4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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It doesn't get much more classic than chocolate chip cookies. We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of the chocolate chip cookie. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which cookie was the best?
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4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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17 sep 2018






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TEAM WANG Hace 9 horas
I kept rolling my eyes at the master chef everytime she would do something so extra and so unessary like freezing them and smoking the butter🙄
NicoleMajor Hace 11 horas
Uhm can I be a food scientist? That’s my new dream
Lynzi M
Lynzi M Hace 11 horas
Legit no one got time to freeze their cookies for 24 hours and smoke this butter and salt like???? I wanna eat my food today thanks
3StarSofFilming HH
3StarSofFilming HH Hace 13 horas
Lvl 5 = our moms food
3StarSofFilming HH
3StarSofFilming HH Hace 13 horas
Why did I think lvl2 was better than lvl3
Unbias Hace 13 horas
If I want to know where the good heroin is, I'll ask someone who doesn't look like they know where the rehab is, naaamsaying?
Adriana Aguilar
Adriana Aguilar Hace 14 horas
Idk what i am doing here, watching cooking channels with nothing to eat at my house
Ethan Bates
Ethan Bates Hace 14 horas
The ninja Lorenzo: JAHEHSIAJSNthatssostupidKSJSHSBS
AbsoluteO&B Hace 16 horas
Hi ju
AbsoluteO&B Hace 16 horas
Hi j
Abigail Stoeckel
Abigail Stoeckel Hace 16 horas
why is it almost ever level 3 person acts like they are so,such better than everyone else??
herry pooter oof
herry pooter oof Hace 17 horas
just go to subway
Caleb the Drummer
Caleb the Drummer Hace 17 horas
Oh I’m an ameteur
i love this song
i love this song Hace 18 horas
Level 2 is always the best
laur3n m
laur3n m Hace 20 horas
Just sayinggggg............ All the britts are here like "we arnt master cooks but we have been weighing not 'scooping' for agggggesssss" so yeah america
ROGUE z Hace 21 un hora
Zac Childs
Zac Childs Hace un día
What would the effect of browning the butter have on the cookie?
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang Hace un día
Level -1: Wheat
J'uan Spriggs
J'uan Spriggs Hace un día
Do chicken next
Hidden Gems
Hidden Gems Hace un día
Level 3 was a bit pretentious
Geome Tric
Geome Tric Hace un día
I’m cooking them 185 Celsius in 8 minutes and that makes me level 38373749 but I use another recipe
Piper Donald
Piper Donald Hace un día
I want Lorenzo’s
Angelo Hernandez
Angelo Hernandez Hace un día
Alina's cookies look like chip ahoy cookies, Lorenzo's cookies look like fastfood cookies, and the last one (Level 3) looks like a really big bread cookie
UNITY CIDER Hace un día
Rain Hace un día
I'm tryna get some bhocolate bhip bookies
Johanna Wurst
Johanna Wurst Hace 2 días
My favorite is the level 2 cookie 🍪 the level 3 cookie is toooo much for me
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Hace 2 días
*PENNY'S COOKIES. HAHA PENIS COOKIES* I know I am bad at jokes, don't judge me.
The PotatoMan
The PotatoMan Hace 2 días
Babushka should be a level 5 chef
XxElemental xX
XxElemental xX Hace 2 días
bob bob
bob bob Hace 2 días
Everyone is saying these cookies are over cooked, but i like a crunchy tooth breaking cookie. If its chewy on the inside to me its "undercooked" and then i put them back in the oven and burn my cookies.
smal turtle
smal turtle Hace 2 días
“Little bit of shell” Becomes level - 1 crook
shaynnen lee
shaynnen lee Hace 2 días
yea lorenzos cookie is the best LOL i don’t like penny’s one
Gymnast 101 Banga
Gymnast 101 Banga Hace 2 días
Wait if it takes that long to make than how come Penny said they make it everyday I SMELL A LIE
Gymnast 101 Banga
Gymnast 101 Banga Hace un día
Cannon Goslin oh I thought she said they used the same recipe but I guess that is a good theory
Cannon Goslin
Cannon Goslin Hace 2 días
Or froze them overnight every night
Cannon Goslin
Cannon Goslin Hace 2 días
They might have used a different recipe...
