29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us

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29 Stupid Ways to Die in Among Us! For every 200 IQ outplay in Among Us, there's a -1000 IQ way to die. Whether you're an impostor, crewmate, or crewstor (if that exists) - these are dumb ways to try and avoid. Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 29 of the worst moments where that doesn't work out. It's tough always pulling off insane big brain plays, so today Skip the Tutorial is covering the biggest Among Us fails that are sure to make you cringe.
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Co-researched and recorded by Jonah Walters
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29 nov 2020






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Skip the Tutorial
Skip the Tutorial Hace un mes
Subscribe, or you'll never be impostor
Gaby Loc
Gaby Loc Hace un día
Sorry but I have Google so I need dumb VERIFICATION
CountryHumans Nazi Germany
I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you
slime in a suit
slime in a suit Hace un día
@TurtleTwisters me too
Talija Dalton
Talija Dalton Hace un día
i subsricbed today and i haven't been imposter once today XD
Lo Chambers
Lo Chambers Hace 2 días
Shut up
RandomGirl Hace 11 horas
8:05 I remember this meme... 'Hey look,I found the i in team! Hidden in the A hole.'
TheEpicgam Hace 13 horas
nate rivers
nate rivers Hace 16 horas
Getting caught in the act as the imposter kill and run out but you get caught
Wei-Hsin Lu
Wei-Hsin Lu Hace 17 horas
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
crimson is color i always pick :')
Your WallFlower
Your WallFlower Hace un día
8:04 did that once but the mf just went and told everyone me and him were the imposters...
Joshua Soh
Joshua Soh Hace un día
someone make an among us version of dumbways2die
Talija Dalton
Talija Dalton Hace un día
I never call a meeting because everytime I do i get voted off XD
DC RG Hace 2 días
One time I told people to skip on 7 and got voted out I wasn't the Impostor. The impostors won.
simon's random videos
I have this , in amoung us. I am too good at card swipe, so i ussually get it first try, but since i am too good, i get voted out becuase it looked like i was fakng card swipe.
Dreaming Sans from State Farm
What sucks is that I was in a game then I lied about being in a discord call, and the person I voted out was an actual imposter. The fact I wasn’t even In a discord call (because my account got terminated) and I got the imposter correct makes me sad.
Zodiac Gacha
Zodiac Gacha Hace 2 días
The best way to get a friend in among us is to just go around in circles around the person 😗
TheShoobananamaster Hace 3 días
He's king crimson, not red
Nature Warrior
Nature Warrior Hace 3 días
6:31 As someone who plays red and is constantly sus unless someone sees me do visual, I felt that
Mohamadh jazlaan Jameel
My brother voted me out for doing a task too fast
Leo Wristen
Leo Wristen Hace 3 días
The nervous plier topically offend because bull extracellularly soothe like a undesirable top. mere, closed eye
Corvus Ravenesque
Corvus Ravenesque Hace 3 días
*sees a kill* guys green killed red! Red's ghost: yes avenge me! Green:uh...no not me Everyone else: eject cyan! Game: cyan was not the imposter. Everyone else: then who is the imposter? Me and red: *facepalm*
Zoe Honda
Zoe Honda Hace 3 días
Ohhhhh noooooooo I did not fin my task whelp I gues i cant sub to u
GachaLayla Hace 3 días
Bruh don't you have it when people sus you becuz u reported body
Kaiden Voorhees
Kaiden Voorhees Hace 3 días
that how i get voted off every day:(
Ferdi Gamer
Ferdi Gamer Hace 3 días
6:28 its also the mine bro 😎
Another dumb way is when you die and get reported but ir shows your alive and they vote you out 2 deaths in 1 round
Michael Simpkins
Michael Simpkins Hace 4 días
I was Called TTGFan300 (I am a Teen Titans Go! fan) in a few games. *Emergency Meeting* Green: Red (me) is sus Me: How?? Green: Youre a Teen Titans Go fan, dude. Yellow: Yeah, that show sucks! Me: No it doesn't! **Everyone voted me out because I have an opinion** The ghost crewmates were laughing at me. They banned me after the game. Moral of the story. Dont vote people out just because the guy has an opinion.
eeveesubs sylveon
eeveesubs sylveon Hace 5 días
I dont kill anyone whos starting reactor because i know how annoying it is.
Mr Meow
Mr Meow Hace 5 días
You make yourself an easy target GIF:Misses the target Me who trusts no one: I AM INVINCIBLE
Unicorn Rainbow
Unicorn Rainbow Hace 5 días
Start reactor easy for me and asteroids hard
Kyle Hwang
Kyle Hwang Hace 6 días
Wut about the fact that if u speak first everyone will belive u
nathaniel gargoles
nathaniel gargoles Hace 6 días
•  ゚  。   .   .   .     。 。 .  . 。 ඞ 。 . • • Red was not the imposter •. 。 .
