30+ Lionel Messi vs All His Haters

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Fact: Lionel Messi is the world’s best player. However there are still some doubters and haters. Since Messi turned 30 years old, they came up with various statements to make Messi a bad player. But as we all know Messi has always the right answer. Check out the video!
Important: all scenes are from the season 17/18 or newer = Messi 30+ years old
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18 sep 2020






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MagicalMessi Hace un mes
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Sayujstudio10HD Hace 24 días
I am Indian you
Sayujstudio10HD Hace 24 días
Keni Super Hero
Keni Super Hero Hace 25 días
No more vids?
All hail down to the king
مشجع الملكي وعاشق ليونيل ميسي
Plz name first music in this video 🙏🙏🙏😢😢 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-kL7rX83-uc8.html
Dylan Bouwie
Dylan Bouwie Hace un día
Goat, even when he talks about football you can see that he has so much passion
MAYO Channel
MAYO Channel Hace 3 días
Nice video CR7
Clint eastwood
Clint eastwood Hace 4 días
the goat
Roosa L
Roosa L Hace 4 días
Did the commentator say "The feet of Lionel Messi, too quick, too cute" ?
SIBUSISO Vilakazi Hace 6 días
Modric won a Ballon d’or in the Messi Era, yet Henry never got one even though at some point he was unanimously the greatest footballer, sometimes these football awards are ridiculously biased.
SIBUSISO Vilakazi Hace 6 días
Great Video, eff Pele.
Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson Hace 7 días
Still king to me
Ancient Of Days
Ancient Of Days Hace 7 días
Ramesh Ale
Ramesh Ale Hace 8 días
thanks for the video...
Martin Soria
Martin Soria Hace 8 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-gBz53Zk2MMQ.html This is better
BOT Space-Trails.
BOT Space-Trails. Hace 9 días
Lol bayern Munich destroyed Messi Team 🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrej Hace 8 días
You are very funny 😂😂😂😂😂😐
shadowking GAMING360asd
I was a fan since 2009
Alex Umoh
Alex Umoh Hace 11 días
Oh my God please please please, who knows the name of the song used in this video from the "messi never tracks back part"??? Please help me out, been looking for it
ese omar
ese omar Hace 12 días
Is simple to see who’s the goat 🐐 Messi ofc 👑⚽️
Sameer Sayyed
Sameer Sayyed Hace 12 días
Proud to be a messi fan. 😭😭
RD stories
RD stories Hace 12 días
Loved it.. ❤️
The Gamer 007
The Gamer 007 Hace 13 días
Haters Step Back.This is Lionel Messi,The God of Football.
Ian Jordan
Ian Jordan Hace 13 días
Big difference between Messi and CR7: Ronaldo needs the ball in feet to score while Messi looks for the ball, takes good passes and scores
FCB Editor
FCB Editor Hace 13 días
What is the bg music?
Roy Kamand
Roy Kamand Hace 14 días
dj skb(shadi kaedbay)plz go check him
KUNGA TSEWANG Hace 14 días
any question for the goat
Suzan Shrestha
Suzan Shrestha Hace 14 días
Your channel is my favourite man.💚💚💙💙
Huss Hace 14 días
Always watch your videos, I thought there was no hope for us but now you got us back, brought our hero, our team back, thanks a lot.
clara_ park
clara_ park Hace 14 días
Loyalty is everything for human even a person is too great,rich and have everything in the world but doesn’t had anyone in his side how lonely it would be even if he had the whole world but MESSI choose loyaly despite of all they tempted i think GOD aslo blesseed himm
CHACHACHA Hace 15 días
the media always shows messi when he is experiencing defeat, disappointment, sadness, and discouragement. They seek it all because it is very difficult and very rare for Messi.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 15 días
messi tracking back had me laughing 😭
Ryan Guilherme
Ryan Guilherme Hace 15 días
What an amazing video. Messi, best player in the world.👏👏👏👏👏
Yul Hace 15 días
His football plays make the necessary moves at every necessary momentarily. His behavior makes everyone quiet. It's like freezing everyone. It's just football itself. Even if Ronaldo and other players are reborn, they won't be like Messi. Except for Rooney and Azar. Don't compare Ronaldo and Messi. Ronaldo is not that talented. The sports world evaluates athletes in terms of team performance and record. Of course, Messi is still Messi. This is the position of Korean fans!
