2019 BigHit Global Audition #BTS

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2019 BigHit Global Audition #BTS
※ For more information : please visit www.bighitaudition.com/
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Gherba Smith
Gherba Smith Hace 4 horas
Bts Tae
Bts Tae Hace 5 horas
NaJeoMoSaJiMi DaChaeTzu
Please add in Malaysia too :((
King seokjin
King seokjin Hace 9 horas
The most jungkook moment in life esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-DyOeIshjSOw.html
Anudari Battul
Anudari Battul Hace un día
They so hot i swear
Ailie Malone
Ailie Malone Hace un día
Today’s the audition for our New York fam 🥰
ToxicStorm *
ToxicStorm * Hace 2 días
Can i , a german guy apply for it when im 19 ?
Ellie Lane
Ellie Lane Hace 2 días
Please do auditions in Manchester or London please
Spirit Draws
Spirit Draws Hace 2 días
If I was a guy I'd totally audition since one audition is in Sydney, only four hours away from me. But nope! uwu I can hopefully find a company taking in auditions that accept females like myself, I already missed the Cube auditions 'cause I had hockey that day so that's off the list. I MUST KEEP SEARCHING AND MAYBE ONE DAY MY DREAM WILL COME TRUE AND I'LL BE SLIGHTLY LESS SADDDDD. I need help T-T
*페르난다* Hace 2 días
Pero por que BTS no puede ir a México, yo esperaria años por su llegada pero que ellos vengan 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Khoumy Amidom
Khoumy Amidom Hace 2 días
BTS why dont you go to texas? I need to go to atleast one of ur concerts. I can just fly an airplane to new york up in there 😭 and you're performing today so i hope yall have fun ill watch yall on live please visit texas!
Ban Ryu
Ban Ryu Hace 2 días
where's Brazil? Ahhhh I missed Brazil, a pity that I can not participate, otherwise I would definitely go 😣😣
Azucena Alvarez
Azucena Alvarez Hace 2 días
LOVE a BTS 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍♥️
trashy kpop
trashy kpop Hace 2 días
Why boys only 💔😔 my dream has been crushed ,but, stil fighting for the men thats going to audition✊
please pass the suga kookie
vocals: 🙅‍♀️ dance: 🙅‍♀️ rap: 🙅‍♀️ modeling: 🙅‍♀️ acting: 🙅‍♀️ age: 🙋‍♀️ visual: 🙅‍♀️ male: 🙅‍♀️ asian: 🙅‍♀️ (i mean it depends what asian you're talking about- about 50% of me is from the continent of Asia but not from like eastern asia. i'm more from western asia.) i did modeling, dance, gymnastics, acting, and zumba when i was younger, and here i am now, crying in a corner because i lost all the talent i had
high on pure tae and sprite
Vocal: ✅ Rap: ✅ Dance: ✅ Acting: ✅ Age: ✅ visuals:tbh idk make up can help Place: south Asian language: ❌ but i can learn it Gender: ❌ nothing can change it
high on pure tae and sprite
Vocal: ✅ Rap: ✅ Dance: ✅ Acting: ✅ Age: ✅ visuals:tbh idk make up can help Place: south Asian language: ❌ but i can learn it Gender: ❌ nothing can change it
high on pure tae and sprite
Vocal: ✅ Rap: ✅ Dance: ✅ Acting: ✅ Age: ✅ visuals:tbh idk make up can help Place: south Asian language: ❌ but i can learn it Gender: ❌ nothing can change it
high on pure tae and sprite
Vocal: ✅ Rap: ✅ Dance: ✅ Acting: ✅ Age: ✅ visuals:tbh idk make up can help Place: south Asian language: ❌ but i can learn it Gender: ❌ nothing can change it
Winonah Domingo
Winonah Domingo Hace 3 días
Kim Tata ;3
Kim Tata ;3 Hace 3 días
I can sing,rap and dance i can speak spanish, english, corean and japan basic BUT I'M NOT BOY💔😢😢😢
12D Official
12D Official Hace 4 días
I'm Auditioning too!! This would be awesome if I finally get to reach my goal!!!
