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The 2015 Crabbie's Grand National saw Leighton Aspell with back to back National victories, this time on Many Clouds for trainer Oliver Sherwood.
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11 abr 2015






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Comentarios 71
Keen ice 5
Keen ice 5 Hace 11 meses
Fuckin disgusting
crazy cowgirl
crazy cowgirl Hace un año
looked like the horses jumped better without jockeys 😜
strwbrypop Hace un año
Claudinchenchen Hace un año
The hell waits for all participants, except the four-legged friends, on the other side of this world.
LadyKD23 Hace 2 años
To the people claiming this is "brutal"...any modern race horse is pampered, spoiled, conditioned, exercised and taken care of better than most humans. This isn't a "churn and burn" sport...the horses in this race must be at least 6-7 years old to be entered. That means that millions of dollars and years of training have been spent on each one of them. Horses are meant to run and jump and sprint...they are not meant to wander aimlessly in people's back yards or sit idly in a barn just to make humans feel all warm n' fuzzy. Other than occasional ranch work, pulling carriages for tourists in NYC, pleasure riding, equestrian events or racing, what other uses do horses have nowadays? None! So why shouldn't they race? Is it hard? Yes. But so what? Are we ALL (animals included) just supposed to sit on our asses til we die for fear of offending people who think things are too hard or tough? No! Just go ahead and make them extinct now if that's the case. Might as well.
Thomas Dienelt
Thomas Dienelt Hace 2 años
RIP many
Ken Talley
Ken Talley Hace 2 años
what breed's of horses ?
Peggy Papczun
Peggy Papczun Hace 6 meses
These are Thorougbreds, who can trace their pedigrees back to the early--mid 1700's. The original Thoroughbreds trace to the Darley Arabian and Eclipse. One more, I think.
Angela Stockton
Angela Stockton Hace 2 años
Steeplechasers are thoroughbreds.
Ken Talley
Ken Talley Hace 2 años
These are the best horses i've ever seen .
Two-tone Blue
Two-tone Blue Hace 2 años
5:58 "They will not be jumping The Canal Turn." Translation: there's a stricken horse there. Tell the truth. Tell the *truth*.
Angela Stockton
Angela Stockton Hace 2 años
That's only for the TV audience. The crowd at Aintree knows what the "bypass the next jump" flag means.
Cagatay Bulut
Cagatay Bulut Hace 2 años
this is not sport its bullshit!!
annette fournier
annette fournier Hace 2 años
I just love the horses that lose their riders and still keep going on their own. Dangerous for the rest of the field but that's all heart!
73KHS Hace 2 años
So heartbreaking, RIP Many Clouds 1-28-17
Matt Jab
Matt Jab Hace 2 años
Rip Many Clouds
Emily Peters
Emily Peters Hace 2 años
It's funny watching the horses that have no rider take the lead like they still think they are in the race😂
Appenzellerrus Hace 3 años
I was rooting for the white horse obviously :)
Hammock Racing
Hammock Racing Hace 3 años
100 horses!!!!!!!!
junito1957 Hace 3 años
wow!!!! wtf? this is too brutal of a sport for horse and men it should be ban!!
Angela Stockton
Angela Stockton Hace 2 años
Shut up and eat your tofu.
Florina Ronja
Florina Ronja Hace 3 años
Die Armen Pferde dieser Sport ist eine Schande
05PtVxUI Hace 3 años
What the hell is Crabbies?
Mina Fish
Mina Fish Hace 3 años
If horses could speak...they would probably tell those jockeys "you whip me one more time I'll bit your hand off". Looks like the only horses having fun here are the ones riding alone because the jockeys fell off :) just galloping along minding their own business :)
John Amidon
John Amidon Hace un año
Been around horses since I was knee high; they continue with the field instinctively & because they do enjoy running, it's in thier breeding. Racing has been tried w/out crops, but the bettors objected. I favor taking away the crops, but it's not a simple issue, believe it or not.
matthias boermans
matthias boermans Hace un año
I dont think the horses on the lose are enjoying their resting meters. Probably/ more likely got (minor/major) injuries but is still running cause it's a racehorse.... running is the only thing it expresses itsself with and follows the pack.....
TriplePlay Hace 2 años
The Whips aren't really necessary. It's a cultural thing.
Such Good TV Coverage Excellent in HD of course
Mary Moore
Mary Moore Hace 3 años
I think I figured out why they're here. They have to come on ESvid to comment all of their PETA stuff because nobody will take them seriously in real life, because of all the crap they're famous for.
Angela Stockton
Angela Stockton Hace 2 años
Agreed. I love racing and can't stand the oh-the-poor-horsies crowd.
