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Buick's 2019 Enclave is a seven-passenger SUV that aims for those family-hauler shoppers with premium taste looking for the lux life. Completely redesigned inside and out, with new tech and safety features, improved cargo space, the Enclave is powered by a 3.6-liter V6 with a 9-speed automatic transmission. But does all that add up to American luxury? Micah Muzio of Kelley Blue Book will let you know at the end of this video.
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15 oct 2018






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Dozan Riki
Dozan Riki Hace un mes
Buick:For mock me u get 3 gt? Damn
JD Diggy
JD Diggy Hace 2 meses
How about that Genesis GV80.
1fnfigi Hace 2 meses
Again just like Cadillac,buick needs to distance its self from GM, GM cuts too many corners on their premium and luxury branches which is a shame for such a pretty SUV
DjiDash Hace 3 meses
I rented this car for a week. Don't do it. It's a trap. Even a CX-9 would blow it in literally every way
tundralou Hace 3 meses
No auto up-on the drivers window just the beginning of anGM car complaint-armrest weird -oh yeah we really need a symbol on the dash for buying stuff.I didnt hear if it had the auto shutoff cancel switch(piece of expensive junk on any car)
Z Ye
Z Ye Hace 6 meses
It's not a bad SUV, just has nothing to do with luxury
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Welcome the Consumer Reports segment leader Buick Enclave!
I really like this Buick. Had Toyota and others Japanese vehicle’s. Gonna go buy me one .
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Leads the segment in luxury 3-row according to Consumer Reports.
DWK ENTINC Hace 8 meses
entertaining and to the point, good overview
Eric Zetterlund
Eric Zetterlund Hace 10 meses
A: Buick are ugly B: OMG why do people complain about pushing a button to unlock the doors? Give me a break C: 2nd row bench sucks, I much prefer the captains chairs. This guy is on crack to be so out of this world
Julius McDow
Julius McDow Hace 10 meses
Micah: Hello, Hello, HELLO! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm so easily amused it's pitiful lol
jmbaker3 Hace 10 meses
Agree on the interior dash chrome trim alignment problem. Right in front of your face too. Come on GM.
jflow08 Hace 11 meses
Premium Life 😅
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Consumer Reports segment leader!
Pastor Johnson
Pastor Johnson Hace 11 meses
It is so obvious this reviewer is working for another auto manufacturer
Jake Holtz
Jake Holtz Hace un año
3 of him is a layer of hell
ambsgirl1 Hace un año
so does it have the handle sensors?
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
With the button on each door handle it is only natural to reach the button first before the handle and by the time you pull on the handle the locks are unlocked without delay.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
No, you press a button on the handle.
Colton85 Hace un año
Ok kbb time for a new host!
Momma Haillie
Momma Haillie Hace un año
How do you deactivate the start/stop feature?
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace 7 meses
@Norm T Yes, unfortunately that's true.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Porter yeah, but then you have the light on the dash saying hood is open.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace 7 meses
@Norm T Just disconnecting the sensor is much easier than opening and closing the hood every day.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
@D. Porter you could pop the hood before starting eveey morning and once started close the hood and it won't interrupt. A $139 plug in module is available which is just a timed relay. We have two cars with stop/start and don't mind it. But my wife doesn't like it the AC stopping on hot days so she cranks it cold and lowers fan speed and it wasn't stop the engine at stops.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
Disconnect the hood latch sensor or connect the hood latch sensor to an aftermarket disabling device.
brixtonwa Hace un año
Arthur Ramalho
Arthur Ramalho Hace un año
What is wrong with this guy? The new Enclave is beautiful, bigger, lighter, faster, better fuel economy and very nice to drive. Besides everything the price is not bad at all if we compare with the other luxury 7 passengers SUVs
lil spice
lil spice Hace un año
That’s exactly what I was thinking
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL
YoshiFTW BoshiFTL Hace un año
Nice Review Of 2019 Buick Enclave. 😁
Jorey Asmus
Jorey Asmus Hace un año
What just happened to that water bottle 2:34 😂
John Sluder
John Sluder Hace un año
This is one of them stupid reviews I run from.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
John Sluder
John Sluder Hace un año
The older Enclaves are nicer. I hate almost every new cars looks today.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
I do like the older ones too. But the Avenir is sharp!
Coco Taveras
Coco Taveras Hace un año
Would any owner recommend one?
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
@D. Porter they dinged 2018-2019 Traverse and Enclave for clunking transmission but I believe it was the clutch packs breaking in for fuel economy. Once broken in they must be shifting better.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace 7 meses
@Norm T Awesome.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
@D. Porter Currently Consumer Reports No. 1 luxury crossover with 3-rows for 2020!
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
I've owned my 2019 for 7 months now and would recommend it. It lacks a few minor features as pointed out in the review, but the interior space, ride, and handling are very nice.
