2CELLOS - LIVE at Sydney Opera House [FULL CONCERT]

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2CELLOS Luka Sulic and HAUSER performing their favorite movie soundtracks and more with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House, December 2016

Dusan Kranjc, drums

Guy Noble, conductor

Filmed by Big Picture Australia

Directed by Peter Ots

Audio by Matterhorn music
Lighting design by Crt Birsa

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17 mar 2022






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Leslie Strong
What a gift for this whole concert to be posted on ESvid, and without commercials. Amazing! Thank you❤️
Nadina Gavazzi
Nadina Gavazzi Hace 4 horas
La banda sonora en una película creo que a muchas veces supera la imagen.
Rita Volpe
Rita Volpe Hace 4 horas
Simplesmente divino👏👏👏👏fechando os olhos, me senti nas nuvens. Graças e louvores a cada um desses músicos maravilhosos😘
Karen Gorss
Karen Gorss Hace un día
These guys are amazing when they play together. Love it.
Admilson Baptista Reserva '
Toda vez que ouço essa música aos
M KKrupp
Superb cellists, wonderful orchestra, great photography , highly appreciative audience and glorious venue - what more could we wish for ?
I am a cellist that’s been playing for about 5 years now, quitting has crossed my mind a few times, but it’s people like you that keep me going, keep me inspired! Thank you 2CELLOS for doing what you do and keep up the amazing work!
lissalives Smoot
I had forgotten how divine the musical score from “The Godfather” was. ♥️
Judann Pec
Judann Pec Hace 14 días
These two men had parents who were most caring and saw to it that they found their "pearl", something they loved to do, excelled in and can support themselves most comfortably. All boys need parents to help them find their way, even when they cannot afford lessons to give them opportunities to help them find something positive that helps them find their identity. Not all sons get the parents they deserve, Yes, fahers are the most important elemen in the develpment of a boy into a man. Many fathers abandon their sons when a marriage breaks up and with so many temptations they have today it is a struggle. They need someone to encouage and praise them often, and thank them when they do thing right.
Cynthia Perdreauville
A magnificent concert ....your music and performance fill my heart with love and joy. Thank you 2 CELLOS 🙏❤️
Nonato Sena
Nonato Sena Hace 14 horas
Como eu queria que a música de verdade fosse valorizada no Brasil !
Magdalena Gallardo Pollanco
No hay palabras para decir lo que senti !Espectacular, magnifico, maravilloso es poco.
Такую музыку в таком исполнении и в сопровождении такого великолепного оркестра можно слушать бесконечно! Высшая степень наслаждения! Душа устремляется в неоглядную высь и парит где - то далеко...
Monica Klo
Big thank you for posting these fantastic concert. Two incredible artists I enjoy so much! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇦🇷
Veronica Guzmán Rivas García
It’s a great pleasure to see you together again in a concert, you are the best!!! 🤩😍
daniel H
daniel H Hace 12 horas
Love theme, one of my favorit music drive me sitting down to watch through whole session. light and music arrangement is fantastic. really loving it from now on.
Eden Walsh
Thank you so much for publishing this beautiful performance of my favourite cellist. This is indeed a beautiful gift especially this Easter 2022. We can't all have the privilege of seeing you in person and so heartfelt thanks, once again. xx May your tour bring so much joy and happiness after all that we have been through. xx
Оксана Басова
Какая же это мощь!!! Спасибо за эту энергетику,за драйв,за талант и виртуозность! Обалденный концерт! Браво!!!
gpsgz Hace 16 horas
Excelente trabajo
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HAUSER - Adagio (Albinoni)