Jeremy T
Jeremy T Hace 6 días
The mountainous mother invariably buzz because sister oddly earn failing a naive uzbekistan. sloppy, exotic pants
Yarissa Santiago
Yarissa Santiago Hace 6 días
I clicked subscribe button without touching it
Marlo2011Playz Hace 6 días
A story made by me. Polusgameworks(pgw): ahh i love brown i will join this game as brown!!!! When game starts after 2 hours everyone: *b e a r*
Marlo2011Playz Hace 6 días
I hate it like when i join game as red and im imposter and they vote me out saying *red sus* and they are correct!!!
Logan Hermann
Logan Hermann Hace 6 días
7:33 in my opinion, this is just a really cool glitch
THE_YOUTUBER20 Hace 7 días
To make this 30: Whenever you don’t see the vision settings and you turn of lights as imposter and kill only to find out that they could see everything anyway
Zachary Bresnahan
Zachary Bresnahan Hace 7 días
I hate it when your to quiet AND GET VOTED sometimes i just got nothing to say. Also when im black im always "sus" He's everywheres im building cases and break alibis
Gurtaj Hundal
Gurtaj Hundal Hace 7 días
red sus
John Manreza
John Manreza Hace 7 días
Oh well discord cheaters get voted of instead of the imp and let the imp win it's the best for imp
Kiwi Hace 7 días
I never kill anyone in among us as impostor, but once I decided to be brave especially since the other imp left the game and I was all alone. We were playing miraHQ, my favourite map. Whenever I'm crew, I stay away from the stacks of people in decontamination. However, as impostor, I had the perfect opportunity to get a stack kill. The first stack kill I've ever done. There we were, casually waiting to get outta there, when I jumped right into action and killed orange. It was so obvious but, because crewmates aren't very smart, they blamed it all on black. I won that round!
Kelly Mc Cabe
Kelly Mc Cabe Hace 8 días
Sister Mary Wormhorn
22 and 25 are the WORST!
Markus Kennedy
Markus Kennedy Hace 8 días
shut up
zonda Hace 8 días
i dont have to I know A HACK
Twisted Fredbear Gaming
ones someone said I was the imposter because his brother was my imposter teammate and his brother looked on his screen and noticed that he was an imposter with me and called me out
Alan Hurt
Alan Hurt Hace 9 días
You could blame the bystander.
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard Hace 9 días
The naive archer aerobically need because current naturalistically matter with a well-to-do laborer. addicted, possessive gym
VehementHam Hace 9 días
Wumbo plays Among Us??
Noor Al Sahaf
Noor Al Sahaf Hace 9 días
I subscribe
Kevin Guan
Kevin Guan Hace 9 días
Honestly when you’re dead as a crew mate it’s hilarious to see that the guy you knew was the imp wins
Lazaro Joseph
Lazaro Joseph Hace 9 días
No Cussing The Coments!
The Ghosts [REDACTED]
The Ghosts [REDACTED] Hace 10 días
Иногда они теряют желание жить
MrNutellaJar Hace 10 días
Crewmates just like to ruin impostors' games.
Handerson Meneses
Handerson Meneses Hace 10 días
Actully when im imposter i dont say that my Teammate is clear i just slaughter the crewmates
Handerson Meneses
Handerson Meneses Hace 10 días
I saw the here on these video lime always blames and i always pick lime and i become smart but i dont blame
Maelle Pinard-Aung
Maelle Pinard-Aung Hace 10 días
The pale dish chronically whistle because rifle importantly record absent a common hope. jagged, aloof pvc
Anna Furmaniak
Anna Furmaniak Hace 10 días
In Among Us, I am a White/Yellow/Cyan Impostor. I am also a White/Yellow/Pink Crewmate. I win without killing often. It's this wonderful thing called faking Innocence...
Brendan Whittall
Brendan Whittall Hace 10 días
I've been an Impostor 5 TIME IN A ROW BY BEING RED, so i don't know what u mean. (heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh.)
supermariopowbang Hace 10 días
supermariopowbang Hace 10 días
3:21 lol
Mom mertzlufft
Mom mertzlufft Hace 10 días
Only true ogs remember that this video was 29 dumb ways to die in among us
Ethan :D
Ethan :D Hace 10 días
i hate being a crewmate lol
Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner Hace 10 días
Bricks and Gaming
Bricks and Gaming Hace 11 días
"When you're a crewmate, then tasks are the name of the game" No. It's still called Among Us.
