2019 BigHit Global Audition #TXT

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2019 BigHit Global Audition #TXT
※ For more information : please visit www.bighitaudition.com/
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PAKCIK KPOP Hace 5 horas
Scecanda Hace 9 horas
yknow i would audition but bighit dont accept females sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Thicc Donut Films
Thicc Donut Films Hace 17 horas
Cmon girls let’s just PULL a MULAN on them cmon
Btsforlife Hace 23 horas
*hueningkai in overalls is a look*
maria Aldunate villano
Jung Minyu
Jung Minyu Hace un día
Di Indonesia gak diselenggarakan?
Kieu Nguyen
Kieu Nguyen Hace un día
Will they allow Minecraft auditions instead...?
I want some suga kookies with my tae
I can dance if I learn it. I can’t dance off the bat, mostly footwork. I can rap, I don’t have the best vocals as a singer though. I could audition..... OH WAIT, IM A FKING GIRL HAHA
Hope Jihyo.
Hope Jihyo. Hace 2 días
Can I rap? No Can I dance? Yes Can I sing? I don't know. But, Am I male? No :')
ツGaby Hace 2 días
Come to Brazil 😍🇧🇷❤️
TATA girl_16ْ
TATA girl_16ْ Hace 2 días
-can rap ? -Yes -Can dance ? -yup -can sing - yes or yes -You are Korean ? - I think ☻ no Arabian iraqi 🇮🇶 - you are male ? - no ... just normal female ☻ ☻ - get lost - اصلا عادي الحياة حلوة | it’s ok life is good ☻
high on pure tae and sprite
i am really passionate and would practice day and night to achieve my goals and dreams i can sing dance and rap a little but the problem is : 1)i am a girl 2)i am Asian but south Asian and i don't live in any of the places they just mentioned 3)i am broke
Moon Harlu
Moon Harlu Hace 3 días
BigHit: U can sing? Me: Yes BH: rap? M: yes BH: dance? M: Yes BH: speak Korean? M: yes BH: But r u a male? M: ... :(
sub to pewds
sub to pewds Hace 3 días
Can you rap? Yeah Can you dance? Yeah Can you act? Yeah Can you speak Korean? Yeah *Are you male?* Oh shi'-
chichoo chikin
chichoo chikin Hace 3 días
Can dance Can sing Can rap beautiful?no Confident? No Male? fucking no:(
Ciay Algaba
Ciay Algaba Hace 3 días
Good things 1 . I can do vocal , dance , acting , and modeling Bad things 1. Im not a male 2. I can act but not crying 3. I dance but im a little stiff ( lol idk da spelling) 4. I dont live in those places 5. Im to broke to go to those places Why why whyyyy Why not find a female Why not go in Manila Philippines :c Edited: MY ARE MALE SO LUCKY IM MEAN
Jongkook-One love _Jongkook_
Что за песня в конце?Срочнооо
applejuice Hace 3 días
I'm from Sydney,but I'm a girl so I can't audition and I have no talent oof,for those who can sing,rap,dance etc I wish u luck
Katelyn Hace 3 días
Can sing? Check. Can rap? Nope, but that's fine. Can dance? Check. Born 1999 or later? Check. Male? ....about that-
high on pure tae and sprite
yo i got the same problem
high on pure tae and sprite
yo i got the same problem
high on pure tae and sprite
yo i got the same problem
FANCY YOU Hace 3 días
Why do kpop take so many Chinese people
luna amry
luna amry Hace 3 días
i have a new boy band to fangirl too but i will always fangirl to bts 💕💕💕😂
Kim Tata ;3
Kim Tata ;3 Hace 3 días
i can dance and can rapper but im woman :')
FANDOM Hace 4 días
Bighit girls wants to audition than boys.
jikookedt. Hace 4 días
I could sing, dance, act, and model but they're not coming to the Philippines? I would join if the circumstances were different :(
Perú ¿?
