2020 Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8: Here's What You Need to Know!

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( www.TFLcar.com ) A Deep Dive With The New Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8
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5 feb 2019

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Chris Mcdonald
Chris Mcdonald Hace un hora
I was really excited until he said gas.
Michigan Farmer
Michigan Farmer Hace un hora
But will the spark plugs stay tight when needed and come out when needed? Asking for a friend...
S Johnson
S Johnson Hace 3 horas
Looks like the next Hellcat motor
Jonathan Rosamond
Jonathan Rosamond Hace 9 horas
someone went gm mode. lol.. pushed and 2 valves are old outdated technology huh? lol yeah right... GM never compromised with overhead cam and 3 and 4 valves. they knew low mid range torque is better with 2 valve and pushrods
benjaminwayneb Hace 55 minutos
+Jonathan Rosamond Not true, the method of opening and closing the vales has nothing to do with torque. Valve timing and lift regardless of valve train type is all that matters. Fords 5.0 has more hp. and torque then GM's 5.3.
Jonathan Rosamond
Jonathan Rosamond Hace 3 horas
benjaminwayneb yes it does. pushrods create a fulcrum and velocity. there is engineers that will explain that to you if need be
benjaminwayneb Hace 5 horas
The type of valve train has nothing to do with torque.
bertraminc Hace 16 horas
Ford seems to be doing ok with body and engine design... even the BO Play stereo sounds good in the raptor, but the quality of their interior is... rock bottom. Get rid of the vinyl seats and use real leather. Or provide a real leather full package to include the dash and steering column and door panels. Give us an option for a quality interior without all the plastic knobs and plastic panels like on the steering wheel. It feels so cheap and this is where we are going to spend a large majority of our time. In the truck!
Zap City
Zap City Hace 16 horas
Robert Harris
Robert Harris Hace 17 horas
I say we will have to see because I see not much difference from a 7.5 460 cubic inch big block which thankfully was replaced with a 6.8 v10 which was better on gas thanks To the ten cylinders not having to work so hard. don't be fooled America . this is big oil Again realizing diesels over 3.50 a gallon and your going to buy a Gasser
Alfredo Torres
Alfredo Torres Hace 18 horas
watch people start throwing out the coyote 5.0 and swapping these in
Mark Stump
Mark Stump Hace 22 horas
Love it, however I am still rocking the 2000 F250 7.3L turbo diesel.
Katy Perry's taint
Katy Perry's taint Hace un día
I already don't like it. How do they expect it to run right when it's all cut apart and you can see the internals?
Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson Hace un día
MDGA... Make diesels great again.
FaZe Dumb
FaZe Dumb Hace un día
Now put it in the raptor
Cana box
Cana box Hace un día
LS Copy
Robert Kurtz
Robert Kurtz Hace un día
If it's promising and has the potential say a ls motor has I'm a fan - cam n boost and have a monster- manual trans to top it off
John Murphy
John Murphy Hace un día
Ford finally admits how good GM's "archaic" LS engines really are... Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...
benjaminwayneb Hace un día
Ford has been using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, long before GM copied them. Ford started using Y blocks in 1954.
K bomb
K bomb Hace un día
i don’t like ford but this 7.3 engine have my attention
Mike Trujeque
Mike Trujeque Hace un día
What's more reliable this 7.3l gas vs 5.0l v8?
Jess Roberts
Jess Roberts Hace un día
It's like the old tall deck 366 and 427, HD gas truck engine.
Marco Jr
Marco Jr Hace un día
Damn that's a massive engine. Looks like that thing is for real. Big, beefy, durable torque monster
maxracingteam23 Hace 2 días
I can't wait to see this bad boy on an extreme Ike run!!!
shawn wray
shawn wray Hace 2 días
and it would be a lot better if ford brought back the 6spd manual in there trucks problem with America there getting lazy and dont want to drive a stick in my opinion. but yet dodge still has a manual trans still and I am a ford guy myself I have a 2003 f250 7.3l 6spd and wouldn't have it any other way
shawn wray
shawn wray Hace 2 días
I like the style of the new trucks but I hate that they ruined 7.3l the 7.3l is a diesel engine not a gas job thumbs down in my book would have been better if they woulda reimagined the 7.3 diesel cuz it was a better built 1million mile engine
Brian Tracy
Brian Tracy Hace 2 días
1:58 That is a short piston ,, that's part of the formula for making it narrow by reducing the deck height.