Ronaldo is better.Ronaldo🏆⚽️
Abdallah Ahmad
Abdallah Ahmad Hace 16 días
Just brilliant
lakshay munparia
lakshay munparia Hace 16 días
what a video
Anne Wamaitha
Anne Wamaitha Hace 16 días
Absolutely nice vid bro
divyansh panwari
divyansh panwari Hace 16 días
Always remember that it is a privilege to watch Messi
M M Hace 16 días
Messi is having soo bad phase of his life😓
Sayid Bin Tafiq
Sayid Bin Tafiq Hace 17 días
Name " Lionel Messi " will remains next 300 years ; if he could win The Qatar World Cup 😊
Arielle Fenix
Arielle Fenix Hace 17 días
How can anyone call Messi a bad player? Even if you don't like him, calling him "bad" just flaunts ignorance. You can find faults in any player, and no one's perfect... but to call *Lionel Messi* a "bad player" shows a level of pessimism that deserves no respect. Watch him; enjoy him; he's created so many beautiful moments that football fans will remember forever. You can love him; you can hate him; but you can't forget him. He's too memorable. Your mind won't let him go. Long live Messi! Visca El Barça!
w tf
w tf Hace 17 días
No matter what he does and how much he prove himself. there are always haters who will question something or other abt him. For me and many other fan of lionel messi he is the best player in the world and best player ever even if he doesnt score a single goal this whole season. Just watch him play, focus on his movement and creativity in one game and you all will know how much difference does he makes and why is he the best player there evr was or will be.
Sphosethu Magele
Sphosethu Magele Hace 18 días
To whoever watching this in 2090, Lionel Messi was a GOAT.
Nothing xD
Nothing xD Hace 19 días
Messi is the man that showed me football is not just a game.....it's a way of life.When you watch him it's like two planets collide.....maybe sometimes he's angry he dosen't have a good game,but remember LIONEL MESSI will ALAWYS find a way outta problems.YOU CAN say all day Ronaldo is better,u can say Messi is bad for Argentina,he hides in important games.....u can say everything u want. Ronaldo is a beast!!Ronaldo is a goalscorrer machine....that's true,but im sorry CR7 fans.......but YOU'LL NEVER FEEL TRUE MAGIC
Abdul Mutalib
Abdul Mutalib Hace 19 días
One and only King of the kings in the football ❤️🌹🙏👏👍👌my all time favorite MESSI he will be forever inshallah aaameen summa aaameen.
Oskar Docks
Oskar Docks Hace 19 días
He’s really good
Julio Hernandes
Julio Hernandes Hace 19 días
La humildad de messi es grande poreso es el mejor jugador del mundo😃😃😃😉
Kokel Jui
Kokel Jui Hace 20 días
Messi 😍😍😍😍😍
Aniyan E V
Aniyan E V Hace 20 días
Love watching your videos man... They are the best...❤️
Esmail Mostafazadeh
Esmail Mostafazadeh Hace 21 un día
Du bist meine Liebe 💘
Nata Li
Nata Li Hace 21 un día
UNBOXIN' Guy Hace 21 un día
He's not a player who waits upfront for his teammates to pass him.. It all starts with him. That's the real leader, real caption, the real playmaker. That's Leo Messi.
UNBOXIN' Guy Hace 21 un día
All those fault people ahead! This is Leo.. Leo Messi!
Mike Estifo
Mike Estifo Hace 22 días
Messi is speechless and u cant decide him and He is a leader He is a defender He is a playmaker and goal scorer Owwww ma gosh when messi left barca what barca's gone be........🤔
Noor Shah Bacha
Noor Shah Bacha Hace 22 días
When he scores a goal, they want him to score two. When he dribbles two defenders, it's that they're not good. When he scores a free kick, it's the fault of the wall. When he wins the golden ball, someone else deserved it. When he does not defend, it is because he does not play as a team. If he scores with Barcelona but not with his national selection, it is that he doesn’t like his country. When he snubs a child because he hadn’t seen him, he’s said to be a bad person. If FC Barcelona is eliminated from a competition, it’s he is the culprit. If something is wrong with Argentina, he is also the culprit. This is the life of Lionel Messi, his daily bread. But we all know that in 15 years, we will watch videos of his goals with great melancholy. And when that happens, we can be proud to say that we lived in the Messi era.
Ragee TM
Ragee TM Hace 22 días
suarez videoo???
DRIBBLE 80 Hace 22 días
AcTive E13
AcTive E13 Hace 23 días
finda Hace 24 días
All dislikes are from Ramos' alt accounts lmao
Yalambar Rai
Yalambar Rai Hace 24 días
what an incredible Player G.O.A.T...Love you Leo.
frank espe
frank espe Hace 24 días
8 2 hahahaahahahahahha
Jayden Aleksandrowicz
Jayden Aleksandrowicz Hace 24 días
How could you hate such a nice guy?
Anonymous Hace 25 días
Messi is not an athlete ...he has become an emotion....a style of play. Good or bad times, Messi always has fans behind him and I am one of them.
Sebastian Gut
Sebastian Gut Hace 25 días
The BEST 🔝🥇
rajendra Tripathi
rajendra Tripathi Hace 25 días
You should have added that footage of him lifting that trophy with Argentina after that match with Brazil 2019
Steevo Jose
Steevo Jose Hace 25 días
Messi.... Messi...❤️
Aditya Bhattacharjee
Aditya Bhattacharjee Hace 25 días
the greatest player in the history of FC Barcelona also of the world...