Arfah Yanatasha
Arfah Yanatasha Hace 4 días
Ok c’mon why not a girl group this time ;(
ChimJimin 95
ChimJimin 95 Hace 4 días
Well BigHit we are still hoping for girlgroub debut.... But if a New boygroub again, Waahhh we have so many boyfriend, haha
Dani Bateman
Dani Bateman Hace 4 días
I really want to see bts but I can’t bts can you come to new town
potato ghost
potato ghost Hace 4 días
Hey girls it’s time to change your gender and audition
mridula gopalakrishnan
Only males....shoot Well we going to have to get all royal and act like we are important now Sometimes the pain of being a girl...*sigh* I liked this video because my fav boy band in the WHOLE entire world announced it...
Xxhoshi swagxX
Xxhoshi swagxX Hace 5 días
Me: *goes to the doctors* Doc: how may i help u? Me: ok make me a cute korean boy
Danna Sama
Danna Sama Hace 5 días
In Indonesia Pls in next year I Hope You😇😇 Read My Comment
Mibbi Ashf Mibbi Ashf
Vocal ✔️ Rap ✔️ Dancing ✔️ Singing ✔️ Acting ✔️ Modeling ✔️ Speak Korean ✔️ Speak English ✔️ Since 1999 ✔️ Boy ❌ Why Bighit Why 😢
maxtemp MATV
maxtemp MATV Hace 5 días
Many of us dream to be idol stars, but I’m from the Philippines knowing that many koreans also look down upon us filipinos, It’s hard for us to be one. I’m also sad because BigHit Entertainment only needs male contestants😫
林和薇 Hace 5 días
Irena Lebedev
Irena Lebedev Hace 5 días
Who said it'll be a girl group??
xOnly Girlx
xOnly Girlx Hace 5 días
ALERT ARMYS 당신이 진정한 ARMYS는 무엇 의지 점유율되지 않은 경우이를 무시하세요 제 11 일 10 월 VIRTUAL이 문제는이란 다른 년 단위로하는 문제지지 않습니다 BTS는 군 복무로 이동하는 뉴스가되었다 각 진 : 2020 스가 : 2022 RM Y J 호프 : 2023 태와 지미 : 2024 년 정국 : 2025 즉 별거 그룹을 의미한다 대기는 여기에서 12 년의 것 지랄 군사 서비스는 즉,이 체인을 내 친구 S ARMYS가 가지고 TOD의 @의 S를 공유하려면 S의 NEED @ WHO WE 일이 알고 NOT AND 그룹은 당신이 병역을 참조하십시오 MAKE 것을 완료 될 때 KOREA는 우리는 군사가 함께 와서 만 2 년이 될 것 일어날 것 인 경우에 TOGETHER 떠나 입력하면 BTS 필요해하지만 당신이 함께 가서 12 년이 MALDITOS BTS없이 함께 모여한다면, 그 이유는 무엇입니까? SUGA JIN 후 MR TAE J HOPE AFTER LAST 지민 AND GROUP AND kooki Magner 아무것도하지 IS NOT없이, THEN INFINITOS 12 년 일어날 AND 저주받은 SIN BTS 종료 후에 제 것이 왜. 이게 뭐야? 본 한국 표준들의 하나를 가지고 표준이 왜 IS THAT 병역 vallan TO (28)에 YOUNG KOREA MEET. THIS CHAIN의 목적은 : DENTREN 함께 이것과 군사 것을 BigHit의 TALK와 남자를 달성 함께 떠나기에 도착하는 만 2 세 것 SHARE 당신 IF 군대와 HELP 확산이 통지서 과거의 SO SORRY 당신이 그것을 공유한다면 고마워요. 그리고 우리는 두 팔을 벌려 BTS 기다릴거야 상관없이 기억하지
shamoos cutie1
shamoos cutie1 Hace 5 días
Hello bts i just want it to say that we have a group called txf its means together forever and there are 5 of us and we have a rapper andx a singer and everything and we are girls we are good girls and nice we care about you alot and love you and i hope you will read this and let us be one of your group and thank you hope you will have an amazing day
Jeput. Puput
Jeput. Puput Hace 6 días
Kesayangan ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Tú Lam
Tú Lam Hace 6 días
Why u dont remember Việt Nam ㅠㅠ
[AR MY] Hace 6 días
I am a gurrrllllll 😢😢😢💔💔
Edgelyn and Janessa
Edgelyn and Janessa Hace 6 días
And we will support your dreams. But im a girl!😢💔
Luciana Salas Cardenas
Porfavor vengan a Perú please los esperare lo juro😊😊😊 y porfavor mas momentos jinkook
Tata’s robot
Tata’s robot Hace 6 días
*Bighit stop being cowards and let some ladies show y’all what we got 😤😤*
Prema artimon
Prema artimon Hace 7 días
Sai Sowmiya
Sai Sowmiya Hace 7 días
Please BTS come to India please please
dvenkookie tae
dvenkookie tae Hace 7 días
👩🏼 female squad 👌
hey stob it
hey stob it Hace 7 días
dammit bighit, if you can just give us girls a shot and you know spice it up a bit, english kpop with uh mixed races that'd be great-
Doggu Kawaii
Doggu Kawaii Hace 7 días
Kerem Kerem
Kerem Kerem Hace 8 días
나는 블랙 핀크와 BTS 듀엣을 사랑한다. 나는 지미니를 좋아한다.
