"1v1 Me BRO" (Playgrounds Trolling)

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Outro Song: Josh A - FEARLESS


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10 feb 2019






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Fe4RLess Hace un mes
Re-Upload cause video had an issue with the quality (youtubes fault, not mine) video was only up for 40 Minutes yesterday before I took it down. If you've already seen it, sorry. love ya. have a nice day. bye
Matthew Van gaale
Matthew Van gaale Hace 8 días
I'm the 500 reply
Rick Alvarez
Rick Alvarez Hace 16 días
Mr anything
Mr anything Hace 25 días
Fe4RLess Was here
Joseph Santiago
Joseph Santiago Hace 29 días
Re-Upload cause video had an issue with the quality (youtubes fault, not mine) video was only up for 40 Minutes yesterday before I took it down. If you've already seen it, sorry. love ya. have a nice day. bye <3 14K
Evans Lemus
Evans Lemus Hace un mes
TSP&JaXX Hace 2 horas
10/10 acting and story telling
Kenny Klein
Kenny Klein Hace 2 horas
Fruitjuice James
Fruitjuice James Hace 2 horas
5:49 he stole a bike skrtttt
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson Hace 2 horas
Name of outro song?
Keenanzia Fahmi
Keenanzia Fahmi Hace 2 horas
So funny
Animation/Plush Vids
4:30 that's my name in real life Just wanted to share..........
plu Hace 4 horas
When it says fearless it's supposed to be fe4rŕrŕrrrrrrrrrrrrŕrrrrrrrrrrrr
TSi_Robert H
TSi_Robert H Hace 7 horas
Nándi Hace 7 horas
8:33 This guy is so niceeee❤️😋
Cyclone Gaming
Cyclone Gaming Hace 7 horas
"nah im ali-a" * S H O W S P I C O F K S I*
Joe Ricucci
Joe Ricucci Hace 7 horas
Tygamer 602
Tygamer 602 Hace 9 horas
I live in wisconsin
Asp Hace 10 horas
So he’s not xbox player? Just uses xbox controller ah
Chameleon Mon
Chameleon Mon Hace 10 horas
6:52 he must relax
Chameleon Mon
Chameleon Mon Hace 10 horas
4:06 you sound like a pig choking on a bone
Panda Hace 11 horas
If Anyone wants to watch content related to Fear, when you're are done with his video check out my most recent video called"Duos with Friends" i promise you wont hate it
Jahym is Perfect
Jahym is Perfect Hace 13 horas
I’m on ps4 i will never meet fearless 😪
PikaGamer Play
PikaGamer Play Hace 14 horas
RIP Playgrounds
CraziiPower Hace 14 horas
7:17 he really is Fe4RLess
Katelynn Hendrix
Katelynn Hendrix Hace 14 horas
Pls play with me I am cool Username. Katelynnhendrix_
Alondra Gonzalez
Alondra Gonzalez Hace 14 horas
Haha I loved the kids laugh when he said are u using a voicechanger
Guillermo Rojas
Guillermo Rojas Hace 15 horas
Hey I love ur vids I’m a big fan and it would be an honor of u liked my comment and ur vids are so good and funny😂
Yeetz Spritez
Yeetz Spritez Hace 15 horas
4:05 tho Lmfao
SML Parodys
SML Parodys Hace 15 horas
Creator code has been placed
wolf_fighterz _
wolf_fighterz _ Hace 15 horas
At 8:32 in the video I almost choked on my pepperoni eating my Pizza cuz it made me laugh
Urnises Rodriguez
Urnises Rodriguez Hace 16 horas
Someone was taking to long in the bathroom so I accidentally peed myself LMFAOOOO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thomas P.Martins
Thomas P.Martins Hace 16 horas
I want that marshmallow skin I wanna friend you fe4rless this is my name in fortnite yesika81
Paxton C
Paxton C Hace 17 horas
Kid: I’m turning into a bush Kid: it is my mission to be a bich Fear: woahhhhhh Kid: what I said bush Fear dude my mom is in my room you can’t be talking like that
Heather Diaz
Heather Diaz Hace 18 horas
The person said bish
Amar Wardi
Amar Wardi Hace 18 horas
He just Said iplay on mouse only
fortnite Ghost
fortnite Ghost Hace 18 horas
Omg we saw his face
RoSe Rift
RoSe Rift Hace 18 horas
I can just imagine him saying mom to a wall😂
悪と怒り Hace 18 horas
JC5280Gamer Hace 18 horas
Let's get fearless 10m subs hit that butten hit it or else fearless will ban your fortnite account so..." Hit that butten hit it now.
ELITE DOPE Hace 18 horas
4.666.689 lol
Jack Love
Jack Love Hace 18 horas
NO NO NOOOOOOO! F***K NO *Read More*
Daniel Suarez
Daniel Suarez Hace 18 horas
9 16 funny
Senih Cat
Senih Cat Hace 19 horas
Wait if fearless made a new account how does he have skins
Fade Rim
Fade Rim Hace 20 horas
Reveal your real voice 😂 8:56
Kash FOUNTAIN Hace 20 horas
At 4:06 that’s me when I have to go to bed
Maryam Fouda
Maryam Fouda Hace 21 un hora
*Cough* Kid at the Mic : AAAAAH! I WANT PIZZA ROLLS NOW! DID YOU JUST CALL ME CRAZY?! My Mind : Your mental Kid.. Me : Uh, Kid? Where is your mom? Kid at the Mic : AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (The Mother Comes In) Mother : Uhm. Excuse me are you BuLlYiNg my son? Me : *inhale* B0i? ImA sNaTcH tHaT pArAsItE iNfEsTeD wEaVe Of YoUrS..
