2020 Duramax L5P Engine Revealed

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Gale Banks takes a close look at the new 2020 Duramax L5P. He compares its upgraded parts to those from the current engine. Find out how GM bumped up the HD's towing capacity to a whopping 35,500 lbs.


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9 feb 2019







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Manuel Vallejo
Manuel Vallejo Hace 12 horas
dude looks sick
Roger Lund
Roger Lund Hace 18 horas
The fact is the last good diesel engine produced by an American company was International Harvester and that engine was the 7.3 L Ford engine. The Japanese have mastered internal combustion engines a long time ago but people still want to say Americans have the know-how to build them the right way. I'm not so sure about that anymore
Roger Lund
Roger Lund Hace 18 horas
I wish people would stop calling this a Duramax engine. I worked for Isuzu for many years and I can tell you that they've been in the diesel business in excess of 70 years. They have generators at the North Pole that have 10000 gallon fuel tanks and they only service them once a year. Bottom line.... don't be embarrassed to call this in a Izuzu because that's what it is.
Matt S
Matt S Hace 21 un hora
Wish I could work for this guy. I would never stop learning.
FansSports Hace 2 días
Awesome! That makes my LBZ look like a Cracker Jack toy :\
Nou Moua
Nou Moua Hace 2 días
Like 👍👍👍
Mike Brown
Mike Brown Hace 2 días
Still a fuck Isuzu junker
Alex Naranjo
Alex Naranjo Hace 3 días
Can he adopt me?? I'm looking for a gearhead grandpa to tell me stories when I visit. I dont care if he says the same story twice, I'll take notes!
Steffin Mezger
Steffin Mezger Hace 3 días
roger dodger
roger dodger Hace 3 días
Mr. Banks. Years ago you worked on a modified 454ss truck. A shop truck. I would LOVE to see a video on that thing.
Wayne Powell
Wayne Powell Hace 3 días
Excellent as always Gale. Just sold my old 1986 Ford Dually with the 6.9 and your turbo & exhaust and not one lick of trouble after all the years of heavy towing. Premium engineering and products. Nicely done once again Mr. Banks.My bucket list is looking at the Cummins/Ram combo if I ever achieve that mark. Continued success going forward. Thanks for sharing this great video.
Lightchaserphoto Hace 4 días
Great video how does the l5p compared to the 2020 versions for ram and ford?
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford Hace 4 días
Now if I only had a spare 100grand to buy the truck n send it to Banks....
NakedDave100 Hace 4 días
Just another pos ISUZU engine built for GM!!
jose Rodriguez
jose Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Shit for real???? Why when ford comes up with something new chevy GM copies right up???? Ford announced 7.3 couple months ago and now chevy lol haha
K.C.'s RC
K.C.'s RC Hace 3 días
Are you fucking stupid?
Kurt Hace 4 días
I love your passion and knowledge Mr. Banks, thank you for sharing !
ThePolandball Hace 4 días
Just subscribed, looking forward to diving into this content. This guy is an engineer's engineer.
Jennifer Abraham
Jennifer Abraham Hace 4 días
Did anyone notice the Duramax funny car. 10 years ago it had a cummins. Not any more
Jeff Caldwell
Jeff Caldwell Hace 5 días
I've been following Gale Banks since the beginning, I'm 66 Y.O. I had a 1992 Ford F-350 Crew Cab with the 7.3 International Powerstroke and wished I could afford the Banks upgrades. If I ever have another diesel, it will definitely be Banks modified. Sir, you are a genius.
navy Guy
navy Guy Hace 5 días
Gale is an absolute legend, first book i bought as an apprentice grease monkey was his how to turbo small blocks and that was 40 years ago, but father time is catching up with all of us. Long live banks power
c9j9RT Hace 5 días
Gale - I subscribed. I would pretty much jump off a cliff if you told me to.
david morrill
david morrill Hace 5 días
Live it up boys and girls the "greenies"want to put you on public transportation
ViiV Creations
ViiV Creations Hace 5 días
GM is managing their stuff so bad i wont buy any of their garbage until they get new CEOs. Ford is doing everything right nowdays...LOVE this Dmax but....thats THE ONLY GOOD THING THEY OFFER LOL! the body and technology and price are complete garbage
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Hace 5 días
If your going to tow, you need torque not horsepower, GM torque converters and transmissions need the improvement.
