2020 Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8: Here's What You Need to Know!

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( www.TFLcar.com ) A Deep Dive With The New Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8
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5 feb 2019






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Aaron Hermanson
Aaron Hermanson Hace 3 horas
They should make a 7.5L again. lol and a 7.3L diesel.
Jeremy Broderick
Jeremy Broderick Hace 18 horas
GM Making 8.0+L Engine
benjaminwayneb Hace 7 horas
steve s
steve s Hace un día
They made this engine so racers can shove this in a fox body mustang lol and beat the LS engines
josh shafeeq
josh shafeeq Hace un día
put that engine in a mustang then the fun begins
George Hembrow
George Hembrow Hace 2 días
Mustang owners be like!...
antony kolony
antony kolony Hace 2 días
A big iron block pushrod engine...is it 1971 or what!? Ridiculous!
Dashcam Dumbasses
Dashcam Dumbasses Hace un día
Well those high strung gas motors or overly complicated diesels with DEF systems are not working out too well in some applications. An old school reliable motor will be far better for businesses. A bit more in fuel consumption isn't an issue. Down time to a truck not working is far more detrimental.
This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ
SVS Hace 2 días
Thomas Hunt
Thomas Hunt Hace 2 días
Almost looks like my truck engine now just modern and spruced up lol I want one now
I might just be tempted to give up my 12valve Cummins for this.
ROY CAPPS Hace 3 días
From what I've been seeing at the auto accident these new Ford's are a death trap
benjaminwayneb Hace 2 días
The F series trucks have the best crash test ratings of any trucks.
Mike Rasco
Mike Rasco Hace 3 días
Is it me or does this engineers voice tail off like a valley girl teenager?
Crusader Cross
Crusader Cross Hace 17 horas
It's you.
fishboat Hace 4 días
Make it available in the F150!
Cripple guy
Cripple guy Hace 4 días
Will this fit in a Ford Focus . 😉
Benjamin Dyer
Benjamin Dyer Hace 5 días
4 vertical bolts and 2 from the side.... push rod v8... sounds like another engine I know
benjaminwayneb Hace 5 días
4 vertical and cross bolted mains sounds like a 1962 Ford FE. Ford has been using cross bolted mains in all their V8 engines since 1992, long before GM.
Yolkin Maldonado
Yolkin Maldonado Hace 5 días
gas gas gas i guess im going to buy a dodge ram
Daniel Rutledge
Daniel Rutledge Hace 5 días
Well HELL! I have been telling folks ever since you dropped the 7.3 that yall would get back to it....but GAS! OMG!...Love my 2001 F350 7.3 6 spd 4x4. 251,000 still Stroking along. Can tow 33,000 GVW no problem. Get back to the 7.3 diesel...please...who's with me?
Neli Demiraj
Neli Demiraj Hace 5 días
Gas prices rising due to lack of supplies ....Ford builds a 7.3 engine
Leon Annegers
Leon Annegers Hace 6 días
Bring back the 7.3 diesel gas is way crap
Dashcam Dumbasses
Dashcam Dumbasses Hace un día
Don't blame Ford. Blame the EPA and all this emissions crap from the Government.
oak 1971
oak 1971 Hace 6 días
Crate Motor?
oak 1971
oak 1971 Hace 6 días
Who is doing the first swap?
aza993a Hace 6 días
But why? Because GM
Jay marin
Jay marin Hace 6 días
What if they put turbos on that ? And cylinder deactivation ?
Aaron Rome
Aaron Rome Hace 6 días
Oooooo this one's gonna be good
Holly St Local
Holly St Local Hace 6 días
Standard trans Ploxx
Homer Simpson
Homer Simpson Hace 6 días
Why wouldn’t they just bring back an updated 460
Graph Guy
Graph Guy Hace 6 días
Death to the puny 2.7!
dan rossi
dan rossi Hace 7 días
Now do this to the 5.4 and ill be happy
dan rossi
dan rossi Hace 7 días
You mean the manifolds wont rot off in 8 years here in new england. But i love those 7 hour jobs.
Big Racer
Big Racer Hace 7 días
iron, WTF? Plugs in the correct spot? OHV? Pushrods? FORD, YES!!! Not 100 percent, no iron heads but dam close to perfect.
Shenkosky Hace 7 días
Finally they took a look at a Chevy LS and copied the best!
benjaminwayneb Hace 7 días
Ford has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1991, years before GM. Ford started using a Y block with cross bolted mains in FE engines in 1962. Who copied who?
mufeez666 Hace 7 días
Please give us this motor, in RWD CARS not TRUCKs only.
mufeez666 Hace 13 horas
+Nathan McDonald although I am a big mustang enthusiast, I would like to have a rwd 4 door sedan, or a rwd sport SUV to compete with the SRT bunch
Nathan McDonald
Nathan McDonald Hace 15 horas
That's never gonna happen. At least out of the factory, I'm sure some of the high profile custom shops will try to shove the 7.3L in a Mustang, but Ford will never mass produce another big block Mustang again sadly.