Trainguy1717 IRL
Trainguy1717 IRL Hace un año
I really want to see this thing go 170 mph
wurly164 Hace un año
This guy is so annoying
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Christopher McGilton
How about Lincoln being a competitor?
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Consumer Reports has Emclave rated at 76 while the Lincoln is 72 for Aviator and 63 for Nautilus.
minimechicago Hace un año
2018-19 enclave’s exterior has no personality, no identity. Just a big failure, ever noticed the new enclave’s sale is very disappointing, worse than the previous model? According to Buick, everything inside is improved dramatically; then it is arguably the new exterior styling which hurts the sale. To make Enclave great again, just simply bring back the old styling. I won’t ever buy 18-19 model, instead I’ll buy older model used, just for its exterior styling.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Consumer Reports 2020 Enclave best in segment.
Gervonnie Jones
Gervonnie Jones Hace un año
The previous model had better exterior styling an better interior styling this model while nice just seems generic
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
It is very ovid but Avenir looks sharp!
Rochelle Rochelle
Rochelle Rochelle Hace un año
This was a fantastic review. You are quite entertaining...and informative. Awesome!
Dexo Hace un año
The enclave is going to buy this
d945 gcl
d945 gcl Hace un año
Look masculine though 👍
K C Hace un año
The 2013 Ford C-Max I used to have came standard with auto up and down on all 4 windows.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
4:14 - The 2019 does NOT allow deactivation of the annoying and worthless stop/start system.
Xavier Gutiérrez
Xavier Gutiérrez Hace un mes
D. Porter what about the 2020?
mukund prabhune
mukund prabhune Hace un año
Can you review Cadillac Escalade
Kevin G
Kevin G Hace un año
This car would be a rent a car and even that’s an over statement. A luxury rent a car.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Consumer Reports says it is best in segment gor 2020.
eaz54 Hace un año
@1:21 is that a subtle Straight Pipes shout out?
Yohanson Hace un año
Great review love this guy! Enclave isn’t worth the price though, honestly id just wait for the 2020 Ford Explorer
Jim Brown
Jim Brown Hace un año
Annoying review
E K Hace un año
This KBB team is awesome
Larry Hace un año
Well the seats in the 2019 Enclave aren’t any different than the ones in our 2016 Enclave, very uncomfortable, very hard and stiff, no cushion in them, like sitting on boards wrapped in leather…..My Ford F150 has nicer more comfortable seats , more cushion too. Try finding some seats that were in the 2008 Buick Lucerne, then you’ll have nice interior.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Our Encore seats were OK. The Verano was the best of them all and better than my Saab's. Envision was OK for leather seats but small. The cloth seats in our Regal TourX are really good. I didn't like the leather seats in the TourX.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
Agreed. Unfortunately my Enclave has the most uncomfortable front, middle, and rear seats of any vehicle I've ever sat in.
Larry Adams
Larry Adams Hace un año
This is our fifth Buick, and they are getting cheaper all the time, very uncomfortable, it's really bad when a pickup has a better ride than the car....LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
Leveraged Hace un año
Ill wait for the Palisade
byron Rideaux
byron Rideaux Hace un año
this car gets a lot of publicity on Black-ish
Corey Adams
Corey Adams Hace un año
The previous enclave was a bit more better looking, this gen. looks anonymous a bit dry.
RemixerUltimate Hace 3 meses
I like the fact that the tailgate isn't so...round. I definitely prefer this design.
Terry Jones
Terry Jones Hace un año
Switch the rear view mirror to camera mode and you can see everything behind you... and you won't see the head rests on the rear seats.
James Dennis
James Dennis Hace un año
Another overpriced gas hog SUV. Of course there are dumbasses out there who will drop big money on one. But hey, there are enough fools who will spend about $100,000 an an Escalade.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
Idiotic statement. If you need to transport 6-7 people and their gear, and tow something more than a few hundred pounds, you have to get a vehicle capable of doing so, and that generally means getting an SUV, which, according to the laws of physics, requires the vehicle to be larger, weigh more, cost more, and have a more powerful engine which uses more fuel. A Boeing 767 is much larger and uses way more fuel than a Cessna 172, but everyone understands, except for morons like you, that things are designed differently depending on their intended use.
Chey Meow
Chey Meow Hace un año
Very very nice vehicle
ed Morse
ed Morse Hace un año
Just saw a couple of your videos and a great job! Do you think you could do one on the Lexus 450h sport? Thanks
Bob Knott
Bob Knott Hace un año
My new fav auto reviewer!
jwatwater Hace un año
Wait. No auto up window function? In 2018? What???
Custer Winhelm
Custer Winhelm Hace un año
“Is you’re video feed working”?
Carlo Garcia
Carlo Garcia Hace un año
Nice Stooges reference Micah!
