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Ken Lund
Ken Lund Hace 2 horas
20 MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS IN SPORT Shit music. Really bad shit music. Thumbs down.
Puneri _HARDIK
Puneri _HARDIK Hace 5 horas
2:12 dance till u die . Xddddd!!!
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Usain Lang
Usain Lang Hace 6 horas
Usain Bolt it seems like karma still case on us even on track 😂😂😂
C.A minimal
C.A minimal Hace 8 horas
i love the music! Song names?
Ganpati Shanbhag
Ganpati Shanbhag Hace 9 horas
Platinum security was too good.....
klasikg Hace 10 horas
song _ lap dance - wizard esvid.net/video/vídeo-6v14_Epxg3M.html
wee wee
wee wee Hace 13 horas
5:22 Ghost Rider
yonus ali
yonus ali Hace 13 horas
rana vikram sehdev
rana vikram sehdev Hace 14 horas
What is songs name...cool tracks
Jonh Tider
Jonh Tider Hace 16 horas
I received a charge of cheerfulness for the whole day, thanks to the dances of this man.
Shoe Hair
Shoe Hair Hace 17 horas
kyash member
kyash member Hace 18 horas
2:08 Yeah! That's better!
John Pirando
John Pirando Hace 19 horas
The guy at 2:07 was great! Lol
Marco Salvadori
Marco Salvadori Hace 20 horas
Comlimenti veramente per i video che posti. Ho visto questo e mi sono iscritto al tuo canale. Vieni a trovarmi!
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday Hace 21 un hora
What did he spray in that dudes face? He should have kicked his ass for that.
Garrett Baker
Garrett Baker Hace 22 horas
Soundtrack from hell. Lost me after 5 sec.
Yu Law
Yu Law Hace 23 horas
2:02 I still think this was not embarrassing.... it’s awesome 👏🏽
sysispgm Hace 23 horas
2:15 cool
Teach Time
Teach Time Hace un día
Indians yha bhi ajaenge apne ludo foj ka randi rona krne.....😂😂💪💪💪🔥🔥
Joel Critchlow
Joel Critchlow Hace un día
Music is annoying as hell.
Sero Gerinide
Sero Gerinide Hace un día
that wig..did kick the lady off the competition.... lol 1 meter behind the record
Aryan Sharma
Aryan Sharma Hace un día
Karenni Boy
Karenni Boy Hace un día
Transformers 5:22
Lemme ask Q a question
my life
wilhelml Hace un día
great music
pwhiter Hace un día
The boxer gets my vote
Daniel Abolhasani
Daniel Abolhasani Hace un día
Till now I had kept a wrong meaning of "Embarrasing" in my mind. I need more English learning.
Donghe TV
Donghe TV Hace un día
Hi i like your video I need your support Guys visit my channel Then i support u back
Shantanu Patil
Shantanu Patil Hace un día
2:47 .. Oops .. Awkward 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Tonya c007
Miss Tonya c007 Hace un día
3:23 Sew-in ✔✔✔ Lazy Lace front ❌❌❌😨
Andrew Davies
Andrew Davies Hace un día
4:08...It's not embarrassing for him to be that slow. He isn't a runner. No runner to represent his country so he stepped in. He's a shot putter or something
Eller Vercingetorix
Eller Vercingetorix Hace un día
From my MoooooooooooooooooooM
T-VENS My DRËÄM Hace 2 días
S'UBSCRIBE me all support u back THX😍💞🙌
paul ferreira
paul ferreira Hace 2 días
Idiot box
beeleo Hace 2 días
Is THIS the kind of music you listen to? You SUCK!!!
Aude Bausier
Aude Bausier Hace 2 días
Ahmed Mohsen
Ahmed Mohsen Hace 2 días
0 دحي )+؟99
thugger saint
thugger saint Hace 2 días
Михаил Золотцев
Музыка ужасная. Минус.
Gash666 Hace 2 días
God, is that music annoying! I had to bail.
mariano castro
mariano castro Hace 2 días
This music makes you stupid
Angel Gonzalez
Angel Gonzalez Hace 2 días
الزئبق اﻷحمر RED MERCURY
الزئبق اﻷحمر RED MERCURY
Sam Kumar
Sam Kumar Hace 3 días
Wow timestamp 2:08 this security man is BRILLIANT amazing dancer
George tom
George tom Hace 3 días
lols soccer player throws a snowball
stronzio666 Hace 3 días
Embarrassing channel
matt mostowicz
matt mostowicz Hace 3 días
That security guard can get down like a MF! Epic win! And the runner from Tuvalu. A great effort, but it was really a whole other league.
