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Here is a collection of awkward situations every girl and boy will understand! Some of them are really funny and some moments could be really awkward. Nevertheless, this video is full of fun! There is a compilation of funny cell phone moments, embarrassing situations every girl faced at least once and more!
It’s a real fail when you use car window as a mirror and it suddenly opens. Really embarrassing situation! Even if a bag is very small, every girl knows how it’s difficult to find anything inside it. Ugh! You have shaved your legs in the morning and the most annoying thing is that hair appear suddenly again in a most inappropriate moment!
Check out a selection of funny cell phone moments! Today cell phones play a great role in our lives and we spend a lot of time staring at the screen that may cause funny situations. Do you have a friend who takes photos of every food he eats in the restaurant? And makes a ton of photos but you are sitting and wait. Sometimes your friend asks you to help. It’s an annoying situation especially if you are really hungry. Low battery is a really scary situation especially if you are out shopping and need to call your friend to meet. Panic! Always check your battery or take a power bank with you. One more scary situation is when you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. It’s a real nightmare!
Long-haired girls know that sometimes long hair could be really annoying to take care of. If the wind blows the hair and it looks so beautiful if you are not wearing lipstick or eat ice cream. Zippers are the worst enemies for hair as if they get caught and cause great damage to ends. Moreover, it could be very painful.
Find more funny moments!
00:09 Funny moments every girl knows
03:24 Awkward cell phone moments
03:50 Low battery nightmare
06:25 Funny way to eat healthy food
11:06 Long hair fails

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1 feb 2019

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5-Minute Crafts
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8:17 I faced this thrice!✋ What is your most embarrassing moment? Ideas for girls esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-BFU8N9YpHYI.html
sanjeev kumar
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5-Minute Crafts sapanchobere1m ..I havll and get to see
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i hate your friend
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Mine is 8:09.
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Dhfhjjghjcmfhgkrj Daniel.m3910
Florencia Oñate Velden
Me encantaron los videos porque son muy creativos
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That thumb nail tho
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Hola xd
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Cierra tu puño Pide un deseo Dale like Escribe esto en tres vídeos mira tu puño
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a parte que eu mais gostei e 10:43 se vocês forem nesse número do vídeo vom RIR MUITO 🐴 cavalo.
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It happens some times
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Angel Choi Hace 3 días
Is it just me or is in the middle of video the music sounds like uptown funk?🤔
Luka Hace 4 días
why the frick is the thumbnail a person picking there nose
Yesenia Lopez
Yesenia Lopez Hace 4 días
Todas la mujeres tienen malos momentos like si tu tambien estas de acuerdo
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Jody Bass Hace 4 días
I hate when my hair gets stuck to my lips when whereing lip stick😂😂
Celina Bhagratti
Celina Bhagratti Hace 5 días
You should have tell the girl who made you take out the photo of her I take out b0nice photo of you and now my one is unholy slap her
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Alexis Martinez Hace 5 días
Hola es te voy aser una perguta es tenla chava la que se esta penado ella esla misma por que ella ta vien sa en un cAnal y se ya ma asi 123 go
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1:elige un cantante 2:tapate la boca 3:escribe esto en cuatro videos 4:mira tu voz
Carolina De Souza Ferreira
C'est dommage vous ne montrez pas comment faire ☹️☹️☹️
Paola Dominguez Dominguez
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tess joy Hace 6 días
I have been in almost all those situations
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Ailin Cejas Hace 7 días
Te re copiaste de blossom
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8 gh
Heimmy Valentina Quesda Lozano
Hola me gusto mucho el video
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Was she/Vicky from 123 go!
Maryfrancis Rodriguez Oquendo
That’s one of their other channels
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Ahorita también es la que hace 123 go
Maryfrancis Rodriguez Oquendo
Ellos tienen varios canales
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Nossa amo a Vick
Unicorn Olivia AWESOME PR0 Gamer
Is that vicky
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Hey ypu copy someone ill report you
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Dunky Plunky Hace 11 días
6:58 Landed 😂
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Que raro este video 💋💋
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Alba Moreno Marin Hace 12 días
hola soy la unica española
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Rose Quinn Hace 13 días
8:09 so Relatable
pixel master
pixel master Hace 13 días
Can only women relate to this because I cant
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Kyle Samson Hace 13 días
Just ponytail her hair 😂
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Khadija Redden Hace 15 días
did anyone notice on 6:51 she had a hickey on her neck lol
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I do not like your Guys is video
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I dont like uou too freak!
vanesa molina hernandez
Diana Thurrott
Diana Thurrott Hace 15 días
2:31 maybe you should stop graving the iron and instead grave your hair cause by the looks of it your staring at a mirror
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T .K.M me gustan tus videos mo dejes de subirlos va😊😍💐💯
Aldair Cabrera
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nice vickt
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joy upton Hace 17 días
4:15 I have done this before and it hurt so bad
Theresa Feighny
Theresa Feighny Hace 13 días
Me too!
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joy upton Hace 17 días
at 3:46 i died in laughter!!!!!!!! :D
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wil Antonio Coto Hace 19 días
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Raila Cordeiro Hace 19 días
Clara Beatriz
Lucia Agudelo
Lucia Agudelo Hace 19 días
Wildfire Hace 19 días
None of these were in *any* way relatable. Also the title is wrong.
Hadda Krabia
Hadda Krabia Hace 19 días
Cool 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
Hadda Krabia
Hadda Krabia Hace 19 días
Cool 🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠
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Ami el de las uñas
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Atiye Dinç Hace 19 días
0:47 beatiful lady
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Ximena Torreshonorato Hace 20 días
Me encanta🙆🙆🙆
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