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As #Buick continues to try and reinvent their image here in America, buyers can really find themselves somewhat confused if they visit a Buick showroom. On one of the spectrum, you've got a pretty nice sport sedan in the form of the Regal GS, while at the other end, their best-selling model, the #BuickEnclave is every bit a modern interpretation of what you'd expect from Buick. Its cushy ride, relaxed steering, quiet cabin, and bloated proportions make the 2019 #EnclaveAvenir feel like the modern day Buick Roadmaster driven by a much older generation. It loses ground to new entries from Kia, Volkswagen, and Subaru in the luxury department, and its shocking as tested price near $60,000 will make you question its value when modern driver aids are still optional, even on this pricey #Avenir trim level.


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10 may 2019






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Redline Reviews
Redline Reviews Hace un año
Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to make a slight correction, the Enclave does in fact have LED rear turn signals, which you can see in the video. As nice as this car is, we struggle to find a reason why you'd choose this over the Telluride, Atlas, or upcoming Hyundai Palisade. Even the Chevy Traverse makes more sense, mostly because of the price tag that Buick is asking for this car. It is about $10,000 more expensive than a fully loaded Telluride, Atlas, Ascent, Pilot, Traverse, etc but to us, it didn't really feel like it. We also disliked how even our top trim Enclave Avenir was missing adaptive cruise control and at $57,000, it should be standard. Still a great choice in the segment if you like the design and want something bigger, but we question the value here with so many options to choose from now! Thanks for watching everyone and enjoy your weekend!
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
@moosevfa27 this Avenir is in the low to mid-$40's.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
@Billy Beheler Enclave Avenir is a $44K car on cats dot com
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
@Rlph580 delga Enclave Avenir is $44,000 crossover on cars dot com
Dr. Tamara Worley
Dr. Tamara Worley Hace 11 meses
Would you do the Toyota highland der 2020, vs the buick 2020 avenier. These I think the two best looking 7 passengers cars. The 2020 avenier is different from other aveniers. It looks like the cockpit of a plane, it is high bucketed.....very cool. I own a 2014 enclave and the 2020 I am looking at for its been a really great car. DrW
Van Guy
Van Guy Hace 11 meses
@Jamie So true. Enclave is really in a different class (Near Luxury). The smooth ride and quiet cabin define luxury. Unfortunately many people especially many in younger generation have never experienced the way cars drove in the 70's & 80's. All they know is what the so called "Professional Reviewers" have told them . Over the last two decades these so called pro reviewers have pushed high dollar European cars the can handle a corner at 70 - 80 mph. That's great if you drive on the autobahn but I don't. Those European cars can handle the corners but can't handle a tiny pothole very well without jarring your bones. The fact is most reviewers don't understand the difference between "Sport" & "Luxury" categories. Fortunately, Redline and Alex and a few others are starting to get the message out. Buick has always been a leader in defining luxury.
Christopher K
Christopher K Hace 18 días
the cooled rear seats are not here.
Christopher K
Christopher K Hace 18 días
this car can fit kids.
Herve Dagare
Herve Dagare Hace un mes
I love my Enclave you need to have the car to understand
Smoll Kitteh
Smoll Kitteh Hace un mes
4:17 I'm wondering why is that battery hanging alone there
vetteboy1024 Hace 2 meses
Love your reviews and channel. I did catch a miss on the review 10:45 remove the top tray from the center console and there is a huge storage area underneath.
soloherps Hace 3 meses
Wow that much money for a car and you don’t get cruise control 😂
Christopher K
Christopher K Hace 3 meses
this car is like a family of 6 car.
Aly Hace 3 meses
23:56 remove the tray....
Barry Inn
Barry Inn Hace 3 meses
I have to say I like your reviews but you don't pause enough between information. Very hard to catch everything you say. Also the surroundings on this video were distracting and trashy looking. You need to find cleaner backgrounds that don't have power poles coming out of your head.
Joshua Rodrique
Joshua Rodrique Hace 4 meses
I’m 6’2” all legs and fit in the third row just fine. Not sure what this guys on about with room and storage.