Emil Milliken
Emil Milliken Hace 2 días
And at the rate these money hungry brands are going...you'll be paying $100k for it...lol
Emmett Cunningham Jr.
Philip Hace 3 días
F350 7.3 SWR 10 speed transmission with 4.30 rear end. FTW!
EPstroker Hace 6 horas
Oh yes!, that combo is just asking for a big lift and 44s. Lol
@ComstockRoyalty on Twitter
FORD dropped the brain dead Snowflake Global Warming engineers and brought on the beer, brains and steroids development crew and went old school with modern tech. Nice move using the 7.3 output for marketing. This is a going to be a great workhorse platform and it looks like the goal is to reinvent the legend 7.3 number in gasoline this go around. Good job FORD.
Mike Miller
Mike Miller Hace 3 días
Stop putting out these videos if they don’t want to share the specs on the engine. It’s a waste of our time!
Louie Maglieri
Louie Maglieri Hace 3 días
Too Little Too late..Ford did not stand behind their power stroke joke engine.They refused to recognize the common problems on every power stroke engine..I learned the hard way,twice to the tune of over 20,000 dollars in repairs...I will never buy a Ford product again.Shit,shit,shit company.
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
At least ford finally wised up and put the damn spark plugs in the RIGHT PLACE! My 5.4 has the horrible plug location that causes the plug wells to fill with mud, water, rocks, dirt etc and they rust to hell in no time. Hopefully the exhaust manifolds don’t crack to hell like my 5.4 either.
Johnny Reed
Johnny Reed Hace 3 días
Can't wait to see what if any recalls come out for it.
CryTec Hace 3 días
Great move girl design on the new f250 is horrible though don’t make it look like it’s smaller brother
Kai-Lo Ren
Kai-Lo Ren Hace 3 días
Im a ford guy but Chevy already did that making the 8.1 but that thing was a gas guzzler I think this will be terrible I feel they could have turbocharged the 5.8 or the 6.2 and made double the horse power and double the gas mileage easily
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
Kai-Lo Ren “double the horse power and double the gas mileage”..........somebody was sleeping in physics class.
Jeremy Sera
Jeremy Sera Hace 3 días
Good to see that the Ford guys finally figured out what GM has known forever....pushrods are the way for trucks...the Triton and even the 5.0L have never been able to complete with the LS and new Gen LT engines for durability....I know so Ford fan-boy is going to get bent outa shape over me saying that, but it's not always about Horsepower numbers folks....it's about design, which equals reliability and even more importantly, versatility. No one competes with GM engines on that level I'm sorry to say...the 7.3 is basically a big version of what GM has had since the LS was introduced back in the late 90's.
Ken MacMillan
Ken MacMillan Hace 3 días
I want one for my 2004 F250.
drkaymotorsports Hace 3 días
Intake, injection, and ignition just like the 20 year old GM 8.1L. Push rod motor for a truck... like it always should have been. And LS style 6 bolt main caps. Looks like copying GM's old tech. They have some interesting and well designed looking intake and exhaust ports on the heads. I will give them that.
benjaminwayneb Hace 3 días
Ford was using a Y block with cross bolted mains since 1990, long before GM copied them.
Isaac Parker
Isaac Parker Hace 4 días
Ew it’s gas 🤮 I was hoping they were bringing back the 7.3 🤤
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
Isaac Parker dinosaurs are dead and gone...they ain’t coming back.
Indiana DIY
Indiana DIY Hace 4 días
Well Ford an GM still work together to make the transmissions among other things. It may be a new engine design but it still will not be as efficient as the Achates engine designed opposed piston.
razor3003 Hace 4 días
Good idea...but that's a pretty BIG coinky-dink that the 7.3 just happens to be the perfect size needed.
uptonfg Hace 4 días
Yes sir
martin joseph
martin joseph Hace 4 días
ford is king
Bruner Wes
Bruner Wes Hace 4 días
Who's seen one between Kingman and proving ground Rd...????
Racing Machine
Racing Machine Hace 4 días
Ford guys just butt hurt cause they have to eat crow,.... Been railing GM guys for old tech pushrod engines. What does Ford do, 😂😂🤣🤣 then Ford guys praise their engineering genius. Says it's going to push LS to the side!!!! Clowns 🤡 🤡😂😂😂😂👍
Cameron Woody
Cameron Woody Hace 4 días
Wish Ram would replace the 6.4. Would love a PowerWagon but the 6.4 is a dog, surprised Ford hasn't built a HD competitor.
