2020 Duramax L5P Engine Revealed

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Gale Banks takes a close look at the new 2020 Duramax L5P. He compares its upgraded parts to those from the current engine. Find out how GM bumped up the HD's towing capacity to a whopping 35,500 lbs.


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9 feb 2019







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DolleHengst Hace 7 días
@ 7:53 Amost a piece of art. Like those old radial airplane engines
I Like pie
I Like pie Hace 29 días
New hardware for us powerstroke people?
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 28 días
Yes, we have our new Derringer and exhaust systems available. We are also developing an intake system for them as well. Check it out:www.bankspower.com/ford67
Adam M
Adam M Hace un mes
what does Mr. Bank think of the 3.0l duramax?
Shlomo 666D Chess Sheckleberg
I wanna see a 2020 duramax deleted! GM claims it will be impossible!
picard Hace un mes
What a brilliant man! The simple fact that the military goes to this guy, is all I'll ever need to know
jeff mercier
jeff mercier Hace un mes
Electric radiator fan? instead of pulling power away from the engine with the pulley way?
Joe Wilson
Joe Wilson Hace un mes
You can add on different external parts but nothing has truly changed on the inside.
Anthony Hace un mes
Got it. Don’t modify the engine or you’ll fuck it up and break the bank fixing it. Get rid of all exhaust stuff and you almost have the most perfect engine/transmission combo around.
Taka Yama
Taka Yama Hace un mes
Amazing how important cooling is.
Charles Lewer
Charles Lewer Hace un mes
This man should be running General Motors. I don't think I'd feel bad about giving him my money. Something's Gotta change in the Big 3. I just can't take pride in vehicle ownership in any of these companies anymore.
Travis Mickelson
Travis Mickelson Hace un mes
This guy is the shit... He knows his stuff.... Dyno the new 2020
Tony Tunnell
Tony Tunnell Hace un mes
I just got to figure out how I can get 80 large by the time this thing comes out.
Mal Walker
Mal Walker Hace 2 meses
HE TALKS THE TALKS AND WALKS THE WALK..............................................
Jogl Mcbuckel
Jogl Mcbuckel Hace 2 meses
That guy needs to tap on more stuff with that pen
Miralem Candic
Miralem Candic Hace 2 meses
This is like motor porn
rob andrae
rob andrae Hace 2 meses
What ever happened to part 3 of your differential cover tests??
Travis Shrewsbury
Travis Shrewsbury Hace 2 meses
Brilliant man,does the diesel industry justice but as a graduate of diesel college in Tennessee I hate the duramax, I'm Cummings all the way, it's the only reason to buy a dodge
Mark Sanders
Mark Sanders Hace 2 meses
I respectfully submit that it’s Cummins brother, not Cummings.
Dick Gozinya
Dick Gozinya Hace 2 meses
Delete that shit!!!!
Adrian Glessner
Adrian Glessner Hace 2 meses
They need more people in the industry like Gale and Elon. They are soo passionate about their work and the way they look at things shines a light, and the presentation of the information is something you can't find anymore.
Eric Buck
Eric Buck Hace 2 meses
Cant beat a Cummins
Robert Polkamp
Robert Polkamp Hace 2 meses
Find a good way to limit the EGR function Mr Banks, it just kills efficiency and durability. I'm all for a cleaner exhaust through DPF but the detriment of EGR can not be denied.
michael smith
michael smith Hace 2 meses
Dude is 77 and is still trying to pull more power! Pretty sick!
MrVegaslive Hace 2 meses
Almost makes me want to convert from gas. I would definitely have to get a yacht just to tow around town if I did that though. Unless I'm towing something just about all day, every day, don't think I'll ever go with diesel less the epa reverts all the BS emissions crap with def and all that mumbo jumbo.
hescominsoon Hace 2 meses
I am curious why they didn't use an electric fan to save on the horsepower loss?
Flies2FLL Hace 2 meses
Flies2FLL Hace 2 meses
"We make big power, but we make it live" As said by someone below, could you please take over GM? You've just spouted the mantra of every Porsche engineer-
Flies2FLL Hace 2 meses
"This is an engine as shipped to the assembly line by the Duramax factory" You meant: "This is an engine as shipped to the assembly line by Isuzu in Japan" right?