Cristine Hace 2 días
4:06 that is the *best* evil laugh I’ve heard
Bubble Hubble
Bubble Hubble Hace 2 días
Why are most of the top chefs always so mad or smth... they don't look friendly...i like more the home cook and the amateur😂
snails and things
snails and things Hace 2 días
That's because their abuela never made them cookies muffins churros and others sweets
NoLimit Matt
NoLimit Matt Hace 2 días
Really nice and thicc
Coping with the constant struggle of life
All that work penny went through for just 4 cookies 😂
ZacharyDAwesomeXD Hace 2 días
Level 5 is Gordon Ramsay
Emm Lee
Emm Lee Hace 2 días
Who the hell has time to smoke butter then can’t even eat the cookies for 24 hours? Nah where’s my toll house ?🍪
jola 123 456
jola 123 456 Hace 2 días
Alina seems to be so cute and friendly 💕
DarthDavid 227
DarthDavid 227 Hace 2 días
I don’t like hearing a crunch when I bite into a cookie, I want warm soft chocolate experience, not hard crunchy and fluffy
Amelia is awesome
Amelia is awesome Hace 3 días
Level 5 my cookies
NMages20 Hace 3 días
Now obviously the expert cookie lady has got the other two beat. But the booty on amateur girl..... She's got my vote. God damn
Lee Lamar
Lee Lamar Hace 3 días
Oh, penny! You killed it!! I knew I was safe in your hands!!!!!!!
Tenya Iida
Tenya Iida Hace 3 días
Find a penny pick her up. Oh wait... Nvm forget that last step, you don't wanna break your back
Tid Bits N Garden Tales
These all look good, but I prefer a crisp on the outside a very chewy on the inside. Freezing is a huge part of this. Also a mix of unsalted butter with a hint of lard. Yes I know, but trust me you’ll get an amazing chocolate chip cookie.
ParaG0n III
ParaG0n III Hace 3 días
I know the first 2 chefs from the spaget vid.
It's just Ariana
It's just Ariana Hace 3 días
Some reason I would ONLY trust level 2 for some reason
Amelia Goyden
Amelia Goyden Hace 3 días
Where is the fourth level? 🤔
Hiih321 Hace 3 días
So what Did we learn? Cookie are so good it doesn’t matter how well the cookie there made cookie are delicious
Gracie Brooks
Gracie Brooks Hace 3 días
wow she does a lot of smoking 💨 *lol*
Gracie Brooks
Gracie Brooks Hace 3 días
*is it just me who thinks when they take out the vanilla bean out of the bean thing with a knife is so satisfying*
App Help
App Help Hace 3 días
Cookie Monster has entered the chat
Girlfromthemojave LancerKnight
“You have to be precise with this;especially with flour.” Proceeds to use volume instead of weighing ingredients 😂🙄
Arabella Martinez
Arabella Martinez Hace 3 días
I would choose penny’s cookies
Chelsea Chin
Chelsea Chin Hace 3 días
I honestly don’t think anyone has a smoker or is gonna be smoking butter XD
Katy Stormz
Katy Stormz Hace 3 días
breauna mcarthur
breauna mcarthur Hace 3 días
Please do more of these
slime _squishies
slime _squishies Hace 3 días
Alina's ( idk how to spell her name ) nail r so nice 😱👌👌👌
Minesh Patel
Minesh Patel Hace 3 días
Level 5 is Gordan Ramsay
jeannette conde
jeannette conde Hace 4 días
Can I have Penny's recipe please?
TimTam Gaming
TimTam Gaming Hace 4 días
I feel like we just don’t need the woman at the end reviewing the food
Sam Hace 4 días
Level 4 never tries anything, never cooks anything, only blablabla
seancoyote Hace 4 días
I am sure the Professional's cookie is great, but who is gonna smoke their butter? Her cookie was a bit pretentious. Lorenzo's cookie showed a bit of flare and what most of us want to tolerate when making simple cookies.
