4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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It doesn't get much more classic than chocolate chip cookies. We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of the chocolate chip cookie. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which cookie was the best?
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4 Levels of Chocolate Chip Cookies: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Borderline Hace 3 horas
Say what y’all want but I think level three’s cookies look the best. The inside looks super soft and that’s how I like my cookies thin layer of crisp with a soft inside
TommyHN Hace 4 horas
Where can I find the recipe for the Level 3 cookie?
Vespid GT
Vespid GT Hace 4 horas
Who cares if it is bad or not, you're gonna eat it anyways.
MazeOG Gaming
MazeOG Gaming Hace 4 horas
Lorenzo is my favourite
Dee Russell
Dee Russell Hace 5 horas
Lorenzo cookies looked the best don’t @ me
Nafisa Nuzhat
Nafisa Nuzhat Hace 5 horas
Level 3 was extra but also hers looked the best
hi goodbye
hi goodbye Hace 12 horas
4:55-5:00 (Penny) *me when I use pre-made cookie dough*
Mahnoor Ahmed
Mahnoor Ahmed Hace 12 horas
tHe nAmE iS hAdEs
Alex Da JaguarMan
Alex Da JaguarMan Hace 13 horas
Me: Can you make me cookies Mom: Sure! *2 days later* Mom: I made you 2 cookies!
Jolie Mou
Jolie Mou Hace 15 horas
“Definitely not baking powder” “And baking powder”
Emmanuel Ivan Perez
Emmanuel Ivan Perez Hace 16 horas
level -1: just wathes the video
Megane Chan
Megane Chan Hace 20 horas
it annoys me that I can make almost anything but my cookies always come out bad, following the recipe or not and this level one chef can make it normal. I'm a disgrace to humanity
enjoisk8a911 Hace un día
That chef is just flexing cuz shes on camera. No one is spending the extra money to use vanilla beans in chocolate chip cookies, o and the whole smoking the butter thing too
Creed Hace un día
Level 1: Squidward Level 2: Mr Krabs Level 3: spongebobs grandma
Jaecob Easter
Jaecob Easter Hace un día
me level 0:pretends to bake chips ahoy
Hana Foudah
Hana Foudah Hace un día
No one: Penny: I will smoke the salt
Hana Foudah
Hana Foudah Hace un día
Level 3 chefs are so extra
CHOCOLATE! Hace un día
Penny's cookies look absolutely to die for
sofia guimar
sofia guimar Hace un día
I love the fact that Penny gives us tips, more of her
Barbie Mermaid101
Barbie Mermaid101 Hace un día
Ddh Dhshshshs
Ddh Dhshshshs Hace un día
I think Lorenzo should level up already. He deserves it
Woah •w•
Woah •w• Hace 3 horas
Lorenzo is good, like seriously. But I don't know if he has any professional experience in the cooking world. For me, Lorenzo makes very homey flavors. It's not very complex
Amir Dreams
Amir Dreams Hace un día
discount ayesha curry
Swiper Hace un día
Sea Salt = microplastic
Emerald Cornstraw
Emerald Cornstraw Hace un día
Penny put I so much work for four cookies I mean seriously 4
Henry YT
Henry YT Hace un día
I feel bad for the level 1 amateur cook ;-;
seeker15308 Hace un día
Lorenzo’s looked the best to me!
Xandii Jamell
Xandii Jamell Hace un día
The level 3’s are always doing the most.
faiq haikal
faiq haikal Hace un día
Penny. Recipe pls. And dont tell me to go to your bakery cause i dont live in america unfortunately.
Diandre Murel
Diandre Murel Hace 2 días
Big penny came to play smoking out butter and salt for her cookies I’m dying
Bladenn Moyle
Bladenn Moyle Hace 2 días
A thicc cookie
haydiepie Hace 2 días
A real amateur would just buy cookies from walmart
Chaedon Laird II
Chaedon Laird II Hace 2 días
Joey Pasbrig
Joey Pasbrig Hace 2 días
I literally don't watch the ones without lorenzo
Camifu Hace 2 días
I prefer the home cooked
TrainyTrains Hace 2 días
Lorenzo makes the best ones each time because the chef is too extra.