Leandro Alves
Leandro Alves Hace 3 días
Não tem brasileiros nessa bagaça?
Roshan Ekka
Roshan Ekka Hace 3 días
rupam Tarafder
rupam Tarafder Hace 3 días
Usain Bolt is shocked.😂😂😂
Biyamso Tayang
Biyamso Tayang Hace 3 días
Is that bike a transformer ??
j gipson
j gipson Hace 3 días
there's no need to wear a wig during competition. She's so beautiful without it.
Christie Blinzler
Christie Blinzler Hace 3 días
All time favorite, and confused as to why it would on a collaboration for "embarrassing" moments, is at 2.04. I LOVED the reaction from the security guard!! This is definately a prime example of someone who enjoys life. 💯 🕶 3:02, oof the struggle is real.
Adrian K
Adrian K Hace 3 días
*MOTHER FUCKING MUSIC & CLICK BAIT* Skip this video if you want to keep your sanity
Planet Nirvana
Planet Nirvana Hace 3 días
0:25 It didn't even hit his crotch. Drama man-queen.
jdsmith556 Hace 3 días
That was a well balanced bike!
J9 Cars
J9 Cars Hace 3 días
The green guy one tho
Nuwan Tharuka
Nuwan Tharuka Hace 3 días
Jari Sipilainen
Jari Sipilainen Hace 4 días
4:11 not bad 7th national
Luigi Maio
Luigi Maio Hace 4 días
The strunzating
Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider Hace 4 días
Music ran me off...frigging terrible
RandomStuff Hace 4 días
awesome :)
Airplanes_Ivan Hace 4 días
2:02 is not embarassing... It's a meme.
Aaron kaseumsouk
Aaron kaseumsouk Hace 4 días
Lol at the snowball and the girl who long jumped her weave off! 😂
amitesh ghose
amitesh ghose Hace 4 días
hey you vegetarian nerd . whom do you think you are . I mean its best bro. Just press the like button
EeJay Calagui Asacta
What is the song of 0:00 The first song
EeJay Calagui Asacta
Reply Pwease xD
joe Hace 4 días
That track yo, banging
Puppies are da best !!
This literally could not be any worse: music was super annoying, clickbait, and just the fact that some of these weren’t even embarrassing! Terrible 👎
RR D Hace 4 días
*4:38** is very nice*
Beebug 17
Beebug 17 Hace 4 días
Is the music saying “gay gay gay gay gay, etc.”?
Lu Ala
Lu Ala Hace 4 días
3:35 WeaVe SnAtChEd
clotaire vilbrun
clotaire vilbrun Hace 4 días
mark one
mark one Hace 5 días
the runner at 4:20 still hasn't crossed the line!
eunjin yang
eunjin yang Hace 5 días
kevin quisbert
kevin quisbert Hace 5 días
Cuál es el nombre de la canción
Naomi Wood
Naomi Wood Hace 5 días
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j9 king
j9 king Hace 5 días
That one ref can dance!÷
ReJ Sallentes
ReJ Sallentes Hace 5 días
Usain Bolt was injured over there
Dennis Lockhart
Dennis Lockhart Hace 5 días
Boxer in the ropes 😂
Krishna Prashad Khadka
The bike one was the coolest thing I have ever seen
Ash IMTraveller
Ash IMTraveller Hace 6 días
your mom gay
your mom gay Hace 6 días
Right. You made it more embarassing
Nonsu Dunk
Nonsu Dunk Hace 6 días
Maybe funny, but most of them aren't even embarassing, that's why you deserve a dislike.
Brynn Kennedy
Brynn Kennedy Hace 6 días
Security dude got MOVES!!!
Fatass IT Ninja
Fatass IT Ninja Hace 6 días
NFL cup was great! :)
Alan Schmid
Alan Schmid Hace 6 días
Step one: Click MUTE Step two: Click LIKE on this ear-saving hint -you're welcome
Mark Werenczuk
Mark Werenczuk Hace 6 días
Lin Ma
Lin Ma Hace 6 días
Good morning ! It makes me laugh . Thank you for uploading and sharing !
William Chmelik
William Chmelik Hace 6 días
bnipmnaa Hace 7 días
Rus tico
Rus tico Hace 7 días
4:04 XD
Moses Tsarai
Moses Tsarai Hace 7 días
What was the fat guy running against in the previous heats before this one......2 year olds??
Peter Box
Peter Box Hace 7 días
fung fung
fung fung Hace 7 días
02:00 there was nothing embarrassing but freakin COOL!
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