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 2 meses
Despite what most people think, Isuzu Motors Ltd. has very little to no design input on the Duramax engines. They co-own a small portion of the D-Max company (the Duramax engine manufacturer) with General Motors, but it's now considered a past venture according to them from design to engineering. The Duramax engines are built right here at home in Dayton, OH. Check it out: www.dmaxengines.com/
George Strickland
George Strickland Hace 2 meses
last time i checked the engine was built in ohio at a plant owned jointly by the General and isuzu
Shawn Hace 2 meses
To bad the trucks not worth it 5k just to be able to tune these things
Boss 302
Boss 302 Hace 2 meses
I bet the head gaskets are already blown and the crankshaft is already broken on those durascraps.
Boss 302
Boss 302 Hace 2 meses
@Flies2FLL ya but it's true.
Flies2FLL Hace 2 meses
I'm a Ford man myself but that comment is just rude.
Robert Donovan
Robert Donovan Hace 2 meses
You need to be president of the USA tell EPA to screw off I like simple diseal truck gale banks 2020 president
350toocute Hace 2 meses
I wonder if Gm is still using the Isuzu motor named Duramax 2020?
Flies2FLL Hace 2 meses
paquitos hammer
paquitos hammer Hace 2 meses
They gotta start building transmission
matthew steadman
matthew steadman Hace 2 meses
Sal Testa
Sal Testa Hace 2 meses
This guy is Awesome
alcatel device
alcatel device Hace 3 meses
FRIENDS don't let friends drive FORD.
Shadrach Howie
Shadrach Howie Hace 3 meses
I would like to do a Chevy commercial with this guy and and my truck with job trailer that is over 35K GVW
Richard Nowak
Richard Nowak Hace 3 meses
What is the proper break-in procedure for the 2020 Chevy High Country 2500HD, L5P, Allison 10 speed transmission?
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Hace 3 meses
Dry sump next...and better , larger intercooler -- with charge density curves/ ambient ranges that allow more complete , thus higher temp exhaust....and the downstream exhaust may...MAY...BECOME A LESS NOXIOUS PLUME..OK?.
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Hace 3 meses
Peter Lee
Peter Lee Hace 3 meses
Make tougher...parts that function more effectively...longer lifespans of ancillary pollution systems. ..and larger capacities for oil , cooling and lube flows thru coolers...SIMPLE....JUST GONNA COST MORE FOR SUSTAINING POWER LEVELS AND LONGER LIFE.... $$$$$$$$$$$
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 3 meses
Are these still manufactured by Izuzu and imported by GM?
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 3 meses
It's quite the contrary. Despite what most people think, Isuzu Motors Ltd. has very little to no design input on the Duramax engines. They co-own a portion of the D-Max company (the company that makes the engine) with General Motors, but it's now considered a past venture according to them as far as design and engineering. The Duramax engines are built right here at home in Moraine, OH.
Dave P.
Dave P. Hace 3 meses
It’s a joy to see a man that truly loves what he does.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 3 meses
We agree. We love that Gale has fun researching and experimenting. This is the type of energy we as a company thrive on.
Victor Oliveira
Victor Oliveira Hace 3 meses
Will I be able to install a 2020 oil cooler setup on my 2019 I would rather have the larger oil cooler banks don’t fail me now.
Debo89009 Hace 3 meses
Just wish your Banks stuff was affordable... Because when your on SSD (Social Security Disability) you can't afford all the way over priced stuff... And most of the time it's not worth the price... Especially when your just trying to get better MPG... Banks should offer 80% off or better for Handicapped people on SSD as well as Vets!! Then we might be able to put the stuff on to get better MPG, but paying Thousands to gain 1 or 2 MPG we would never get our money back...Make your money off the kids that just want to boost HP and the working class that wants to tow campers better and such... But when you only get $1,500 a month on SSD, spending $6,000. or more just to get a few MPG, just isn't possible for us.... Help us!!