J CR Hace un año
I have a 2013 Enclave and it still looks and drives like new today. The CVT has plenty of pickup and passing power. Also, the suspension is buttery soft and it had the best seats I’ve ever rode on in an automobile. If the prior generation is any indication, the new Enclave is worth the money.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
We like the ride quality of the 2017 Enclave but it was only 25% off. We got 33% off on a GMC Acadia Limited which has HUD and basically a Denali minus the chrome.
Jameson Mower
Jameson Mower Hace un año
No auto window? No sensors? And a cheap sounding sunroof? This is a genuinely disappointing car for $58,000, especially for Buick.
Nicholas Failla
Nicholas Failla Hace un año
Please review the Subaru Accent
justen ramirez Lackey
Shouldn’t AWD come standard???
Cavallier Bus
Cavallier Bus Hace un año
The car is wonderful, but the sunroof shades should move backwards smoothly, not like a toy run on chord.
Hoder Harris
Hoder Harris Hace un año
Have been a fan of this channel but it seems to me the snarky meter is now more than i can take. Dial it back a bit and spend more time giving us a smart, entertaining review. It feels as if you guys would rather be anywhere but reviewing this car.
Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson Hace un año
Hoder Harris exactly what I thought. One of the worst reviews I’ve ever seen. That guy is extremely annoying. All he did was complain
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Hoder Harris I agree!
Juan Buquet Blumenfeld
The rear of this car looks ugly like a 2009 Hyundai Veracruz. The steering wheel still looks outdated.
R L Hace un año
Not one, not two but three Micahs. Just to much to much. I'm overheating here.
Christopher McGilton
Don't forget the Lincoln family of vehicles, the Navigator and the MKT
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
@Christopher McGilton the 2020 Buick Enclave is ranked best in the segment by Consumer Reports.
Christopher McGilton
Absolutely. I own a 2018 MKT and love it.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Christopher McGilton MKT...they still sell those? Th re Navigator competes with Yukon and Escalade in a larger, body on frame segment.
Lenwood Cruze
Lenwood Cruze Hace un año
This is just too much....I can clearly see why todays driver is soo isolated,soo disconnected from the driving experience while I look at you review this... Todays driver is lazy.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
This is a 7-passenger car. Not many offer driving excitement.
Kiran C
Kiran C Hace un año
I can't get pass trim mismatch, at this price, who at GM let it pass design phase..
Ricky Logan Jr.
Ricky Logan Jr. Hace un año
Hi Micah 😄, will you review the 2019 Volvo S60? Please. Your review of the Enclave was great and funny. You have an infectious personality that makes you very likeable. In your vid reviews you are completely you, and that what makes your reviews so awesome.
Brother Dre'
Brother Dre' Hace un año
Wait until next year after the leases up and buy one for 20 grand 😁😁😂😂🤣
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
The Avenir top trim is low $40's today. So half price in 3 years is not too bad.
Brother Dre'
Brother Dre' Hace un año
It's a GM product ..... nuff said 😏😏
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Top ranked in segment js the 2020 Buick Enclave according to Consumer Reports.
Aayonce Hace un año
I don’t see this fairing well against the competition.. it screams Uber X
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
But in 2020 the Buick Enclave is ranked No. 1 in segment according to Consumer Reports.
Chris Tudor
Chris Tudor Hace un año
Thank you for talking about the cheap sunroof shades, Micah!
Tech Nova
Tech Nova Hace un año
Buick step your game up a little
Jonathon M
Jonathon M Hace un año
I can’t believe there are still vehicles that don’t have center rear head restraints.
Hot Sauce Benny
Hot Sauce Benny Hace un año
#AnsrMax Blake
#AnsrMax Blake Hace un año
A fully loaded Traverse is the way to go. But this thing is way better looking.
Blake Swan
Blake Swan Hace un año
$58k for that?! No. GM fit and finish is just horrid. Everything is cheap but the price. Chrome plastic is not Premium
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Buick Emclave is the segment leader according to Consumer Reports in 2020.
Turf Surf
Turf Surf Hace un año
One thing I hate about most GM cars is chrome everywhere! Except for the new Cadillacs, they got the best interiors.
cjtolles05 Hace un año
Too much Mazda in the design.
chltmdwp Hace un año
I would rather get the Lincoln Aviator
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Consumer Reports has the Aviator ranked at 72 while the Enclave at 76.
DuuudeMaaan Hace un año
It’s okay but there’s a LOT of better options for the money, unless you can get this on a good deal or used. Depreciation is a lot on Buick’s.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Not with 25-33% off MSRP
CalienteFrijoles Hace un año
I hadn’t really liked Buick before but this model is pretty cool. I like the infotainment system has Apple CarPlay and the standard look is some negative blue color on the icons. Between this and the GMC Acadia I’m honestly hard pressed
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Good discounts on both as advertised on cars dot com.
