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Do you know why I love Christmas so much? Festive atmosphere, magical decorations and ornaments
and most of all gifts! It鈥檚 the time when dreams come true馃槉 Moreover, I have a special tradition I love to practice every year with my family - we cook delicious Christmas treats! There鈥檚 something about Christmas that makes everything a bit more magical, even the dessert. You can create different kinds of desserts! Only the sky is the limit to your imagination! You can Eat them yourselves or package and give your friends as a cute DIY gift!
Here is a whole collection of magical Christmas projects that will make your house as festive as possible:
- Marshmallow snowmen for your hot cocoa. Make an adorable snowman from marshmallow and pretzel sticks.
- Easy brownie Christmas trees. Cut triangles from a cake and add minimalistic but cute decoration from the white glaze, sprinkles a small star sprinkle at the top.
-Christmas Oreo Pops. They are so easy to make but look lovely
- Festive reindeer treats. It鈥檚 a crazy simple recipe. You will need snack cakes, icing, and pretzels! Even 3-year-old can make these cute reindeer
After watching this video, you will cook desserts much faster, just practice daily and enjoy the process.
Celebrate Christmas with flower decorated cupcakes. This decoration is really cute and fast to do. Cut each scarf crosswise into 5 slices, arrange 5 slices on each cupcake in flower shape. Place the flower on a cupcake and sprinkle with colored sugar.
The next recipe is marshmallow toast that is so easy to do place bread slices on a baking tray, place chocolate on bread then cover with marshmallows and bake for 40 minutes! Voila!
Learn how to make your own chocolate Coca-Cola bottle. Fill with sweets and surprise your friends as you crack it open. Pour the melted chocolate into the bottle, slowly rotate the bottle until the chocolate has completely coated the inside, refrigerate for an hour. Remove the plastic bottle, put sweets inside and re-attach the label you removed earlier! Kids will totally adore this sweet and also, it鈥檚 such a good item for parties!
00:09 Christmas treats
00:45 Marshmallow snowman
02:27 Chocolate penguins
06:09 Marshmallow flowers
09:00 Banana pops
15:02 Chocolate croissants

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Austin Lambourne-Skilton
Why would you take a bite of a cookie and put it back
Blake Mortimer
Blake Mortimer Hace 5 meses
Th茅 fois looks si good
Amel Vrenozi
Amel Vrenozi Hace 5 meses
Guysss I am 12 yrs old and this year I will cook all of the Xmas dinner, can't wait 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Avocaado Hace 5 meses
0:45 PaLuSzKi
Happy Sushi
Happy Sushi Hace 5 meses
1:04 that's creepy
Hugh Curliss
Hugh Curliss Hace 5 meses
5 min diabetes would be a more appropriate video title
Daniella Kwizera
Daniella Kwizera Hace 5 meses
this should be on your food channel
1symari Hace 5 meses
The music is horrible and distracting
Jacob Prevento
Jacob Prevento Hace 5 meses
What wait 40 minutes your ESvid name is 5 minute crafts so wouldn鈥檛 it only be 5 minutes
Caylee And friends
Caylee And friends Hace 5 meses
10:17 what type of dough are they using and what鈥檚 the white stuff?!
Sarah Jewel
Sarah Jewel Hace 5 meses
Why is the chocolate so yellow?
Furret Hace 6 meses
The fact that I have not seen anyone who likes these makes me laugh
Cydni Tavarez
Cydni Tavarez Hace 6 meses
I think you should stick with a thumbnail that you actually do! Not to be rude, just advice. Oh, and I LOVED that video!!! Great ideas!!!
Zana_ Rnk
Zana_ Rnk Hace 6 meses
Les fran莽ais vous 锚tes o霉 ?鉂わ笍
Hilda Alintria
Hilda Alintria Hace 6 meses
It's just thumbnail 馃槖
Kate Lee
Kate Lee Hace 6 meses
I just hate the fact that the instructions aren't clear.
Kate Wareing
Kate Wareing Hace 6 meses
Is it just me triggers by the colour of the chocolate
Magdalena Orellana
Magdalena Orellana Hace 6 meses
I saw this last year
LizzyRoblox Hace 6 meses
Snowmen don't have legs...