Mary Moore
Mary Moore Hace 3 años
Everyone here seems to think that if a horse falls down, that they automatically die and/or get killed. That's not the case, and it rarely is. What I'm wondering is is why a bunch of people who obviously think steeplechasing is evil are watching the video? Don't they have something better to do?
TriplePlay Hace 2 años
Explain to us again what part of this is that which a horse was not meant to do? Run? Jump? Keep up with the herd? Piss Off.
Angela Stockton
Angela Stockton Hace 2 años
Steeplechase horses are mostly geldings; nobody risks a valuable stallion prospect over jumps. Almost nobody breeds a horse specifically to acquire a 'chaser; usually they're converted to jumping only after they've been tried on the flat and have failed. Were it not for jump races, they'd go to the slaughterhouse sooner.
Melissa Pate
Melissa Pate Hace 2 años
Mary Moore , what a lot of people fail to comprehend is that such stupidity, making a horse do something that it was never meant to do, repeated falls, constantly pounding on their legs, running them to sheer exhaustion carrying a rider, jumping, its all destroying their joins, hips, and backs. In only a couple of years IF these horses survive, typically ONLY the big winners are kept to stud or go to be brood mares. The rest are shipped to slaughter. So tell me again how a humane euthanasia wasn't A) a every Steeple Chase event, a B) how they probably aren't better off
Annabel corkill
Annabel corkill Hace 3 años
Anyone else from the Isle of Man?
zoeisreallyboring Hace 4 años
omg I couldnt watch the horses were getting trampled :(
zoeisreallyboring Hace 3 años
XD I watched a little dude
Cecil Halford
Cecil Halford Hace 3 años
+Purple Gaming Ninja I you couldn't watch it how did you know the horses were getting trampled?
Gw En
Gw En Hace 4 años
who would want to be the euthaniser? Looking in the mirror in the morning knowing your gonna have to kill some horses today for sure! ............ I wonder what kind of people are capable of doing that....
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 4 años
Mark Johnson said they would not take the Canal Turn.
Ravi Thampan
Ravi Thampan Hace 4 años
too cruel Ban whipping !!!
Hammock Racing
Hammock Racing Hace 3 años
shut up!!!
Jean Riordan
Jean Riordan Hace 4 años
This race is ridiculous! Stupid and very cruel! What kind of idiot puts loose tree branches on a fence over 6' high for horses to jump over? Just to see them fall and break their legs or necks and have to be destroyed?? Very sick and twisted in my opinion. Gives the industry a bad image!!
TriplePlay Hace 2 años
Fuck off. These horse could run straight through these saplings without blinking - pay fucking attention. Most of them barely jump at all and just bash right through. It's an ILLUSION of a wall, not an actual wall. Get a brain.
alannah Mitchell
alannah Mitchell Hace 4 años
that is too cruel way way to much whipping
Nazareth Hace un año
Heathers Life lmao no they don't
Melissa Pate
Melissa Pate Hace 2 años
Heathers Life that is a load of horse manure! You tell me that an Animal that feels a fly touch a single hair and swishes it away with its tail has thick skin? It's a myth that they have thick skin to make people who whip them feel better about themselves.
Hammock Racing
Hammock Racing Hace 3 años
the horses don't feel it alannah
Heathers Life
Heathers Life Hace 3 años
Might be a lot of whipping but horses have thick skin so it doesn't really hurt them. It just spooks them
alannah Mitchell
alannah Mitchell Hace 4 años
omg i cried
Blondie-11 Hace 4 años
way too many horses in the field.
Barbara Lucero
Barbara Lucero Hace 4 años
6 horses down? what a waste.
Hammock Racing
Hammock Racing Hace 3 años
more like 10
oilfortheworld Hace 4 años
Ich hoffe das alle Reiter sterben. Was soll dieser Scheiß? England ein Haufen scheiß Leute die alle BSE haben.Die denken immer noch das wäre Zivilisiert. FUCK OFFF AND FUCK THE QUEEN
Peter Weinert
Peter Weinert Hace 4 años
human stupidy at its best at 2:00...Yep sure, they "love" their horses
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 4 años
Richard Johnson, Balthazar King's rider, looked like he was dead there.
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 4 años
Corrin Wood was pulled up by David Casey.
Alexander Kahl
Alexander Kahl Hace 4 años
Leighton Aspell has done it again !
Arnold Schwarzeniqqa
How the fuck did youtube get me here
Hammock Racing
Hammock Racing Hace 3 años
how would i no
Phil White
Phil White Hace 4 años
How can they justify this? What makes it any better than dog fighting?
TriplePlay Hace 2 años
You don't know much about horses, do you...
Melissa Pate
Melissa Pate Hace 2 años
Phil White heartbreaking
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