2017-2018 Jeep Compass Review | 0-100kmh / 0-60mph Acceleration Test | Part 6/10

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Finally a new and fully redesigned Jeep Compass for 2017! This brand new Compass has the best-in-class off-road capability with two leading 4x4 systems! The Jeep Active Drive and Jeep Active Drive Low that come with a class-exclusive full-time 4x4 system with 20:1 crawl ratio! But it's not every day that you will go out playing in the mud, so Jeep did put a lot of effort in the on-road driving dynamics, fuel-efficient powertrains, countless advanced technology and safety features, all wrapped in a premium, authentic Jeep design that looks cool and ready to go for a long trip around the world on any type of road that you will find ahead!
The new 2017 Jeep Compass is available in four different trim: Sport, Latitude, Limited and Trailhawk. Guess what version we got: The Trailhawk! Offroad time, here we come!
Here is our famous "Most complete review EVER" of the 2017 Jeep Compass!
2017 Jeep Compass:
1st Part: Exterior Walkaround
2nd part: Interior Walkaround
3rd part: Specs and Road handling
4th part: Car Compare 2017 Jeep Compass vs Adventure Style:
Nissan Rogue Sport / Nissan Qashqai | Subaru CrossTrek | Mini Cooper countryman
5th part: The good and the bad!
6th Part: 0-60mph / 0-100kmh
7h Part: Jeep Active Drive Low | Jeep Selec-Terrain system
8th Part: Diagonal Test - Offroad
9th Part: Offroad fun in the sand
10th part: Rolling Shots
- Model Tested: Jeep Compass Trailhawk + Options
- Engine: 4-Cylinder | 2.4L | MultiAir | SOHC | 16-valve | Sequential Multiport Injection
- Power: 180 hp @ 6,400 rpm / 175 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpm
- Transmission: 9HP48 Nine-speed Automatic
- Drivetrain: 4x4 | Jeep Active Drive Low with Terrain Response
- Wheels: 17” Aluminium Alloy Black Painted Pockets with 215/65R17 BSW on/off-road Tires.
- Brake: Power-assisted Ventilated front disc 12 in. / Solid rear disc 10.95 in.
- Fuel Economy ( L/100km): 10.8L ( City ) / 7.8L ( Highway)
- Fuel Recommended: 87 Octane
- Price: 24,900$ - 42,990$
Competition Adventure Style:
Nissan Rogue Sport / Nissan Qashqai | Subaru CrossTrek | Mini cooper countryman | Jeep Patriot
Competition Compact Crossovers and SUVs:
Chevrolet Equinox | Ford Escape | GMC Terrain | Jeep Cherokee | Honda CR-V | Hyundai Tucson | Kia Sportage | Mazda CX-5 | Mitsubishi Outlander Sport | Nissan Rogue | Subaru Forester | Toyota RAV4 | Volkswagen Tiguan
So check out our this part of THE MOST COMPLETE review EVER of the 2017 Jeep Compass!
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Comentarios 32
Jacob Trees
Jacob Trees Hace 6 meses
Sounds like the new Volvo sound to be honest
WeKKY. TEcHY. Pd Hace 7 meses
Hello good day Friends and subscribe now okay bye wow very good jeep compass Speed reach very good and real powerful SUV👌🙂🇮🇳🙏
Car Question
Car Question Hace 7 meses
Hello to your friend! Take car and thanks!!!
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris Hace 7 meses
Cmon u guys this thing weighs 4700lbs with a 4 banger.
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris Hace 7 meses
@Ethan Donivan What if I weight 800lbs? Haha jk😂😂
Ethan Donivan
Ethan Donivan Hace 7 meses
Lucas Harris in the test there is one person and no cargo. Say the person ways 200lbs. Not even close lmao
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris Hace 7 meses
@Ethan Donivan Not with trailer... But yeah if u figure the weight of passengers and everything I'm sure it gets close.
Ethan Donivan
Ethan Donivan Hace 7 meses
Lucas Harris lmao that is the the max operating weight. With trailer or cargo
Lucas Harris
Lucas Harris Hace 7 meses
@Ethan Donivan That's not what it says on the inside of the door. It days GVWR 4700lbs
wmally Hace 9 meses
That's a pretty lazy transmission. I'm pretty sure most 90s cars transmissions are as fast as it in terms of shifting and probably better in terms of a kickdown. The kickdown seemed like the already sluggish transmission was overwhelmed by the fact that the car has the search through 9 gears
Brian Hansen
Brian Hansen Hace un año
wtf is this? My '99 Cherokee does 0-60 MPH in roughly 5.2 seconds.
talldude123 Hace 7 meses
That must be one hell of a Cherokee. The 4.0 engines in those were slow but bulletproof. Maybe 9 seconds 0-60 if you're lucky.
gaming rockstar
gaming rockstar Hace un año
Slower than creta ,its 10.3 secs engine to be tuned heavy engine
Rob Ore
Rob Ore Hace un año
Lol ugly and slow af
Jeffrey Hummer
Jeffrey Hummer Hace un año
Wow that is fast
SycoDad Hace un año
So how can you call this trail rated when you can not even get a real trail tire for it? Don't get much response from jeep. they just say we will void your warranty if you put a bigger tire on it. 1500 miles on my 2018 trailhawk and I am ready to get rid of it. This CAR is for trail rides.......Paved bicycle trails.