Atasha Jhane Aquino
Atasha Jhane Aquino Hace 5 días
Was it's like bts greating , Huh annyeong hasseyo bangtan sonyeondan imnida , they're so many similarities , cause they're in the same ent.
Matthew Palomas
Matthew Palomas Hace 5 días
Philippines pls.
Karla Mae Cirilo
Karla Mae Cirilo Hace 5 días
1. I'm good at Singing 2. I'm good at dancing 3. I have visual 4. But im female
CuteDiPie Hace 5 días
*im not a male...* *i can rap* *i can sing* *i can sing* *but im not old enough to join lol* *even if im old enough to join im still from philippines and uhmm.. maybe when im old enough? I'll go to korea with my auntie and join😂 lol*
Tata May
Tata May Hace 5 días
I can sing I can rap I'm a good dancer Confident? Ofc. Male? Nope :"
Elzas Myrzaeva
Elzas Myrzaeva Hace 6 días
Kai is so cute 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
biaka beka
biaka beka Hace 6 días
GLAM are all to blame for bighit no letting girl auditioned
biaka beka
biaka beka Hace 6 días
Well i can't all , but i feel like the prettiest girl mostly like i call myself worldwide beauty , well god made me through the visible god which is my mom and dad . Well too bad I'm a girl . I can't rap but if they teach me i can , i can't sing so its the end , if i try singing the high notes my voice just gdyhbjfddyvhuhfttf like fuck , i can't dance but if they teach me i think I'll manage . Well i wish I'm a boy cuz im pretty . Gosh its the end , but wait guys im gonna be the future successful kpop or popstar , only if its the right path . I need God's approval that's all . If it happen I'll tell my fans to plant trees and help me out at saving the world
Luciana Salas Cardenas
Y no pueden venir a Perú yo los atmiro muchisimo los esperare aunque pasen mil años los esperare
Mia Hawkins
Mia Hawkins Hace 6 días
Tell us how the auditions go guys! Good luck
OEO_ LGR Hace 7 días
Can rap? A little Can dance? Not so good Can sing? Yes Did I pass the audition????? Do you think I passed or not?! Yes or no?
Lyrics of
Lyrics of Hace 7 días
whenever I enter my e-mail id for applying in online audition a web page pop-up which say my session has been expired
Maria Elena Calderon
Cuando la gira por latinoamerica :'v
Felix Oscar Robles Arellano
Vikasni Kuganesan
Vikasni Kuganesan Hace 8 días
can dance, can sing, LOVES rap... but my gender? i’m gonna kashoot
jamel caluza
jamel caluza Hace 8 días
I can sing I can dance I can rap Buttttt I'm a girllllllll
Ariana Garces Vega
Ariana Garces Vega Hace 8 días
Sobin es hermoso
Imen Imen
Imen Imen Hace 8 días
it says born in 1999 or later
dvenkookie tae
dvenkookie tae Hace 8 días
Male:no Can I dance:a bit Can I sing: yes But still I am not a male 😓😭
Mommy _
Mommy _ Hace 9 días
Come to brazil ;-;
Forest _ Tae
Forest _ Tae Hace 9 días
Bighit is so rude for europes fans ;((;(
Forest _ Tae
Forest _ Tae Hace 9 días
I can dance I can rap I can sing But im Not a male.... :(
R ddjnsk
R ddjnsk Hace 9 días
1.I’m male 2.Can dance well 3.Can sing 4.Confident about my self 5.But i can’t rap 6.And the audition is overseas🤯🤯😵😵 Good luck who will go to this audition🤗🤗🤗🤗
KNET [공식 케이팝 그룹 채널]
{sarcasm} I'm *totally* fine with realizing that I'm in the UK and the BigHit audition locations are horribly placed and have always been horribly placed... (2018 was worse as they had 5 North American venues then Hong Kong. What about any other part of the world than the US/Canada, BigHit?!)