N J Hace 4 meses
looks looking made to break junk
Phillip Alv
Phillip Alv Hace 4 meses
I just bought my 2020 Avenir and it has adaptive cruise control , massage seats and I got for only 47,000 with rebates way better than palisade and telluride
CheAmoGuidare Hace 4 meses
Sofyan gave his usual good review but I didn't watch this past the nine-minute mark. Why? 1. No massaging seats in what Buick touts as their finest trim, though the much-cheaper Regal GS has it. 2. No standard adaptive cruise control in (again) supposedly Buick's very-best trim. Are you serious? This thing is nearly $60K! 3. Bland generic cheap-looking instrumentation shared with other GM vehicles. 4. It takes a special kind of incompetence to design an ugly steering wheel. 5. And last but not least, "We're putting our good infotainment graphics only in Cadillacs." GM, this is why you are now a joke in the car industry.
C.T. Wellington
C.T. Wellington Hace 4 meses
I like my 2009 enclave, but they're honestly just too expensive for what they offer. The only real thing it has to offer is that it has a lot of space
Alejandro Magno
Alejandro Magno Hace 4 meses
Kept getting distracted by the dirty camera lens 😅😅
Ann Lapadula
Ann Lapadula Hace 4 meses
Love your reviews . You have real reviews . And not afraid to mention positive and negatives, very helpful : I looking into buying a 2020 suv not sure of enclave .
Pete Kap
Pete Kap Hace 5 meses
John Covington might like this new Buick enclave
LeighAnne Delgado
LeighAnne Delgado Hace 4 meses
Please don't buy it. '19 Avenir Enclave in the shop now 47 times. Currently requesting a buy back but Buick I'd making me go through hoops. Only has 5646 miles. Do yourself a favor and don't buy it
Derrion Brumfield
Derrion Brumfield Hace 5 meses
Nit picking
garmin1 Hace 5 meses
These will be a great deal on the used market as GM's lose about 50% in 3-4 years. This SUV is large, comfortable, quiet, and takes regular gas,( something that no reviewer ever mentions). I'll be buying a 2019 in 3 years.
B Floyd
B Floyd Hace 5 meses
Remove the tray, and the storage increases? ..show the inregrated navigation in the "outdated dash", unique in GM, only only 4 vehicles or so..
BlessedDiva65 Hace 5 meses
Does it offer head up display?? That’s a deal breaker for me.
MileHiGhBoi Hace 5 meses
He absolutely hated this... 😆
MrSwarai Hace 5 meses
I owned an 08 enclave. I'm glad I didn't get a 20 enclave 😁
Player 1
Player 1 Hace 6 meses
reminds me of the Traverse when you look at it from the side but overall I kinda like it
LeighAnne Delgado
LeighAnne Delgado Hace 4 meses
Don't do it. Trust me '19 Avenir Enclave in the shop 47 times and still has issues. Requested buy back from Buick twice and now they're making me jump through hoops. Requested help of BBB Auto Line. Waiting for inspector from Buick. This will never get a fair resale price with a Carfax showing everything. Looking out for you.
Ruby Doobie
Ruby Doobie Hace 7 meses
This car is so ugly
MC Kurly
MC Kurly Hace 7 meses
your lens is dirty.
Seattle Sysop
Seattle Sysop Hace 8 meses
Paddles are for towing.
howtobebasic 2
howtobebasic 2 Hace 8 meses
the Only Buick i would buy is a Buick park ave or lesabre since they have the 3800 v6 or the regal from the 80's
דניאל אלון
דניאל אלון Hace 9 meses
Dear Friends!!!!! This is a very important message. Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎
dannyoaks85 Hace 9 meses
I like my 15 premium better than the new one
Devon Gee
Devon Gee Hace 9 meses
This looks like the new Mazda 6 haha. Just seeing this
Eddie G
Eddie G Hace 9 meses
The 2017 and under look better than the new ones...
Richard Aronstein
Richard Aronstein Hace 10 meses
My 08 Buick enclave is trash! Couldn't even get 100k miles out of it.
