40W Chinese Laser Cutter testing

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A few years ago I was fortunate to co-own a Chinese made Signs Tech 6040 40w CO2 Laser cutter. Despite not being as accurate or fast as Versalaser etc. I had lots of fun with it. Here are some sample cuts i made in the very beginning.

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25 mar 2013






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tHe gR8 fUn
tHe gR8 fUn Hace 15 días
Have you any agent in Bangladesh? How can i get one machine? hmazizbabu@gmail.com my mail
Khan Ifti
Khan Ifti Hace 5 meses
How much????
salmanshaikh90 Hace 10 meses
Maximum cutting this machine wath mm the cut??
Best Services Delhi
Best Services Delhi Hace 10 meses
Hi. Contact me . My we chat shail109
TheRainHarvester Hace un año
Did the machine stop working? I heard a neon sign shop could refill the co2 tube.
mackk123 Hace un año
That's not music it's the stepper motors lol
Damjanhd Hace un año
What is thickness of that acrilyc
Joy Xue
Joy Xue Hace 10 meses
mariclio3 Hace un año
what is this machine Where can I buy it?
Frijoli Hace un año
I don't think that is "plexiglas". Maybe acrylic.
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Hace 6 meses
Acrylic is a parent name that indicates the type of polymer used in its manufacturing. Plexiglas is a trade or brand name. It's more often called Plexiglass. Plexiglass is a common term used for cell cast acrylic (as is Lucite and Arcylite).
Helen TV-Glotzer
Helen TV-Glotzer Hace un año
bluekeet Hace un año
Can you cut porcelain tile with that
Pietro Gazzera
Pietro Gazzera Hace un año
What a "music"!
Patrick SIMON
Patrick SIMON Hace 2 años
Hi, What max thickness of ply wood it can cut in one pass, Thanks
Мария Сергеевна Куликова
New cool review of Endurance lasers 3dprint.com/204621/endurance-lasers-discounts/
jaeyoung hong
jaeyoung hong Hace 2 años
Sannesthesia Hace 2 años
Nice to hear The Sparks in the background.
Nino Nieman
Nino Nieman Hace 2 años
Chinese: oh oh it's probably really toxic and will explode at any moment due to the cheapness of materials! I hope they don't make lasers like they make their baby milk!
Владимир нету
адский лайк поставил !!!
李海兵 Hace 2 años
optical lens,Laser protective Lens
Red_Bull Hace 2 años
¿cual es mejor... Diodo o CO2?
Neil Ruedlinger
Neil Ruedlinger Hace 2 años
+antero414yo Depends on the type of material. Glass refracts or reflects visible light wavelengths, but tends to strongly absorb wavelengths in the CO2 gas LASER wavelength range of around 1064nm. www.metroglass.co.nz/catalogue/images/11_selection/092_03.gif
Rana HuSsain
Rana HuSsain Hace 3 años
hi sir can i buy it ? how much saudi riyal ? pls contact me my whatsapp nom 00966553618869 Reply
Albert Cheng
Albert Cheng Hace 3 años
can your machine cut 10 mm acrylic ?
Eleven Yi
Eleven Yi Hace un año
High power is necessary for cutting 10mm acrylic, 40W is for thin sheet
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez Hace 3 años
hello, can you test this machine with " metal " items ??? ( aluminum for example ) not for cut, only for engraver. Is possible with only 40w ???
dubbbear Hace 3 años
No it wont have any affect. If the part is anodized you can remove that to make a mark.
Master Express
Master Express Hace 3 años
Where i can buy it?
Ray Wu
Ray Wu Hace 2 años
this is Ray Wu, We are the professional laser manufacturer. We can supply you the laser marking/cutting/engraving.., could you kindly send me the email: raychyanmachinery@126.com or contact me with whatsapp: +86-13794913095. .TKS.
shoyeb yunusbhai jethva
in ebay...you can buy it..
Ron Hutcheon
Ron Hutcheon Hace 3 años
Would be an interesting video without the crappy music blaring in the Damn background
m7zooz Hace 3 años
do you ship it global? whats maximum size it can cut?
greg eastman
greg eastman Hace 3 años
HELLO...you said at the beginning that this ONLY CUTS an now you engraving !!!!!!!!!
Hbeb Alnoor
Hbeb Alnoor Hace 4 años
please What is the name of the device and how much its price in dollars
shoyeb yunusbhai jethva
in ebay...you can buy it..
Luigi scotti
Luigi scotti Hace 3 años
Lee Mirror ,X
Waseem Hashmi
Waseem Hashmi Hace 3 años
@Lee Mirror Hello,
Lee Mirror
Lee Mirror Hace 3 años
+Hbeb Alnoor Hi we have this machine for sale please contact me at email:sales10@scotle.com, thanks
Baron Hace 4 años
Going with the glowforge, it will do all I need at this time, get a $100 off with this link. glowforge.com/referred/?kid=koiyw1
Kate Cajis
Kate Cajis Hace 4 años
Hi ive been looking for this kind of machine for so long, but reading lots of websites i cannot find the perfect machine that i need. Maybe u have any idea what model i need THAT CAN CUT STAINLESS STEEL MYBE 2mm IS GREAT, SMALL MACHINE AND A CHEAP ONE WOULD BE PERFECT! maybe 1,000- 2,000 USD Thank you very much!
