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#5 Florida State made a statement on Saturday night with a dominant 51-14 win over #3 Clemson. Yet again, Jameis Winston led the way for the Seminoles, going 22 of 34 for 444 yards and 3 touchdowns. Nick O'Leary caught 5 passes for 161 yards, while Rashad Greene added 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. For the Tigers, Tajh Boyd went 17 of 37 for 156 yards, a touchdown, and 2 interceptions.

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The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) is a collegiate athletic league in the United States. Founded in 1953 in Greensboro, North Carolina, the ACC sanctions competition in twenty-five sports in Division I of the NCAA for its twelve member universities: Boston College Eagles, Clemson Tigers, Duke Blue Devils, Florida State Seminoles, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, Miami Hurricanes, North Carolina Tar Heels, North Carolina State Wolfpack, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, and Wake Forest Demon Deacons. In 2011, the conference announced it was adding Syracuse and Pittsburgh to expand to fourteen members beginning in the 2013 academic year. In 2012, the ACC announced it would add Notre Dame in all sports but football and hockey.
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2013 ACC Football Highlights | Florida State vs Clemson | ACCDigitalNetwork






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Nick Sullivan
Nick Sullivan Hace un año
anyone here 2018
non-descript influence
Crazy how they beat em in Clemson!
FFEMTB08 Hace 3 años
Jameis Rapist Winston.
adam parris
adam parris Hace 2 años
FFEMTB08 yeah they raped clemson
Go Florida state! I hate Clemson a little bit 'cause they've beat Georgia State. I'm glad the 'noles just trampled and killed the tigers. Ha!
Johnny Clemson
Johnny Clemson Hace 12 días
Ha! 5-0
Fredo Is A God
Fredo Is A God Hace 4 años
i wished this happened in 2015 game fsu loss and i was pissed but this brings back memories
theleader2365able Hace 4 años
same here it would be epic
Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane Hace 5 años
They beat the shit out of Clemson. Looked like men vs lil boys lmao
Bo Stevens
Bo Stevens Hace 5 años
Joe Antonelli that is absolutely hilarious. Oklahoma kicked the shit out of alabama. That's what happens when you play the easiest schedule in your conference and think your invincible and your shit doesnt stink. Even though you yet again play a weak schedule this year you will drop a game or 2 and end up with your pants down in yet another bowl game the sec and espn willed your way into. Oklahoma lmfao
The Dude
The Dude Hace 6 años
Yeah Alabama deserves to be champs after getting pounded by Oklahoma right?
Celticsfor18th Hace 6 años
I think we have the most dominant team of the century thus far (2000-present).
Laquadre Nelson
Laquadre Nelson Hace 2 meses
Celticsfor18th 2018 Clemson would beat them
sorry but the 2001 Canes are! best football team ever played in the ncaa
Matthew Oluborode
Matthew Oluborode Hace 5 años
I know im 5 months late but 2001 Miami hurricanes?
A P G SuperDaBob
A P G SuperDaBob Hace 6 años
Auburn going down
randy bailey
randy bailey Hace 6 años
The only sec school fl state played in the gators what a power house this year lmao held them to there lowest points all year!
Gunnz287 Hace 5 años
Jagnole101 Hace 5 años
And who held up the crystal ball to end the year? 37 points is still a good bit btw. A 30-point win in Gainesville is the largest defeat ever there. Go kick rocks. FSU's C-game > SEC's A-game. "I like to hide behind the top dog's success in my conference when my team can't do squat. "
intracite Hace 6 años
Florida st schedule looks no different then Ohio States', the only difference is the defensive play.... It will be a good game between both..
Carter F
Carter F Hace 4 años
Spoke too soon, bruh. Never count your chickens before they hatch
Fuck Politics
Fuck Politics Hace 6 años
If anyone thinks Ohio State can beat FSU... they must be shot cause people that stupid should not live
nintoolapcfloyd Hace 5 años
a little harsh, but not far off
taraketanclan Hace 6 años
Ohio State isn't going to beat Michigan St. anyway, so i doubt we'll see that game anyway
Nathan Burton
Nathan Burton Hace 6 años
I guess you think we should just massacre a sizeable part of the population then.
Rabin Hace 6 años
Cannot get enough of this highlight, I wanna watch it over and over and over again. LETS GO FSU!!!
Jayhawk1901 Hace 6 años
UnscConnor Hace 6 años
AS much as FSU gets credit for this win, you have to think that Clemson killed themselves with turnovers. Clemson got behind early and FSU never looked back. You cant get behind a team like this. If Miami can not turn the ball over, ply defense, and focus more on their run game. It could be closer than most people expect.
Roberto A. Calderón
sorry bill murray, this time lee corso have it right
Cola Town
Cola Town Hace 6 años
How the fuck Clemson lost to FSU?!