Mark C
Mark C Hace 7 días
Hopefully they don't make a limited slip 2wd
Edysin Simon
Edysin Simon Hace 7 días
A "new" engine? Well...Let someone else buy this "experimental" engine then after a year or so after ford gets all of the "bugs" engineered out of it then maybe. The notion of shrinking and/or downsizing internals can and often do result in less than durable outcomes...
John Cocktosen
John Cocktosen Hace 8 días
id like to see this engine tested till broke beside a 460 from the 70's the ford guy was so full of information and talks like ford just re invented the wheel.
John Cocktosen
John Cocktosen Hace un día
your right
George Hembrow
George Hembrow Hace 2 días
John Cocktosen there are a lot of millennials and young people that have never heard of an FE ...y block from the 60’s an 70’s so he just bringing the new generation up to speed. On old proven technology.
Ken Brooks
Ken Brooks Hace 8 días
Yeah, I want one, just a plain jane regular cab, 4x4 long box and I'm good! To hell with all the foo foo comfort options! And give me a manual transmission while you're at it! A MAN truck, like they used to be!
MS Partyboot Deutschland GmbH
How true. Can you explain why most Americans choose the less durable automatic transmission for a truck? This is not very rational to me when it comes to hauling, cost for replacement especially if they don’t have to shift much on long distance. Thanks from Germany
Brian Patrick
Brian Patrick Hace 10 días
Proof will be in tow. On paper the 5.4 and 6.2 out HP and torque the old 400. But still have two old F350s with 400s and sorry but they ran rings around both motors towing. I was so pissed with the 5.4 I sold it and ended buying a PS guess to get a nice truck that could tow like the old rusted out trucks with 40 year old designed engines. Long stroke is king of torque and low rpm HP.
Gail Young
Gail Young Hace 11 días
Fords new LS 7.3L I guess they couldnt fight GM anymore. If you cant beat them Join em.
benjaminwayneb Hace 11 días
Ford has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1991, long before GM. Ford first started using cross bolted mains in 1962 on FE engines.
Jesse L
Jesse L Hace 12 días
Also picked 7.3L because it sells because it reminds people of the reliable 7.3 Diesel engine.
Texas Sports Outdoors
Texas Sports Outdoors Hace 12 días
Probably 8mpg towing and regular driving.
Jon Smith
Jon Smith Hace 12 días
Pushrod, I want a manual 6 speed transmission with it please
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Hace 13 días
This guy that’s explaining the engine is a pure gas guy that is trying to stay away from diesel, not a good thing in longevity, reliability, and the environment.
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Hace 13 días
Yes the engine might be dourable but it’s the MPG that us customers care about, and we want Diesel power, more torque, better fuel economy, and a long life free of problems.
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Hace 13 días
Ford cheated us out of separate iron exhaust manifolds.
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Hace 13 días
What about the old international 7.3 powerstroke diesels that get better mpg than the gasser and lasts way longer and more torque.
Michael Benoit
Michael Benoit Hace 13 días
Hey mister guess what, the professional customers want an engine that gets good MPG not a gas engine that gets 6-9 MPG and goes 200K-400K miles.
Adventures of Will and Shelby
YESSSSSSSS!!!!! PUSHRODS!!!!!! About dang time you came back ford! I’ll be jumping on that waiting list ASAP!
Asher Ogden
Asher Ogden Hace 13 días
They should put that 7.3 in the f150 It might take off and fill in a gap that people might not have known that they needed
icutemall Hace 14 días
7.3 is the fuel mileage.
Nick Young
Nick Young Hace 15 días
Wow that screams ls/lt engine lol but hey either way I’m curious to see how it runs and if it’s going to remotely be reliable being that it’s a ford engine
Todd Johnson
Todd Johnson Hace 15 días
Hope it has as good a debut as the LT which caught fire in SUVs, overheated in Vettes, used oil in Camaros and...well you know the story.
benjaminwayneb Hace 15 días
FORD has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, years before GM. FORD stated using Y BLOCKS with cross bolted mains in FE engines in 1962.
boy teebah
boy teebah Hace 15 días
wait till idiots mod this engine and fit two turbos... that would be a blast
Mitch Barredo
Mitch Barredo Hace 15 días
Looks terrific, hoping my lotto numbers come up so I can buy one hhehe
William Mickelson
William Mickelson Hace 16 días
7.3 is back! yeeeaaaah! it is a gasoline engine.... oh. ok.... nevermind
jocko jonson
jocko jonson Hace 8 días
William Mickelson good luck finding big Diesel engines now with the new emission standard
Sean O'Neill
Sean O'Neill Hace 16 días
They finally got fed up with trying to make diesel work after a decade of disaster
Cody Ruff
Cody Ruff Hace 17 días
Now to shoehorn one into a mustang
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Hace 18 días
I can bet you any kind of money it has Cathedral Port heads
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Hace 18 días
Lol.... i'm fye 😤hot about this even the engine rear cover is LS
benjaminwayneb Hace 18 días
GM copying Ford as usual.
