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We prepared a collection of science experiments that will brighten your life! You can have a lot of fun together with your friends! Watch this video and find a lot of cool experiments like bouncy egg, you will learn how to shrink an egg, silver egg and more.
Let’s start from the easiest experiment but the result is outstandung! You can easily turn a regular egg into silver one just in a minute. You will be able to amaze your friends! To make a silver egg you will need a raw egg, lighter, a glass of water. Hold an egg near the flame and wait till it is covered with soot. Be careful and save your fingers from burns. When the egg is completely black, put an egg in water and you will see a silver effect!
The next trick is also cool! To make a bouncy egg you will need core piece of a marker and a glass of vinegar. Pour vinegar into a glass and put the core piece of a marker into it. Next, gently place an egg into a glass. Leave the egg for 1 day. When the egg has started to become translucent, take it out of the glass. Do you like this experiment?
This experiment has become viral lately and you should totaly try it! Prepare vinegar, a glass, an egg, maple syrup. Firstly, fill a glass with vinegar. Place an egg in it and leave for one day. Result: an egg has become bigger and translucent. The next step is to place an egg in a glass full of maple syrup and wait for 1 day. The egg will shrink. After that place the same egg in a glass with water, also you can add some dye. And again, wait for a day. The result will amaze you!
00:13 Bouncy egg experiment
03:21 Waterproof kinetic sand
05:29 Silver egg experiment
09:23 Colorful experiment
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Which spray
The Cat Destroys Life
Osmosis and agg
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You can tell the thumbnail is totally Photoshop
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Egg crafts
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There are more little magic tricks than hacks.
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Voi siete brave anzi bravissime.Domanda il video parla solo di uova🥚🥚
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5:46 Poor editing the silver effect ain't real
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5 minute craft mono
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It's very interesting, I support you
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Waste of eggs
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I try it, not work Me:what?! Not work ugh My mom:what are you doing?! Look at this mess!!!. I got punishment from my mom bc make a mess 😭
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egg power 22kg and yet when you put it down _gently_ it cracks 💆
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I like your experiments
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umm just asking, how in the world do you poke candles in an egg!!??
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Thanks! Now I can easily complicate my life even more :D
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You give very good ideas on your Channel
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Channel: 5 minute crafts Actual crafts: wait 3 days
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Home made simple inventions esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-mRs0m9oAEqc.html
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Make this blue if you watchong and reading thr comments
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What is vinegar
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Amazing This is so cool I like it
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Poor Eggs
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unico br
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8:11 wait... what? I wanna do this but like... is that a dry erase marker? How does it not erase?
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6:00 dood that’s super weird... actually all of these are weird.
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5 minutes craft: let's experiment some things with eggs. How to basic: BALALALALALABABANA
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31 Life hacks for eggs
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Why are most of these to do with eggs?
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5:25 I was jungshooked
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Yeah ok great , We got a bigger egg But now what do you want us to do , Make blue omelettes?
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Yeah of course , the last thing I need in my bedroom at night is a glowing egg
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