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I love phone hacks! They're so easy and fun!
So, here is the number of hacks you may need to use on any given day! We're all kind of addicted to our smartphones, so we might as well use it for our own benefit! Here we go! : )
I bet this problem is the most common one! Have you ever noticed those nasty foggy stains and fingerprints on your phone screen? I have. Here's what I've come up with - I simply took and eraser and started cleaning it carefully. Worked as a charm!
There are tons of different useful hacks in your smartphone's settings you may have had no idea about, such as headphones remote shutter, water drop macro lens, white sheet reflector, pantyhose portrait softener, sunglasses filter, underwater housing, flashlight diffuser, racing game gadget.I'm gonna show you how to make incredibly stylish and handy phone cases as well!
You can use old ties, plain or color-changing nail polish, feathers, glue gun, bathroom hooks, watch band and even baking mold!By the way, you can make and watch optical illusions yourself, that is a hologram on your smartphone! Have fun, my friends!
This time I'm gonna share with you these awesome Budget Photo hacks and crafts!
You're about to discover the best poses and face angles for photo session and ways to create natural filters!

0:38 Eraser hack
2:36 Easy lamp
5:35 Nail polish design
8:34 Headphones remote shutter
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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts Hace 10 días
Wow! Fans of taking selfies will appreciate the hack at 7:20! So, do you like to do those type of photos? 😊
El hacker pro hd me protege el FBI :v
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Junaid Khan
Junaid Khan Hace 7 días
5-Minute Crafts shifa
FGC SniperLyfe
FGC SniperLyfe Hace 7 días
So you're saying we should break a watch, then put glue on a phone just to take selfies? No thanks
Goldy Chaudhary
Goldy Chaudhary Hace 14 horas
What is the cost of colour changing nail polish?? Please give the answer!!!
zeenath nisa
zeenath nisa Hace un día
don,t use duracell battery to your mobile because its battery is a power so use old battery don,t use power battery or your mobile will not work
Mariam tarhini
Mariam tarhini Hace 2 días
I appreciate your diys
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Emmanuel Morenikeji
Emmanuel Morenikeji Hace 2 días
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Mikael Ahmad
Mikael Ahmad Hace 2 días
What language do they speak and which country do they live in (not tryna stalk, just out of curiosity)
Kátia Silva
Kátia Silva Hace 2 días
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Mariam Khnam
Mariam Khnam Hace 3 días
Excellent Video goo.gl/JSLJ5W goo.gl/eSwX5K goo.gl/pqNbxH
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Ashfak Khan Hace 3 días
I don't like this video dab dekha dekha batate hai kuch nya bato
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Classical DJ Hace 3 días
Letest DJ mix #classicaldj
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ByBobbas Wtf Hace 3 días
Qaseem Khan
Qaseem Khan Hace 3 días
Camera problem
D O E K E N Hace 3 días
Plz... these are the same hacks over and over again
DuckCrafter !!
DuckCrafter !! Hace 4 días
The alwasy the same tricks
Josefa Pianco Melo
Josefa Pianco Melo Hace 2 días
f x mm C a bb xx
Valen Lim
Valen Lim Hace 4 días
0.41 my ipad screen is BROKEN AND I NEED TO CHANGE IT CUZ OF U I need to apologise
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هل تعلم Hace 4 días
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Cornel Chuma
Cornel Chuma Hace 4 días
Best ever
cookie fan
cookie fan Hace 4 días
1:15 why would u do that???!!
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Kamal Chand Hace 4 días
Tanya Soni
Tanya Soni Hace 4 días
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Emilie vidios
Emilie vidios Hace 4 días
Ya an subido esos videos
Mahnoor Iram Malik
Mahnoor Iram Malik Hace 4 días
señora botones owo
señora botones owo Hace 4 días
iTzGhostZT Hace 4 días
Mira nomás ese clickbait :v
Trust honesty
Trust honesty Hace 4 días
Is it Reuploaded???
Damla Beray
Damla Beray Hace 5 días
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lal miah
lal miah Hace 5 días
all miah
Somya S
Somya S Hace 5 días
Wow nyc
Rithwik Devadiga
Rithwik Devadiga Hace 5 días
man these guys r so talented I didn't even know we can do so much stuff to beautify our phone hats off u guys nailed it!😮😮😮
GAMING STAR Hace 5 días
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ASHINA thakur
ASHINA thakur Hace 5 días
1: 46 trick is nice
Prince Moule
Prince Moule Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who feels that the tricks are repeated again and again??