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Hace 18 días
The fuel line crosses over the intake coils on valve covers rocker arms water pump oil pan all characteristics of the LS engine even the drive-by-wire throttle body come on now copycats
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith Hace 19 días
It has all the characteristics of an Chevy LS engine Ford is Copying LS
benjaminwayneb Hace 18 días
FORD has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, they first started using a Y block with cross bolted mains on FE engines in 1962.
Devan Coates
Devan Coates Hace 19 días
Soon to be converted to diesel I bet
rdub79lx Hace 20 días
Check out the new 7.3L Ford LS engine! Coming to a Mustang near you!!!!
benjaminwayneb Hace 19 días
FORD has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990 and they used cross bolted mains in FE engines in 1962.
tallll70 Hace 21 un día
exhaust leak will definitely make it tik
Je P
Je P Hace 21 un día
What is the chance of getting this engine in a turbo charged Raptor?
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson Hace 22 días
Looks very much like they copied a Chevy V-8.
benjaminwayneb Hace 21 un día
+Jeff Anderson Ford started using the 4.6 in 1990. FORD started using cross bolted mains with in block cams in FE engines in 1962, 57 years ago.
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson Hace 22 días
+benjaminwayneb Fords production of the modular engines 4.6l/5.4l began in the mid 90's. but these are ohc engines. GM's LS block engines which is what all current GM V-8's are based on also began in the mid 90's. 1997 in the Corvette to be exact. The new Ford 7.3 gasser is a cam in block design and has more in common with the GM engines than any other Ford engine ever made. Ford never made an engine with cross bolted main caps that was a cam in block engine. GM has been building them for 22 years.
benjaminwayneb Hace 22 días
Ford has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990.
i-Spec Hace 23 días
I can't wait until these can be pulled fairly cheap from wrecked trucks! I want to see one in a Mustang!
Abe Neufeld
Abe Neufeld Hace 24 días
Go Ford go you are the one the only i'd never buy anything else
boxerfan2 Hace 24 días
Thought by now they would redesign the intake ports. They leak.
benjaminwayneb Hace 21 un día
Intake ports don't leak.
Darrell Stanek
Darrell Stanek Hace 25 días
2027- FORD BRINGS BACK 6.0 V8 (but it's gas)
Pete P
Pete P Hace 26 días
I almost lost it, I thought this was the new diesel...
SuperDutyPower Hace 26 días
Best truck!
Art Vandalay
Art Vandalay Hace 27 días
Yep death of the Diesel in america! Sad! Looks like it can be turbo charged too. I think this is the same engine in the Shelby GT500? So already a super charger package there to achieve 725 HP.....
benjaminwayneb Hace 26 días
This is a dedicated heavy truck engine, nothing like a high performance engine.
Chase Jiannalone
Chase Jiannalone Hace 27 días
Put it a AWD Transit Van! We can only pray.
Alfred Hitchlock
Alfred Hitchlock Hace 27 días
Any hotshots out there wanna try this on?
Toopy Anne Binoo
Toopy Anne Binoo Hace 27 días
Guess Motorhome mfg will finally get a V-8 again . Fuel economy hahaha !
Steve E
Steve E Hace 28 días
Ken Block.
Bob L.
Bob L. Hace 28 días
Flex Fuel ? I want that.
Bob L.
Bob L. Hace 28 días
This one is near perfect
Rifky Fahrana
Rifky Fahrana Hace 29 días
*GASOLINE?!?!* how can I rollin COAL?!?!
m rais afridi afridi
m rais afridi afridi Hace 29 días
Ford mostly have a problams after overhunling
jwlprd Hace un mes
Wow! 445 cubic inches of big iron block.. center camshaft.. pushrod V-8.. port injection.. just shut up and take my money!
Gary p
Gary p Hace un mes
looks like a 427 , 390 ,360 , FE deep skirt Ford built 70 years ago
Bob L.
Bob L. Hace 28 días
yep , but better
Jeff Genchi
Jeff Genchi Hace un mes
I can't help but notice Ford is building a Chevy LS engine but bigger. Lol
Jeff Genchi
Jeff Genchi Hace un mes
+benjaminwayneb lol I am fully aware of that. But there is so much that resembles an LS. I am a ford guy but even I noticed the resemblance of the LS engines I work on. Nothing wrong with it. Just the 6 bolt mains, coils on the valve cover with short cool wires. Ford's were not known for those. The LS dominates those traits for sure.