Thom Hoang
Thom Hoang Hace 8 días
Việt Nam
Rosell Ann Pangilan
Rosell Ann Pangilan Hace 8 días
i can sing, can dance, can rap, can speak korean and english, BUT SADLY IAM A GIRL
Roshni Kshetri
Roshni Kshetri Hace 8 días
Why only male, man?????
jisung's reolli
jisung's reolli Hace 6 días
Bighit's girl group was going well when one of the members got in a scandal plus i dont think they want bts/txt dating scandals.
xXKawaii PotatoXx
xXKawaii PotatoXx Hace 8 días
✔Sing ✔Dance ✔Rap ❌Male I was born with the wrong body
chin vannareach
chin vannareach Hace 8 días
What the different between Online Audition and Global Audition? Please explain me in detail.
chin vannareach
chin vannareach Hace 2 días
+jisung's reolli can I have your gmail I will contact u for more information can I?
jisung's reolli
jisung's reolli Hace 5 días
+chin vannareach i dont know if we need to pay them back but i dont think we need to
jisung's reolli
jisung's reolli Hace 5 días
+chin vannareach there will be another audition i think. If you pass that audition there will be another one which is the final one.
chin vannareach
chin vannareach Hace 5 días
+jisung's reolli also if we didn't get to debut but we use entertainment's money for us being trainee, so do we need to pay them back the money that we use to be a trainee?
chin vannareach
chin vannareach Hace 5 días
+jisung's reolli so, If I pass the online audition so what will I do next?
No Name
No Name Hace 8 días
Marouan Red
Marouan Red Hace 8 días
Im gonna sign up
Baby Noona-ssi
Baby Noona-ssi Hace 9 días
this is my first time that i regret of being a girl:
Prabhu KP
Prabhu KP Hace 9 días
Wow what a great oppurtunity
KNET [공식 케이팝 그룹 채널]
{sarcasm} I'm *totally* fine with realizing that I'm in the UK and the BigHit audition locations are horribly placed and have always been horribly placed... (2018 was worse as they had 5 North American venues then Hong Kong. What about any other part of the world than the US/Canada, BigHit?!)
roshanay waqas
roshanay waqas Hace 9 días
Plzzz don't go ooooooooooof btsssssssssssssssjungkoooooooooooook canu come back after army pwease plzzz I can't stop crying go I'm not gonna listen to txt if they don't come back btssssssssss for lifffeeee
hoang tuan
hoang tuan Hace 9 días
เฮ้ย!!ถ้ามาไทยตุลาคมนี่!! กุเก็บตังรอเลยนะ!!
رنا الحربي
رنا الحربي Hace 9 días
Joke 😍😘
Estefany Shipps
Estefany Shipps Hace 9 días
a mi parcer seran 8 chicos no
Mia :3
Mia :3 Hace 10 días
*Eu não sou macho*
Nanda Permata Sari
Nanda Permata Sari Hace 10 días
Indonesia ? 😭
taymin_girl Girl
taymin_girl Girl Hace 10 días
In my opinion, I feel like they don't want a girl group is because girls would only want to join that company because BTS is there. And some army fans will get jealous. Just saying
Ne Ro
Ne Ro Hace 10 días
Hey Girls, stream No more Dream if you relate HAHHAAH
jisung's reolli
jisung's reolli Hace 6 días
Angela Naliza
Angela Naliza Hace 10 días
필리핀 여자애는 오디션을 할 수 있을까?
