2010 National Championship - Duke vs Butler

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One of the most captivating runs through the tournament, Butler's amazing bid at the National Championship ended with a crowd of 71,000 fans holding their breath as Gordon Hayward's half court, 3-point attempt bounced off the rim. The Blue Devils' 61-59 win brought a much-deserved fourth national title back home to Coach K and Duke's storied program.


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31 ene 2013

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Lavelle Cox
Lavelle Cox Hace un mes
Lavelle Cox
Lavelle Cox Hace un mes
great. show if basketball
Play That Again Bruh
I love the camera angle/zoom compared to the nba
Jonny Love
Jonny Love Hace 3 meses
The bullshit of Butler boxing out and that piece of shit Zoubek going over the back, moving screens and shoving for space all night was a disgrace
Lu Belgera
Lu Belgera Hace 3 meses
Eric Daniel
Eric Daniel Hace 3 meses
This Duke team had probably the easiest path of any NCAA champion. I think Gordon Hayward may have been the only NBA-caliber player they faced in the entire tournament.
EricCharlesGraham Hace 3 meses
@Eric Daniel no problem. Not that it takes away from your point all that much lol
Eric Daniel
Eric Daniel Hace 3 meses
@EricCharlesGraham yep, forgot about Mack. Thanks.
EricCharlesGraham Hace 3 meses
Shelvin Mack also on that Butler team plays in the NBA still.
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Hace 3 meses
i cant believe coach K had zoubek miss it intentionally that was so dumb. imagine if hayward made that shot
EricCharlesGraham Hace 3 meses
It was the smart play to miss. Even announcer said Butler has no timeouts so they'd prefer he make the second (FT). It's a risk for sure, but if inbounding Butler has a chance to inbound, run some kind of play.
Moonroof Hace 3 meses
Christopher Igbinovia
Amongst all these players, only Hayward is still playing in the NBA. Some are made for the College games while the best are Tailored for the NBA.
Akashdeep Bajwa
Akashdeep Bajwa Hace 3 meses
Christopher Igbinovia Shlevin Mack
Philip March Alquizar
Brad Stevens look like PE instructor.
brady chick
brady chick Hace 3 meses
Duke won again in 2015 National Champs🏆🤴✌
Serhat Gündem
Serhat Gündem Hace 4 meses
I thought it is Jimmy Butler
John Patterson
John Patterson Hace 4 meses
Well BIG DAVE it did! Nova beating UNC!
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 4 meses
The last shot is just askin a miracle. Their chance was the possession before Gordon on the baseline
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 4 meses
12:15 I think u just clutch or ur not. Kyrie woulda drained that imo
Jon Davis
Jon Davis Hace 4 meses
Sad I was rooting for thr bulldogs
KERUPT KILLER Hace 4 meses
Kyrie was hurt???
dar bo
dar bo Hace 4 meses
No he wasn't on Duke until the season after.
DWB Math
DWB Math Hace 4 meses
Every time I watch this, I am hoping Hayward’s shot goes in. Lol
Jill Hurley
Jill Hurley Hace 5 meses
T M Hace 9 meses
2010 ncaa college basketball was weak. Wow. The only legit nba player on the Court was Hayward. I saw the end of the 2001 duke vs Arizona ncaa final and that game had Jay Williams, Carlos Boozer, Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy, and Chris Duhon all legit nba players and that was just the Duke roster. Arizona had Gilbert Arenas, Richard Jefferson, Luke Walton, and Loren Woods. What was going on in college basketball in 2010 that such weak schools were in the finals?
T M Hace 7 meses
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer Lol ok that’s weird.
Victor Fernandez // Bigdestroyer
T M I’ll get you banned From ESvid if you ever call any schools weak
shaec 93
shaec 93 Hace 8 meses
This was back when players stayed 4 yrs
Doyoan Hace 9 meses
Kiel Hace 9 meses
Bradley and Hayward. Reunited.
Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez Hace 9 meses
Imagine if hayward didn't injured last season??
TrackBac06 B
TrackBac06 B Hace 9 meses
Die hard Duke fan here. That call coach k did to have Zoubek miss that second free throw was a bad call. It would've been the worse call in history if Heyward made that shot.
EricCharlesGraham Hace 3 meses
Risky both ways. But if Butler gets to inbound, they can actually run a play.
Kyle Goins
Kyle Goins Hace 7 meses
Then you're a moron. 3 and a half seconds left and no timeouts...the best shot they could have gotten was Heyward's, and it took a hell of a block on Singler to get it. If someone beats you with a halfcourt shot then all the more power to them.