Jo Hace 6 meses
Most of these aren鈥檛 even christmas themed . 馃槕馃檮
Johne Smith
Johne Smith Hace 6 meses
I thought the title said CHRISTMAS not SPRINGTIME
Matt C
Matt C Hace 6 meses
You stole the chocolate butterfly idea directly from Ann Reardon.
ruhrow Hace 6 meses
not even halfway through they give up on the whole Christmas theme.....I don't think butterflies or hearts have anything to do with Christmas....
SouthArcher5387 Hace 6 meses
We all love Thea鈥檚 videos and I love your videos hearts
MissShannon 24
MissShannon 24 Hace 6 meses
Why Halloween music at one point? HELLLO IST CHRISTMAS
Missy Cat
Missy Cat Hace 6 meses
When you know the thumbnail isn鈥檛 going to be there but you still fall for their trap
Alejandra GD
Alejandra GD Hace 6 meses
2:27 Belvita!!
agustina rodriguez gallardo
Wow col 馃槂馃槂馃槂
Elaine Johnston
Elaine Johnston Hace 6 meses
Who else comes because of the thumbnail and has to watch the hole thing but it not there Like if you do
sholdawn htiter 2
sholdawn htiter 2 Hace 6 meses
I love crystmas鉂o笍馃挓馃馃巺
Appel2019 XY
Appel2019 XY Hace 6 meses
What is the relationship between Christmas and Pinguins? 3:00 There is no relationship also if you put some Christmas Candy's to it
Xx_BtsGacha_Xx Btslife
Yup totally Cookies only take 5 minutes to bake! totally
SnowflakePlayz Hace 6 meses
There was only "Christmas" snacks at the beginning, their more winter snacks.
Oc茅ane Kud艒
Oc茅ane Kud艒 Hace 6 meses
I was waiting for the snowflake in hot chocolate 馃樁... Never appeared 馃様
Luna 鈥
Luna 鈥 Hace 6 meses
Too bad I can鈥檛 make any of these 馃檮馃憖
Eleven Hoppinghoppers
There's only 3 minutes of Christmas recipes...
Grace Allen
Grace Allen Hace 6 meses
Zeona Ashwell
Zeona Ashwell Hace 6 meses
You shouldn't be allowed to watch this stuff when you're chubby, Hungry, And trying to go on a diet.
Sarah Boser
Sarah Boser Hace 6 meses
Lol none of the chocolate in this video is tempered. Yum for crumbly chocolate
Anusha Pathak
Anusha Pathak Hace 6 meses
9:16 bottom left hand corner IT SAYS BRIGHT SIDE
Eli Henson
Eli Henson Hace 6 meses
Why do I feel like most of the comments here aren鈥檛 even from real people?
_ PixelatedStxr _
_ PixelatedStxr _ Hace 6 meses
4:18 how is that a Christmas food idea
logan's random videos
The first 2 min was Xmas stuff and then it wasn鈥檛 why 馃う鈥嶁檧锔
Belki Sandoval
Belki Sandoval Hace 6 meses
In the beginning of the vid when they make the Christmas trees they look depressed,and it also looks like they put no effort. :(
Lea Speer
Lea Speer Hace 6 meses
Umm you had a silicone mold...why didn鈥檛 you just mold the chocolate in the mold...?
Carole Dagher
Carole Dagher Hace 6 meses
Doesn't anyone notice that more than half of the video wasn't even related to Christmas!馃巹
Misael Ortega
Misael Ortega Hace 6 meses
If this is a Christmas diy then why does one of the songs have Halloween music
Pompey Hace 6 meses
after the first 5 minuits it stoped being christmas related.
Wolfie_gacha_ 21
Wolfie_gacha_ 21 Hace 6 meses
Why there is Halloween music and it is a Christmas video
Poppy Clarke
Poppy Clarke Hace 6 meses
Is that t just me or do you think you are going to make all of these but never do
Lizzie Z
Lizzie Z Hace 6 meses
协褌芯 锌芯 褏芯写褍 褉褍褋褋泻懈械, 锌芯褌芯屑褍 褔褌芯 褌邪屑 泻邪褉邪薪写邪褕懈 锌懈褖械胁褘械 薪邪蟹褘胁邪褞褌褋褟 "写芯屑邪褕薪褟褟 泻褍褏薪褟" 薪邪 褉褍褋褋泻芯屑
bigfatpikle Hace 6 meses
Rushed, messy, irritating. Plz stahp!!