Magnum74 Hace 2 días
The 6.4 Ram is a dog because of the transmission. The 8-speed will make a huge difference.
Cooper Hill
Cooper Hill Hace 2 días
Really? How?
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
Cameron Woody 6.4 a dog? My buddy’s 6.2 chebby can’t hang. What are you comparing it to?
TY ACORD Hace 4 días
Call me when they have an 8.1
benjaminwayneb Hace 4 días
GM hasn't made the 8.1 for 10 years.
Black Bear Gear
Black Bear Gear Hace 4 días
Anyone want to make a guess on power numbers for this slick big block?
wt ht
wt ht Hace 4 días
Why aren't the exhaust ports matched to manifold?
wt ht
wt ht Hace 4 días
Looks like a Taurus motor, who designed this?
Gary Davis
Gary Davis Hace 4 días
7.3 diesel is wanted
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Hace 4 días
This is refreshing. I was expecting nothing but tiny little souped up whiz bang bullshit.
Leo Bruneau
Leo Bruneau Hace 5 días
Love to know the hp and torgue
C Steele
C Steele Hace 5 días
As a Gm guy that drives a Nissan and works for Toyota I absolutely dislike this truck.
benjaminwayneb Hace 5 días
esvid.net/video/vídeo-gAXLObMsIBg.html&t=62s esvid.net/video/vídeo-3DMZfDWOT6k.html&t=34s www.jdpower.com/Cars/Ratings/Dependability/2017/Large-Light-Duty-Pickup www.jdpower.com/Cars/Ratings/Dependability/2018/Large-Heavy-Duty-Pickup
Samuel Paniagua
Samuel Paniagua Hace 5 días
Now i cant wait until someone totals their truck so i can swap a 7.3L into my foxbody lol
Ronald Robinson
Ronald Robinson Hace 5 días
If you use the same math as the 6.2L on the 7.3L , the 7.3 will have 453 hp and 502 lb/ft. I think I would buy that....
BryDuhBikeGuy Hace 5 días
Very clearly explained.Thank you.
Leni Tupai
Leni Tupai Hace 5 días
How many quarts of oil ?
Andrew Maloney
Andrew Maloney Hace 5 días
Looks like a vortec hmmmmm
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
Andrew Maloney nah, it doesn’t look that cheap.
Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves Hace 5 días
I can't wait to hear one with glasspacks
Eric Smith
Eric Smith Hace 5 días
Hey ford built/copies an ls just like dodge I’m in
benjaminwayneb Hace 5 días
Ford was using a Y block with cross bolted mains when GM was still using the old 350.
Tuatha DeDanaan
Tuatha DeDanaan Hace 5 días
This guy has seen one too many "voice of the customer" PowerPoints.
EcoBoost Luke
EcoBoost Luke Hace 5 días
Chevrolet dropped 400hp and 460 ft lbs in their 6.6 gas. It will be close to that as far as power.
SouthDFWrep Hace 5 días
A 7.3 liter gasser with a 10 speed tranny, and factory headers built like aftermarket headers... wow!!
Dashcam Dumbasses
Dashcam Dumbasses Hace 5 días
Good. The slight hit owners or fleet owners take on fuel costs they save because of less downtime and maintenance costs. The Powerstrokes and EcoBoost motors while powerful are over-engineered and too much crap goes wrong with them. Anyone operating a business can afford slight increases in fuel costs, they can't afford downtime when one of those Powerstrokes decides to blow a turbo or end up with a phantom issue regarding all the emissions nonsense. Big push rods turn slow and aren't stressed because of the high displacement which equals hundreds of thousands of kilometers of service.
Jess John
Jess John Hace 5 días
Car companies are really making sure we run out of whats left of our fossil fuels even faster these days
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 6 días
don't have the power numbers? Lol.
Nick G
Nick G Hace 6 días
What’s the point of a variable displacement oil pump? Also, it’s a shame they didn’t have someone more knowledgeable on engines to interview the designer.
TheSearchandfind Hace 6 días
Damn, I was thinking new Powerstroke diesel.
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 2 días
TheSearchandfind I’m quite happy with Ford’s gas offerings. I’ve had a few over the last 10 years nd have had excellent service from them. I purchased a 6.7 Powerstroke and didn’t have the same experience. 3 turbos and 2 engines replaced by 10,756 miles. Traded that one in on a Cummins powered Ram. Never looked back.