Tom Ludlow
Tom Ludlow Hace 4 días
2:14 made me laugh so much (Lorenzo is so funny)
Syberyah Hace 4 días
Gosh why did I watch this video I want those cookies so.bad nowwww
I have an unbelievably small penis but,
Never knew science went into making cookies
Nidhi Charagundla
Nidhi Charagundla Hace 4 días
I ain’t got no time for the science. I just want a cookie
Ciarra Pavlica
Ciarra Pavlica Hace 4 días
As long as they taste good then i dont care
Faye Robindelacruz
Faye Robindelacruz Hace 4 días
Its not flower its flour
J Y Hace 4 días
Bro penny needs to RELAX
lip soul
lip soul Hace 4 días
professional cookies are never good... The standard store bought stuff tastes amazing
kool kids klan
kool kids klan Hace 4 días
7:31 nope it's if it's soft or hard
Dee._. Cent
Dee._. Cent Hace 4 días
4:42 She tried pulling it apart. It didn’t work 😂 then it did.
Emma Kalina
Emma Kalina Hace 4 días
Out of these I like the professional ones but I like a really really soft cookie so my recipe is my favorite😝
Lenny Kat
Lenny Kat Hace 4 días
The cookies get better and better How long it takes is longer and longer But they get fatter and fatter the more they make it as you can see
Husky Draws
Husky Draws Hace 4 días
Just buy sum cookie dough. Dont even gotta cook it. Smh.
TheReal FakeCaptain
TheReal FakeCaptain Hace 4 días
Penny rolled up her sleeves, so I guess you can say things are getting pretty serious.
Layla Jackson
Layla Jackson Hace 4 días
I like Lorenzo
jesse kl
jesse kl Hace 4 días
Does lorenzo have his own channel?????
Andy M
Andy M Hace 5 días
What the frick does smoking butter mean I’ll just stick to chips ahoy
Charles Cadiente
Charles Cadiente Hace 5 días
I'll just eat all the damn cookies to be honest.
Zaineldeen Elameer
Zaineldeen Elameer Hace 5 días
Lorenzo is backkkkkkkk
Catzer Makes Stuff
Catzer Makes Stuff Hace 5 días
Level 5 is my grandmother
Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson Hace 5 días
They all seemed over baked to me. I love soft chewy cookies.
Rebekah J
Rebekah J Hace 5 días
The professional cookies look like theyd be like cake/muffin texture and I am not about that
Welp Hace 3 días
Rebekah J it’s probably the baking powder
5073 Hace 5 días
I just want to say...Miss Penny's cookies are so cute. I loved it.
Gacha Queen
Gacha Queen Hace 5 días
I like subways cookies
Garry Hace 5 días
God. Level 3 is always so extra. No normal person wants that.
Esme R.
Esme R. Hace 5 días
After watching chef 3, I could use a smoke. But not of salt or butter.
Charlie Bear
Charlie Bear Hace 5 días
Did any body notice that Alina didn’t use parchment paper?
zarzu4 Hace 5 días
that woman sure likes her pointing stick
Smoshira Hace 5 días
I want Penny's detailed recipe to try, anyone?
Deborah LHX
Deborah LHX Hace 6 días
Guys remember that penny was once a "meh, good enough" person before she became a pro
Pardon my grammar
Pardon my grammar Hace 6 días
I used instan cookie flour
Haley Short
Haley Short Hace 6 días
Luv these series but who would want a savory cookie
PervySwag Hace 6 días
Why does the level 3 chef look like she is mad what the hell is that attitude. Like, just have fun look at lorenzo .
lacewing Hace 6 días
I'm always watching these and finding myself somewhere between home and pro... but hey, long as people love tge food, its all good (if my neighbor gives me more flaxseed chocolate chip though... its a sin against the cookie...)
FrancesBaconandEggs Hace 6 días
Wow those are really damn expensive ingredients for the chef’s cookie. Smoke? Vanilla beans? Jesus.
Keyla Gamer123
Keyla Gamer123 Hace 6 días
I like more the soft cookies
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