"1v1 Me BRO" (Playgrounds Trolling)

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Fe4RLess Hace 3 meses
Re-Upload cause video had an issue with the quality (youtubes fault, not mine) video was only up for 40 Minutes yesterday before I took it down. If you've already seen it, sorry. love ya. have a nice day. bye
lazy cakes
lazy cakes Hace 6 días
CoRe spice
CoRe spice Hace 12 días
I was laughing like ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Emmanuel Aguilar
Emmanuel Aguilar Hace 12 días
Fe4RLess bdindudybybd
Matthew Van gaale
Matthew Van gaale Hace 2 meses
I'm the 500 reply
Rick Alvarez
Rick Alvarez Hace 2 meses
Anthony Aponte
Anthony Aponte Hace un hora
How the mouths move
Berserke r
Berserke r Hace 5 horas
This kid is adorable, like if you agree 👇❤
SoughtBat1586 Hace 8 horas
9:15 he/she sounds like a duck toy🤣🤣
Hunter Perry
Hunter Perry Hace 10 horas
Fe4rless: it’s so easy to fool these little kids People who drive white vans and pass out “candy” be like I CAN AGREE WIT DAT
Splurgle Man
Splurgle Man Hace 13 horas
Is that your real voice
SL Phantom
SL Phantom Hace 14 horas
How do you make it so the mouths move when you talk in the lobby? Example:2:52
i like you
i like you Hace 16 horas
I ment dat
i like you
i like you Hace 16 horas
Dot boi tho 0:20
Rocket Pro65
Rocket Pro65 Hace 17 horas
I know ur face reveal
TwenyRacks Hace 18 horas
This is Ali a, shows ksi😂
Evan Francis
Evan Francis Hace 19 horas
"i would smack you with a shovel" he will be a good dad
Yeet Boi
Yeet Boi Hace 21 un hora
Do a face reveal
Yeniel Colon
Yeniel Colon Hace un día
What the song at the end called ?
luis tiktok Escareno 911
Nigga a watermelon 🍉
Tarontus Plays
Tarontus Plays Hace un día
Anyone else notice his new account has the season 1 banner
Little Ravens-Little Fate
8:21 My heart
Jaylen Samuela
Jaylen Samuela Hace un día
0:44 to 0:50 POLICE OPEN UP😂
Frankie Nunez
Frankie Nunez Hace un día
1:25 has me in tears
Comrade King
Comrade King Hace un día
I no what he looks like
Jonathan Cruz
Jonathan Cruz Hace un día
He wants to be a bish just a bish you sure kid? 3:34
Fitz's Gaming
Fitz's Gaming Hace un día
10:28 best song ever
10000 subs with ni videos? i am kryptonian12389
The description is legendary
체리 Hace 2 días
My mission is to be a bish
lil pgn boy
lil pgn boy Hace 2 días
Fearless: ok um shut up Kids mom: are u bullying my son Fearless: you sound like a dude Me:🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 | | V
Aêsthetįc Jãyleên
kid: how old are you Fe4RRouuuuuuuuuuuuu: Nine kid: Wha-
GD Sept
GD Sept Hace 2 días
Fearless is the only person that makes me laugh this hard
Smug ____
Smug ____ Hace 2 días
At 4:05 it sound liek he addicted to frutnut
Lycanking 666
Lycanking 666 Hace 2 días
Omegalul 0:46
Jojo LB
Jojo LB Hace 2 días
Omg these kids sound like 5 and they swear more then you would do wth
joeseph jones
joeseph jones Hace 2 días
9:12 when the teacher says i am worg
K_Man_ Submario
K_Man_ Submario Hace 2 días
“If I was your dad I would smack you with a shovel”😂😂😂
trxpbtw Hace 2 días
Yolanda Arrezola
Yolanda Arrezola Hace 3 días
What is wrong with thet kid
Declan Pope
Declan Pope Hace 3 días
I’m basically saying that your good
Declan Pope
Declan Pope Hace 3 días
I respect that the first person believed in him self
ur mom
ur mom Hace 3 días
this was uploaded on my birthday lol
iilo Hace 3 días
you should play with cris and beastboy
Monder Titouha
Monder Titouha Hace 3 días
7:18 gang gang
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega Hace 3 días
But u a good youtuber
Angel Ortega
Angel Ortega Hace 3 días
That is a wierd voice
Galaxy Dragon
Galaxy Dragon Hace 3 días
That kid is so cute his voice
Jks514- Mobile gaming
Can we get a rip fearless’s dad
Pauline Van Doorne
Pauline Van Doorne Hace 3 días
You are the best youtuber ever 🙏
Connor _
Connor _ Hace 3 días
I wish I could see his facial expressions during this video lol
Terrraria Bunny
Terrraria Bunny Hace 3 días
Ba bu bu ba ba bu ba
Flamin’ Chris
Flamin’ Chris Hace 3 días
3:32 LMFAO
Kyle Eggin
Kyle Eggin Hace 3 días
I died at 1:34😆😆😆
Andre Grindley
Andre Grindley Hace 3 días
Fear I love u ❤️💜🧡🖤💛💚💙💕💖💝
yostin124 Hace 3 días
Use that on another video
oH iTz WoLf
oH iTz WoLf Hace 3 días
7:03 this has to be my favorite part of any video I’ve seen from fearless. I couldn’t stop laughing.