Aaidan Plaza
Aaidan Plaza Hace 10 meses
What a cutie minivan
Danny DADI
Danny DADI Hace 10 meses
And a Plug-In-Hybrid version would be perfekt
Danny DADI
Danny DADI Hace 10 meses
The Interior looks very Opel like
mybro727 Hace 10 meses
Danny DADI yeah well GM did own Opel.
ge gary
ge gary Hace 10 meses
I just traded in the 2010 BUICK ENCLAVE. What a piece of junk! Engine blown at 40k miles! Costed $10k to fix. Then steering had problems. Thanks, won’t have another GM car even though it looks good on paper.
Tejas Rajan
Tejas Rajan Hace 10 meses
Yo he’s wearing vans with pink and grey 😂😂
Katarina Aram
Katarina Aram Hace 10 meses
Does the transmission work on this one?
Ahmednt Hace 10 meses
Why this model not come to Golf Arab
pontiacGXPfan Hace 10 meses
Buick is like the four-wheeled Phyllis Diller. Nobody liked it when it was here and nobody will give a damn when it's not here
Dr. Tamara Worley
Dr. Tamara Worley Hace 11 meses
Have you done the 2020? I haven't found it, Dr. Tamara worley
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
2020 Enclave Should be gittung the lots I. September.
Diana Romero
Diana Romero Hace 11 meses
I want one soooo bad!! Just hate the poop color on the seats!! Or the sad dark gray color or the off white color!! I wish we can make it at our taste with out paying extra
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
Keep shopping! This Avenir retails for $57K but can be had for $44K!
De Cnijf Kris
De Cnijf Kris Hace 11 meses
nice. A simplified trim version could easily compete with Hyundai Santa Fe In Europe.Good job of GM.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace 11 meses
Is that a Buick? I thought they stop making them 3 years ago , LOL ! ! !
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
Buick outsells Acura...
JayTheKing Hace 11 meses
My mom and dad has this car
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes Hace 11 meses
That CR-V at 15:07 made a cameo like "yall don't forget bout me ok?"
John T
John T Hace 11 meses
John T
John T Hace 10 meses
Norm T: You rely on the WP for info, 🤣😂🤣😂 the bailout out was BAD for this country...Period! How many smaller businesses were left to die, while the Unions (DemocRATS) with GM & Chrysler were supported by the TAXPAYER! You and yours bail out bd business practices next time, but that’s NOT what a “Free Market” dictates. A business makes bad decisions, they go out of business. Simple as that! “However, debate over the necessity of the bailout, the precedent it set, and its economic consequences because the counterfactual is difficult to assess. Policy experts and economists have not reached any sort of consensus regarding what would have happened to Chrysler, GM, or the auto industry in the absence of the bailout.” publicpolicy.wharton.upenn.edu/live/news/1779-a-reflection-on-the-2009-american-auto-bailout
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
@John T "...Before the big balance-sheet expansion, the Fed had been turning over about $30 billion of profit a year to Treasury. But in the past six years, it has turned over a total of about $474 billion, according to Stone & McCarthy Research, a well-regarded Fed-watching firm based in Princeton, N.J. The difference between that total and the $30 billion-a-year regular number is $294 billion. Throw that into the mix and you are up to $347.5 billion. Which is close enough to $350 billion for me - especially since the Fed, Fannie and Freddie are still sending profits to Treasury. I’m leaving out some relatively minor bailout items - such as guarantee fees that Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. got for backstopping various investments, and the cost of providing special income-tax deals to companies such as General Motors that became majority-owned by the government as part of the bailout. Those items more or less net out against each other. Please understand that I’m not saying the bailout was wonderful or perfect, or that I like the fact that prudent savers are still earning essentially nothing on their money, thanks to the Fed’s near-zero interest-rate policies. What I’m trying to do is to give you real numbers about how the U.S. taxpayers have done, as opposed to the numbers that you probably have seen or probably believe..." www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/bailout-highly-profitable-for-taxpayers-when-you-look-at-the-right-numbers/2015/01/01/dc2a05a6-8fa5-11e4-a412-4b735edc7175_story.html?noredirect=on
John T
John T Hace 10 meses
Norm T: GO BACK TO SCHOOL! “The U.S. government lost $11.2 billion on its bailout of General Motors, according to a 2014 government report. The government invested about $50 billion to bail out GM...”