Anuroop Viju
Anuroop Viju Hace 5 días
Is it me only who has seen all these hacks in previous video.... 🤔
el Deivid 2.1
el Deivid 2.1 Hace 5 días
genial ya me ahorre 20 centavos en los inventos chafas pero shidos :V
Denniz Hernandez
Denniz Hernandez Hace 5 días
Que chibo
George Godinez Alamo Tx
excuse me what does Que Chibo mean..???
Rafael Chaves
Rafael Chaves Hace 5 días
Jikook is really
Jikook is really Hace 5 días
Limón 4k
Miguel Angel Herrera Flores
Qué hace esto en tendencias :v
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johnny ventura1575
johnny ventura1575 Hace 6 días
This channel is a legendary
Mariza Duarte
Mariza Duarte Hace 6 días
Pongan algo sin repetir o que no piensan las necesarias ideas como para hacer un vídeo completamente nuevo todos estamos arta de lo mismo nada mas un idea nueva en cada vídeo las demás son repetidas piensen si son en cada vídeo 30 ideas dan 29 ideas repetidas dan nada más 1 idea nuevo estoy muy enojada😾desepsionada🙀 ami me gustaban mucho sus vídeos pero me empese a aburir
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Prasanta Kumar Behera
❤❤❤❤ ❤ ❤❤❤❤ ❤ ❤❤❤❤. Love you 5min crafts
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Boy Za Hace 6 días
Rajput King
Rajput King Hace 6 días
Best bro
ARJUN GAMING Hace 6 días
your intro wsome
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Nadia Nadia
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Wahai Pela 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💅💅💅💅💅💅💅
Anil Sinha
Anil Sinha Hace 6 días
aRoGyA gYaWaLi
aRoGyA gYaWaLi Hace 6 días
5-Minute Crafts, Same contents every time. Copy/Paste. #Disappointed
Imran Ashraf
Imran Ashraf Hace 6 días
you 5 minute craft thing that you do you repeat them all video yes guys
joy espinosa
joy espinosa Hace 6 días
Imtiaz Izaz
Imtiaz Izaz Hace 6 días
You showed old video in new video I saw it many times.
Goldy Chaudhary
Goldy Chaudhary Hace 6 días
U r not giving the answer of my question. Why????
Jhon Mark Habee
Jhon Mark Habee Hace 6 días
I Love This Channel
Patrick Bostic
Patrick Bostic Hace 6 días
Stop redoing hacks
Noorah Fathima
Noorah Fathima Hace 6 días
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Tooba Nadeem
Tooba Nadeem Hace 6 días
Repeating hacks again
Rafa Rafa
Rafa Rafa Hace 6 días
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Hector Isaias Hace 7 días
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Goldy Chaudhary
Goldy Chaudhary Hace 7 días
What is the cost of colour changing nail polish? please let me know
Sandip Yadav
Sandip Yadav Hace 7 días
Projecter one was nice but which glass was that?
나윤경 Hace 7 días
❤your channel
Adelina Flores
Adelina Flores Hace 7 días
tejido mantas
v. chowdhary
v. chowdhary Hace 7 días
Love you guys
Goldy Chaudhary
Goldy Chaudhary Hace 7 días
What is the cost of colour changing nail polish
taha haiboub
taha haiboub Hace 7 días
I asked a stranger for some phone hacks. I gave him my password as requested and a few days later, I had no control over my phone. 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Berachu 995991
Berachu 995991 Hace 7 días
6:17 Amazing!
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Paper Man Official Hace 7 días
Nice v
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Close to 30 million!!!
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amazing video how to hack WhatsApp #SDRpranktv
smit patel
smit patel Hace 7 días
Every time same content very disappointed
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Dalila Sekeric Hace 7 días
Kann wer Deutsch
Guy Boiman
Guy Boiman Hace 7 días
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I need to work that company can you give me a job
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Biscuit Boys Hace 7 días
Our credit card doesn't work ifbwe keep near phone
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8:17 there is no water on the phone😐
Lagan Gupta
Lagan Gupta Hace 7 días
Jhooth hai
Lucy Luna
Lucy Luna Hace 7 días
2:43 ... Wait ... But ... *WHAT?!?*
JessoGamingTv Hace 7 días
0:25 I Did This Before Later That Day I Got Bullied And I Got Ligma And Died That Day
Rosalie Perez
Rosalie Perez Hace 7 días
Hi I love you’re videos
Rosalie Perez
Rosalie Perez Hace 7 días
I never signed in that’s why I never talked
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