4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of pizza. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which pizza was the best?
Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/chef-sim-cass-dough-recipe
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4 Levels of Pizza: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


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24 jun 2019






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Yo boy lol
Yo boy lol Hace un hora
Z Is it just me or does always the amateur a.k.a. the worst luck the most appetizing
Nutty .G
Nutty .G Hace 3 horas
All these pizzas aren’t true pizza just go classic wtf
The Sperminator
The Sperminator Hace 6 horas
All three look lame. You can't beat simple and REAL Italian cuisine....
Teddy Hudson
Teddy Hudson Hace 11 horas
Nobody: Level 2 and 3: AdD a LiTtLe bIt oF PEPPA
POLIZEIwelle Hace 12 horas
How many toppings and how much cheese do you want on your pizza? Me: There is no limit.
McDonald's Employee
McDonald's Employee Hace 15 horas
Cryx TheAce
Cryx TheAce Hace 15 horas
That level one guy is the embodiment of the Terry Crews meme when the pic in his wallet judges him for using any money lol
nilsibl Hace 17 horas
So the first guy didnt cook anything, the lady put her cheese under her sauce and the second guy didnt cover the whole pizza with sauce. Are they all stupid? I could make something more enjoyable than that
aly nouh
aly nouh Hace 17 horas
beth please adopt me
Keith R
Keith R Hace 19 horas
God this scientist irks me. No passion, sounds like she reading a book, doesn't sound like she knows anything she speaks of. You're making me skip the 4th level. Just have the cooks compare and eat each others instead.
Danial Auni
Danial Auni Hace 21 un hora
Ewww you guys should eat domino or pizzahut instead
schauboo YoavGrin
schauboo YoavGrin Hace 23 horas
Level 1 pizza: took an hour to make and 12 min of baking Level 2 pizza: took 1 day to make and baked for 12 min Level 3 pizza: took 3 days to make dough 1 hour to make sauce and used only pre cooked topping took only 3 min for baking Pizza skills
nightcore fanalis
nightcore fanalis Hace 23 horas
Level 1 : my pizza take an hour to make Level 2 : mine takes 2 days Level 3 : The dough itself takes 3 years
Michael Russell
Michael Russell Hace 23 horas
None of them look good
andyt1313 Hace 23 horas
These videoed deliciously satisfy my love of science and art.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Hace un día
It does have all the characteristics of a wood-fired oven. All except loyalty. Feed it to the pigs, Errol.
azraphon Hace un día
Sim has clearly burnt that pizza and covers magnificently.
Bintu Marxist
Bintu Marxist Hace un día
Stevens pizza looks tastiest and Sims pizza looks burnt and tasteless...,lol 😂
CaptainCorpulence Hace un día
These pizzas look embarrassing.
Anime GirlTaraji
Anime GirlTaraji Hace un día
"This is a three day dough." "COME ON!"
Aikano9 Hace un día
What’s the point of using a stone if you’re not gonna preheat it?
Santiago Menjivar
Santiago Menjivar Hace un día
Beths pizza looks so good 🤤
galactic foxy 33
galactic foxy 33 Hace un día
Gargantuan Cheeks
Gargantuan Cheeks Hace un día
Food scientist
Taylor Lanson
Taylor Lanson Hace un día
Going to be honest, Lvl. 1's pizza would be the one I'd probably enjoy the most. Lvl 3 talked a good game, but his pizza came out burnt to ashes. What a hack lol.
Aour_ ii
Aour_ ii Hace un día
Level 3 :Step 1:let's plant our tomatoes
dani flores
dani flores Hace un día
11:30 stevens lil “hm” is so funny and cute hahahah
Boot Leg
Boot Leg Hace un día
sincas seems like a movie villain
DarkFire88 Hace un día
Me: *sees Sim's pizza* Also me: *laughs in italian*
Hitman Hace un día
From the looks I would go with lvl 1
Lirza Hace 2 días
That bruh moment when Beth doesn't use a dough hook and the pizza still comes out perfect
Honey Hace 2 días
Honestly, Sims pizza looks disgusting to me... but thats probably just cause im not a fan of cheese & half the topping he put on, i wouldnt eat :/ Stephens looked the best tbh
Vincent Thao
Vincent Thao Hace 2 días
Sometimes I forget there's the level 1 cook lol.
TheHoryzons TM
TheHoryzons TM Hace 2 días
i know he is an amateur but still, its looking worst then the cheapes frozen pizza from your local supermarket...
Rein Hace 2 días
That dude seems hella chill
Rein Hace 2 días
It improves the *F L A V O H*
Tibz Hace 2 días
Why do they say 4 levels when it’s 3
mihspz Hace 2 días
5:30 kalamari olives?
Rohit Krishnan
Rohit Krishnan Hace 2 días
I feel that the level 1 pizza would taste good..
Kaaso Hace 2 días
It looks like it should be the other round wtf
starlocket Hace 2 días
And italy is level 100.
Ursula Camici
Ursula Camici Hace 2 días
ilke chi è italiano!!!!!!! | \/
رغد Hace 2 días
I love sim
Greyson Latimer
Greyson Latimer Hace 2 días
Nobody half cooks dough first?
Adrian Hace 2 días
I'm gonna be honest. I think Stephen's pizza is the best, because it has the right amount of toppings, not too raw not too burnt its just perfect. Beth's pizza literally has no toppings and sim's it burnt to the ground
Emily’s Weirdness
Emily’s Weirdness Hace 2 días
Lets be honest level one chef would just put a frozen pizza into the oven
Dennis Cheng
Dennis Cheng Hace 2 días
Richie is a lucky man 🥰
Kym Bays
Kym Bays Hace 2 días
Beth : I really don't think that if your eating pizza, you need to worry about a diet. Me : Facts
JazzYolo Hace 3 días
Is it just me or does the home cook's almost always look better? everyting the professionals make seems too trendy or out there for me. I don't want crab in my chili and I don't want my pizza to look like a fingerpainting
Figgy G
Figgy G Hace 3 días
Sim's would piss me off since there isn't enough sauce. Bites with no sauce. And burnt.
Rodney Smith
Rodney Smith Hace 3 días
Level 3 “Who wants pizza!” Kids”me me me” level 3 “in about three days
Miguel Jose Velayo Gonzales
Is Stephen going to add half a cheesecake in his pizza?
#1: I get my sauce from a jar #2: I make my sauce with a little love #3: this is a symbiotic suit from the original venom grinded up into fine ashes and mixed with the worlds most rare gold tomato kissed by David bowie
Juan Centeno
Juan Centeno Hace 3 días
Level 3: "...I like a little color on my pizza" Is what you say when you accidentally burned pizza
Taylor Lanson
Taylor Lanson Hace un día
Seriously, all that talk and his pizza comes out burnt to ashes. What a hack.
Viper Hace 3 días
Omg their accents are so annoying
Ferdinand Vardas
Ferdinand Vardas Hace 3 días
Can't you freeze batches of pizza dough? Or does that ruin it?
Amanda Foley
Amanda Foley Hace 3 días
Level 0: "First, I tear open four ketchup packets and smear it on the bagel... where'd my Kraft singles go?"
Maru Misu
Maru Misu Hace 3 días
There's always something to be learned from all 3 levels because I'm not rich and different kinds of cheese can get expensive.
Alila Isla
Alila Isla Hace 3 días
2:14 who else replayed that clip 5 times trying to figure out how???
iama Creative Learner
My pizza looks far better than any of the three 😎😎😎😎. It also tastes good as well
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