Fire Fox
Fire Fox Hace 5 días
The Durashit
roger lopez
roger lopez Hace 5 días
Are those duramax diesel still made on China like all the rest of the older duramax diesel engines?
steveman513 Hace 4 días
The 6.6L Duramax is built in Ohio and has been since its introduction in 2001.
HorsepowerTube Hace 5 días
You the man Gale. Looking forward to your Dyno series.
Monette Fowler
Monette Fowler Hace 5 días
why is it not an electric fan ?
603Machines Hace 6 días
What happens during Tow laws and GVW during all this????
Avg Murican
Avg Murican Hace 6 días
He suggested, I subscribed.
Doug C
Doug C Hace 6 días
If I was to buy a diesel, this is the guy I'm getting go fast parts from. My buddy bought a package for his Ford 6.0. what a difference. Yes it still had the egr cooler problems that 6.0 are know for, but it was not the banks kit fault.
Howard Stern
Howard Stern Hace 6 días
You are the man gale banks,best knowledge in the diesel business. Would love to visit your shop.
jokrj Hace 6 días
Gale lookin OLD!
fleurys2 Hace 6 días
This video made me subscribe... I like this guy ! can't wait to see the rest...
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 5 días
Stay tuned for more content that we are releasing this spring and early summer.
What ever happened to the differential cover testing conclusion?
Timothy Thompson
Timothy Thompson Hace 6 días
I had the honor of meeting Gale when he toured our DMAX plant. One of the most down to earth people I have ever met. I’m proud to be building the L5P and our previous generations of Duramax Engines and getting to watch Gale turn them into complete monsters.
Tree Hace 6 días
Pa... Pa... is that you? Please adopt me and be my daddy!😝✌🏼
dazzleyd Hace 6 días
Makan Tahi
Makan Tahi Hace 6 días
it looked like hot v but is not
J M Hace 6 días
I could watch this guy explain all the technical details of a Leaf blower no problem!!
ken cohagen
ken cohagen Hace 6 días
Can GM really do this, reliably? In 1977 they couldn't make a motor for the Vega/Monza lived longer than the 30,000 mile warranty. My Mother's car had 3 engines in in in 11 months. My folks got their full purchase price back via the Lemon Law in AZ, not an easy thing to do. To see GM doing much more is laughable. Sorry, but after 20 yrs in the Auto Parts field, most of it in management of Engine Remanufacturers. I worked with most of the parts manufacturers in business from 1978 to 1998. There were a lot of confessions from ex GM employees that came to light in those days. Gale Banks is THE MAN when it comes to beefing up the impossible, but it's still hard for me to have any faith in GM, when a classmate of mine who worked for GMAT the proving grounds in Mesa AZ got screwed by his own company because GM fucked up up the oil distribution on their cast iron LSBlocks for their LS truck blocks in 2000. Maybe they figured out how to make their motors live on the cheap after all theses years, but they've done everything on the cheap! Because of the problems my folks had, not only on the 77 Monday, but also on the 81 Citation which they bought a few years later, ill never own a GM product. The funny thing is, when they bought their Monza they could have bought a Cosworth Vega, or an AMC Hornet in the same class of cars they were looking at, and either one would have. Lasted much, much longer. The Cosworth Vega could have brought them a handsome return down the road if they had kept it up, and the Hornet was good for well over 150,000 miles. Not as great an MPG as the other manufacturers 4 cylinder offerings, but much more reliable. But who listens to a kid in High School. Still, a Hornet Hatchback with a 401 would kick ass today if they had bought one! Lol
tlt40s&w 70
tlt40s&w 70 Hace 6 días
Banks is the the Diesel God and the Duramax is a sweet engine. Cummins are good engines but no match to the Dmax. Ford is about 15 years behind in Diesel technology. The ford guys think they have it all lmao. Yes Dmax had problems in the LB7 engines and the LLY was not that much of a upgrade either. Duramax got their shit together with the LMM engine. Dmax engines with the Allison trans is a bullet proof combination. I love the Duramax and worked on them from their inception. Yes ford sells more because owners trade off every year but it’s a fact that GM owners keep their trucks longer. I’ve had my GMC since new 2011. I just picked up a 1ton Doolly with the Duramax and she is a keeper as well.