Veronika Lyrics
Veronika Lyrics Hace 2 días
SungirlTRS UwU
SungirlTRS UwU Hace 2 días
Level 1: *does something* Level 2: DONT DO THAT Level 3: *Technically does that but more professional*
Tamago Hace 20 horas
This is perfectly said 🤝
Craig Simmons
Craig Simmons Hace 2 días
Hungry person: I’m hungry. Let’s make some cookies!! Level 3: (drab voice) ok, they’ll be ready tomorrow. Hungry person: What? Why? L3: I need to freeze and smoke them. Hungry person: I think we should see other people
arctic Hace 2 días
40 min of your day wasted on smoking some butter for your mediocre cookies
5th Best Carter
5th Best Carter Hace 2 días
I too use soda and powder. I feel gooder.
liam livingstone
liam livingstone Hace 2 días
Penny's a damm unit
Llama Llama
Llama Llama Hace 2 días
I miss Rosemary being the food scientist 😢😭
light light
light light Hace 2 días
Penny's cookies look so t h i c c
Nora Snell
Nora Snell Hace 2 días
Mom: what the hell are u smoking Me: Oh no worries just some butter and salt Mom:....
Furls Rochefort
Furls Rochefort Hace 2 días
Alina: oh no I messed up Lorenzo: ahahahahaha! Penny: ...
Black to the Pink we're pretty and savage
I like how confident and intimidating Penny is. And would you just look at that 🍪? She must be really proud.
Hannah Barton
Hannah Barton Hace 2 días
No one: Pro woman: As a professional pastry chef we weigh our ingredients instead of using volume measurements Me, little (not professional pastry chef) English girl: we HAVE to weigh dry ingredients because we don’t use cups ( unless you used litres and that would be weird for flour) Logic: . Hotel: trivago
Shameless Hace 2 días
hang on is she hotboxing that butter
specialmitch Hace 2 días
Amateur chefs: I'm going to add vanilla extract Professional chef: I climbed into the rain forests of Tahiti to find my vanilla beans then cured them with the local indigenous peoples according to their ancient traditions.
Audrxy YT
Audrxy YT Hace 3 días
Level 4 Food Scientist: *Explain everything* Me: wait wut
Ben Does Dabs
Ben Does Dabs Hace 3 días
Is anyone else binging on food shows waiting to break their fast
Aawhan Kafle
Aawhan Kafle Hace 3 días
I never watch level 4 😂😂😂
A Lee
A Lee Hace 3 días
Damn the professional blew them away
Chris TV
Chris TV Hace 3 días
Never trust a skinny chef.
DMT Hace 3 días
No one: Penny: I also smoked my oven to give it some smoky flavour
iitoxic Hace 3 días
Lorenzo is my favorite
Lurpworld Hace 3 días
I've enjoyed this series of videos but keep wishing that all 3 people would get together at the end to taste each other's product. It would be nice to see their reactions and comments.
Colah - Fortnite
Colah - Fortnite Hace 3 días
i dont think anyone watches the nerd at the end....
justmetal227 Hace 3 días
Lorenzo is my guy
Kermit The Mad Titan
No one: Lvl 3 Chef:bAkIng PoWdEr AND bAkInG sOdA
Dedë Krasniqi
Dedë Krasniqi Hace 3 días
Level 2 and 3 always are so similar and now in this episode level 1 and 2 have more in common that 2 with 3
Acidic Purple
Acidic Purple Hace 3 días
Lorenzo's cookie looked yum
Jaime Garcia
Jaime Garcia Hace 3 días
She hot boxed the butter lmao
Allison Slone
Allison Slone Hace 4 días
I tried making Penny's cookie , and damn y'all. It was so freaking GOOOOOD!!!! I baked half the cookie dough before the freezer because I barely had the patience. But the frozen half was wayyyy better
Allison Slone
Allison Slone Hace 7 horas
+Tamago ya I had to borrow it from my bestfriend though, she's a baker
Tamago Hace 20 horas
Did you even smoke the butter ??? They sure look amazing
Lina Duong
Lina Duong Hace 4 días
Level 5: gramma
Lichoness Gaming
Lichoness Gaming Hace 4 días
Pro baker: I don’t use measuring things but I weigh my ingredients. *Suddenly uses a teaspoon for sea salt..
