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Deshae Frost
Deshae Frost Hace 2 meses
😈 y’all get a notification for this video?
itz kingshawnn
itz kingshawnn Hace un mes
Deshae Frost 1v1 me put anything on the line
Abigayle Drip
Abigayle Drip Hace un mes
I. Love
Ronald Quasula
Ronald Quasula Hace un mes
KyRon Parker
KyRon Parker Hace un mes
Deshae Ill beat him for u
Jayla Liz
Jayla Liz Hace un mes
I didn't
Crystal Montgomery
Crystal Montgomery Hace 22 horas
I think he traveled
Fly gamer
Fly gamer Hace 23 horas
Why u Couldn’t cut your hair
Antonio Johnson
Antonio Johnson Hace un día
Mel mel wasn't playing after he hurt his knee
Sanayah Pedraza
Sanayah Pedraza Hace un día
I love Brooklyn's laugh 5:04
Jayjay500 Mangal
Jayjay500 Mangal Hace 2 días
I don't get basketball. Cause when Mel shot when he was in his fourth shot. It went straight up to six and went past five and I saw the same thing going on with your tag teem battle with you and your brother vs ddg his friend. Is it like if you score two or times in a row that your points get doubled or is it like if you get to a certain number and you score twice it gets doubled?
jordain bent
jordain bent Hace 2 días
You look just like your brother
Javon Davis
Javon Davis Hace 2 días
Your brother right you travel sooo bad that sad
1K GANG Hace 3 días
Deshae traveled like a mf
Nakiya Murray
Nakiya Murray Hace 3 días
Mel Mel is playing monkey in the middle with the basket and deshae is the monkey in the middle🤦🏽‍♀️🤨👌😂
Keith Lucas
Keith Lucas Hace 3 días
Did you say thank you 2 the guy giving you back your ball
Joery Despeines
Joery Despeines Hace 3 días
Deshae is trash Amarie is way better deshae is a traveler he has no handles and is a fouler
Lil Simba
Lil Simba Hace 3 días
Backfire!!!!!! Lol
Amira Ahmed
Amira Ahmed Hace 4 días
Deshae was trying so hard to play him again cause he mad he lost and ppl be saying Mel Mel hairs nice asf and it is🤣😍
Tony A1
Tony A1 Hace 4 días
9:13 🧳 TRAVEL !!! 😏 I woulda skunked him he only driving to the right .. that’s it 😂😂
Invade Dripp
Invade Dripp Hace 4 días
Deshae traveled tho fr fr😂
Jaidon Wardlow
Jaidon Wardlow Hace 7 días
Deshae is a hack
typical_ savage
typical_ savage Hace 9 días
You suck I can beat you 😂😂😂
Crush TMRW
Crush TMRW Hace 10 días
Damn bro I remember when you had like 90k and I come back and you’re at 1mill holy fuck
dj_queen23 P
dj_queen23 P Hace 13 días
Awwww yall got matching shirts how cute
Relaxedsumer80 Nick
Relaxedsumer80 Nick Hace 13 días
Why tf did they use those annoying ass clouds for the score
Judah Mourn
Judah Mourn Hace 13 días
dam you let lil bro beat you that hurt
S_kil_S Hace 14 días
With the amount of ads in this video i am not surprised you have a 2000$ chain
Zaiya T
Zaiya T Hace 19 días
14:48 when dashae made it the score did not change
Zaiya T
Zaiya T Hace 19 días
Dashae really untied his shoe to catch his breath and tie it again 😂😂
Vorce Hace 21 un día
R u the guy from Swat ?
themakerbaker channel
themakerbaker channel Hace 21 un día
No i dident
That's so Alana
That's so Alana Hace 22 días
The cloud thing in the way
Jaiayh Brooks
Jaiayh Brooks Hace 23 días
We all know he goes to Garfield in the CD 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
Fluffy Mail Man
Fluffy Mail Man Hace 24 días
He did travel 🤷🏼‍♂️
Ruben Wardlaw
Ruben Wardlaw Hace 25 días
The family treat brooklyn like shyt😂
Jayla B
Jayla B Hace 25 días
Brooklyn’s laugh is so cute in the background 😍😂
Companion OG
Companion OG Hace 25 días
So many ads
Melo Mely
Melo Mely Hace 25 días
And of course Amare won😂
Life of Kozy
Life of Kozy Hace 26 días
Deshae hate losing 😭
Scoreyon Wright
Scoreyon Wright Hace 26 días
This man Deshae a sore loser bruh😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Nunu_come_thru! !
Nunu_come_thru! ! Hace 26 días
Mel Mel: *fell* Brooklan: ohhhhhhhh oh oh
Morgan Hudson
Morgan Hudson Hace 27 días
Johnny Johnny
Johnny Johnny Hace 27 días
He reminds me so much of cashnasty
Eagle gabby laroche
Eagle gabby laroche Hace 27 días
There was a travel
A.D GAMER Hace 28 días
Deshae is unfit
Byron Parran
Byron Parran Hace 28 días
That's not a 2,000 dollar chain that's a 20 dollar chain.
