2020 Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8: Here's What You Need to Know!

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( www.TFLcar.com ) A Deep Dive With The New Ford Super Duty 7.3L V8
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5 feb 2019

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machfive916 Hace 6 días
This was a great video, as always. Kudos to Joel Beltramo for his engineering skills as well as his excellent down to earth presentation that didn't overload us with too much tech talk. However, he did manage to talk about optimal air-fuel ratio (stoichiometric combustion). ;-)
a tribute to Yeah, Sure
After watching the new GM 6.6L, I going for the 7.3L.
george webster
george webster Hace 9 días
Basically he said forced induction sucks, and there’s no replacement for displacement.
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Farmer Hace 11 días
Who else wants a super charger on top this bad boy with a 6 speed manual man can’t wait this floods the oilfield trading this 6.7 in ASAP
Joshua Farmer
Joshua Farmer Hace 11 días
Can’t wait to get one ain’t this like the old school 460 now with 6 bolt main and with fuel injection
BMB Motorsports
BMB Motorsports Hace 11 días
Can’t wait to see vmp or whipple get hold of one!!
Dan Coxie
Dan Coxie Hace 12 días
I like this Andre guy, he seems like one of the few who are not biassed in regards to brand name specifics in the automotive industry.
Sumit John
Sumit John Hace 16 días
The new 7.3 V8 has a variable flow oil pump! If that oil pump is similar to those fitted on the 3.2 litre diesel in global market Rangers, then everyone is going to be in for a rude surprise. That model of oil pump is incapable of self priming, ie, if you let the oil completely drip out during an oil change over the course of a few hours, the oil pump cannot self prime and pick up the new oil. You have to let the old oil drip out, change filter, plug the sump and pour new oil in under 10 minutes or so. A lot of ranger owners in Australia ended up with blown engines because of this design flaw.
Aaron Slippery
Aaron Slippery Hace 18 días
Then suddenly there will be a 7.3L Ecoboost ford F350 Superduty
Keith Noneya
Keith Noneya Hace 19 días
Hum, this GAS engine JUST happens to come out to 7.3L, the same liter as the most reliable engine in Fords history, the 7.3L DIESEL. Hum sounds kinda fishy to me! The 7.3L Diesel is well known to every serious Diesel Truck owner because it's known for it's EXTREME reliability, 900,000 miles is not unheard of. Anyone who has one doesn't want to sell it. Anyone who needs one wants one! The real rub is that 7.3L Diesel in Fords from 99-2003 wasn't even build by Ford, but International Engines. It was a stop gap for Ford Motor Company while they developed the FORD 6.0 and we know how well that turned out, until the problems were resolved. Yep that GAS engine just happened to come out to 7.3L's.......RIIIIGGGHHHHTTTT! I don't believe Ford at all. This is a new low for Ford on the unsuspecting customers, especially after their expensively high maintenance engines they've been putting out since 2005. Heck since then you pretty much have to pull the bed and cab off the truck to work on it. Making it mostly dealer repair only. NO THANK YOU FORD, I'LL KEEP MY 7.3L INTERNATIONAL Engine in my Ford 2001 Lariat and you can keep your new trucks! This engine had better work out for you guys, because you're getting a VERY BAD rep in the truck world lately. Best Wishes & Blessings. Keith Noneya
B N Hace 19 días
I would like to drop this in the V10 excursion!
ford nut
ford nut Hace 20 días
That F-🎄 fifty is pretty sweet truck.
ford nut
ford nut Hace 20 días
About 450 horses power but it's going to be more about torque.
Devin Brewster
Devin Brewster Hace 20 días
I want a twin turco 6.2
Douglas Fox
Douglas Fox Hace 21 un día
Durability and plastic intakes don't mix...Cheap bastards charge a Fortune for a truck and cant give you a steel or aluminum intake...They will have gasket issues...Also cast Iron Heads equal durability ..Not Aluminum...Glad their Not using a Plastic oil pan like them TRASHY Eco-trash v6's
Bill Beverly
Bill Beverly Hace 22 días
Oh goody, plastic intake runners....fail.
turbodieseldumptruck Hace 22 días
Now, sell this as a crate motor with control/wiring package and you really got something...
ProudVOLSfan Hace 22 días
Why dont you fix some of the shit you have put on the road lately instead of producing more shit.. Ford has become a joke since 03 and yes, I am a Ford man but its the truth
A.F.S. Hace 23 días
Roller valve train but not roller rocker arms?