Eva Mambro
Eva Mambro Hace 6 meses
0:53 I did that when I was in grade 1 馃槀馃ぃ (just the snowman)
marissa patterson
marissa patterson Hace 6 meses
this is fake because my marshmallows turned black and brown and yours is a tan
sophie hopkins
sophie hopkins Hace 6 meses
You repeated the same crafts over again :(
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat Hace 6 meses
03:13 who else cringed when they did that
krystal kitty
krystal kitty Hace 6 meses
Oh Irene馃槶馃槶 this all looks So amazing...so now I'm starving馃槶馃槀
Breezy Hace 6 meses
Jayden Medler
Jayden Medler Hace 6 meses
Why did the chocolate for the leaves look like diarrhea?
Heegoo Kang
Heegoo Kang Hace 6 meses
Who puts a bitten cookie back on the plate
Jocelyn Duckamations
*Ewwww* at 2:23 , they put it BACK! That鈥檚 disgusting. Who puts a bitten piece of food back in a serving plate
TwilightPrincess97 Hace 6 meses
These are awful
Mariyah Burgos
Mariyah Burgos Hace 6 meses
Who else watches this but never tries to do it?
Jayden Medler
Jayden Medler Hace 6 meses
Jayne ;-;
Jayne ;-; Hace 7 meses
I swear to god I just want it to be Christmas already
Michelle Lee Frederick
Cute ideas, but it stopped being Christmas at 3:00 ....
Galaxy Cat
Galaxy Cat Hace 7 meses
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I clicked for the thumbnail, And so did you! But do we get the marshmallows snowflake? NO WE FRIKING DONT!
Novideosonlycomments 1
Is it just me or does the music at 1:52 sound like we are number one from lazy town
just em
just em Hace 7 meses
馃槀 it does to me too
lesley Hace 7 meses
Me: *when i watch it* Me again :p : this is easy When making Me: aaaaa this is HARD
Sophie Potter109
Sophie Potter109 Hace 6 meses
jackielyn gamer:3 sounds about right
Freakin Frugal
Freakin Frugal Hace 7 meses
not christmasy and the music was horrible
Natasha N Kapoor
Natasha N Kapoor Hace 7 meses
No hate but you guys REALLY need to stop repeating hacks
Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta Hace 7 meses
Very testy recipe I want all of chocolate recipes
Kayda Collier
Kayda Collier Hace 7 meses
The very first treat, didn't even show you how to make!
Immy Lowe
Immy Lowe Hace 7 meses
I鈥檓 trying to get 100 subscribers with no videos
Aubrey King
Aubrey King Hace 7 meses
2:09 anyone else see the hot glue on the small one?
Isabella Just
Isabella Just Hace 7 meses
This video is plagiarising so yummy
bethany smith
bethany smith Hace 7 meses
8:00 hmm I wonder how well that would work with cake instead of regular bread or at least sweet bread.
Freja Holl忙nder
Freja Holl忙nder Hace 7 meses
0:39 how is that supose to be a hack?
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Hace 7 meses
What was that white filling in the pastry squares
Loretta {Rett & D鈥檚 Sewing Studio} Stirewalt
Enjoy these . Simple is always fun instabio.cc/10811JcprE
Melissza Horv谩th
Melissza Horv谩th Hace 7 meses
*Nobody* : My *ESvid* recommendation in *October* :
sophiwe Hace 5 meses
what youtube recommends me in 2020:
Lukas Yt
Lukas Yt Hace 6 meses
Ikr 炉\_(銉)_/炉
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Nightmare Studios YT it鈥檚 not even October ._.
Nightmare Studios YT
Rooland72_ vagyok lol same
Smol baby Creeper
Smol baby Creeper Hace 7 meses
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