It’s laay
It’s laay Hace 29 días
His lil brother and ddg lil sister will be more cuter😍😭😍
Honestie Tims
Honestie Tims Hace 29 días
Nooo not the hair 💇🤷
Im Lil Q
Im Lil Q Hace 29 días
Amen Hace un mes
yo thumbnail got you cutting hair outside.... wheres the outlet??😭
dontlook me up
dontlook me up Hace un mes
This was so important that the hole family had to be their 😂😂
mark Johnson
mark Johnson Hace un mes
Move! Brooklyn
kB. Fleeamigo
kB. Fleeamigo Hace un mes
Angel Euceda
Angel Euceda Hace un mes
I love how it just a 1 v1 and he put dat dramma music
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha Hace un mes
best intro on ESvid fw it hard my nigga💯💯💯🦍
GodlyGang kingJulio
Definitely a travel
SupremeJay TV
SupremeJay TV Hace un mes
Dashae traveled like a bitch😂😂and he doesn’t even know
Jessica Moiloa
Jessica Moiloa Hace un mes
I love the videos with you and brother
Yonathan Berhane
Yonathan Berhane Hace un mes
U could easily see the travel there
Blick Panther
Blick Panther Hace un mes
Mel mel fouled a tonne but he would have won anyway tbh
EOTM Hace un mes
What's a tonne
TTG SLIME ROS Hace un mes
**Wears a fake chain just incase he looses** 💀
FaZe_TRAPMAN Hace un mes
You can't shoot
Jay Garcia
Jay Garcia Hace un mes
why you gotta be extra with these clouds on the scores. not tryna see blue and red clouds in this video mann
Sam Daniel
Sam Daniel Hace un mes
Dashae sick his brother won cause he already insecure about what everyone else think about his bro. That's why his bet is to cut his hair cause he thinks that's all he got on him lol. Dashae I'll play you for your channel 😂😂😂 Fr tho...
MomDee3 1
MomDee3 1 Hace un mes
This his brother turf! His brother literally sacrificed bonds for family and Basketball!! Dont test him on his court...damn this is turf you dont see him throwing pranks up on your channel deshae!!! But deshae showing bro bro mel mel love°°°° you messing up his body and he actually ask why??...like would he throw your camera?...MEL MEL asked why with his heart @10:30..???? Damn
Tavares Taylor
Tavares Taylor Hace un mes
Why do he always challenge his brother in basketball knowing he is going to lose😂😂😂
AxelJJR Hace un mes
12:55 😂😂😂😂
Ronaldo Cristiano
Ronaldo Cristiano Hace un mes
Is that Berkner high school
Aliaiah Wallace14
Aliaiah Wallace14 Hace un mes
Dang my boi Mel Mel won and he got the moves
Zac Hornyan
Zac Hornyan Hace un mes
Once I seen this man shake up gd w jus little brother in one of his videos I stopped watching him😹😂
Rolo Cardenas
Rolo Cardenas Hace un mes
He did travel
Life with Angel3x
Life with Angel3x Hace un mes
Deshae is a sore loser
Sierra Cantres
Sierra Cantres Hace un mes
Chantal Ryan
Chantal Ryan Hace un mes
Odane Pitter
Odane Pitter Hace un mes
deshae you definetly cheated in every damn call you traveling now you pushing people? if you was playing against me first off ill bust your ass second of all you would not take advantage of me like you did mel mel
Odane Pitter
Odane Pitter Hace un mes
Mel mel nice with them moves
Odane Pitter
Odane Pitter Hace un mes
this nigga really travel
DaSplice Hace un mes
this is how many people that thinks Mel Mel’s Better 👇🏽
Tiptondope Hace 21 un día
Be original bitch
DaSplice Hace 28 días
@AlexGAMES//VLOG | yeah. but honestly Deshae is ass at basketball.. my nigga can’t play at alllll 😂
AlexGAMES//VLOG Z Hace 28 días
Mel Mel shoots more often
Natasha Goafitha
Natasha Goafitha Hace un mes
Josiah Watts
Josiah Watts Hace un mes
I wanted deasha frost to win
Demarco Williams Jr.
That was travel
AnotherCave2051 Hace un mes
Not tryin to hate but y’all trash
AnotherCave2051 Hace un mes
Just wear a hoodie
AnotherCave2051 Hace un mes
Just wear a hoodie
Kelly Hong
Kelly Hong Hace un mes
Mel mel forsure
Trent Brown
Trent Brown Hace un mes
lmao goo mel mel
DeShaun Whitney
DeShaun Whitney Hace un mes
Deshae is cheating his little brother...💯
Tom Donnelly
Tom Donnelly Hace un mes
looks like bronny jr on god
Kyle Hosein-Reid
Kyle Hosein-Reid Hace un mes
Not even finna cap that nigga Deshae was fouling harder than a bitch
khamari Bowman
khamari Bowman Hace un mes
Deshae u were cheating 😂😂😭😂😂
Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown Hace un mes
Alvin Brown
Alvin Brown Hace un mes
Your cool
Dakota Evans
Dakota Evans Hace un mes
I want my 1v1 omm
LassinaPlaysRB Gaming
Deshae u trash
Estiven Damian
Estiven Damian Hace un mes
Deshae what is your editing app for your intro
Janiyah Brooks
Janiyah Brooks Hace un mes
You stupid you cut your brother hair😡😠
Janiyah Brooks
Janiyah Brooks Hace un mes
My bad
ivy_ clipz
ivy_ clipz Hace un mes
Y’all are trash
Maudie Hace un mes
Deshae really wanna cut his hair off 😂
Brandon Dennison
Brandon Dennison Hace un mes
That was not a travel
Rushy Tv
Rushy Tv Hace un mes
That was travel
ThaRealP.Y.T. Neena Sky
EverydayWeGucci 0138
Subscribe to me, ya dig.
EverydayWeGucci 0138
Stay frosty 🥶 ☃️, ya dig.
Tyrek Jordan
Tyrek Jordan Hace un mes
Sub to me
Tykisha Manley
Tykisha Manley Hace un mes
love it
Michael Watts
Michael Watts Hace un mes
He traveled
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