit Hace 5 meses
speedway makes a adapter to go from 60 degree gm to chevy pattern i think. its either that or bop. you have an lg3 i bet. ive got the same engine, but its the tta version, also a fwd. im gonna convert it to rwd and use it in a rat rod.
saneauto Hace 2 años
These Grand National's are awesome. I recently had the opportunity to film one up close in Chatsworth GA. I uploaded that video today.
The Ferrari Guy
The Ferrari Guy Hace 2 años
Hi, Gotta say love your Videos big fan! Anyway, I make compilation videos where I take clips from other videos add some information and then play music over them. I was just wondering if I could have your permission to use 20 seconds max of this video. Obviously, the link will be in the description and all credit will be rewarded to you.
marks man
marks man Hace 2 años
Beautiful. I've been wanting one since 87. This or the t type.
the terrible
the terrible Hace 2 años
Beautiful! I will have this car
crimsonwolf911 Hace 2 años
uggh, turbo, why not supercharge? the whine sounds so much better than the turbo fart
Luciano Anderson
Luciano Anderson Hace 9 meses
That’s how the car comes
samspace81 Hace 2 años
Eh, I like both but a GN is a Turbo is a turbo is a turbo.
Volkswagen1990 Hace 2 años
Hands down best sounding V6 in my opinion!
Kenny Hace 9 meses
You haven't heard my 200$ junk yard century 3.1. guy who ran place said his buddy just tuned it up and smoked a deer. Hmm where was platnium on them autolite plugs. Owell it ticks a bit then thumps and spins for 2 gears sometimes on dry pavement and 2nds good for 91mph.
tornadoooo Hace un año
I like the 4.3 s10 sound aswell
Jose Mendoza
Jose Mendoza Hace un año
Volkswagen1990 Yeah the 3.3 and 3.8 sounded great compared to my 3.8 Ford lol
Ray Flower
Ray Flower Hace 2 años
still looks gangster asf
whats the price
GMP Hace 2 años
One of my old time favorite cars. Wish I would have bought one new in '87. Thanks for posting.
TheGibsong Hace 2 años
Its faster than F40 and 911 Turbo, but only in america ;)
the terrible
the terrible Hace 2 años
TheGibsong in the 1/4 mile, i believe so
Bill Skinner
Bill Skinner Hace 3 años
great video! I see you drive it as well!! Thanks :)
Stanley Posey
Stanley Posey Hace 3 años
very nice GN I love the GNX gauges.thats what Buick calls going fast with class.while hauling a lot of ass.
timmiet47321 None
timmiet47321 None Hace 3 años
I hope someone put the proper exhaust back on that car.
samspace81 Hace 3 años
Easy enough! Thanks for checking it out and enjoy the channel.
EASTBAY IVXX Hace 3 años
Still for sale?
samspace81 Hace 3 años
No I believe this one sold, but check with Brent 972-203-0767 - Sam
kanervatie Hace 3 años
When does the boost kick in?
ethan cordell
ethan cordell Hace 3 años
Damn what a paint job and straight body!
samspace81 Hace 3 años
+ethan cordell Yeah this GN was SWEET. Thanks for the comment and enjoy the channel!
Freddie the Eliminator
Very sinister looking car.
vicioussix Hace 3 años
Great looking car, in my opinion as own my own TR I would put the proper turnouts on the exhaust and ditch the SS style tips......but just my opinion. Great looking car though!
Dejon Anderson
Dejon Anderson Hace 3 años
Wow and I don't mean it in a good way
SS MOOK Hace 2 años
Dejon Anderson. Bad ass car bro. You probably drive a smart car. If you don't mean wow in a good way then explain yourself. I would like to hear what you have to say
Dejon Anderson
Dejon Anderson Hace 3 años
Wow and I don't mean it in a good way
JaKBaLL TV Hace 4 años
Sweet! always loved those, i got a IROC same yr neighbors up the strreet got one of those.. was the Silkwood kids.. it was said they got some of the settlement from the Kerr-McGee thing, he got the GN, and his sister got a red Trans Am.. she ended up wrapping it around a telephone pole like 2 months later (minor bruises) but the son took care of the GN
samspace81 Hace 4 años
+JaKBaLL TV Those Silkwood Kids, yep.. Cool story, always wanted an IROC but one of my first cars was an 85 Camaro Z28 with lowly 4bbl, one slow ride.
RamblinAround Hace 4 años
I still really want one of those. That looks like a pretty nice example too. Nice vid Sam!
Jack Pratt
Jack Pratt Hace 2 años
RamblinAround fastest car of 1987
Chris Ruiz
Chris Ruiz Hace 3 años
what set up do you have to push 35lbs
samspace81 Hace 4 años
+RamblinAround It just had fresh paint job and can be bought right too, they are like tuxedos, all the same but all cool haha
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