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 3 meses
Thanks for weighing in. We appreciate your comments. A couple thoughts. Our parts are as or more affordable than other manufacturer's offerings because we offer more features, benefits, and quality for the same or less money. If you stack us up against any of the popular brands, you'll see we're relatively the same price, yet with more features. That, in turn, makes Banks a better value. Take the Derringer tuner for example. It's priced lower than the competition and yet it's the only tuner available that connects via OBD-II and has safety features built in. Regarding MPG gain, although we do make a few products that are designed to help increase MPG, it's a much smaller focus. Banks is focused on making more power and fuel economy is often secondary. Finally, our performance parts are not necessary. We have far too much money invested in R&D. Giving away product at half off or greater would prevent us from recouping our R&D dollars, thereby stifling new product development. Bottom line, we love our vets and we aid them in many ways behind the scenes, supporting charitable organizations and much more. And, of course, we do everything we can for those who are disabled. But discounting products is generally not something we do. We find there are better ways to positively impact the lives of those in need. Thanks for reading and supporting Banks!
Steve Wyatt
Steve Wyatt Hace 3 meses
He was forced to do this, to promote the CARB shit. That PCV systems will be "JETSONS" in no time at all
Robert Kohut
Robert Kohut Hace 3 meses
Michael steffen
Michael steffen Hace 3 meses
Continous duty has always been a selling point for me. The best engines have a high rated Continous duty. Now we can pull big equipment over mtns. better. Nice.
Maciej p
Maciej p Hace 4 meses
GM Garbage Motorized
Scott Gregory
Scott Gregory Hace 4 meses
Banks needs to test the 2020 diesels for the “Big 3”.
PaddleDogC5 Hace 4 meses
Another junk oil dripper
DWAYNE Desisto
DWAYNE Desisto Hace 4 meses
Isn't it an Isuzu motor?
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 4 meses
Despite what most people think, Isuzu has little to no design input on the Duramax engines. They co-own a portion of the D-Max company with General Motors, but it is now considered a past venture according to them.
Andrew Crocker
Andrew Crocker Hace 4 meses
EXCELLENT Video Mr. Banks!!! QUESTION: How much of the 2020 L5P "Table parts" can simply be bolted onto the early version L5P's? It seems, depending on spacing, that at least the oil cooler could be if not the fan drive setup as well... Looking forward to the videos about the 2020 L5P as well as how much it takes to "kill" (or shall I say destroy the turbine on) the 2019 L5P engine you have made 3 parts to already. Which by the way I have really enjoyed listening to you explain and talk about. You are right though. Seems like most "tuner kits" are not the way to go. Lastly, If I did anything to my 2018 L5P, it would simply be to delete the DPF and DEF... Seems I woudl regularly get a little better MPG being that the Regeneration process dumps so much extra fuel to clean the DPF. smh. Thank you. Andrew C.
Ahmad Abdallah
Ahmad Abdallah Hace 4 meses
Still an Isuzu engine
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 4 meses
Despite what most people think, Isuzu has little to no design input on the Duramax engines. They co-own a portion of the D-Max company with General Motors, but it is now considered a past venture according to them.
Gary D
Gary D Hace 4 meses
What about adding dual exhaust? I'm sure that will increase Hp too..
Mr Sunshines
Mr Sunshines Hace un mes
Explain the physics behind that idea you moron
AmarilloHorseSports Hace 4 meses
Too bad it's a duracrapper , V8 diesal engines are a thing of the past. I'm doing more with only 6 cylinders, and never had a cooling issue.
david smart
david smart Hace 4 meses
I frigen love this guy! Keep kicking ass Mr Banks. Your what our great country is all about!
Coffee Drinker
Coffee Drinker Hace 4 meses
That is 35000 total including driver and everything in the vehicle. Which in most States Require a CDL.
Charles Pyatt
Charles Pyatt Hace 4 meses
GM needs to offer a "Banks" package so bad !! 👍😎👍
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer Hace 4 meses
I don’t like critiquing anybody, because who am I. I’ve been a technician for years and I understood what he was saying. When it comes to the Oil cooler and then the fan pulley he really sucked at describing why it was better. I understand why it was better but anybody who does not know vehicles or engines not motors will not understand this. The oil cooler, with that coolant coming in low and leaving high creates friction which in turn pulls the heat out of the engine oil. He doesn’t explain that so others won’t understand why that’s a better idea. The fan pulley having ribs on the pole he gives more bite to the belt so there’s less chance of fan slippage on a larger fan. He does a great job with designing and everything else but the man has issues explaining things from what I’m seeing. I’m sure he’s a great guy, I mean no disrespect. Geniuses have issues dealing with people because they don’t know how to explain what they want. Not saying he’s a genius, but he is smart and his explanation sucks.