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
FORD has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, GM was still using the old 350.
admorris11 Hace un mes
Good old Ford... Can't stick with an engine for 3 straight years
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
+admorris11 GM. has kept the displacement the same in the 5.3 but there are several different generations or versions, the current 5.3 ECOTEC 3 engine is all new and doesn't share any parts from previous 5.3's. Just like the Duramax, there has been 5 different versions so far.
admorris11 Hace un mes
Are you kidding? GM had the 5.3 FOREVER! Same with the 6.6L Duramax
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
Just like GM. , the 6.0 l. Is gone and the 5.3 and 6.2 ECOTEC 3 engines were all new in 2014. Ram keeps the same engines but never fixes all the common problems
RenchRage Hace un mes
By the way. The guy in the blue shirt? Is the guy you want to beat with a wet extension cord for putting that bolt in a impossible place.
RenchRage Hace un mes
I see a lot of warranty recalls! They are rushing this too fast. It’s always the same outcome. They come out with something new, next is the consumers spending more time in the dealer service lobby.
casey360360 Hace un mes
All I'm hearing is "factory ready for 14psi"
sdvten Hace 26 días
+casey360360 Ford has been using forged powdered rods in some of the 5.0l engines but they see a lot higher rpm than this 7.3l will. Even in the F-150 the 5.0ls can go to 6500rpm. The 7.3l probably will not rev past 5k rpm, so there really is no reason for a forged rod, even a forged powdered rod. Like I mentioned before this 7.3l is a cheap to produce engine. Cheaper to make than even the 6.2l.
casey360360 Hace 26 días
+sdvten I was under the impression they were at least forged if not cast, but no powdered rods won't even handle high RPM. Which makes sense seeing as how I rember seeing something about this 7.3 making peak power at something crazy low like 3700rpm. Ford designed the entire engine to be paired with the 10 speed.
sdvten Hace 26 días
+casey360360 No they are powdered, that is at least what some of the guys at the engine plant said. Powdered rods are pressed before sintering but not near the pressure a forged rod sees. Its not going to handle 14lbs very long at all, 5 or 6 should not be a problem.
casey360360 Hace 26 días
+sdvten I though I heard him say something about forged rods. Cast crank isn't an issue when you're looking at a small turbo. The engines designed for one thing and it will do it very well. Developing a totally new engine is not cheap.
sdvten Hace 26 días
Not with cast crank and non forged powdered rods the 7.3l is coming with. It is cheap to produce truck motor to increase profit margin. That is it.
myerselectric79 Hace un mes
This guy asking questions, has no knowledge of engines 😂🤣
Josh Chilson
Josh Chilson Hace un mes
Wow looks like a GM LSX nock off! 6 built main blocks! Look at the Rocker arms LS design thru and thru.
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
FORD has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, GM was still using the old 350. FORD starting using a Y block in 1954.
jttoyer Hace un mes
So Ford is going to build a bigger LS engine... Got it...
George Cass
George Cass Hace un mes
Why do you keep pushing this engine with no specs . That's like selling a airplane with no wings and not actually see it fly . Sorry if you don't have the information then stop showing this crap
Norman Leach
Norman Leach Hace un mes
Think newly designed after market manual transmission? Who'll sign up?
Jim Jones
Jim Jones Hace un mes
Make it a little bigger so we can have a new 460.
Creflo Dollar
Creflo Dollar Hace un mes
Please tell me there will be a manuel trans option
First Last
First Last Hace un mes
Meh. Let's see some electric power plants.
Authority can Suck it with Authority
Have they lost their collective mind? The V10 had extremely poor Economy now their turning arguably the best V8 diesels ever produced into a gasoline engine? Yet petroleum is running out...wtf ever how McTarded Ford.
Mr Jones
Mr Jones Hace un mes
Tesla will crush ford in the truck market and with Fisker new solid state batteries coming soon electric trucks and cars will make gas and Diesel obsolete in less than 10 years.
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
In 2018 EV's were only 2% of North American vehicle sales. Ford is selling over a million trucks every year.
Barry Thacker
Barry Thacker Hace un mes
Small block truck engines are getting 380hp with good fuel mileage, what more do you really need.
Christian Nidlinger
hate fords but i like this better than gms new 6.6
DEVUNK88 Hace un mes
it will be the greatest, most Durable , most powerful big displacement truck engine ever, prolly gets about 2 MPG
DEVUNK88 Hace un mes
Ford more than anyone else needs to develop a road salt corrosion test, where I live evertruck driving by with an exhaust leak is always a Ford. with a dead silent Gm right behind them... the salt kills Fords
benjaminwayneb Hace un mes
GM., Ram and Ford all have exhaust manifold leaks, nothing to do with rust.
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