2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle

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We were feeling too adult like so we let a 2 year old control our lives for a day
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16 abr 2019






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Just Here
Just Here Hace 4 horas
Who is Elle-?
Meh Idk
Meh Idk Hace 5 horas
This is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen 🤣 in a good way
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 14 horas
Elle saying Grayson’s name is the cutest thing
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 14 horas
Elle giving Grayson the cutest little high fives is too cute😩
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 15 horas
I swear Ethan and Grayson get their nails or toes done in every video
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 15 horas
Ethan: Elle how much should I get Elle: quickly responds to a little
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 15 horas
Elle and Grayson bonding for 24 minutes straight
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 15 horas
Why does it look like Elle could be Grayson’s daughter
Jenaiya Williams
Jenaiya Williams Hace 15 horas
Elle looks like a mini business woman😩😂
Pia Michelle
Pia Michelle Hace 15 horas
poor e haha
Random Vlogs
Random Vlogs Hace 16 horas
This is the cutest thing ever
ashley Hace 17 horas
6:41 if this ain't me when im angry and my boyfriend asks for a hug-
Hey Hi Hello
Hey Hi Hello Hace un día
They both look so frikin hot in this vid! 😍🥰 especially Grayson 🥵
Karabo Moeletsi
Karabo Moeletsi Hace un día
Ethan making the bedtime story so complex 😂😂😂😂😂😂💔
Ella Smith
Ella Smith Hace 2 días
They look huge next to Elle 😂😂😂
Diana Nevarez-Lopez
Diana Nevarez-Lopez Hace 2 días
She looks hella scared lmao
Cecilia and Eliana
Cecilia and Eliana Hace 2 días
grayson: “ look it looks like cottage cheese” ethan: “did someone say cheese?” ethan: “get away from me, i’m dairy free.”
Alexis Hace 3 días
I love Ethan and Grayson💕💕💜
Alexis Hace 3 días
Ethan and Grayson are gonna make some great future fathers 🤗🤗💞
KIKI _d'amelio
KIKI _d'amelio Hace 3 días
from 18:04 seconds to 18:09 seconds when Ethan Dolan sees elle in the mirror checking herself out that lowkey, like i can see him as a father with his daughter at that moment doing the same
Isola J
Isola J Hace 4 días
Grey: this ones about puppy Ethan: be careful of what you say Everyone: takes a minute to think about it Elle: still confused why they look alike. Lol
Lucy Berry
Lucy Berry Hace 4 días
How is a 2 year old chewing gum 😂 I struggled to not swallow it when I was like 8
Jordan Gray-Spann
Jordan Gray-Spann Hace 4 días
I want to give Grayson babies
Malak Hany
Malak Hany Hace 5 días
Grayson: it looks like cheese Ethan: Did someone say cheese Also Ethan: we’ll get it away from me i’m dairy free IM DEAD 😂😂
Katelyn Hace 5 días
Real title: Ethan and Grayson being dads for a day
Erica moreno
Erica moreno Hace 5 días
Grayson and Ethan would make amazing Dad's but for me Grayson would be the best ❤️
Jazmin Garcia
Jazmin Garcia Hace 6 días
When Grayson was holding elles hand 🥴🥰
Elena LeZala-Montoya
who else ships the Dolan twins and the Merrell twins
vivi levenberg
vivi levenberg Hace 6 días
anyone watching in quarantine?
Alishba03 Khan
Alishba03 Khan Hace 6 días
Ace family did a good job this girl is well trained
Mariella Ortiz
Mariella Ortiz Hace 6 días
Story time😂🤣👉🏾👈
Maleigha Leckey
Maleigha Leckey Hace 6 días
Grayson blowing on his nails in the back at 5:19 Is super cute
Itz Moonlight !