Ben Sumby
Ben Sumby Hace 3 días
when they say are u the really Fe4Rless!?!?! you: no im scared of my own shadow
PewDiePie 2
PewDiePie 2 Hace 3 días
"It's so easy to fool these little kids" Don't give anyone any ideas 😐
Evan Francis
Evan Francis Hace 19 horas
i never knew pewdiepie liked fortnite
Plasma231 GamingXD
Plasma231 GamingXD Hace 4 días
Why does beast boy sound like Chris from fortnite with my son
Adriana Ramos
Adriana Ramos Hace 4 días
The kid was an bish
Karazaii Salas Tweeecks
Why did he worried about getting banned if he has no skins
Sirsquidster Hace 4 días
YonderMantee777 needs to calm down jeesus
Chase .H
Chase .H Hace 4 días
That kids rap song at the end was BARZ!!!
Article_Fox Hace 4 días
9:10 “I’m Nine”
Abel Gonzalez
Abel Gonzalez Hace 4 días
At 45 just make it slow then you can see him
Nikhil Aaron Rao
Nikhil Aaron Rao Hace 4 días
6:30 If I was your dad I’d smack you with a shovel-Fe4r 2018
Jesse Fremont
Jesse Fremont Hace 4 días
9:00 this kid is so cute I’m adding him
Red Bull Hunter
Red Bull Hunter Hace 4 días
Etika my boy is in the video
Supreme Kevin
Supreme Kevin Hace 4 días
10:16 nani means what in Japanese
Pupdawg Hace 4 días
Wisconsin? BOI
Teddy Ruxpin
Teddy Ruxpin Hace 4 días
Fe4rless he said bish not the bad word but lol
Jaxrabbit 45
Jaxrabbit 45 Hace 4 días
You had that account in season 2 because axe
Nachtara Fan
Nachtara Fan Hace 4 días
I love your voice like if you love it too
Nachtara Fan
Nachtara Fan Hace 4 días
You voice is soooooooooo awsome
Terry Sash
Terry Sash Hace 4 días
#ugly cry
André Salgado
André Salgado Hace 4 días
Kid : CaN yOu SaY fOrTnItE? Fearless: Fortnite... Kid: OmG!
ZMR Zander
ZMR Zander Hace 4 días
Beenish Mohsin
Beenish Mohsin Hace 4 días
Like me shayan the boy
XxKay_BlackxX Hace 4 días
Aww the little kids laugh is so cute and adorable!❤️❤️❤️
nobody k440
nobody k440 Hace 4 días
0:45 I died 😂😂😂
GDYT Hace 4 días
8:57 Hood mode activated
Hunter Humbles
Hunter Humbles Hace 4 días
My mission is to be a bish
Lukie Osti
Lukie Osti Hace 4 días
BigDaddyMarcusXz Hace 4 días
Yeetz Spritez
Yeetz Spritez Hace 4 días
Hmm does fearless live in Wisconsin lmao
Masik show
Masik show Hace 5 días
10/10 cring acting
Ffhj Hace 5 días
2:28 stop being a dog
firesnout 2
firesnout 2 Hace 5 días
What about wisconsin?
Willam Garcia
Willam Garcia Hace 5 días
Best video ever🤣. Good job
joseph merga
joseph merga Hace 5 días
At 4:05 listen to that voice..
Xavier the dude
Xavier the dude Hace 5 días
The kid at 8:56 is soooooo cute
Kurygiya 1
Kurygiya 1 Hace 5 días
Don't do that Lucas that's mean. Me "ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ME OR THE DEFAULT"
tammy smith
tammy smith Hace 5 días
In 3:34 when you hate yourself lol
Khin Kyi Win
Khin Kyi Win Hace 5 días
Blaise Darmaga
Blaise Darmaga Hace 5 días
For the part where he says I was literally gonna kill you. You should have added a law and order.
Logan Wangard
Logan Wangard Hace 5 días
See i live in wisconsin.... why does it seem than wisconsin is so relevant
XgameS93 Hace 5 días
7:18 Fail
KILLSHOT2104 Hace 5 días
Whats that song called ate 1:56
PepperPlays Hace 5 días
It’s Ali A 😂😂😂
Jacksepticeye GAMING
Fe4rless:A WhAT!!!!
Jacksepticeye GAMING
Noob:I’m turning into a bush , my mission is to be a bish 🤣
Thegr8maximus Dent
Thegr8maximus Dent Hace 5 días
Just to let you know he said bish
Valid_Snipezzz Hace 5 días
5:45 lmaoooo
Anime GamerGirl
Anime GamerGirl Hace 5 días
0:46 R.I.P him He thought it was a gurl XDDDD
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The FAKE Fe4RLess....lol
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