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Briddy Hll
Briddy Hll Hace 2 días
security guy dancing fantastic.
M D P Hace 3 días
When your bike sees its EX and goes on a rampage - 4:54
Riley Lloyd
Riley Lloyd Hace 4 días
i wanna give the big lad from tuvalu a hug.
i purple you
i purple you Hace 4 días
Clickbait. Some of these are not at all emberrassing
TheTsunami200 Hace 7 días
Can I get name of the first song ?
Stephen Cook
Stephen Cook Hace 9 días
Lol why does security have more rhythm and spirit than the goofy ass mascot?! 😂
BR8KTH3CYCLE Hace 9 días
That black dude dancing wins, hands down.
Charlie Ecco
Charlie Ecco Hace 10 días
Stupid click bait, gets dislike
indrajit misra
indrajit misra Hace 10 días
3:50 really inspiring💜
Takitimu Maniapoto
Takitimu Maniapoto Hace 12 días
Cool beat
pallabi dome
pallabi dome Hace 12 días
That bike was riding by a ghost... Then came.... GHOST RIDER🤣🤣🤣
Naveen Kalia
Naveen Kalia Hace 13 días
Fuck you where is thumbnils video 👺👺
Karim Martinez
Karim Martinez Hace 13 días
1:47 jajajajajajaja 😂😂😂
Cindy Gaitan
Cindy Gaitan Hace 13 días
How are some of these embarrassing?
Don’t Ask me
Don’t Ask me Hace 16 días
4:12 I hope that motherfucker went to jail and got fired, the fuck?!!
Entertain and enjoy
Entertain and enjoy Hace 16 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-N7ZN6uYkr_8.html please see this video and comment with your answer
Catherine Richter
Catherine Richter Hace 17 días
2:29 he just does a frontflip and lands on his back without hurting himself!! 😲
梓美大崎 Hace 17 días
0:26 The ball hits the racket、phantom pain "(¬ . ¬)"
Amelinha Ilha
Amelinha Ilha Hace 18 días
The name of the song
Danilo Amorim
Danilo Amorim Hace 18 días
3:37 this guy is heavy and fast Oo!!!
jon talbain
jon talbain Hace 20 días
jajajaja very good
XmanSully Hace 21 un día
I don't know what's worse: this or the Japanese game show that brought me here
ronaldo zabachi101
ronaldo zabachi101 Hace 21 un día
Security man have a dance on fortnite lol
ChildOf TheMostHigh
ChildOf TheMostHigh Hace 21 un día
1:26 what he doing
Cactus Y
Cactus Y Hace 21 un día
3:26 LOL
Audie Marin
Audie Marin Hace 21 un día
what is emmberassing about the first one
The Danish Physicist
The Danish Physicist Hace 21 un día
This music is insufferable.
Majboor Pranks
Majboor Pranks Hace 22 días
Embarrasing or funny
Joseph Ashak
Joseph Ashak Hace 22 días
1:13 got me dying 😂😂
Mohammad jann Mamowalas
3:54 at least he did his best
Rupali Saren
Rupali Saren Hace 22 días
I appreciate that fat guy running, because he had at least tried...
Fate Flamingo
Fate Flamingo Hace 23 días
3:36 let's give that man some respect those guys are track stars this man is a normal guy come on at least he didn't give up love that guy much respect
the flaming cacti
the flaming cacti Hace 23 días
Ya at least he's happy☺
Jah Waves
Jah Waves Hace 23 días
4:55 Damn Jah still back at again
nshadow888 Hace 24 días
If the video is latest one, the drugged aussie swimmer will be top of list. Bad sportsmanship.
Pike Hace 25 días
4:08 savage af lmfao
Edwin Erwin
Edwin Erwin Hace 25 días
What's ur Song called?
Chloe Macleod
Chloe Macleod Hace 26 días
3:37 lmaooo
Chloe Macleod
Chloe Macleod Hace 23 días
MysticBlueWolf1 1 but it’s still funny 🤭
MysticBlueWolf1 1
MysticBlueWolf1 1 Hace 23 días
Chloe Macleod it's not funny bro show some respect that he tried his best
purge Kobe Wayne
purge Kobe Wayne Hace 26 días
not all emabrrassing
Rakesh Kumar
Rakesh Kumar Hace 28 días
1:50 😂😂😂
Jerry Brownell
Jerry Brownell Hace 28 días
Okay I fell for it. It should have been 20 Most Stupid Moments In Sports.
angloengland Hace 28 días
She isn't in it
mohammed sherif
mohammed sherif Hace un mes
see on ESvid : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-1XjYHdZ9UsU.html
mohammed sherif
mohammed sherif Hace un mes
شوفوا علي يوتيوب : esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-1XjYHdZ9UsU.html
Martin Palmer
Martin Palmer Hace un mes
Embarrassing, no. Moronic, absolutely!
