2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle

Dolan Twins
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We were feeling too adult like so we let a 2 year old control our lives for a day
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Andrea Wilton
Andrea Wilton Hace 9 minutos
Ethan and Grayson will be such a good dad’s
Claudi' H.
Claudi' H. Hace 10 minutos
I’m not sure why this channel/video was in my Recommendations, but I appreciate it 💝✨ Also holy heck she remembered all those ingredients/process for the slime! She’s amazing haha
Jared Shelton
Jared Shelton Hace 15 minutos
This video is adorableness
random shit
random shit Hace 39 minutos
I feel bad for ethan in this video
jessica hernandez
jessica hernandez Hace 57 minutos
It was unfair for greyson to wear a pink outfit
Miss Riverdale
Miss Riverdale Hace un hora
Elle: recognize a Gucci bag Me: Austin as taught her well
Elisa Shine
Elisa Shine Hace 7 horas
I would like to be elle😂
Big Brown Bear
Big Brown Bear Hace 14 horas
At the beginning part, I was like BRUH! You're 19
Hey there
Hey there Hace 15 horas
I mean honestly Ethan is even cuter than elle There I said it
Phoenix Rogers
Phoenix Rogers Hace 16 horas
When Elle grows up and finds out who she collab with she’s going be a fan girls like us😂💕
Grace Crawford
Grace Crawford Hace 16 horas
The thing is the way she said to dry his nails actually works a lot better
Eppie Costello
Eppie Costello Hace 16 horas
Omg the bed time story kills me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mary Tabor
Mary Tabor Hace 17 horas
She is the absolute cutest 💞
Samaria Montgomery
Samaria Montgomery Hace 20 horas
They would make great parents
Symphonia doll
Symphonia doll Hace 21 un hora
They forgot the shaving cream in the big pool of slime :o
Izzy_Vlogs jaimes
Izzy_Vlogs jaimes Hace 23 horas
Literally the Dolan twins are ells fairy god mothers
Rylie Gibson
Rylie Gibson Hace un día
Grayson: it looks like cottage cheese Ethan: get that away from me I'm dAirE fReE
Zoë Foures-Kurt
Zoë Foures-Kurt Hace un día
how the fuck does a 2 year old know the recipe for slime
LinLin101 _
LinLin101 _ Hace un día
The kid looks so sad but inside ik shes thinking "imo fuck these boys up todayy". Bless grayson and Ethan for trying to understand her tho😂💘
John Basar
John Basar Hace un día
She is smart...👌👌👌
945girlygirl Hace un día
This is the best video ever! Ethan is such a good sport and will be a great dad one day. Grayson is hilarious and uses being Elle's favorite to his advantage, lol. Altho, if Ethan were her favorite he would do the same. I freakin' love the Dolan twins! 😁
kid boii
kid boii Hace un día
*they are dads*
adriennelovesmusic Hace un día
two year old bedtime at 4pm. Haha they never sleep.
Alice Hace un día
omg ethan laughing at elle 18:05
Arc Worm
Arc Worm Hace un día
Yellow jacket: ethan
Ela Poljanec
Ela Poljanec Hace un día
The cutest thing ever!!
Sierra x Covers
Sierra x Covers Hace un día
How is a 2 year old better at painting nails then me
Massing August
Massing August Hace un día
*Does anyone think the kid looks extra small siting between them?*
Grace McQuoid
Grace McQuoid Hace un día
Takes them twenty minutes of wandering for the activator before thinking of looking it up on line 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂 love them
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres Hace un día
Lol I bet Austin and Catherine just love this 😂😂😂
Clarissa O'Neill
Clarissa O'Neill Hace un día
elle is the most unimpressed kid ever, I relate
Reese Simmons
Reese Simmons Hace un día
i think we all know who the favorite twin his 😂😁
Starteli Xu
Starteli Xu Hace un día
just here to detoxicate from all the beauty community drama
NUHBANANA Hace un día
This wil be the time fans would wish they'll be 2 yr old
Chantelle Rodelo
Chantelle Rodelo Hace un día
She’s so smart and cute! 😭😭
Sabah Rose
Sabah Rose Hace un día
That bedtime story had me screaming 🤣🤣🤣
AJ Petrillo
AJ Petrillo Hace un día
at 4:36 when grayson says “mommy helps you” I CRIED that’s so freaking cute oh my gosh
morgan Meyers
morgan Meyers Hace un día
The green slime brings back memories from the DIY video
emma james
emma james Hace un día
That bitch has a paper clip on his necklace!!!?!!
Chelsee Chaffee
Chelsee Chaffee Hace 2 días
When Elle high fived grayson, her hand was litterally smaller than his palm! That is so precious!!!!😂♥️😩
glittered dick
glittered dick Hace 2 días
Which one is which
Miyah Allmond
Miyah Allmond Hace 2 días
all kids know how to make slime 😂😂
Ellie Brophy
Ellie Brophy Hace 2 días
Elle’s hands compared to Graysons at 5:01 🥰
fati ana
fati ana Hace 2 días
omg she"s smarttt
Kawaii Cupcake
Kawaii Cupcake Hace 2 días
Elle is so cute
Aashika Nevatia
Aashika Nevatia Hace 2 días
A 2 year old recognises a Gucci bag. I didn’t even hear the name Gucci until 5 years back
Meggie’s Life And Things!