Norm T
Norm T Hace 10 meses
@John T The actual taxpayer profit on the bailout is about $350 billion, by my math. That’s right, $350 billion. All in cash, most of which has held down the federal budget deficit over the past six years. That’s serious money, even by today’s standards. Washington Post Look at quarterly surveying by Truedelta and you'll see 2018 Equinox at a very low repair rate of 12 repairs per 100 while the RAV4 has 14/100 and Honda CR-V at whopping 33/100. So it has been very relibale and far from junk as it was near the top in sales last year.
John T
John T Hace 10 meses
Norm T: Good, than they can start paying back the American Taxpayer the 30 plus BILLION dollars that were used to bail them out from repeated bad decisions!! EQUINOX IS JUNK!!
Mr. Retro
Mr. Retro Hace 11 meses
Kinda looks like a mix between Mazda’s and Infiniti’s design language. Still haven’t seen one in the streets tho, and it’s been two years since this generation launched. Currently own a 2010 model and it’s still going strong, I’m happy with it.
Basam Yousif
Basam Yousif Hace 11 meses
WTF is a telluride???? Isn't that a car that came out yestetday? Why do you have to mention it in every sentence???
James Cazares
James Cazares Hace 11 meses
LOL... less Bloated!!! Too funny... love your reviews... keep up the good work...
Wanda Galloza
Wanda Galloza Hace un año
Im not going to say names but women harlots are smart i just caught my husband lover communicating through these sight very smart ...
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Smoking Acura MDX in sales by about 4,000 units in just a half of a year!
Joselito Rolon
Joselito Rolon Hace 9 meses
Buick is ugly
Waleed Mcclintock
Waleed Mcclintock Hace un año
I professional driver,no one lifts the seat up to get in 3rd row!! Ever! People go through the middle of the Captain's chairs! 1000 rides,everyone goes through the middle like a school bus.
z z
z z Hace un año
Does everyone forget that American cats offer up to 20% off. No one pays full price for an American car because they WHEEL AND DEAL.
shredman59 Hace un año
13:13 All you have to do is slide the middle rows forward and tons of room! You should show this. Even with the middle seats full forward, the middle passengers still have lots of room. Good review.
meatwad74 Hace un año
50k+ ?? would easily go for the Acura or infinity instead.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
@meatwad74 there are these $55K that are going for $43K on autotrader. That is a better deal than the less discounted MDX.
meatwad74 Hace un año
don’t doubt it. A lot of rentals and govt agencies will carry American cars. friend bought it over as he rented for his summer trip across half of the u.s. it’s nice and roomy and luxurious inside. But for that price, if I had to buy, For looks, brand name, reliability, I’d rather get the aforementioned cars.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Smoking Acura MDX in sales by about 4,000 units in just a half of a year!
Dean Slegos
Dean Slegos Hace un año
Seats look almost stiff as a wood chair
Jay Hancox
Jay Hancox Hace un año
Hey, stop talking about the other brands. I hope you are not working for Buick.
Barry Hace un año
If I was 70-80 years old this SUV would be perfect. Otherwise..... YUCK!!!!
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Buick average buying age is 56 years old. Try again.
kao the numberblocks fan 2019
Exterior: 6/10 Interior: 6/10 Quality: 6/10 Practicality: 7/10 Performance: 6/10 Value: 5/10 Overall: 36/60👍
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
@kao the numberblocks fan 2019 the Envlave offers GM's Twin Clutch AWD with torque vectoring. It is actually better than SH-AWD in that it can send 100% to a single wheel while the other three slip and it is more efficient. See the MDX that had to be pushed off the rollers in a one wheel on the ground test. www.extremetech.com/extreme/244191-buick-joins-torque-vectoring-goes-snow-wheel-drive-show
kao the numberblocks fan 2019
@Norm T I agreed that the MDX needs a new design(which is coming) but I disagree that the Buick is a better SUV. The active SH system alone beats out Buicks sluggish handling.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
@kao the numberblocks fan 2019 obviously not. The MDX is old design and people will spend a bit more to get something newer.
kao the numberblocks fan 2019
@Norm T ...the MDX is a better SUV though.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Smoking Acura MDX in sales by about 4,000 units in just a half of a year!