squidreuel Hace 17 horas
i cant afford any of it, ill just keep my old 12 valve.
Mike C.
Mike C. Hace 3 días
+Nick Nadeau Why? Cuz YOU say so? OK
Nick Nadeau
Nick Nadeau Hace 4 días
Cummins is no match for the durajunk what the hell are you smoking ? Cummins is the greatest deisel ever period !
tim vanderlinde
tim vanderlinde Hace 5 días
I can’t wait for the dick measuring contest between ford and ram now that 1k ft/lbs has been reached. I’m glad gm just proves it’s prowess in the real world instead of upping the competition by 10 ft/lbs.
rockriver15 Hace 6 días
Way to much shit on the motor I'll stick with my lmm.
Rey Vegas
Rey Vegas Hace 6 días
“I got a pair of them of them here to show u” 😂😂😂
Almedin Hace 6 días
Jesus dude, this engine is complicated as hell, ill keep my cummins thank you very much
Marks Alot
Marks Alot Hace 6 días
Basically convoluted...... 🤣😉😳🤔
Cory McDonald
Cory McDonald Hace 6 días
Can’t wait to see your future videos of what that new motor can take
dieselfreak Hace 6 días
Banks doesn’t make big power. Industrial Injection does
Woot woot 🇺🇸🍾
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Hace 6 días
motor is way too complex. isuzu garbage. real junk.
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Hace 6 días
duramax. LOL real jap junk. who the hell would buy a truck with an isuzu V-8 diesel in it? only an idiot would. cummins. end of story.
No Regrets
No Regrets Hace 6 días
Why is Banks so much more invested in Duramax than Powerstroke and Cummins?
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 5 días
We love all diesel engines regardless of the manufacture. We're not necessarily invested in Duramax more, but the reason why we have more content on the Duramax right now is because of the jump start from our military programs.
Nathan Mohler
Nathan Mohler Hace 6 días
If there were a dash panel attached the engine light would already be on. Sitting there you can hear the engine tick
Toby Williams
Toby Williams Hace 6 días
If that damn turbo goes out it'd be a bitch!
Sam C
Sam C Hace 6 días
Thumbs up for Gale! We need more new guys with the knowledge and respect for mechanics that he has
Danny Williams
Danny Williams Hace 6 días
Gm playing the behind game with ford and ram as usual !!! Engine might be great but the rest of the truck will be crap ! Can't wait to see this truck pull reviews !!!!
paul white
paul white Hace 7 días
good to see they have such a man doing the testing
John Williamson
John Williamson Hace 7 días
Field stripped.... Mr. Bank's probably a shooter.
wzrubicon Hace 7 días
More GM junk from a company kept alive by the taxpayers, to this day. GM and Chrysler should have been on the scrap heap of Auto Manufacturers.
Bird Man
Bird Man Hace 7 días
How do you do advertising and marketing for a guy that blows it out of the water himself, incredible. 👊👍😎
Cecil Hoak
Cecil Hoak Hace 7 días
Still junk
Hector De Anda
Hector De Anda Hace 7 días
Gale, what type/brand of oil do you guys use in the Duramaxes and why? I’d like to know the lubrication weapon of choice at Banks Power ⚙️🔧...thanks in advance.
Elizabeth Buttler
Elizabeth Buttler Hace 7 días
Gale - What's planned obsolescence looking like these days? With planned obsolescence and a profit based industry I'm surprised these new engines can handle any boost at all.