BTS Loyaltyhub
BTS Loyaltyhub Hace 9 días
Stop getting triggered about it only being boys.
cydixa Hace 9 días
I hope the best for all who choose to audition! If your application gets accepted, keep working hard!!! Can’t wait to see you debut ^^ 💖💖💖
Churro Power
Churro Power Hace 9 días
Te gustaría tener muchos amigos de Corea
Unique Bangtan
Unique Bangtan Hace 9 días
Have talent?:yes Can you sing?:yes Can you dance:yes Do you have a ding dong?:no BigHit:Then no
wanna sky
wanna sky Hace 10 días
God bless to everyone who will audition❤
Nai Princess
Nai Princess Hace 10 días
Estoy llorando! Quiero ser coreana 💔😭
Piu Roy
Piu Roy Hace 10 días
I can sing 😊 but 😭 I'm not a boy but I'll support u all✌🌼
Angela Naliza
Angela Naliza Hace 10 días
필리핀 여자애는 오디션을 할 수 있을까?
V Kook
V Kook Hace 10 días
Pls Audition for Girls at Philippines plssss
Mafer Chan
Mafer Chan Hace 10 días
can rap? yes can sing? a little... can dance? yes are you male? ...no
c h i l d m o o n
c h i l d m o o n Hace 10 días
Krischna Quezada
Krischna Quezada Hace 10 días
사이리나 Hace 11 días
If I'm girl I can't?!!!ㅠㅠㅠ
Kizuri Kateku
Kizuri Kateku Hace 11 días
please also hold an audition in Indonesia. I beg you. thank you Big Hit Entertainment🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Sean Tubello
Sean Tubello Hace 11 días
no Philippines??😩😪
lil meow meow
lil meow meow Hace 11 días
Y’all think I could pose as a male?
The Dollyverse
The Dollyverse Hace 11 días
1.I can sing 2.I can dance 3.I can rap 4.I can speak English100% 5.I can speak Filipino 100% 6.I can speak Korean 10% and I was Born in 2004 so I'm only 15
Raffy Arceo
Raffy Arceo Hace 5 días
+The Dollyverse I'm also a Filipino whose going to try online audition.. Try it my friend you don't know what lies ahead👌
The Dollyverse
The Dollyverse Hace 11 días
Yina Chen. but I don't live in the mentioned. countries
Yina Chen
Yina Chen Hace 11 días
The Dollyverse go for it my friend, if they can study english certainly they can teach you and you can learn, don’t give up this chance without trying, they are thousands who wish to have the skills like you, thousands who wish to step in your shoes, don’t give up 💜
MD.burguesa De sousa brito
“E Brasil nada né?”
Glaiza Sia
Glaiza Sia Hace 12 días
Can't take my eyes off taehyun bishhhh, I dunno yyyyy
Zorya PYMS
Zorya PYMS Hace 12 días
I wish I was a guy who lived in one of those cities 😭
Miriam BLINK & ARMY Hace 12 días
Can sing:NO😂 0% Can rap:Little😧 25% Can dance:YES😍 77% Can Speak English:YES😄 70% Can Speak corean:NO 😅 1% Can Speak French:YES😎 100% Can Speak Spanish:YES😙 100% _I'm not asian but I'm European!_ I'm male:NO
Daydreamin everywhere
Daydreamin everywhere Hace 13 días
I cant rap....but i can sing and dance and ready to do the auditions....but sad to say im not a male
Cristina Modrigo
Cristina Modrigo Hace 14 días
Can sing: YES Can dance: YES Can rap: YES Can act: YES Crack head: YES Confident: YES Male......? No..... *Googled how to be Mulan*
이민소 Hace 14 días
Male? Yes Can sing? yes Can dance? Yes? Can speak Korean? 조금 Confidence level? 0.000001% Visuals? Hmmm yes?