Benjamin Francis
Benjamin Francis Hace un año
I just don't see the point of this car. If you want premium there are way better options and the Traverse is arguably better styled and far cheaper.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Plus the Enclave is ranked No. 1 in segment according to Consumer Reports.
D. Porter
D. Porter Hace un año
The point is that it has 3 usable rows of seating and still has the most cargo space behind the 3rd row of any CUV. Unfortunately every other competitor is smaller, has less leg room, and has less cargo space, so for a family the Enclave is the only option since the Traverse doesn't include many of the Enclave's amenities and options.
battycowboy Hace un año
Hum it looks like he enjoyed those vibes .....
J W Hace un año
Anyone else think that the Auto-Stop thing should be standard (with On/Off option) on every vehicle? I can't imagine all the smog emitted while in traffic/stop-lights/drive-thru. Thoughts?
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
We have to cars with it and it's not bad at all. You get used to it as the GM auto stop start is very smooth.
whatever you want
whatever you want Hace un año
The inside seats and floor and trunk look almost the same as my wifes 2010 Chevy traverse
Lawrence Hace un año
The refinement in the CX-9 doesn't compare to the Enclave. We had a chance to test drive both back to back at a auto show. The engine in the CX-9 lacks power for a large car and the engine noise is intrusive at high rpm.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
The Enclave is very nice!
B Robertson
B Robertson Hace un año
Overpriced crapola..
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Top ranked in segment according to Consumer Reports.
Shawn Childs
Shawn Childs Hace un año
I honestly hate that GM makes the Traverse, Enclave, and Acadia all on the same platform. I drove each of the last gens today at work and they all drove exactly the same and had the exact same issues and shared so many of the same interior parts. It’s ridiculous.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
The 2017 Acadia is much smaller than Traverse and Enclave. We have a 2017 Acadia Limited the last of the big ones and it rises ok but the 2017 Enclave was much quieter and smoother in too trims.
Arman Pabla
Arman Pabla Hace un año
would rather get a cx-9
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
Mazda is a tinbox compared to this.
drea177cha5er Hace un año
I feel buick really has been doing good stuff quietly- we got one of those small ones the encore and its surprising how quiet and comfortable it is. Sure its as slow as molasses rolling down a glacier but its nice to just be comfortable sometimes
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
We love our Buicks too! A notch abaove the economy Japanese brands but priced much lower if you shop.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
That $58,000 Avenir is much less than a $62,000 MDX is now $44-46K or about 25% off MSRP.
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Largest cargo capacity of all crossovers ....well except Traverse.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
@Ryan Littleton the roof slows more in the Enclave styling so it has slightly less than Traverae.
Ryan Littleton
Ryan Littleton Hace un año
@Norm T I understand that, but why does the Enclave have less cargo capacity than the Traverse?
Norm T
Norm T Hace un año
Ryan Littleton Enclave and Traverse share the same platform.
Ryan Littleton
Ryan Littleton Hace un año
Why is it less?
Tyler Beeson
Tyler Beeson Hace un año
You can get a loaded Lexus RX350L, a Q7 (kinda base tho), MDX, and more for this money. No auto up down for all 4 windows as $58k? You’re joking. Very chintzy and cheap. Love the design, but man are they ripping you off. Plus they don’t hold their value too well.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
But these are discounted to low $40's which none of those can be had for that price. The Enclave is ranked best in segment in Consumer Reports rankings.
Bo Han
Bo Han Hace un año
If only the Acura MDX can have this interior...
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
MDX isn't even recommended by Consumer Reports while the Enclave ranks best in segment.
ldawson103 Hace un año
This is too much money for a Buick.
Lawrence Hace un año
@4:38 The Enclave has a rear view display in the mirror and that would totally eliminate the issue. My friend loves that function.
Ryan Frisby
Ryan Frisby Hace un año
Howdy, great review!
Drew Dude
Drew Dude Hace un año
Megan Markle is pregnant
Jo's Gateway
Jo's Gateway Hace un año
Watch Micah's video after a nasty day and you'll feel happy again. The honour is beyond this world. Lol
krazy bzs
krazy bzs Hace un año
i agree with Micah's evaluation of this vehicle . Micah can do no wrong .luv ya bro !
Ali Erikenoglu
Ali Erikenoglu Hace un año
This car is garbage. Any of its competition is a quantum leap better. At the risk of sounding redundant, this car is garbage. Finally, if one considers the resale value of this poor excuse for a vehicle... you are screwed yet again.
Norm T
Norm T Hace 7 meses
You so wrong! Consumer Reports rated the Enclave best in segment in 2020.
saltine cracker
saltine cracker Hace un año
That car is was too chintzy to cost almost $60,000
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