TheSearchandfind Hace 2 días
+Don Olypopper Well, I'm not a fan of there in house diesel, But I think they got the right idea with there big bore gas. The price of diesel is out rages.
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
TheSearchandfind nah, they’ve made enough crappy junk in the last few years....we don’t need more.
I'm Not-Tarded
I'm Not-Tarded Hace 6 días
Rule of thumb: don’t buy fords first 3 years of any motor!
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
I'm Not-Tarded especially Powerstroke.
Aries Might
Aries Might Hace 6 días
A one liter engine is a little bit over 61 cubuc inches. A seven point three liter engine. Is between 445-446 cubic inches. Not 429 ci.
Trent Robey
Trent Robey Hace 6 días
Looks alot like an lsx
Redefine Living
Redefine Living Hace 6 días
It’s going to be great, just like my 6.0 diesel (tons of sarcasm).
Floyd Johnson
Floyd Johnson Hace 6 días
Best looking and best built truck out there.
juan fo
juan fo Hace 6 días
pushrods are proven and reliable
Don Hace 6 días
IMO great alternative to diesel. You know EPA is trying hard to remove the diesel from the consumer market. Its only a matter of time. Very smart on Fords end to develop the gas replacement. I will give it a couple years to prove the total powertrain reliability before I trade my 6.2l
Coupe Dizzle
Coupe Dizzle Hace 6 días
Wow. just... Wow. I feel sorry for whoever buys into this garbage. 1. GM made this engine 25yrs ago, it was called the 7.4L 454. They've made them longer than that just not PFI. which brings me to the next point 2. It's 2020 Ford. What the hell are you thinking? If you come up with some kinda excuse to get around being Direct Injected, none of them are good enough for me! I just don't even know what to say, to be honest! All the Ford fanboys are burning coal right about now But lets just take an honest look at what we've got here? 7.3L. Big valves, iron block, (probably iron crank), single roller cam, P F I?? W T F ford? "cast stainless" Exhaust manifolds LOL WASTE. piston cooling oil nozzles? wow. my 30yr old 12v is better built than that with the same damn features PLUS SOME 20mpg, cheap maintenance, reliable & easy to work on!!!
Don Olypopper
Don Olypopper Hace 3 días
Coupe Dizzle it’s better than the powersmoke garbage they’re pedaling. I bought into the 6.7 koolaid and holy shit did that leave a bad taste in my ASS.
Coupe Dizzle
Coupe Dizzle Hace 6 días
Ford set out to design an entirely new engine in 2020, to presumably cost an arm & a leg more in not just in long term maintenance, but fuel costs as well, compared to the maintenance & fuel costs of the 6.7L PS. Yet, it's pretty much the same exact engine I coulda bought from GM in 1999?? Yea, those 454's were pretty tough, but everybody knows those trucks got 9mpg loaded or empty, didn't matter. Ford will try to suck milk out of a heifer that was buried 15yrs ago, but that tit is long dry. I'm astonished they tried to cheap out on this truck with a few little gimmickey selling points & didnt give the people that actually try to buy and work fleets of these the common courtesy of not trying to rehash 20yr old tech as "more reliable". "cheaper to own/operate as compared to 6.7L PS" DUMB!! Whoever pays extra for one of these is surely a dumb one!!! Shoulda made a 6.2L turbo, direct injected, built on the same principals, tough & durable, just smaller, more fuel efficient & more in tune with the "now" that is 2020. DUD OF THE YEAR AWARD:FORD 7.3L rehashed technology, gimmickey selling points (oil cooled pistons, cast stainless manifolds), no DI, built for Forced Induction, yet N/A? #turdburglersRontheloose tried & true tech, but tried & true & RETIRED tech. End of story!
Mr.Claude Hace 6 días
This is America🇺🇸
Christopher Benfield
WOW FORD built an LS.... well can't beat um join um
benjaminwayneb Hace 6 días
Ford was using a Y block with cross bolted mains when GM was still using the old 350.
ridgeline006 Hace 6 días
pushrod dont shift as much overhead cams engine especially towing thats where you save fuel
The Unknown Knows
The Unknown Knows Hace 6 días
Ford has a history of antisemitism through the founder Henry Ford. Also a Nazi sympathizer during WW2... Ford fans, what your take on this?
leeleelee Hace 6 días
The Unknown Knows - STFU that’s my thought
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Gonzalez Hace 6 días
Wonder how long till someone straight pipes this thing 😂😂 bet it’ll sound mean
Tomnator Tomnator
Tomnator Tomnator Hace 6 días
Let’s put it in an F-150, guys. C’mon!