Raffy Arceo
Raffy Arceo Hace 5 días
+이민소 how do you know they don't accept Filipino? I'm also a Filipino and going to try the online audition. Just give it a shot 😉 you really don't know what lies ahead of us👌
이민소 Hace 11 días
+Yina Chen haeop haha haystt
Yina Chen
Yina Chen Hace 11 días
I wish u luck my friend! and im filipino too💜😆
이민소 Hace 11 días
+Yina Chen thank you so much though ^ ^ i hope some entertainments in Korea will accept some Filipino Trainees I'll try my best to achieve my dreams! ~ ~ 감사합니다! 파이팅!!
이민소 Hace 11 días
+Yina Chen but there aren't global auditions here in the PH and they won't accept Filipino trainees though
Juli Kim
Juli Kim Hace 14 días
Nunca Argentina...nunca México..nunca Chile para esas cosas
yongii mininu
yongii mininu Hace 15 días
Aaah pq Brasil não pelo menos faz um show aqui please
Dewi Riyani
Dewi Riyani Hace 15 días
13 october is my birthday but they go to Hongkong....?😢 TXT I waiting you come to Indonesia😭
Ninie Subs
Ninie Subs Hace 15 días
Can dance? Yes Can sing? Yes Can rap? Yes Male? NO
naruhina AMV
naruhina AMV Hace 15 días
Can Rap ? Yes Can sing ? Maybe Can dance? Maybe But..... Male? NO:")
Shine :3
Shine :3 Hace 15 días
Entendi nada mais concordo
Kcory Neira lopez
Kcory Neira lopez Hace 15 días
No entendí nada pero estoy feliz🙂🙂🙂
Kcory Neira lopez
Kcory Neira lopez Hace 15 días
No sé por qué , pero me sentí muy feliz de verlos 🙂🙂🙂😃😃😃
Soy Pau n.n
Soy Pau n.n Hace 15 días
Más familia :'3 ahhh
Maria Pajarabertz
Maria Pajarabertz Hace 16 días
El del medio me gusta
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 16 días
Can sing?:no Can dance?:a little Can rap?:yes A boy?:no Bighit:we dont accept girls im sorry- Me:who said im a girl? Bighit:you're not a boy-... Me:im not but im not a girl either Big hit :..Then..What- Me:I IDENTIFY AS A TABLE bighit: imean you're not a girl..Sooooooo....Welcome..? aYe im gettiNg iT bOis- In all seriousness rip us
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 16 días
Kai's hair-
Challengers vs gamers
Challengers vs gamers Hace 16 días
Why not here in the Philippines Why. people here are talented
User Hace 16 días
Okay but what a Mulan?
Misty Dragan
Misty Dragan Hace 16 días
Can you guys please have one in Virginia
Eva Buiter
Eva Buiter Hace 16 días
Joao Carlos Roberto
Joao Carlos Roberto Hace 16 días
Brasil Oi Alguém BTS
Imaan Ali
Imaan Ali Hace 16 días
tu patrona
tu patrona Hace 16 días
Que hermosos son ❤❤❤❤❤❤
* ლMurciegalaლ *
* ლMurciegalaლ * Hace 17 días
Me encantan todoooosss son tan tierrrnoooos!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
TXT _ Kai _ lover
TXT _ Kai _ lover Hace 17 días
I'm not even paying attention to what they're saying, I'm only staring at Hueningkai all the time, then I realized that he is so cute, and innocent, and,........................................ , feminine?
TT Hace 17 días
y chileeeeeeeeewe
vostro 1400
vostro 1400 Hace 17 días
i don't know why they don't accept female trainee may be it is all because of BTS. they think that if female trainees will join they will just join for working with BTS but they are really wrong. there are even some girls who wanted to join bighit as a trainee and work hard and achieve that heights of bts . I really want to join bighit not for the bts but due to the all work that big hit do to enhance the talent .but really depressed:[
Tae Mo
Tae Mo Hace 17 días
Can Rap? No Can Sing? Yes Can Dance? Yes Male? No😭
Luna 120613
Luna 120613 Hace 17 días
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