Shalamah Ba
Shalamah Ba Hace 6 años
Go Noles!!!!!!!!!
ricky gilbert
ricky gilbert Hace 6 años
Man this noles team is for real
IAmLegend Hace un año
Damn right
Cole Million
Cole Million Hace 6 años
Jameis Winston< marcus mariota
Jacob Duarte
Jacob Duarte Hace 6 años
Rick Nudelman
Rick Nudelman Hace 6 años
We played and lost to ND and the ND fans taunted us as we came downstairs. Then a Miami fan got in my face real close. I refrained from hitting him because I had my little kids and he was drunk. But I loath Miami. Funny thing, I was at the FSU/ND game in South Bend, on 11-1-2003 and I was wanting blood. We did win and I was happy, but the older ND fans around us were so nice, I couldn't yell like I wanted. Finally, a little old lady told me to go ahead and yell when we scored.
Tosha Batchler
Tosha Batchler Hace 6 años
Your Damn Right, Go Noles Baby, 24/7 All Day Ery day. If we gon do it then, we do it big!
Ike Charles
Ike Charles Hace 6 años
yo that hit at the end was filthy
scott davis
scott davis Hace 6 años
Who are we kidding! Miami fans are coming out of the closet to talk shit now OMG LOL! Miami doesn't have a chance at Doak this year. You have to be kidding, If FSU shows up and plays well the game has already been decided. The onlty way FSU loses is if you play out of your mind and FSU plays flat. The NOLES will show up and field goals will not determine the outcome. GO NOLES
Antonio Marciano
Antonio Marciano Hace 6 años
They were overrated to begin with. Almost got shocked the previous week by BC. Good team, beat Georgia (who turned out to be awful) but not top 10 caliber.
Antonio Marciano
Antonio Marciano Hace 6 años
This is a special team. Reminds me of the old Florida State teams. Fast, aggressive, mean, dominant football. Im glad to see them at #2 instead of over glorified Oregon. Hope it stays that way.
Terell Fischer
Terell Fischer Hace 6 años
Gator fan here, but I gotta give props where they're due. FSU has looked completely dominant this season and as much as I hate them with a passion, they're definitely a special team. Still, I hope my Gators take em down in G-ville next month lol Go Gators!
Rod Gossett
Rod Gossett Hace 6 años
That looked like the Old State Beatdown. State D-line men still going have to step it up to beat Bama. GATORS
IAmLegend Hace un año
I love how the gators haven't beaten FSU since this comment has been made😂😂
Smile Dabengwa
Smile Dabengwa Hace 6 años
Clemson had a number of injury's, suspensions, and was flat out not prepared for FSU as they were solid and healthy and coming off of a bye week.
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 6 años
IAmLegend Hace un año
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 6 años
umm what?
GOAT Hace 6 años
Jamies Before thr game lol
Austin Hace 6 años
Those things lost yaaaaa
Payton Reddy
Payton Reddy Hace 6 años
gg manansis86
Payton Reddy
Payton Reddy Hace 6 años
Now that's a good sec fan
Top5NoQuestions Hace 6 años
Who beating Bama?
Top5NoQuestions Hace 6 años
I'm an SEC guy through and through but I want to see Alabama vs FSU in the natty and I think FSU can beat them. They have a special team with a special QB.
Knaveofh3arts Hace 6 años
Wow...Clemson got demolished...
Carlos Lanuza
Carlos Lanuza Hace 6 años
As I last recall, RECENT history has it Noles winning over Miami (Last 3 games, in case you don't have your history book with you). I love your false hope though. Very admirable. It's all about the "WHO"?!
Ushio Hace 6 años
I respect your opinion but you are our rivals, you think we're going to just let you pass, and trust me Miami will get up for this one. We've got a very solid Defense, we have a secret weapon vs you all, that clearly every Noles fan are overlooking but soon will find out what it is. I understand all of the hype, geez even the entire nation is really to call you the best team in the land, but we both have been in this same place before haven't we, yeah you remember.
IAmLegend Hace un año
Ushio Hace 6 años
I guess the Noles have forgotten their history, ok no problem, Miami will be more than willing to teach you how it felt to be a really good Noles team but still couldn't play for the national championship because of one key loss. Wide right, wide right 2, so on and so forth. =)
IAmLegend Hace un año
And here fsu is with a championship and the canes still havent made the playoffs
Elementalism Hace 6 años
That would make it 3 of 4 years under Jimbo.
jtmax2222 Hace 6 años
you are dreaming....
jtmax2222 Hace 6 años
Not with this kid at QB, E.J. angered me last you ...no points on the board the whole second halt? Come on E.J. Winston steps on the field, at least 4 TD...N.C. state c an't score that much....our defense is growing up before our eyes...no chance...I mean no chance..
jtmax2222 Hace 6 años
80 points you are out of your mind. Oregon this better washington by 80 points, only 21. So what make Washingto so much better than Clemson? Didn't Washington lose again this week? Oregon offense if fooling people, didn't this offense inventor take it to the pros? Great talent of offense in Phillly, "it don't work against good defenses!
jtmax2222 Hace 6 años
How in the world you would considered Clemson a no body and Oregon a killer? No go and look at Oregon schedule and the teams that they beat over half have losing records. No team has played a major defense, but FSU have played better defenses the Oregon. That offense is eye candy. Put them against a defense like FSU, with speed, LSU proved that a couple years ago...they destroyed Oregon.