Mikey Player One
Mikey Player One Hace 11 días
like getting voted out even though they said skip is when they say to vote out you
Alpha Dogs
Alpha Dogs Hace 11 días
I hate it when you go to report a body and someone walks in and reports it before you do and then asks " why didn't you report?" And then says you sus.
Ree Kid
Ree Kid Hace 11 días
well in among us i have never got voted out as a impostor
mm lya
mm lya Hace 12 días
floralhoney Hace 12 días
Lennon 3 Trillo
Lennon 3 Trillo Hace 12 días
Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die
Nghi Ngọc Phương Trần
How to kill my friend in my school bruhhh???
Angie Cortez
Angie Cortez Hace 12 días
i hate among us
20 Jolee Leung
20 Jolee Leung Hace 12 días
People using discord: red told me it's black on discord Me:Yellow told me on Whatsapp it's pink
Falcon Force
Falcon Force Hace 12 días
3:21 I had a situation where someone reported a body, I said „where“ and someone just said: „It’s Black (me) because he said where too fast.“
Bashir Aideed
Bashir Aideed Hace 12 días
in among us sabotage the doors then kill
Bashir Aideed
Bashir Aideed Hace 12 días
Anita Calanda
Anita Calanda Hace 13 días
imagine the second imposter says he wont kill anyone and let the cremates win because the first imposter left the game and you got killed by second imposter just before your about to win ruins my entire 😭😭😭😭
PiggyGamer437 Hace 12 días
Abigale West
Abigale West Hace 13 días
6:20 Me always being orange: heck yeah!
Killua Zoldyck
Killua Zoldyck Hace 13 días
5:47 i can tell red is a weeb in that game he has the iconic "TorU oiKaWas fAvOriTe fooD is miLk bReaD"
aweya Hace 13 días
first time ive ever seen anyone use "medical" instead of "med / medbay "
Quakergaming2 Hace 13 días
number 17 is like black and white people
Quakergaming2 Hace 13 días
and how white people accuse black people because of their skin color
matic341 Hace 13 días
"Innocent the tutorial"
Aidan Simmons
Aidan Simmons Hace 13 días
Also if you are on among us Free play and you turn on being imposter after the first kill the cool down is 14 seconds but if you click imposter off and on then it goes back to 10 seconds
Alice Hace 13 días
*"Ugh, fine, but red is the other imposter vote us out."* 😫😫😫😫
Nilesh Patel
Nilesh Patel Hace 14 días
Arlo Kraft
Arlo Kraft Hace 14 días
The color thing is so accurate i always get voted out just cuz I’m cyan
ThatiPadUser Hace 14 días
1/10 Clicks it 0.1 seconds later *The lobby you tried to join was full. Check with the host to see if you can join next round.*
ethandoesit Hace 14 días
5:51 *sad noises*
OLC Wall
OLC Wall Hace 14 días
I still wonder, how do I get imposter in freeplay mode?? is it luck, or is there a setting or what?
MJ Ward
MJ Ward Hace 14 días
On the computer it says be impostor.exe
TeamMINE Hace 14 días
Cayuga Hace 14 días
When u need to go quickly do something then Imposter uses U standing outside a room/U not moving as evidence against u
Noli Vinluan
Noli Vinluan Hace 15 días
I like being crewmate
AylaPlays Hace 15 días
I killed the subscribe button, he’s kinda sus
Liliya Barger
Liliya Barger Hace 15 días
one time i was impostor and i was venting to security and i couldn't see the whole room so i but i assumed no one was in there so i vented out, but then green was actually in security but then i realized they were on cams and didn't see me. and thats the story of how i almost got a heart attack
wheng627 Hace 15 días
30 imposters voting you even though you are also the imposter for no reason
Gill Whalley
Gill Whalley Hace 15 días
U missed: you are in elec as imposter. Teammate runs in, kills, vents and before u have time to vent as well, someone sees u 😂
min !
min ! Hace 15 días
dumb ways to dieee so many dumb ways to dieee
River Morgan
River Morgan Hace 15 días
10:49 *quietly backs away*
Sorato Saito
Sorato Saito Hace 15 días
29 stupid ways to die and Among Us and have fun doing it ???
Sorato Saito
Sorato Saito Hace 15 días
idek what I'm trying to say
Tejacea' Childs
Tejacea' Childs Hace 15 días
This should be called 29 tips for imposters and crewmates
MrBej Hace 15 días
the classic "if not red then vote me"
Agnes Smid
Agnes Smid Hace 15 días
When you're sus of someone u get voted out When someone is sus of you you get voted WHY WHEN UR SUS U GET VOTED AND WHEN IM SUS OF SOMEONE I GET VOTED
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