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Brilliant Makeup DIYs
The magical world of makeup has become a world of art and the creativity that comes from makeup artists all over the world is unbelievably inspiring. There are so many different and unique ways to use makeup products and makeup ideas that we came up with some ourselves. In this video, we have a list of incredible makeup ideas that will inspire you with your makeup and give you some ideas on how you can experiment with different makeup styles and products. In addition, we have some incredible DIY makeup products that will help you save the day in case you don't have one at hand while doing your everyday makeup.
- How to make your own brow gel
If you are in a situation where you want to achieve the perfect brows but you have now brow gel to do so, we have he perfect makeup hack for you. In a traveling pod, add some pure aloe vera gel, then take a matte eyeshadow color that matches your brow color, scrape some of it out and place it in the container with the Aloe Vera Gel. Then, mix the ingredients all together and using a mascara wand apply it on your brows just like demonstrate in the video.
- If you are looking for a new makeup look that is minimalistic and also perfect at glance, try matching your lipstick with your eyeliner. Simply using an eyeliner brush dip it into your lipgloss and apply the eyeliner just like we demonstrate in the video and voila.
- How to make your own highlighting and contouring brush
It is not always easy to carry all your makeup brushes with you in order to do a quick makeup touch up. So, in this video, we show you how to turn your regular fluffy powder brush into a contouring brush by placing some bobby pins on the sides of it.
- How to apply lipstick perfectly
It can be quite difficult to apply lipstick especially in the corners where the lips get thinner and connect to each other. So, in the video demonstration, we are sharing with you an awesome way to correct your lipstick using concealer. This one is great if you are also over-lining your lips to achieve the Kylie Jenner makeup look.
- DIY foundation
If your makeup is just about to run out, don't throw it away. You can re-create it by using your favorite face cream. You simply add some of your cream in your foundation bottle and then you shake really well to mix them together evenly. This one is perfect if you are going for a light coverage makeup look or an all-natural makeup look and you just want to cover some blemishes.
Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing makeup DIYs and hacks, such as how to make your own adjustable eyeshadow brush that you can use for both blending and highlighting; in addition, we have we show you how to make your own glitter eyeshadow palette, or how to make your own lip balm; and how to re-use empty makeup containers.
0:07 - DIY beauty blender
1:18 - How to make your own contouring brush
2:07 - Light coverage foundation hack
3:06 - DIY lip balm with flower
3:57 - DIY highlighter
4:51 - Fix fry mascara
6:47 - Makeup testers
7:55 - Perfect winged liner
8:38 - DIY makeup remover
9:53 - How to make your own lipstick
11:27 - Mermaid makeup look
12:10 - Awesome glitter lipstick
13:25 - Mascara hack
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Hey girls, what time do you usually wake up in the morning? ⏰ Magic recipe against dark circles 8:17 Smart bathroom hacks that will make your life easier > esvid.net/video/vídeo-aF0o8HqHmGg.html
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5-Minute Crafts GIRLY
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12:30 on weekends and 5:00 am on school weeks, yeah thats how tired I get...
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the crayon hack was dangerous
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I'm not one to wear makeup often, but I got to say the net stalkings hack was cool! It's the first time I've seen it. Good hack for costumes and the visual arts, Nice one!~~cc
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at 3:22 it says chill it for 2 hours then why is this channel named 5-minute crafts? like if ur argree
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i know that this is a hack thing and it's on youtube, but she probably spent so much money on that blender and she seemed happy throwing it away, why not use super glue unless i got the wrong idea...(i am on my brother's account and yes, i'm a girl too.
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12:48 is that real glitter?
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It makes me kinda uncomfortable when ESvidr's first try the makeup on their hand
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Why do they make makeup look so bad?
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also atleast tell us what crayons for the DIY lipstik because one of us may have put toxic crayons on there lips because u havent told us what ones to use
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guys dont use olive oil on ur skin it is used for cooking not removing makeup olive oil can make ur skin/face rlly greecy in just saying not to hate but to warn u al
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Aehh galera. No meu Canal aqui no ESvid, eu ensino HIPNOSE CLÍNICA gratutitamente, os vídeos estão na Playlist: esvid.net/video/vídeo-SGQVZrptbiIl.htmlist=PLVQeiqm6hoCoakxhBRGHTHcf_pUPi2nMg
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❌For anyone watching this to actually try these hacks out, PLEASE be cAREFUL with what you put on your eyes!! Especially with lip products that are RED, they can be potentially harmful for your eyes. Make sure the product sPecifies that it is eye-safe.
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