Mike Perez
Mike Perez Hace un año
12.2 is literally dangerously slow. This car needs to be discontinued or just leave it for Mexico.
Mitchell Feige
Mitchell Feige Hace un año
this SUV is not meant to be quick, it gets up to speed just fine and it looks good
gaming rockstar
gaming rockstar Hace un año
0 to 100km/hr 12.o65 segments ,slower than creta 10.38 seconds, and struggling upshifts with 21 lakh rupees car. We have to think ?
Fabrizio Fabrizio
Fabrizio Fabrizio Hace un año
Che merda
K McKenzie
K McKenzie Hace un año
Jesh this is a 2.4L 4 cylinder and is only a speck faster than my 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage G4 SE with a 1.2al 3 cylinder and 78 horsepower! Same with the 80 kmh to 120 kmh! This transmission is way slow to react and why do we need 9 gears. They just keep giving more and more gears and with that comes more and more transmission issues why not have a 6 speed auto. I know car companies have to keep up with other brands but these 9 speed transmissions are not very reliable and the 2.4L in these is rough at idle and you can feel significant vibration in the steering wheel. You can feel engine vibration some in my car which is acceptable from a small 3 cylinder cheap car but not in a vehicle that can cost over $30,000.00. Plus the Mirages 2014-2018 have proven to be very reliable even consumer reports gives them a very good rating for reliability so if they can make such a cheap car like mine reliable this is unacceptable. I have owned 2 and it gives me great MPG and tons of features like heated seats apple car play push start digital auto climate control auto dimming rear view mirror with home link power everything back up camera fast key entry alloy wheels fog lights and much more and I only paid $12,714.00 ($5,400.00 off msrp). I like these Compasses but I have a feeling they will not be very reliable with this engine transmission combo and its pretty much a Fiat. Time will tell.
DanScoob Hace un año
It definitely wasn’t going to give up that top gear without a fight! What a delay on that kickdown...
Blues fan
Blues fan Hace un año
Having a car that slow isn’t safe. Just trying to merge onto the highway is hazardous.
NJMoo3652 Hace 9 meses
Can agree, you literally need to floor it to merge
Aaron Freimark
Aaron Freimark Hace un año
I couldn't agree more. There's these mandates about gas mileage and that's all fine and good but I also think there needs to be mandates to eliminate unsafe underpowered vehicles. No more than 16 lbs. Per horsepower. How bout it President Trump?
DaN3xtEconomist Hace un año
yes been their
Forest Spinner
Forest Spinner Hace un año
That engine sounds mother fuckin good
Baha T
Baha T Hace un año
Clearly the slowness is caused mostly by the lazy transmission, Jeep needs to retune the transmission, gives the engine 20 more horsepower, that's it.
Dr. Victor P.
Dr. Victor P. Hace 10 meses
@Majd .Kaltakji Bad idea
Covert Person
Covert Person Hace 10 meses
@Majd .Kaltakji I don't think you should
Majd .Kaltakji
Majd .Kaltakji Hace un año
Baha T can I modify it to make it faster?
Venkatraman Dhanashankar
In India suspension broke for compass after delivery.
gaming rockstar
gaming rockstar Hace un año
Its a waste of money isnt it
rassta baboul
rassta baboul Hace 2 años
10000 pounds ?
Chef Hace 2 años
Gotta love the tiny little i4 they put in it, can’t just have at least a v6. So much for American power.
Ben A
Ben A Hace un año
fooos that’s why the Cherokee and grand Cherokee exist
Jimmy James
Jimmy James Hace 2 años
the future is ....sad.....
mayur mukherji
mayur mukherji Hace 2 años
Creta 1.6 diesel is faster earlier jeep Cherokee was better
666111 222333
666111 222333 Hace 2 años
2008 compass is faster smh
Ved Dave
Ved Dave Hace 2 años
Poor acceleration ....even XUV does at 100 kmph in 11.5 sec
revaholic Hace 2 años
Wow...that was a bit of a struggle wasn't it?
Covert Person
Covert Person Hace 10 meses
There was so much delay in 80-120KMH
haohmaru x
haohmaru x Hace 2 años
2011 cvt in 9 seg to 100 kmh.... version 2.4 gas
David N
David N Hace 2 años
So many complainers.
Josh Galka
Josh Galka Hace 2 años
Wow! What a difference!
Asphalt8ficionado Hace 2 años
That is so much slower than a Prius... and it took 1.888 seconds to upshift two gears... WOW.
Tony Hace 2 años
yes this automatic transmission is very slow, at least is very smooth
Asphalt8ficionado Hace 2 años
Wow.. that starts up pretty rough... shakes the whole car...
dingle1534 Hace 2 años
slower then the 2010 cvt I use to drive wow trust they are terrible on road.
revaholic Hace 2 años
Wow, that is on the verge of being a safety issue. The car started accelerating about 3 seconds after the gas pedal was punched.
Car Question
Car Question Hace 2 años
As our review said, it's slow, did you see the gear change from the 80-120 test.... takes forever!
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