Rolando Garza
Rolando Garza Hace un año
One step backwards
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Smoking Acura MDX in sales by about 4,000 units in just a half of a year!!
uwkram Hace un año
I'm surprised about the complaint regarding storage in the front. There's a giant cubby hole under the center console for storage that he forgot to mention.
moosevfa27 Hace un año
Tested out an Ascent, Pilot, Telluride, Atlas and Acadia before settling on the Enclave. To us the interior felt bigger than the Atlas without the lumbering feel the Atlas had. We ended up with an Avenir with the tech package and towing package for just under 49k. The price discussion is severely misleading as I tracked these for 4 months while never seeing one top out at over 51k. The point being, a fully loaded Telluride was within 3000 of this car, and it provided significantly less cargo space. The Atlas has questionable fuel economy, with some test putting its average between 17-18. The Pilot simply felt bland, the Subaru was nice, but it didn’t feel spectacular in any way. Bottom line is all of these vehicles sit in the mid to high 40s for the very top trim. And Buick is no different if you actually research the prices within the segment.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
The discounts are very good if you are flexible and can shop prices around the country. We would have looked at the Enclave when we got a 2017 Acadia Limited but the 25% off and HUD won my wife over.
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL Hace un año
Awesome Video Of 2019 Buick Enclave. 😄
Cool Kid
Cool Kid Hace un año
My neighbor just got one of these and it really is a good looking vehicle.
minicooper618 Hace un año
Interior color is hideous. Like the new design but will the Buick Enclave offer the same quality as the Honda Pilot? I seriously doubt it.
So No
So No Hace un año
Really, a car for the price of a house? What shitheads!
oldtwins na
oldtwins na Hace un año
Needs more low end torque to move it forward at stop signs without causing a scene in the cabin.
Ale T
Ale T Hace un año
I test drove it. I come from a V8 M3 so I have heavy foot. I tested the gearing/paddles from first gear at a stop and floored it to realize how hillarious the car's traction control would kick in instantly to protect granny
Daven Duckworth
Daven Duckworth Hace un año
you're being too critical! I can't learn in peace. Comparisons are good, but this video has too many comparisons! You're giving too much to consider. I know more about the Chevy Blazer than the Buick thanks to this video and that's not what I'm here to learn about
Johnny Rocket
Johnny Rocket Hace 10 meses
I absolutely agree. This was a comparison test without the others present for comparison. I understand rating the vehicle overall compared to the segment in conclusion, but geez...
RgQban G.
RgQban G. Hace un año
You can get a BMW X5 for that price of this crap
Mitchell Permenter
Mitchell Permenter Hace 9 meses
RgQban G. BMWS suck.
Noah Epstein
Noah Epstein Hace un año
Love the reviews! Any plans to review the 2020 Mercedes GLE? Thanks!
Ale T
Ale T Hace un año
uh, just get a regular 2016 GL450, not that crossover garbage
Rocco Sophie
Rocco Sophie Hace un año
"Kind of resembles a Mazda." Hmmm, wonder why? This is a grotesque global rip off of the original. People, check out it's ratings. It's just another globalized loser.
dygardion 91
dygardion 91 Hace un año
Take the badges off and it blends in and is not really an individual
Patrick Boyd
Patrick Boyd Hace un año
I'am sorry i wouldn't be caught dead in a Buick unless it's giving to me for free.
kais295 Hace un año
Kinda dumb that they don't add all those tech features on the highest trim.. gm is all about money, they wanna make you pay for everything, use cheap plastics.. while other companies make safety features standard on even the base trim. And they offer more technology on even the mid trim for less
Adrien Hace un año
What the hell is Buick ; never heard about that brand XP
Emil P
Emil P Hace un año
Like the look of it and was going to get this but they priced it too high. Going with a Kia Telluride.
Viquh Hace un año
If anyone is interested in this vehicle please contact me if you are in the Maryland/Nova area so we can set up an appointment. I work for King Buick GMC. contact me at nruiz@kingauto.com
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