Jason Ricci
Jason Ricci Hace 7 días
This guy is pure AWESOME....
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Hace 7 días
Mr Banks isnt it fun as an inventor to learn something new ? :-)
Jorge Kazachek
Jorge Kazachek Hace 7 días
6.6duramax is a Japanese engine "ISUZU"
j moore
j moore Hace 7 días
What the hell .....Its 2019 and Durmax still love to slap a hot turbo ontop of the engine to hurt its thermal efficiencie
Gabe.LB7 Hace 7 días
5:13 Scary runaway situation
RODley Pumpkins
RODley Pumpkins Hace 7 días
Gale is a legend.
Ricky Roan
Ricky Roan Hace 7 días
Great information....very educational....Thanks Sir.
BundysGarage Hace 7 días
Great job Banks! Keep it up.
Alpha Force
Alpha Force Hace 7 días
I don't think that a current L5P would suffer any mechanical failure towing 35K lbs, so all of these "reliability upgrades" seem unnecessary. There aren't multitudes of L5P trucks breaking down from 'inadequate oil cooling'. Seems to me like this is 'change for the sake of change' that isn't going to translate into any real world benefits...but higher truck costs and higher repair costs are assured.
Miroslaw Mitera
Miroslaw Mitera Hace 7 días
Im ganna kill a duramax.....and i will get there. Lmao you sir are a legend. Keep them coming!!
jon maciel
jon maciel Hace 7 días
Someone get this man on the front seat of gm industries
A Sayler
A Sayler Hace 7 días
Nothing beats a guru!
D Gibson
D Gibson Hace 7 días
Excellent video Mr. Banks. Now if GM could get them too RE GEN less the particulate filter
Chris R
Chris R Hace 7 días
Gail Banks is the man. Him and Trump are making America great again.
Steffin Mezger
Steffin Mezger Hace 3 días
Trump 2020
svt89 Hace 5 días
Gail banks for president after trump leaves on his second term 😎
Simple Af
Simple Af Hace 5 días
No it’s just him not trump
_King_E _
_King_E _ Hace 6 días
No just him not trump
jody gucwa
jody gucwa Hace 7 días
Don't forget to tell people about your 70% restocking charge. And that if any thing they purchase from you is missing parts. your sales guys will tell the customer to bad. The missing parts are old school any ways.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 7 días
That is not our policy. If you had a poor experience in the past, we sincerely apologize. That's not who we are as a company today. Missing or freight-damaged parts are FedEx'd without question or hesitation.
Sean Garvey
Sean Garvey Hace 7 días
My god, don’t die on us🤣🤙
dsruddell Hace 8 días
we all talk smack about banks... mostly price. well time is money. and proper research is time and money. im not a banks snob but these videos show you how much thought goes into them
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 7 días
We "all" talk smack? So, you're admitting you've been a hater for years. 🤣 It's strange that people don't complain about the price for a Rolex, Ferarri or ARP hardware. We put as much R&D into our equipment as they do and about double our next closest competitors. Always have. So, if and when we're more expensive, the consumer should know why. R&D is expensive. It takes smart engineers to make the best products and smart engineers don't come cheap, nor should they. 👍
Joseph Matarese
Joseph Matarese Hace 8 días
I worked on duramax engines and they sucked to work on. Every thing was buried under the hood . And the emissions devices failed pretty regularly . When the head gaskets failed it was an act of God to fix them . And there could be any one of 3 different gaskets. I don't need or want a diesel . That being said I watch these videos any ways .
Joseph Matarese
Joseph Matarese Hace 7 días
I left the auto industry . It was becoming a nightmare . GM products are of poor quality and reliability .
Edward Lee
Edward Lee Hace 7 días
Joseph Matarese Welcome to the modern diesel.
Phillip Patterson
Phillip Patterson Hace 8 días
I want to see y’all mess with the new Cummins also, get your opinion and everything!
Phillip Patterson
Phillip Patterson Hace 7 días
Banks Power awesome! Can’t wait!