SouthTxDude Hace 6 años
Hey Clemson fans....How does it fell to have double digit inches of case hardened steel beam shoved in your spinal cord?
Adrian Crow
Adrian Crow Hace 6 años
FSU made Tajh Boyd, the 5 year Senior QB look like a scared inexperienced Freshman QB in his first game, at DEATH VALLEY. How you expect Morris and Miami to stop FSU? lol they might make it closer than expected but FSU is just loaded.
Kopher Antilutron
Kopher Antilutron Hace 6 años
says the guy with the texas tech avatar...
the red raider
the red raider Hace 6 años
are you serious? Clemson played virtually nobody the entire season, their only claim to fame is beating Georgia and Georgia was never really talented even before the had all the injuries. and now because they slammed a severly overated team team, they've now jumped above Oregon in the bcs standings, this is horse shit. Oregon is way better. oregon would have beaten Clemson by 80+ points, and Oregon could cause a threat to bama..but FSU has no chance against the tide. bamas coverage is too strong
Preston Sims
Preston Sims Hace 6 años
Guillermo Ortiz
Guillermo Ortiz Hace 6 años
Wtf have you been smoking? Clemson IS a good team,they beat Georgia, the only reason why Georgia is not doing good is because they have a lot of injuries, so they are playing without their best players. BC is a decent team, they put a fight against us and against Clemson, so do not underestimate them. I am not going to trash Miami, however I can tell you this, if we, FSU, dismantled Clemson at Death Valley, I think your chances of beating us at Doak are slim to none. Go Noles!
clay barnette
clay barnette Hace 6 años
on one of the touchdowns he stepped out
Adriel Moraes
Adriel Moraes Hace 6 años
Almost half of the stadium was empty before the end of the 3rd... Nice fans Clemson have!
BNGMOB Hace 6 años
so then it was worth watching...
BNGMOB Hace 6 años
LOL!!!!!!!!!! the only way FSU is getting stopped is if you poison the team's breakfast on game day.
Anthony T.
Anthony T. Hace 6 años
I hope you and your boys come up for the game so the loss can soak in... best part is we will beat you guys twice this year. UM will be lucky to keep it within 3 TDs
Jayhawk1901 Hace 6 años
FSU vs Oregon for dat Natty
ashhash850 Hace 6 años
i tried uploading this to RedTube but it got flagged for rape
RamblingWreck21 Hace 6 años
You ain't kidding. Look through his comments. He just goes on all the highlight videos and trolls like most of the delusional Miami fans. Even used the word, "Gayturds" instead of Gators. Probably some 7th grader who's voice is still as high pitched as Elmo's.
DrGanja99 Hace 6 años
DrGanja99 Hace 6 años
I am. He's the lightskinned Jacory Harris :/
Gary Slavens
Gary Slavens Hace 6 años
yeah miami needs to step it up to beat florida
Scott Hace 6 años
Complete mental midget right here...
Scott Hace 6 años
Two major things have changed from last year. We have a better QB, and they don't have Glennon.
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker Hace 6 años
75 people believe in fsu. 2 people must be clemson or miami fans
Scott Hace 6 años
lol, well said
Teresa Turner
Teresa Turner Hace 6 años
Just don't get tired of watching this :)
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker Hace 6 años
it's not being cocky. it's believe in you're team, and we don't care what happen last year that's done and over it.
UnscConnor Hace 6 años
Dont get to cocky. You guys dont want a repeat of last year. NC State wont care that you beat the #3 team in the nation. All they care about is trying to beat you.
Tim Robbins
Tim Robbins Hace 6 años
Boston College is to the ACC, as Tennessee is to the SEC... An under-rated pain in the ass lol.
At0micPunk Hace 6 años
They hyped this game up so much, but it really wasn't worth watching unless you were an FSU fan (which I'm not). Still, seeing Clemson get a big slice of humble pie was satisfying.
ades ssee
ades ssee Hace 6 años
Miami's secondary has looked like shit and they turn the ball over a ton on offense. Winston is going to tear that defense to shreds.
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker Hace 6 años
really? if we could actually beat nc state next week, after what we did. yea we can beat nc state
miami305alldade Hace 6 años
I believe Miami can pull the upset against FSU..... Its gonna be tough but Golden gets it done
TheTrueKingManny Hace 6 años
And let's be honest here. The score of that game was ACTUALLY 51-7. Clemson score with 00:13 on the clock while we were on the bus celebrating.
Ashly Johnson
Ashly Johnson Hace 6 años
I love jameis lil country self!
Ellis Carrington
Ellis Carrington Hace 6 años
The game wasn't won on the field. The game was won as soon as Jameis finished his pre-game speech.
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