12:08 when Ethan’s talking, u can c period pads in the background 😂
Kh. Faria Tasnim Raka
i think elle loves grayson the most
Jasmine K
Jasmine K Hace 2 días
two year old knows what a Gucci bag is but my 4yrs old little sister doesn't even know her name
Sadie Womack
Sadie Womack Hace 2 días
Gabby's World
Gabby's World Hace 2 días
One. Idea where Ethan and Grayson don’t swear!!
hey beauty
hey beauty Hace 2 días
She is genius😥
Alani Garcia
Alani Garcia Hace 2 días
I love this video
Livi Kirkham
Livi Kirkham Hace 2 días
The ten glue bottles he carries😂😂
Mason Norman
Mason Norman Hace 2 días
Grayson’s wallpaper was actually killing me when it kept zooming in and out
Sammi todoroki
Sammi todoroki Hace 2 días
I love this video lol but the fact you where so exsided to take off the jaket and tootoo lol
caroline hernandez
caroline hernandez Hace 2 días
I need a fork!! 😂
Meme Goddess
Meme Goddess Hace 2 días
They look so tall compared to her
Meme Goddess
Meme Goddess Hace 2 días
Graysons edges are on fleek
Grace Ingersoll
Grace Ingersoll Hace 2 días
Ethan: try’s his hardest to be Elle’s favorite by entertaining her and being sweet to her Elle:😒 Gray: sits next to her Elle:ahhhhh
Donna lanham
Donna lanham Hace 2 días
Both: Puppy Me: DED Ethan: Mr.Rabbit
yumna amjad
yumna amjad Hace 2 días
Did some one else noticed she put ethan in kids fantasy version of dad and grayson in momy outfits😂😂😂
Sophia Bojen
Sophia Bojen Hace 3 días
18:04 this part is so cute❤️
Monce Gutierrez
Monce Gutierrez Hace 3 días
Im dead ethan said he is pretty thiqq
Sam Parkinson
Sam Parkinson Hace 3 días
The storytime is as if they're just saying random words
xXOreo LoverXx
xXOreo LoverXx Hace 3 días
What’s that one time.....?😂
Anya Dewabrata
Anya Dewabrata Hace 3 días
18:04 is ethan being killed by elle's cute face
susan Allen
susan Allen Hace 3 días
I find it really attractive when boys are soo nice to younger girls whether its their sister or cousin
la psychopate
la psychopate Hace 3 días
What about James charles
Amber Rose
Amber Rose Hace 3 días
Aww this is the cutest they would be awesome parents 😊😊❤️❤️
Cheaffs Death
Cheaffs Death Hace 3 días
This is adorable!!!
cheryl newcomb
cheryl newcomb Hace 3 días
2 is nothing. Try a 7 year old. They are 7 going on 27.
Claire Alderson
Claire Alderson Hace 3 días
You guys would be great dad's 😂😂
Brooklyn Smith
Brooklyn Smith Hace 3 días
Elle and Noah
Sammy V
Sammy V Hace 3 días
This was super funny! 😂🤣
Shraddha Deepak
Shraddha Deepak Hace 3 días
Was I the only one who practically died when he said, "Have you seen my bone?" 😂😂😂😂
Andrea Vela
Andrea Vela Hace 3 días
Elle knows how to say activator Me I didn’t even know how to spell it 😂
Meh Hace 3 días
She Is A D O R A B L E
dazzlingedits Hace 4 días
Jenica Mcallister
Jenica Mcallister Hace 4 días
Dude she’s so smart 💙🤣
grethan shipp
grethan shipp Hace 4 días
*13:08** "would you like a bag miss?"*
Shelly Kohanim
Shelly Kohanim Hace 4 días
21:52 so many screenshots
Gacha Fun333
Gacha Fun333 Hace 4 días
18:13 when the little girl is making funny faces meeee
Amanda Brittain
Amanda Brittain Hace 4 días
This is late but.. You can so tell they are gonna be good parents.. The amount of times i said awww is ridiculous.. Especially Grayson fr.. They are so much more attractive tbh 😂
Roberto Serrato
Roberto Serrato Hace 4 días
21:33 22:17 repeated
Laura Henckens
Laura Henckens Hace 4 días
OMG she's soooooo sweet😍😍😍😍
cossio family
cossio family Hace 4 días
I watch the ace family 😃😃
Colin Montgomery
Colin Montgomery Hace 4 días
Does Ethan have a paper clip on his neck
Alyssa M
Alyssa M Hace 4 días
Anyone still notice the streak of blonde in Ethans hair still
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover Hace 4 días
This was on my birthday lol but I love the video lol
Pugh family circus Kids
This was posted on my mom’s birthday
Alexis B
Alexis B Hace 4 días
Cutest thing I’ve ever seen
Emmie Hace 4 días
*smacks on her gum and doesn't care* I know I know I'm late
Nicole Roache
Nicole Roache Hace 4 días
When you can relate to this video! I have a niece that turned 4 a few weeks ago and have done some of the same stuff with her and more. Just so cute ☺️
TOTAL BELLAS Hace 4 días
She's from the ace family
TOTAL BELLAS Hace 4 días
She's so cute
vivi_ etc
vivi_ etc Hace 4 días
she is so mature for her age😂😂 smart little girl
Ignat Karina
Ignat Karina Hace 4 días
•TOTE • Hace 4 días
Cute little Girl I wish I have one also. :)
•TOTE • Hace 4 días
Making slime?
Shanique Wright
Shanique Wright Hace 4 días
That story went nowhere 😂😂😂😂
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