Cedric R
Cedric R Hace un año
Too many high b-ball IQ players here
Brandon Ritter
Brandon Ritter Hace un año
11:50 the last time we would ever get to hear that jingle
Cedric R
Cedric R Hace un año
13:46 alllllllllllllmost went in
Derik Reece
Derik Reece Hace un año
Instant Classic..
Jeck Jacob
Jeck Jacob Hace un año
Irving and hayward reunite not college rivals but they are teammates as celtic
Andrew Green
Andrew Green Hace un año
Jeck Jacob why were they college rivals?
Jamie Martinez
Jamie Martinez Hace un año
This was a great game...I was pulling for Butler becouse I hate Duke..oh well.Duke won...
JNY 69420
JNY 69420 Hace 2 años
Fuck Duke
Alec Mertens
Alec Mertens Hace 2 años
Those 2 dark skinned scrubs on butler lost them the game... give the damn ball to Hayward.. they were trying to be the heros and fucked it all up. Typical niggas
Brian Hace 2 años
WAY More PARITY in NCAA Basketball than Football !!!!
John Smith
John Smith Hace 2 años
Why do people act like it he had a good chance of making that half courter? At that distance "almost" isn't really almost.
Lowell Williams
Lowell Williams Hace un año
watch the sports science video on just exactly how close it was it's crazy
Harry xo
Harry xo Hace 2 años
I felt like Butler was the better team
JeNeSaisQuoi Jones
JeNeSaisQuoi Jones Hace 2 años
Never realized what a hard screen that was to set up that last shot 😂
fenderbooy13 Hace 2 años
Howard's illegal screen could've been the worst missed call in NCAA history if that shot would have gone in, absolutely blind side leveled Kyle Singler. Hayward would have had no shot without the screen. Justice
Dominic Leon
Dominic Leon Hace 2 años
ProgrammingNewbie Hace 2 años
Dude Brian Zubeck had a huge hand in keeping Duke in all big games this year, never doubt the role of The Big Man!
Dylan Lieck
Dylan Lieck Hace 6 meses
You're right - without him fouling the shit out of Howard they don't win. Honestly if that game was played today that likely would've been reviewed and called a flagrant foul. Zubeck is a complete moron and got away with some really dumb plays. Including missing the final FT. Imagine if that shot went in. Or, if he missed it and there was a foul called on the rebound and Butler got two shots. You always make the FT if you can still lose the game on a miss. Brad Stevens is a genius - twice as good a coach as K. Put Brad Stevens at Duke for 30 years and he's John Wooden status
Asmosis Jones
Asmosis Jones Hace un año
Thats cause he was never called for 3 seconds in the paint or fouls..
iha asc
iha asc Hace 2 años
Hard to root for Duke. Too many advantages. I like underdogs.
Olin57 Hace 3 años
Any time Duke is the national champs then the world is in mourning
Mason Lyons
Mason Lyons Hace 7 meses
Anytime Carolina wins it proves to the world that cheaters can prosper and make the rest of us mourn
Olin57 Hace 2 años
fenderbooy13 wait u went to duke
fenderbooy13 Hace 2 años
Olin57 they are the most popular college basketball team in the world, just also the most hated on because of their incredible success. Keep hating, we don't mind
Bob white wood
Bob white wood Hace 3 años
I called this finials
Bennett Force
Bennett Force Hace 3 años
I mean titles
Bennett Force
Bennett Force Hace 3 años
6 titels
Bennett Force
Bennett Force Hace 3 años
Im 8 by the way
Bennett Force
Bennett Force Hace 3 años
5 years later duke wins again
Bennett Force
Bennett Force Hace 3 años
Go devils
Dana Long
Dana Long Hace 3 años
The 2010 NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Tournament was the final one to be produced solely by CBS Sports before Turner Sports joined the fray the next year, and only the second one for longtime March Madness reporter Tracy "The Wolf" Wolfson, who wasn't joined by her friend and student Allie LaForce until three years later.
Joweek329 Hace 3 años
Mike krzezwicki looks the same as now
Yugi Roxas
Yugi Roxas Hace 3 meses
And so Are Brad Stevens now 2019
It's "Krzyzewski" #GoDuke
Big Dave
Big Dave Hace 3 años
Not sure why, but I have this feeling that one of these times... that last shot will end up going in lol
Sayan Andrews
Sayan Andrews Hace 3 meses
and in 2016 it did
lante07 Hace 3 meses
Everyone saying Villanova. But Mario Chalmers back in 08 to send it to OT. That was a HUGE shot.
Messiah Johnson
Messiah Johnson Hace 7 meses
TrackBac06 B but we won the next year so fuck it😁
Messiah Johnson
Messiah Johnson Hace 7 meses
TrackBac06 B Imma unc fan😢
TrackBac06 B
TrackBac06 B Hace 9 meses
Nova or UNC fan?
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