Ty Smith
Ty Smith Hace un mes
That poor runner from Tuvalu. I know they're small islands, but I think they could have at least found a runner who's in shape. Nevertheless good for him for trying.
david graham
david graham Hace un mes
Here for the thumbnail?
ItzMikeOmg Hace un mes
Cue in the snowflakes to complain about 3:37
zizzinpuss Hace un mes
The only thing embarrassing about the runner from Tuvalu is that he is probably faster than me...
Anjelika bingham
Anjelika bingham Hace un mes
I don’t think 3:37 is embarrassing Lowkey I’m proud of him cause he’s doing what most people cane and I can’t even do that even if I tried😂
Powering On
Powering On Hace un mes
Not sure why 3.37 is considered embarrassing. He maybe losing the race, but he definitely winning at life
Michael Makiwa
Michael Makiwa Hace un mes
ghost 4:55
Romi Bogi
Romi Bogi Hace un mes
Who is riding the bike,#Noone
mormorik SG
mormorik SG Hace un mes
Now and now it is time to subscribe to my channel !!
Claude Baron
Claude Baron Hace un mes
Seen the guy on the stretcher I always thought this was a jokes moves if this thing’s is real and it has really happened ??? If I was one of the two guys transporting the stretcher I would stay hidden for the rest of my life’s
Jazz Me & U in FL. USA
Wow ang galing nyo po!
The Joe Sankovich
The Joe Sankovich Hace un mes
I love you all!!! Much love to all my fellow CREATOR'S!!!
ANDY WALKER & The Baker Street Band Official
Arthur Coteok
Arthur Coteok Hace un mes
I came here for the thumbnail hahaha😂😂
Daeguma Hace un mes
4:09 the ref was bloody disrespectful... I would've clocked his arse one good time... Idc
Flush Abesei
Flush Abesei Hace un mes
2:04 what was embarassing?
Johnny Clash
Johnny Clash Hace un mes
Mostly blacks clowning themselves...
ClutchEastwood Hace un mes
music sux
Exposing Proxy Stalking Organized Harrassment
Yeah, this stuff is almost as entertaining as my own ESvid channel content.
DeJuanchi27 Hace un mes
the brotha's dance was a win!!!
discordant dancers
discordant dancers Hace un mes
did i just get fagged by a thumbnail of a hot chick that isn't in the video?
Markus Noggler
Markus Noggler Hace un mes
SuB zeRO
SuB zeRO Hace un mes
Dont be stupid none of em were embarrassing they all were awesome
4k aichu
4k aichu Hace un mes
Người phụ nữ luôn là nỗi ám ảnh của chiến ..aichuplikeu.youtube
Alex Mclife
Alex Mclife Hace un mes
That’s idiot to say embarrassing, because that’s not. He’s racing hard and proud to represent his country
Pakistani mom in Malaysia NasiraZafar
These r emotions and high up feeling
SBGS info & Lifestyle
Really nice lovely presentation.
chukwurah udemezue
chukwurah udemezue Hace un mes
Simply overconfidence
Scrrr John
Scrrr John Hace un mes
2:46 i would hate my self
Scrrr John
Scrrr John Hace un mes
1:51 fire them
Queen SOSx
Queen SOSx Hace 2 meses
2:02 was lit it wasnt embarrassing
Bla Ytv
Bla Ytv Hace 2 meses
awesome video follow #BlaYtv
Tobias Petersen
Tobias Petersen Hace 2 meses
That music is SO TRASHHH
Brian Fidler
Brian Fidler Hace 2 meses
2:02 - that's not embarrassing... that's off the hook, Security's got it going on; imagine dude in his prime!
J.cob_Brown Hace 2 meses
Brian Fidler this is his prime
Louis G
Louis G Hace 2 meses
Wait, what is wrong with the base ball guy?
Tiara Brown
Tiara Brown Hace 2 meses
What's that beat in the background?
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