Hunter Killer
Hunter Killer Hace 4 meses
I said engines, not motors because people call their engine or motor. Motors are electric and engines or mechanical. Just like calling a technician a mechanic. Might as well call a lawyer a cop.
Fermin Retana Meza
Fermin Retana Meza Hace 4 meses
Is great turbo duramaxx
Thomas Hawley
Thomas Hawley Hace 4 meses
Gale banks has forgotten more than I will ever know... what a beauty
Greg Cain
Greg Cain Hace 4 meses
Mr.banks ur a smart man i tell ya
Shane Singleton
Shane Singleton Hace 4 meses
3:20 "We've got one in the dyno cell which i'm going to try to kill. In fact... I'll get there. That's a whole different story, but be watching for those videos!" LOL Love it!
Greg Powell
Greg Powell Hace 4 meses
Gale, I've been curious in the past about the location of the exhaust side and plumbing of the turbo for V engine diesels. I note on your Sidewinder kits in the '80s the turbo is off to the side but Duramax and Powerstrokes are in the valley. Does being off to the side effect egt and is there any concerns about radiant heat on neighbor components in the valley? Just seems kind of odd to put something so hot right there...
Chevrolet makes the best trucks and are the only old trucks you still see on the road unlike Fords and Dodge.
Dan Hillman
Dan Hillman Hace 4 meses
But but but, GM sucks! Right?
Least Trending
Least Trending Hace 4 meses
Old man studders and mumbles so much u cant understand him
2Stroke Diesel Power
Least Trending..... Really??..... All the rest of us here, seem to have had NO trouble hearing And - understanding him whatsoever. I heard and understood Gale with no problem whatsoever.... and my hearing ability in my mid-70s leaves something to be desired.
Josh Goode
Josh Goode Hace 4 meses
The Duramax Diesels have changed the landscape as far as development goes and just raised the ceiling. I have a 2018 L5P on my 3500HD Silverado Dually and I pull a 40 ft. dovetail trailer and have done 45,000 miles in 6 months. I love the engine and I am so glad to have it with that Allison. The only thing to go wrong was a popped glowplug and that's about it. The engine is a monster in stock trim and that sumbitch can pull the freakin sky down. Gale I am interested in knowing though if that 2020 oil cooler set up will work on the 2018 version of the L5P and if there are any clearance issues.
TK93 93
TK93 93 Hace 4 meses
What a fuckin mess of a engine
Eshu Hace 4 meses
am I the only one who thinks this is theraputic to watch?
Austin Atkins
Austin Atkins Hace 4 meses
Great video Gale, keep’m coming sir!
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 4 meses
If you think this was great, wait till you see what we have coming next.
philip dias
philip dias Hace 5 meses
Should have an oil bypass filter as well. Newer emission systems destroy oil with soot and fuel.
philip dias
philip dias Hace 5 meses
Needs a provent or similar air oil separator on the pcv valve
kevin goodrich
kevin goodrich Hace 5 meses
Nice info but today's new tucks just cost to much for the average person. My 1997 works great and it's been paid off for years.
AlaskaErik Hace 5 meses
I thought fan clutches were a relic of the 70s. I wonder why they don't use an electric fan.
Jonathan Nelson
Jonathan Nelson Hace 5 meses
my 2014 pulled 50000 for 2 years the rear end is what couldn't handle it the engine did fine very strong 6.6
It's Me
It's Me Hace 5 meses
He seems like 1 Cool Ass Down to Earth Old White Guy. I would love to spend a day with him.
Bear's End Productions
A truck 8000lb has very little chance of stopping a load 30000lb The load will drive you not the other way around
wlabishler 1
wlabishler 1 Hace 4 meses
@Bear's End Productions stopping is rarely the trouble. A good setup can easily stop itself. Its turning a really heavy load that would be a concern. Brakes do nothing to overcome the inertia when trying to make all that weight change its direction.
Bear's End Productions
@wlabishler 1 even then its dicey
wlabishler 1
wlabishler 1 Hace 4 meses
You really assume they are going to pull a 30k load without trailer brakes? That's a suicidal idea...
Steve Fowler
Steve Fowler Hace 5 meses
81 Prius owners disliked this.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 5 meses
martin joseph
martin joseph Hace 5 meses
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