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 7 días
You're in luck. We'll be working on the new 6.7L right after our DMAX project.
Bear Fulmer
Bear Fulmer Hace 8 días
I love all these videos thanks Gale.
Lots of good updates from GM, sadly only 10% of the trucks will actually make use of those updates. The other 90% of trucks will only see short trips to and from the grocery store or work. The block heater looks identical to early 5.3 LS truck block heaters.
Michael Shick
Michael Shick Hace 8 días
Really looking forward to the test and iteration process with this engine.
b3877896 Hace 8 días
Derek Swanson
Derek Swanson Hace 8 días
Gale Banks is the Clint Eastwood of diesel engineering. Hope I can meet you in person someday, sir! What about pistons, connecting rods, crank, and bearing caps?
Dale Hace 7 días
That was all covered in the original L5P video that Gale did.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
Jose Falero
Jose Falero Hace 8 días
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
Donald Williams Jr
Donald Williams Jr Hace 8 días
D-Max is just the better engine
joshiemerr Hace 8 días
That diff cover tho
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
We are road testing and trailer testing our diff covers right now.
Wayne Swicegood
Wayne Swicegood Hace 8 días
Smogged out nightmare...
IrishSavage87 Hace 8 días
Someone tell hime that’s an Isuzu
Bradley Rotterman
Bradley Rotterman Hace 4 días
+steveman513 That's the about the only thing Made In USA...
steveman513 Hace 4 días
+Bradley Rotterman What about the block? Its cast at the Defiance Foundry in Defiance, Ohio.
Bradley Rotterman
Bradley Rotterman Hace 7 días
It is an Isuzu Diesel...Isuzu's design...to Isuzu Parts Made In Japan...& Then The Parts Are Flown Over To The Ohio Plant Where "They're Built"...
Brian Shull
Brian Shull Hace 8 días
+Banks Power The plant is about 20 miles from my front door!
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
The 6.6-liter Duramax is a joint venture between GM and Isuzu and produced in Moraine, Ohio.
Johnny Lowjack
Johnny Lowjack Hace 8 días
GM still running a Jap diesel......Powerstroke all the way.
Bradley Rotterman
Bradley Rotterman Hace 7 días
Still A Jap Diesel...
Jason Harrison
Jason Harrison Hace 7 días
Wrong. Duramax is designed and built in the USA. Isuzu joint ventured with GM (DMAX) to design the first version but it has always been built here
conantdog Hace 8 días
Amazing be able to hear this man's experience and current projects. I remember 30 years ago reading a turbocharging book that displayed his work..
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
We have more projects coming out this year. Aside from our Duramax development, we are currently working on our Ford and Cummins programs then, moving on to the baby Duramax (2.8L) later this summer.
John Helbig
John Helbig Hace 8 días
Mr. Banks, lets talk Billet aluminum pulleys!!! All of them! Will this help in faster rev's??? Better mpg's and longer crank life? Iam gonna go out on a true limb here..... i think SO!
TheRockwell25 Hace 8 días
I'm really looking forward to the dyno series.
Blueoyster5 Hace 8 días
I may never own a diesel, but I’ll watch Gail Banks talk about them whenever possible.
Blueoyster5 Hace 7 días
Banks Power oh, no I didn’t mean it that way. I’ve always wanted a diesel truck, just haven’t had a compelling reason to own one. It would be a complete discretionary purchase. Not a bad thing, but not enough of a thing...for now.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
Why not? Diesels are so much fun!
Bobby Miller
Bobby Miller Hace 8 días
Here we go again Gale Banks bragging on General Motors. It gets so old listening to people that think G.M. is the best, I'm sick of my tax dollars always helping them.
Banks Power
Banks Power Hace 8 días
We haven't forgotten about the Cummins engines. We are working on some new Cummins parts including our Derringer tuner.
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 8 días
Bobby Miller yep. I just love how he ignores Cummins......while Cummins dominates the diesel world.
Gary Land
Gary Land Hace 8 días
Thank God for Japan
Gary Land
Gary Land Hace 8 días
Isuzu rules
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