Akshat Jahagirdar
Akshat Jahagirdar Hace 26 días
After he retires even haters gonna realize that Messi is th GOAT🐐🐐
ByRabeh98 Hace 26 días
Alguien es español :V
mohannad fn.
mohannad fn. Hace 26 días
And some people said Cristiano is better than Messi 😂😂😂Messi is the goat 🐐🐐🐐
koustab Borah
koustab Borah Hace 26 días
Those people who say ronaldo is the goat, they don't know anything about football
JOHNSON Gaming Hace 27 días
This entire fucking world has got only one magical left footer which is MESSI.......dont even try to compare anybody with him.... I said never....there will be no other next messi in this world.. God created this human with some unique instincts.... Just love and support him... ❤thank you😇
Free Kick TV
Free Kick TV Hace 27 días
أخوكم يوتيوبر جديد , يشرفني دعمكم لقناتي .
G Mangliandinga Dinga
G Mangliandinga Dinga Hace 27 días
Good video man, That motivation against Liverpool was nowhere to be seen except in this video, maybe thats why people think he is not a leader,👍
Tevin Heron
Tevin Heron Hace 27 días
Tirath Shah
Tirath Shah Hace 28 días
4:20 soundtrack pls
Abhinand achu
Abhinand achu Hace 28 días
Frm where u get this videos
Messi The Greatest
Messi The Greatest Hace 28 días
Very Nice video.I like the video very much.I will do my level best to reach 1 millon subscribes.Thanks for the video.Keep going.Messi fans are always with you
Vexo dai
Vexo dai Hace 28 días
Worth watching👌👌 the best video i have ever seen..messi motivating his teammates and captaincy on the ground is the best part!!
Elnino9 Hace 28 días
Gautam Pradeep
Gautam Pradeep Hace 28 días
Axmed Bonucci1⃣9⃣
Axmed Bonucci1⃣9⃣ Hace 28 días
wow amazing👑
Johnny M Ritchie
Johnny M Ritchie Hace 28 días
He's still a great player but I prefer CR7
Abhi Sinha
Abhi Sinha Hace 29 días
Just imagine this all happened after xavi retirement and Iniesta departure, imagine if they were also young and be in this team with him
__ Smallv1lle1989
__ Smallv1lle1989 Hace 29 días
Sam Raou
Sam Raou Hace 29 días
Good job man
G BBarn
G BBarn Hace 29 días
-messi doesnt love barcelona- Barcelona doesn't love messi
FOOTZ ERZ Hace 29 días
To those who criticize him must watch whatever he has achieved in past. Most Ballon d'Or awards: 6 Most FIFA World Player of the Year awards: 6 •Guinness World Records title for the most official goals in a calendar year: 91 goals (2012) what people do they always target him when Barca loose So better enjoy few years of his class that we will not be able to witness it again Messi is the most complete player the world has ever seen
Mohammad Tanveer Rahman Robin-hood
All haters vs Messi
did do and will do anything for his club, but they wont do the same for him
Josh Johnes
Josh Johnes Hace 29 días
0:50 yh that's right he is a leader just not a good or decent one
Ahmed رعي الغنم
كل العبين لهم تتوج بي أنا الدي قلوا كن راب قلت راب ثلأث والدي قتل هوأ الدي أجعله معجرة للعالمين لي يكونو ندارا
Ahmed رعي الغنم
لأ تتبع أهواء الكفرين والو كنو روسوال من قبل
Ahmed رعي الغنم
إنشاء الله غدان صباحن وريك قوة المهجيم ميسي تتبع أهوا سحرى وتنسا ربك الدي قل لك لأ تخف أفديك بي أبك وأمك وأنتا تتبع قوال الدين انزلهم الله كي يعلم منهم الدين يتقونه بي صلت وخشوع من اليوم تتوج بي الحق
Anderas Iniestas
Anderas Iniestas Hace un mes
great man and player, even where we loosers=]
Rina Deb
Rina Deb Hace un mes
Make a video on messi's body feint
Siddharth Suresh
Siddharth Suresh Hace un mes
You make me cry in every video 👍🏻
Brad Buster
Brad Buster Hace un mes
Atleast you have ESPN, BRF, OH MY GOAL, GOAL GLOBAL, and media with Messi, but Ronaldo has no one. He is by himself fighting against all haters.
Faheem Kazmi
Faheem Kazmi Hace un mes
Best video😍😍😍
George Paul
George Paul Hace un mes
Great video ❤️ Vamos Leo🔥
Lionel Arun
Lionel Arun Hace un mes
Bro why did you removed new video😔😔
thebrokenrifle Hace un mes
I want so ask u a question if messi stop playing football what u upload in youtube
Vishnu MK
Vishnu MK Hace un mes
soccer republic -pitchlife
Astonishing video my friend! I watched it fully and it’s just so good! The clips, the commentary, the background music,... I hope you reach a million soon!
Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix Hace un mes
Best player ever easily.
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