Stokes Wait
Stokes Wait Hace 6 días
I'm going to put that engine in a Miata!
Killa Coiler
Killa Coiler Hace 7 días
A modern replacement for the retired 460. I am curious to see what the numbers are going to be power wise and MPG although most commercial vehicles are not MPG rated.
Draven Woods
Draven Woods Hace 7 días
So when they gonna make it a diesel
Sean Romero
Sean Romero Hace 7 días
That's cute...my 8.4 litre Dodge Viper SRT10 is impressed...lol
jay poma
jay poma Hace 7 días
What’s with Ford holding out with ratings on everything they come out with? I’m getting Ford Blue Balls over here!
billy ????
billy ???? Hace 7 días
Ford makes junk.
Sandy Lee
Sandy Lee Hace 7 días
*I think Ford got Sick and Tired of Gov. Mandated Diesel emmision Regulations and Equipment.* All these, EGR, SCR, And DPF is based on a HOAX !! Diesel Soot is Harmless and Inert as Dirt. And NOX Emmison has been proven to be harmless to humans. I think Governor of California Jerry Brown must be pushing his Royal Dutch Shell Natural Gas interest, by legislating Diesels out of existence. His Father even over threw a foreign Government to get his oil. Have a look at some deatail. ESvid " YES California, a NO for common sense - Governoir Jerry Brown's choice " " LOOK how CARB is Destroying California - with our school busses m.esvid.net/video/vídeo-0u8ElpFvHIE.html&t=36s m.esvid.net/video/vídeo-g5SsR8Qoga0.html&t=11s
jaxon trexler
jaxon trexler Hace 7 días
Stop calling it Godzilla that’s skylines thing
Joe Blo
Joe Blo Hace 7 días
Jeez! Ford hasn't even put it in a truck yet and it already has "ticking" issues 0:13 . At least that what the narrator says at the beginning of the video.
BOWMAN-GT Hace 7 días
Sold my 2017 SD 6.2 Lariat... just didn't have enough grunt to it. My 2018 3.5 Ecoboost F150 tows better power wise. I don't need / want a Diesel... so my next truck might be the 7.3!
Coupe Dizzle
Coupe Dizzle Hace 6 días
Tows better because it doesn't need to downshift when pulling grades ETC, the turbos spool & compensate. Been a facet of diesel trucks for 30 years now, and part of the reason why they are so much more efficient. I do agree wholeheartedly that 3.5 is a torquey little SOB. Don't think you will get the same enjoyment out of this engine, it'll be like the 6.2l. Point is, you like the ecoboost because it tows better, tows better because it's turbocharged. Turbos FTW!!
Boom Hey You
Boom Hey You Hace 7 días
Chevys in the game 6.6 gas engine
Joseph Wisner
Joseph Wisner Hace 7 días
So basically they took everything that makes LS engines good, and made it a big block for cooking. Ford finally realized that the ohc stuff sucks
benjaminwayneb Hace 7 días
Ford was using a Y block with cross bolted mains when GM was still using the old 350.
Cody Ash
Cody Ash Hace 7 días
Really reminds me of a iron block ls. Cant wait for performance company's to start making parts.
Trenton Stroud
Trenton Stroud Hace 7 días
What we want is the 7.3 powerstroke
LZETA28 pep
LZETA28 pep Hace 7 días
Funny to see all the Ford fan boys that talked so much shit on Chevy for the Ls for so many years for having a ohv engine now be excited for one... if you cant beat em join em.....
Michael Mathis
Michael Mathis Hace 7 días
I remember the 460 I had in an F 250 4x4 and I had 160 k miles on it and it was one tough engine! What ever you did to it and how you drove it, you always got about 8 mpg! lol
Joseph Miller
Joseph Miller Hace 7 días
I dont like it, i dont know why ford did that to the original 7.3
Mike Hace 7 días
Very nice Power plant, but did anyone notice in the 5:28 mark the hidden SUV under the car cover? Seems very boxy, could it be lurking the new 2020 Ford Bronco?
Endless Summer
Endless Summer Hace 7 días
Excited about this engine, looks like some good ol fashioned engineering is making its way back....finally a company that figured out that this new tech crap is for the birds
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