A.F.S. Hace 23 días
What does 7.3 litre equate to in cubic inches? I’m too lazy to research.
Chris Wise
Chris Wise Hace 26 días
445 cid
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Hace 27 días
That white dually is off the chain
Porkchop's Papi
Porkchop's Papi Hace 28 días
Why 7.3 liters for an American vehicle? What's wrong with 445ci?
3rd Gen Guy
3rd Gen Guy Hace 28 días
This is kinda hilarious. all these selling points are what LS engine have had for 20 years. and Ford fans are hailing it as the next big thing when they were trash talking Push-god engines just a year ago.
DotusTM Hace 28 días
HAHAH AHAH HAHAHAHAHAHA That moment when Ford Engineer admits that smaller Cubic supercharged just isnt smart for work. Bring on the Fan boys about the cute V6 over boosted shit box.
rick james
rick james Hace un mes
It's called a 7.3L because the only good Diesel was the 7.3L Diesel motor. People are familiar with that engine and how good it was.
Bryan Blood
Bryan Blood Hace un mes
Ford should just make a 1995 in 2020 I bet they would sell the hall out of them. Plus it would make all the people who didn't appreciate trucks a true truck owner not buy them so Ford would quit making trucks easier and more comfortable to drive. At least put the back up cam on it though. Also make it a stick
JayXJ Hace un mes
The engineer basically hinted that this engine is ready for boost and "for a lot of other applications"
Friedrich Wilhelm
Friedrich Wilhelm Hace un mes
guys i need an update times coming DO I WANT IT?
Win Win
Win Win Hace un mes
man i love the back ground, that is what america is all about. the mountain.... view
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Hace un mes
I can't believe the power numbers are not out yet
Glen Waldrop
Glen Waldrop Hace un mes
Not to totally bust this guy's balls, but none of what they're doing is new. Gearheads have been doing 99% of this at home without engineering degrees for years. Ford halfassed their old pushrod engines, even the mod motor for a while. I did some work to the car in my profile pic, 24mpg with a 302 and a carb back in 2001. Ford just finally quit artificially limiting their engines with poor air flow.
Shawn Fox Firth
Shawn Fox Firth Hace un mes
optimized for Boost , going to be a great hot rod swap engine .
niggahigga911 Hace un mes
Cant wait to swap this into my dc2 civic
Mahdista salman
Mahdista salman Hace un mes
I don’t know how to explain the happiness now.
Calvin Blackburn
Calvin Blackburn Hace un mes
Lq who? I just bought a 2018 Ecoboost and it will be getting traded in for this
ColeCuster 00
ColeCuster 00 Hace un mes
Can you imagine this in a Ranger??? I think I need a cigarette after thinking about that lol
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Hace un mes
PFI thank GOD.
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Hace un mes
Make it into a NASCAR engine....230 MPH laps at Dega !
Buff Barnaby
Buff Barnaby Hace un mes
Push rod engines are more compact...lighter....and LAST LONGER !
chase sanders
chase sanders Hace un mes
‘ put the same powerplant into a whole range of vehicles ‘ Guys, be ready for the 7.3l mustang!
Jamo The Great
Jamo The Great Hace 11 días
We all know it's coming....!
Shawn-micheal Brunet
If it can be bolted to a manual transmission and a dana60 front end I bet this thing be amazing ! And also love a stand alone wiring harnesses for easy swapping into other trucks ! He’ll be nice in a bullnose ford !!
bill84345 Hace un mes
When you guys get the TRQ and towing data from Ford PLEASE try and get the TRQ curve.
brushrescue1701 Hace un mes
Nop 👎
jeremy brooks
jeremy brooks Hace un mes
6 bolt main block....they finally gave in and seen that LS main design WORKS
John Runion
John Runion Hace un mes
@jeremy brooks ,sorry,mistook you for younger tube jocky with no historical racing knowledge.To them, LS is the begining and the end and your sarcasm was not obvious enough.
jeremy brooks
jeremy brooks Hace un mes
I’m glad somebody seen my sarcasm. Thank you for that. Since we’re on the same page I know it’s not many of the old FE 427’s still around...I’m 34 but I’ve only seen one and it was in a fairlane. He showed me pictures of what he had to do to the frame to support all of that torque...goodness
John Runion
John Runion Hace un mes
Ford used crossbolted mains on their highrise 427 FE engines way back in the '60s,when it dominated the Hemi.Was outlawed by NASCAR as result of Chrysler whining losers.So good idea Chevy.
