2 Year Old Controls Our Lives For A Day! Ft. Elle

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We were feeling too adult like so we let a 2 year old control our lives for a day
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16 abr 2019

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lil miss
lil miss Hace un hora
0:23 *Grayson is the mum figure Ethan is the business dad figure Grethan is a family household Lmao*
Mia Broecke
Mia Broecke Hace 3 horas
*new title* : Ethan being underappreciated for 25 minutes
DirtyDan !
DirtyDan ! Hace 7 horas
You guys should just make a video making random bettime stories. They’re actually entertaining.
Bailey Rubinstein
Bailey Rubinstein Hace 7 horas
I swear to god that is the smartest 2 year old ever
Fire Cat
Fire Cat Hace 8 horas
I love the bedtime story guys good job
Eva Magana
Eva Magana Hace 11 horas
Activator is tide
Sadie Cherish
Sadie Cherish Hace 12 horas
They’re going to be the best dads ever
Jordan Rodriguez
Jordan Rodriguez Hace 14 horas
Aww it was so cute how she said Gucci Bag.
uncorn qeen
uncorn qeen Hace 14 horas
Omg so funny😂😂😂😂
Nearly Stuck
Nearly Stuck Hace 15 horas
You want a wild ride? Let my 8 year old run your day 😂 You will need to get the fire station on standby And helmets ...
And i OOOP
And i OOOP Hace 18 horas
7:46 Wow a 2 year old just described how broke I am.........
Sarah Hensley
Sarah Hensley Hace 18 horas
Papa Moni
Papa Moni Hace 18 horas
Insert “OMG ELLE IS SOO CUTE😍😍❤️”comment
Deborah Marina
Deborah Marina Hace 19 horas
Didn't they get their nail colors wrong...?
Ty Dalton
Ty Dalton Hace 19 horas
Grayson and Ethan passive-aggressively judging each other’s additions to the bedtime story is a mood
Anime world BTSUPERGIRL Hace 21 un hora
I feel like whenever he says it's kind of hot here, makes him think that the brother feels fair about the clothes and since he dressed with a tutu 😂😂 😂 and him cool , looks like mom and dad making him try to avoid him😂😂😂
3:45 - 6:45 when you have a favorite son 😂😂😂
Mina Elouman
Mina Elouman Hace 22 horas
gray: look at it, it looks like cottage cheese e: did someone say cheese gray: yea i said it looks like cottage cheese e: WelL gEt iT aWAy FrOm mE Im dAirY FrEe
Lee Seulbi
Lee Seulbi Hace un día
Ok... but how is no one talking about that bedtime story?😐
Rukhsar Nisha
Rukhsar Nisha Hace un día
Now you have....... Pretty nails 😁😁😁boys
Isabella Juarez Mata
If only Elle knew how crazy girls will get just to hug the twins
GreysAnatomy4LIFE Hace un día
I want to have Ethan’s babies, or graysons and Grayson and Ethan. Jesus I’m going to hell.
Andrea Pedregosa
Andrea Pedregosa Hace un día
That’s my story about my dog dolen
Miriam And Some Makeup
The only thing that upset me was the fact that puppy never got his favorite bone back
Sydney Anne
Sydney Anne Hace un día
Why does a two year old paint nails better than me???
Slime Crazy
Slime Crazy Hace un día
The activator is contact solution
Brenda Podkul
Brenda Podkul Hace un día
ace family
Bryden Harvey
Bryden Harvey Hace un día
When Ethan was brushing his teeth and saw Elle looking at herself and laugh I think I watched that 7 times
Aoife Clark
Aoife Clark Hace un día
They will b the best dad ever
Naya Hace un día
Every time they hang out with her, all she wants to do is play with slime 😂😂
Tessa T
Tessa T Hace un día
This is the smartest 2 year old
Ivan Freshfimbres728
The bedtime story killed me 😂😂😂
Little Huntress
Little Huntress Hace un día
I don’t necessarily like the Dolan Twins but sometimes I watch their videos and there actually funny.😂also love that outro.
Angelika Topping
Angelika Topping Hace un día
I'll look so scared when he ask for a hug
doggiepugs Hace un día
So know one’s gonna bring up the fact that a two year old knows what Gucci is? No...ok
Playz_Heart Hace un día
Activator is Tide or Contact Solution did not finish video tho
JD_YEET Hace un día
She’s so cute
Illy Alia
Illy Alia Hace un día
im always ethan around kids :/
Janneke van den Berg
I wanted them when i was younger to babysit, damn it
hi bye
hi bye Hace 2 días
how does elle know hownto make a bubble but im 12 and i cant🤦🏼‍♀️
Radhika Agarwal
Radhika Agarwal Hace 2 días
loved the story...couldn't stop laughing!😂
Mattie Hace 2 días
13:06 “I don’t want to stand next to him” 😂😂😂
Mickey Chan
Mickey Chan Hace 2 días
to make slime just get tide and glue
Kayla Louca
Kayla Louca Hace 2 días
Grayson to El: It looks like cottage cheese Ethan comes back: Did someone say cheese???
Gabrielle Tornow
Gabrielle Tornow Hace 2 días
Basically my life everyday. Kinda hard to avoid when you’ve got a bossy, attitude filled toddler for a sister.
Candice B.
Candice B. Hace 2 días
Elle MC broom ace family!!!!
Hannah Million
Hannah Million Hace 2 días
*Read more*
Payton Mckay
Payton Mckay Hace 2 días
I think this is the video, where Grayson proves...that he really is daddy
meep.goes. beepbeep
meep.goes. beepbeep Hace 2 días
Ethan got one...ONE SCOOP of ice cream That had me screamin🤣😂 n him bringin it up how he only got one scoop n her messin up his nails 🤭
Lyric Melody
Lyric Melody Hace 2 días
They got a paper bag , I stan
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