Samary Sofia
Samary Sofia Hace 22 horas
He sound like he was crying awwww
Samary Sofia
Samary Sofia Hace 22 horas
My mission is completed to be a bush, bish
Samary Sofia
Samary Sofia Hace 22 horas
That’s how the master does it 😐😎
DashEzDaGudStuf likes pp
i did a try not to laugh on this and failed horribly
Jedidiah Unuigbe
Jedidiah Unuigbe Hace 22 horas
Is that you using a deeper voice
Kent Kristian Hansen
Kent Kristian Hansen Hace 22 horas
1:27 is this kid on drugs or something not trying to be mean
The Devil Spear
The Devil Spear Hace 22 horas
this is the best chanell in the entire world
Susan Horowitz
Susan Horowitz Hace 23 horas
0:29 - 0:44
Nik Trstenjak
Nik Trstenjak Hace un día
Why are you not uploading video make more vids!!!!! Aaaaaaaaa
Reverse. Potato
Reverse. Potato Hace un día
" m y m i s s i o n i s t o b e a b i s h"
Gavin Durham
Gavin Durham Hace un día
That kid sounds like my friends grayden step brother
BlitzKrieg Hace un día
BaysPlays Left Real Quick
*sebeneleben* Hace un día
FaZe Bladez
FaZe Bladez Hace un día
I want that pickaxe.........
Jcalegence Gaming
Jcalegence Gaming Hace un día
Ugh face reveal
Rouba Alahmar
Rouba Alahmar Hace un día
Yo r u 7 really
Germingo I
Germingo I Hace un día
XDDDDDD this video is so funny omg
GameGeek Hace un día
Kid: curses out fearless Mom... or dad? Lol: are you bullying my son?! Fearless: you sound like a guy Me: OHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Sonia Klumel
Sonia Klumel Hace un día
I’m crying 😂😂
RickGaming Ayala
RickGaming Ayala Hace un día
Luv u fearless i think your the best
RickGaming Ayala
RickGaming Ayala Hace un día
Hi Fearless I dont know if your reading this I've dreamed to be your friend and my username is MAYBE_LEGEND, Its fine if you dont want to add . 😁
LMAOgaming Hace un día
*xXcuteanimegirlXx*....... MAGNIFICENT
ItFishCraft Hace un día
The last part was funny he siad eat your mom a$$
Anastasia Mason
Anastasia Mason Hace un día
When you fake cry i felt bad for you FE4R
GlennTehGamer _
GlennTehGamer _ Hace un día
BabyGirl 0926
BabyGirl 0926 Hace un día
“See ya man *leaves game*”😂😂😂💀
AP Vlogs
AP Vlogs Hace un día
can we add you on Xbox?
BlazeRage 06
BlazeRage 06 Hace un día
Bruh Love thissss
you have banner from season 1 broooo
TazerTaz123 Hace un día
Tell your mom *Samsung commercial comes on and says ready for not*
Izel Jaimes
Izel Jaimes Hace un día
Thank you for making vids cause I have a bad fever 🤒 and you just made my day can I get a shoutout
Jon 1595
Jon 1595 Hace un día
Tik tok lol that’s funny
Diana and Milana
Diana and Milana Hace un día
He stole a watermelon from the store................
Diana and Milana
Diana and Milana Hace un día
At 3:35 he says something really funny
Diana and Milana
Diana and Milana Hace un día
It's cool how ur mouth moves in the lobby but why not in controller?
Karzeenie X
Karzeenie X Hace un día
Fearless: I ha- Little kid: I’m not yo fend Fearless-no sorry I had t- I’m not yo fend
Andrew Jutrzonka
Andrew Jutrzonka Hace un día
Rob Barwic
Rob Barwic Hace un día
9:03 yeaaaaaahhhh
thedogg53 Hace un día
5:23 I'm wondering what that default is thinking
Just Vapor
Just Vapor Hace un día
The ball drop almost exploded earth
simrit Dhillon
simrit Dhillon Hace un día
I am dead at :005
Hace un día
I don't know who's funnier you or ceeday
Blue Spear Fitness and Nutrition
Me when I go to school 1:04
Keaton Burgess
Keaton Burgess Hace un día
0:49 FBI has joined the chat
F3 Shr3dder
F3 Shr3dder Hace un día
Did a squirrel just get run over?😂😂 4:06
Brianna Nova
Brianna Nova Hace un día
9:04 that kids laugh is adorable. And subbed
zLoveNikiii Hace un día
Shane Ejercito
Shane Ejercito Hace un día
The last kid is not smart cuase he said eat your moms ass moms dont have asses
Gyasi A
Gyasi A Hace un día
bradon daudelin
bradon daudelin Hace un día
DaydreamingJanett :{
Your videos literally make my day so much better💀😂
faustin jr
faustin jr Hace un día
how old are you really
1000 subs with no videos Challenge
The dad story lol it’s so funny
beefboss legend
beefboss legend Hace un día
I like the new outro song it's a banger
Person Person
Person Person Hace un día
Fearless: what is that kid: I'm ASMR
Lucas Svensson
Lucas Svensson Hace un día
1.01 hahaha
matthew hampton
matthew hampton Hace un día
Your funny 😂
JoeyGamer TV
JoeyGamer TV Hace un día
FIRST to say first ?.
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