Erich N
Erich N Hace un mes
People are tired of being financially raped when the quality goes south so to keep their customers they made a monster gas engine. Because they cannot put the reliability into the diesel.
Taka Yama
Taka Yama Hace un mes
Here it is July, I’m wanting to see this engine. This is going to be great I think. And the tough 6.2 still available too!
Joe Dazier
Joe Dazier Hace un mes
What the hell. No gas
Randy Bryant
Randy Bryant Hace un mes
They need to make it a crate motor for hot roders
Blixem Hace un mes
all i kno is i cant afford a new truck from ford. i cant afford caps either...
Ragingbull340 Hace un mes
Cool if Mopar counters with a 426"- 440" Hemi and Chevy brings a 427"-454" LS. If Mopar doesn't come out with that bigger Hemi I will have to go to Ford for this big block. I can only imagine the seat of the pants pull with that 10 speed and 3.73-4.10 gears!
Joel Richards
Joel Richards Hace un mes
A stepped up Vulcan engine. Ecoboost and direct injection not needed.
Cody Williams
Cody Williams Hace un mes
I’m die hard gm but I’d love this motor with the 10 speed single cab f250 4wd
BAM BAM Hace un mes
That engine will NEVER replace my international 7.3 idi
Nytmstr Hace un mes
Ford's 6.8l V-10 used to make 362/457 then they detuned it to 288/424? WTF
caged lion
caged lion Hace un mes
caged lion
caged lion Hace un mes
Needs to be 600hp with a ten speed and 455 gears
caged lion
caged lion Hace un mes
Those dam continental have to go we plow and get stuck on a inch of snow. We put aggressive tires and never ever get stuck. It's a work truck not a highway car
caged lion
caged lion Hace un mes
Get some more aggressive tires
caged lion
caged lion Hace un mes
Hopefully they don't use there shit tires that get stuck on a inch of snow
MaCs dRiVe LaCs
MaCs dRiVe LaCs Hace un mes
Will it have cylinder deactivation on this .i hope not.
Floreypottery Hace un mes
Doesn’t Run at higher rpm lol in a big truck hauling up hill in a Ford you will
codeeLS6 Hace un mes
So basically fords version of an LS style engine?
Thomas Becker
Thomas Becker Hace un mes
Let's hope they don't blow out spark plugs.
ShaneO Conservative OnAir
Put it in a mustang. Boss 429
MURR DOG Hace un mes
Fraud always playing catch-up , then one upping..enough said..think.Detroit
MURR DOG Hace un mes
FORD =Forgot OBVIOUS RESEARCH/DEVELOPMENT..recall Detroit cronies..no thanks
mark45605 Hace un mes
95% of these will be purchased by the same people that buy the power stroke and don't use in the way they were intended to be used: under heavy loads.
raider762 Hace un mes
Looking for a durable truck, looks promising.
Clint E
Clint E Hace un mes
If it was built to handle boost, why didn’t it get it? Seems like it would help with the needed low end torque needs. Appears to have plenty of coolant engineering. I really like it though, ready to see the numbers on this!
El jefe
El jefe Hace un mes
So now theres an LSford engine?
Hillary4prison Hace un mes
Finally a HD truck with gas POWER. Where is everyone else?
joe Hace 2 meses
Who's going to be the first to boost this ...
Ted Hace 2 meses
My gas 6.2L is under powered. Good move Ford!
Mark Brand
Mark Brand Hace 2 meses
lol the rebranded pushrod as "roller valvetrain" lol
Kaven Gilbert
Kaven Gilbert Hace 2 meses
I just got a 2018 f250 with the 6.2 , i have a feeling this will put it to shame
g496r500t Hace 2 meses
Kaven Gilbert it’s not a feeling it’s the point
Farmer Dude357
Farmer Dude357 Hace 2 meses
Is that a reg cab dually? Maybe I can finally replace my 1988
JPfromtheP Hace 2 meses
Looks like a big Y block! Lol the white truck in the background is sick! Lots if potential! 👍🏽
Mark Oppuse
Mark Oppuse Hace 2 meses
I presume it gets 3 miles to the gallon?
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