The Sage Masters
The Sage Masters Hace 4 días
Nobody: Level 3 chef: oK SO nOW WeRE goIng tO be MaKinG oUR OWn CHocOlatE
Another Guy
Another Guy Hace 4 días
Cookies are overrated. 🙄
Italicc Hace 4 días
At least Emily wasn't in this. She'd dip her cookie in ketchup
Sel Hace 4 días
Why is there a food scientist? Obvi the pro is gonna make the best one.
Cieanna Ewers
Cieanna Ewers Hace 4 días
And smoke the butter I’m confused
Cieanna Ewers
Cieanna Ewers Hace 4 días
And wait did she use candy melts
Cieanna Ewers
Cieanna Ewers Hace 4 días
All of those look like scones
Mike Cole
Mike Cole Hace 5 días
Smoke the butter and salt? Too much work.
inkstatic Hace 5 días
Penny is my cookie queen.
Jer0da0sniper Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who hates how they call it “4 levels” when it’s really only 3
worst videos today
worst videos today Hace 5 días
I hate that do many women are used in this video. Men are better cooks.
Juanita Hace 5 días
I don't like chewy cookies. I'll take Lorenzo's over the chef.
CoasterCrazy Hace 5 días
I totally thought level 3 would have had something like browning the butter first but blew my mind when you said she was smoking it, and the salt too!
GarlicTastsNice Hace 5 días
Can Frank come back?
R33c3s Pices
R33c3s Pices Hace 5 días
no one: 𝐚𝐛𝐬𝐨𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐧𝐨 𝐨𝐧𝐞: Level 3 chef: goes great with bourbon
Fiammetta Mishal
Fiammetta Mishal Hace 5 días
The Title Says 4 Levels... Hmm... Level Four Must Be Grandma Mode!
Adrian Baumgarten
Adrian Baumgarten Hace 5 días
Lorenzo is best home cook
Ashakari Singh
Ashakari Singh Hace 5 días
Give Lorenzo his own show.
Euan ONeill
Euan ONeill Hace 5 días
I find the end boring af
Jam Mantos
Jam Mantos Hace 5 días
Level 5: Grandma Level 6: Black grandma
Sylvana Fow
Sylvana Fow Hace 2 días
JJM_1 Oof
JJM_1 Oof Hace 5 días
I think the level 3 chef has had too many of those
Carlozz Morales
Carlozz Morales Hace 5 días
Maya Agustia Ningsih
Nobody: Lorenzo: hAhHahAhA
sophia nuijens
sophia nuijens Hace 6 días
4:06 such a lorenzo moment
Haya Alseiari
Haya Alseiari Hace 6 días
My mom makes them like the chef....and she’s just a mom.
Suneil Parimoo
Suneil Parimoo Hace 6 días
Q: What did you major in? A: Baking science, with a minor in blackboard pointing
Natalie Purrin
Natalie Purrin Hace 6 días
if Frank was in this, he would've told everyone how he raised his own chickens and cows.
ItzJacobHere Here
ItzJacobHere Here Hace 6 días
I honestly wish I could go to penny’s bakery the best cookies
Daniel Chai
Daniel Chai Hace 6 días
lvl 1 Fast lvl 2 *Average* *speed* lvl 3 After 1 teraannum...
Déwan Hace 6 días
i hate the lvl 2 chef, he is doing like he knows everything.
Mariam K
Mariam K Hace 6 días
I want soooooome!! This is tortuuuuuurrrrrre!
roso the cat
roso the cat Hace 6 días
The guy thinks he's so clever 😂
Charlotte Rosehoof
Charlotte Rosehoof Hace 6 días
Why does it matter if all the cookies look the same i hate when they are like that i like them to look homemade
_Fynki _
_Fynki _ Hace 6 días
Tasting:amateur "wow thats amazing",home cook "thats a good chocolate chip,expert"i made a good cookie"
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