Catalina Kennis
Catalina Kennis Hace 10 días
I'm mixed but look and is also Chinese which is asian I know basic Korean greetings I can sing (kinda) I live in one of the 8 cities I'm a boy Wish me luck I guess
Imxb Y
Imxb Y Hace 10 días
Dammit, I’m korean/Thai but “born in 1999 or later” I’m a year late lmfao
Tilly the cat
Tilly the cat Hace 10 días
Gonna have to become a male now * grabs scissors* Goodbye long hair
Melany M
Melany M Hace 10 días
Esto no puede ser en ESPAÑOL 😭😥😓😫
Jimin got NO JAMS and NO HEIGHTS
Mafer Chan
Mafer Chan Hace 10 días
can rap? yes can sing? a little... can dance? yes are you male? ...no
MAX MAX Hace 10 días
Avispense y vengan pa chile aha
Liz Zarate
Liz Zarate Hace 10 días
My jungkook😍😘
niyah life :/
niyah life :/ Hace 10 días
Ok today we are doing a makeup torail.... ok I think all the boys gone. LADIES WE GONNA HAVE TO LOOK LIKE BOYS SO WE CAN GET ON y’all go get some wigs steal the boys passports and hop on a plane to audition ok bye. Lady’s I’ll answer questions in the comments
min yoongia
min yoongia Hace 11 días
Vcs podem fazer aqui no Brasil
Kizuri Kateku
Kizuri Kateku Hace 11 días
please hold an audition in Indonesia too. I beg you, thank you Big Hit Entertainment.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Some cringeyness in my life
Good luck guys! ;) Hope u guys can do well! Don't be so nervous! (nervous is good for us but don't nervous sooo much) Anddd..... I hope that there will not be any sasaeng fans there!
Some cringeyness in my life
Soooo closeeeeee!!! Although I'm not a boy (bc Big Hit only choose boys for their trainees) , I feel disappointed bc Australia and my country are like neighbor! Do u guys know what country am I in?
I Love Чимин
I Love Чимин Hace 11 días
Шуга так мила стоит
sanju koshy
sanju koshy Hace 11 días
I can dance I can sing I can rap BUT In not a boy I am not form South Korea I can't under stand their language or anything O yea Plus point Im am an Asian O yeah have I told that I'm too young
KIM SUGA V Hace 11 días
25/05/2019 26/05/2019😢😭 BTS: So Show me ARMY'S: I'LL SHOW YOU EU E A LIVE:😭😭😭😭💔
Akira Fumiko
Akira Fumiko Hace 11 días
Que Pena no entiendo ni papa
Joonie Sweetie
Joonie Sweetie Hace 11 días
Life hates me T-T It would be better if I wasn't born at all :D
usuwuuwu uwuwiw
usuwuuwu uwuwiw Hace 12 días
bighit said no more dreams for girls
tnkbale1 Hace 12 días
Taipei’s audition is when I have my b day
Haneul하늘 Hace 12 días
Sing = ✔️ Dance =✔️ Can speak English =✔️ (Little Korean too) Asian = ❌ I'm French... Boy =❌ I'm a girl 😭😭
Ashlèyx Hace 12 días
oh, looks like im dead. nuuu girlssssss whyyyyyy rip
nashalie Mercado-Ortiz
Why is it only for boys
juju Oliveira
juju Oliveira Hace 12 días
Jennifer Lauana
Jennifer Lauana Hace 12 días
Caraka foi no dia do aniversário 😙
Real.• •.TaeGi
Real.• •.TaeGi Hace 13 días
COME TO Turkey pls😣😣
__샌 디
__샌 디 Hace 13 días
Bts I hope you visit us Arab countries including Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, many of your fans in the Arab countries but they do not visit us please visit us and we will be very happy with you and your visit we love you ♥️ Bts 나는 당신이 아랍 국가에서 많은 팬 들이 리야드 도시 사우디 아라비아의 수도를 포함 하 여 우리 아랍 국가를 방문 하지만 그들은 우리를 방문 하시기 바랍니다 우리를 방문 하지 않는 우리는 당신과 당신의 방문에 매우 행복 할 것 이다 희망을 우리는 당신을 사랑♥️
Sinis kan
Sinis kan Hace 13 días
Why Not in Europe
Man Hace 13 días
fuck this stupid ass ad.
Luis Manuel Rodríguez Reyes
Porqué no vienen a mexicooooo
ARMY _BTS123 Hace 13 días
here waiting for you to come to Mexico
chuchuzino jkk
chuchuzino jkk Hace 13 días
Meus Bebês ♥❤✨
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