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15 jun 2019






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Chelsea Fletes
Chelsea Fletes Hace un día
Is Asher your boyfriend Annie
Matt Bosma
Matt Bosma Hace 3 días
Ellsie Brunton
Ellsie Brunton Hace 3 días
I live in Australia where did you go in Australia
Ellsie Brunton
Ellsie Brunton Hace 3 días
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Maerea Taurau
Maerea Taurau Hace 3 días
My name is Ashar
you'll never know my name
Jasmine Santos
Jasmine Santos Hace 4 días
This is so funny but when it was the question what is your favorite fruit and annie said mango i was literally eating a mango and when annie answered some questions it was like my answers and i love your videos annie and you guys inspire me too be more of a happy person and make me take a closer look of my life and bring me out of my shell and again i 💖💜🧡💛💚💙 your videos so so much
Monique Allyson
Monique Allyson Hace 4 días
I thought annie’s wish would be Caleb will come back
UnicornGirlSquad SmartRead
Paige is so pritty😘
lizeth Jimenez
lizeth Jimenez Hace 7 días
Asher her boyfriend
Abigail Panditharatna
Abigail Panditharatna Hace 10 días
Anthem is Super cute !!!
Gina Marie’s Life
Gina Marie’s Life Hace 13 días
heaven.x Hace 15 días
I can't believe she wouldn't room with Jayden Bartels😂
Francisco p
Francisco p Hace 15 días
The kyrh yjgja grimok orumdji s fimdgk I'm hmsu!ks!aks.
Francisco p
Francisco p Hace 15 días
Pamela Oluhambo
Pamela Oluhambo Hace 19 días
Hey Annie I am in Kenya right now please come visit us we love u🥰😍🤩
mariam sajid
mariam sajid Hace 23 días
Diana Djenev
Diana Djenev Hace 27 días
If you're an og, you'd already know that Hayley sleeps with her eyes closed like Caleb
Kristy Medina
Kristy Medina Hace 27 días
i have been watching yall since 2012 you inspired me to do gymnastics I had to quit cause I broke my wrist a few times but im okay I do dance
Lydia Admire
Lydia Admire Hace 29 días
Portland is really scary I live a few cities away from it
Kimberly Martoncik
Kimberly Martoncik Hace 29 días
I have a golden Retriever 🐕
Linda Oakley
Linda Oakley Hace un mes
Glitter TV
Glitter TV Hace un mes
Omg Anthem is ADORABLE
Lillie McGregor
Lillie McGregor Hace un mes
The floor is lava 5 4 3 2
Grace Moy
Grace Moy Hace un mes
Ryan baby Jeses pake you
UnicornLOVE Hace un mes
lauren dagel is a christan that was the only one i know
Natalie Baxter Peters
my moms sister lives in Portland oregon
Mya Harris
Mya Harris Hace un mes
Hon eeeeee your skin tone
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith Hace un mes
Paige daughter is so cute and hon Annie so sweet and Paige
you say is a cristen song Edit: BOY I JUST LOVE WHEN MY SISTERS USE MY ACCOUNT
VanDykeTube1 Hace un mes
Why did u Quite gymnastics
Alfonso Rivas
Alfonso Rivas Hace un mes
Good dog choices
Fun with Kinza
Fun with Kinza Hace un mes
5:03 that's our car!!!
Hannah skeet
Hannah skeet Hace un mes
Annie if you see this your the best
Oreo Sisters
Oreo Sisters Hace un mes
I have a golden retriever and his name is kylo he is only 1 and a half jear old
Essy Nickita
Essy Nickita Hace 2 meses
Hey Annie Leblanc... Lots of Love from Kenya😍
Dove Smith
Dove Smith Hace 2 meses
Please do a room tour!!!!!,
Heavenn brazy
Heavenn brazy Hace 2 meses
I sleep with my eyes open too and when I'm half asleep I can feel it😂
Maddie Jewett
Maddie Jewett Hace 2 meses
paige is so orange 💜😂
Darshani Aluthpatabendi
l like u annie i am from sri lanka 😍😍
Desiree Rangha
Desiree Rangha Hace 2 meses
Hey page would you wanna have another baby when anthem is like 3 or 2 or 1?
Ashley Boo xD
Ashley Boo xD Hace 2 meses
My spirit animals are a Tiger, Wolf and a Horse.
Tay Smith
Tay Smith Hace 2 meses
Cassidy Sipe
Cassidy Sipe Hace 2 meses
Paige-what would you wish for if you had a Genie and only one wish Me-100 more wishes😎
Sadie Stone
Sadie Stone Hace 2 meses
annie: i’ve got to get my life together well if her life isn’t together then i guess mine REALLY REALLY REALLY isn’t together
Damion Franklin
Damion Franklin Hace 2 meses
Your perfect just the way u r
Emery Kate Swing
Emery Kate Swing Hace 2 meses
I love that song
Natalie Ward
Natalie Ward Hace 2 meses
I want to go to Paris.
Mia Popa
Mia Popa Hace 2 meses
I woke up I went to school I got a bunch of homework And I went home and did nothing Yup that’s the order!
It's Graceful Grace
It's Graceful Grace Hace 2 meses
Paige: if you had s girl and a boy Annie: A girl Sawyer and Taytum for a girl. Lol I love you Annie! ❣❣❣
Alyson Bosanquet
Alyson Bosanquet Hace 2 meses
#australia like if you are in Australia
Peyton Williams
Peyton Williams Hace 2 meses
I have 3 Golden Retrievers and 1 white German shepherd.
•Kara_ Playz!•
•Kara_ Playz!• Hace 2 meses
Annie said she could be really nosy and I could be nosy sometimes too!
Tatiana Lopez
Tatiana Lopez Hace 2 meses
I love you guys 💕❤️
Sadie Catherine
Sadie Catherine Hace 2 meses
My dad grew up in Portland Oregon 😂
Aimee Corr
Aimee Corr Hace 2 meses
Something your happy that’s behide you - Annie : I had some fake friends
young queen
young queen Hace 2 meses
We would like to have you in Kenya ur welcome
Olivia Isemann
Olivia Isemann Hace 2 meses
anthem and paige r so orange compared to annie lol🧡🧡
denii _boo
denii _boo Hace 2 meses
Annie should have wished for caleb to come back becz thats what i would wish for
Emma fleming
Emma fleming Hace 2 meses
Paige looks so orange lol 😂
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