Itz Moonlight ! Hace 6 días
Me sitting here watching in 2020 like ಠ_ಠ
Lauren Cobb
Lauren Cobb Hace 6 días
bruh there going to be the best dads ever
Evelyn Larin
Evelyn Larin Hace 6 días
i wish i was elle 😭
auorea Hace 6 días
Who else is watching this while your phone is at 0%
Ellie Sarah
Ellie Sarah Hace 7 días
I love the blatant preference for grayson😂😂😂😂😂
Miguel Hace 7 días
Almost the whole video was just slime🤗🤗🤗😂😂😂
Katherine Rust
Katherine Rust Hace 7 días
Aww when Ethan caught her looking at herself in the mirror 😅
Dua Ali
Dua Ali Hace 7 días
Go to 21:52 ;o
Fahmina Akter
Fahmina Akter Hace 7 días
Farihah Kemp
Farihah Kemp Hace 7 días
They should do let jojo siwa control your life😂🤣💀
Thea N
Thea N Hace 8 días
When they were telling the story I couldn’t stop laughing 😂🥺
blossom sticks
blossom sticks Hace 8 días
😍😍😍😍😍...I love this
Jessine Brooks
Jessine Brooks Hace 8 días
Gloria Mwangi
Gloria Mwangi Hace 8 días
19:37 their conversation is so cute
ELLA COWAN Hace 8 días
12:35 is obviously staged
Finley Edwards
Finley Edwards Hace 9 días
O my god Elle is so cute the thumbnail was sooooo cute she so tiny and sweeeeeet and she smart my brothers are 4 and they hadn’t learned their colors until they late 3 years old
Marina Malik
Marina Malik Hace 9 días
kids being cute doesn’t get me baby fever, guys talking to kids get me baby fever
Evie Gilmore
Evie Gilmore Hace 9 días
Is Elle wearing a Cartier bracelet??!
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Hace 9 días
I love how she slowly gets more comfortable with Grayson and Ethan aww
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Hace 9 días
at 7:02 he looks like harry styles with his painted nails 😳😂
Ava Lou
Ava Lou Hace 9 días
Elle if you're watching this 2030 HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jasmine Hernandez
Jasmine Hernandez Hace 9 días
I like how ur taller then Elle😂
iamjoepaul Hace 9 días
Jhopesjhoe Hace 9 días
the way she’s way better than me at painting nails i-
Yousra Atmani
Yousra Atmani Hace 10 días
5:02 that high five is so cute
Calandra Woodman
Calandra Woodman Hace 10 días
Rewatching this because them with princess Elle is too adorable 😊
Keziah Mickle
Keziah Mickle Hace 10 días
Imagine re watching this video during quarantine
Cubandoll Nakthuggin
Cubandoll Nakthuggin Hace 10 días
Is this elle from the ace family
Hanna and Niña
Hanna and Niña Hace 10 días
Elle and the Dolan Twins look like siblings
Paige Braaf
Paige Braaf Hace 10 días
this video DEFINITELY promoted graysons baby fever
Annaliessa Delgado
Annaliessa Delgado Hace 11 días
Even tho grayson is wearing a pink tutu(don’t know how to spell it lmao) he still look good 😂💀
Alyssa Farnstrom
Alyssa Farnstrom Hace 11 días
I'm laughing too fucking hard. Elle painting 2, grown, buff men's nails is the best thing ever.
Fifi Q
Fifi Q Hace 11 días
5:01 ; so cute.
Gummy Bear
Gummy Bear Hace 12 días
This sounds so wrong she's so cute btw the this story at the end was dumb bro 🙂😂😂
jayleen soler
jayleen soler Hace 12 días
dude why is elle smarter than me at two years old while im going into 10th grade wth-
Skyla Kleinsmith
Skyla Kleinsmith Hace 12 días
Grayson “today was a good day” Ethan not for me
Claudia Lee
Claudia Lee Hace 12 días
Y’all know the ace family omg
Jenna Beranek
Jenna Beranek Hace 12 días
When she points to the laundry detergent and they say that is not the right thing it breaks my heart
Xxash _sunflowervibesxX
Ethan: Grayson be care of what u say d-don’t scare her Me:😂😂😂😂😂
Shaiha Shaiha
Shaiha Shaiha Hace 13 días
20:12 “Ice cream bone truck” 🤣🤣🤣
Nina Kalouris
Nina Kalouris Hace 13 días
18:03 - 18:07 💖🥺
Ema Tomic
Ema Tomic Hace 13 días
why are they so good with kids... and attractive
Sunsetsari Komal
Sunsetsari Komal Hace 13 días
18:04 That got me dead 😂 Elle was admiring herself and Grayson I think I can’t tell rn was laughing at her!
Sienna Becker
Sienna Becker Hace 13 días
Activator is the baking soda and water mixed together
olivia goldsworthy
olivia goldsworthy Hace 13 días
I can't get over how they hate every second of this but they keep encouraging her 🥺❤
amari simmons
amari simmons Hace 14 días
She did Ethan wrong 😂😂😂
hanna bailey
hanna bailey Hace 14 días
are we not gonna talk about the fact that elle lifted that big ol jug of glue as a 2 year old?? i’m 18 and can barely lift a gallon of milk without shaking 😂
Shelby Cox
Shelby Cox Hace 14 días
Rip to ethans long hair
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