Lee Mirror
Lee Mirror Hace 3 años
+Kate Cajis Rahmani Hi we have this machine for sale please contact me at email:sales10@scotle.com, thanks
tigox brata
tigox brata Hace 4 años
+Kate Cajis Rahmani HAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAAHHAAH hope that's a joke, and it's a funny one
Wojciech PVB
Wojciech PVB Hace 4 años
What max thickness of play wood it can cut?
Redsail Ella
Redsail Ella Hace 3 años
+Wojciech PVB different power can cut different thickness
users.shenhuilaser machine
perfect vedio
Voxel Lab
Voxel Lab Hace 3 años
Perfect video if you don't want to see the cut out part only the cutting. "Perfect Video" I think not
Sigma Laser GmbH
Sigma Laser GmbH Hace 4 años
You could also use this laser for laser welding.
dukalink Hace 4 años
Do you have any experience cutting acrylic, 1/2" thick with this device?
Redsail Ella
Redsail Ella Hace 4 años
+dukalink We are Redsail Tech Co.,Ltd company and we are the pioneer of laser machine since 2003,so any needs plese feel free to contact me:sales09@redsailcutters.com Thanks.
Da Vinci Impresiones
Alguien que hable español y que me comente su experiencia con este producto
iprintneat Hace 4 años
+Da Vinci Impresiones Escribeme a iprintneat@gmail.com
Niskinatorn Hace 4 años
I've got evil plans and i need this machine. Contact me.
sahib itmedia
sahib itmedia Hace 2 años
Lee Mirror Sir I have an idea for starting this business pls send all the details about cost and other related requirements to my Gmail
Adenzel Hace 2 años
Niskinatorn gotta say the amount of likes this video had when I read your comment was just too perfect 😂 The perfect amount of likes for evil plans. imgur.com/gallery/7YftF
Lee Mirror
Lee Mirror Hace 3 años
+Niskinatorn Hi we have this machine for sale please contact me at email:sales10@scotle.com, thanks
www.vinylcutters.co.za South Africa
Hi Please tell me can you adjust the speed and laser power from the Software and the laser keypad? Thanks
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta Hace 5 años
contact me i need a machine
Lee Mirror
Lee Mirror Hace 3 años
+Anil Gupta Hi we have this machine for sale please contact me at email:sales10@scotle.com, thanks
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta Hace 4 años
Redsail Ella
Redsail Ella Hace 4 años
+Anil Gupta hi ,may i know your email?i will send you details.Thanks.
PearuArmasJ Hace 5 años
Noh eestlased xd
Xyu Hace 5 años
how much?
users.shenhuilaser machine
www.alibaba.com/product-detail/China-supplier-laser-engraving-machine-for_60118525564.html ,we can send you price
Anil Gupta
Anil Gupta Hace 5 años
i need acrilyke sheet cutting machine
Ramgarhia Arts
Ramgarhia Arts Hace un año
Sir I need acrylic cutting machine 12"x18" sheets. Linconsidhu@gmail.com plz send details
xianglei Shi
xianglei Shi Hace 4 años
@Anil Gupta Hello here is Kobe shi from China we are manufacture of laser engraving and cutting machine named RadiumWin company.We hope can built business relations with you and if you want buy pls email KOBE-LEI@HOTMAIL and add my whatsapp +86 151 6666 3089 for share experiences .
May Liu
May Liu Hace 5 años
Hi,Mr. Anli Gupta This is May from TSD Laser Equiment,We are the manufactuer of Laser Cutting Machine,please email me by sales4@tsdlaser.com or add me by Skype: sales4.tsd Mobile:0086-18123778013 Hope i can help you. Waiting for your news. Sincerely, May
users.shenhuilaser machine
www.alibaba.com/product-detail/China-supplier-laser-engraving-machine-for_60118525564.html ,can supply for you ,our email:sofialiu@shenhuilaser.com
Daisy Possible Laser
Co2 laser marking machine can cut acrylic sheet.What's the thickness and size of your acrylic sheet?Please contact me by email:possiblejn@possiblemachine.net
Sam Burns
Sam Burns Hace 5 años
How many of us would give almost anything to have a pair of hands that steady? Awesome machine.
Ivars Polnijs
Ivars Polnijs Hace 5 años
its shit
Ivars Polnijs
Ivars Polnijs Hace 5 años
@Erik Hendrych Its posible. But I work on Bystronic ByAutonom :D Thats why I say Its shit :D
Erik Hendrych
Erik Hendrych Hace 5 años
Yup and fake definitely :-D
Tonette Justiniane
Tonette Justiniane Hace 5 años
Do the Machine cut 3mm glass?
thaibu gholar
thaibu gholar Hace 6 años
Can get a cheap Chinese laser now shipped to your door for under $600 on eBay. However I must say there is a learning curve to their software and you may need a bit of adjustment on the tube and optics to get it right. But for the home hobbyist I'd say its much more practical than a cheap 3D printer.
hdoug5 Hace 6 años
what power setting were you using on the 4 mm acrylic ?
DVEX Hace 3 años
users.shenhuilaser machine
users.shenhuilaser machine
We are laser manufacturer skype:liu.cnlaser
hdoug5 Hace 5 años
@Andreas9434 ok was curious, my machine runs in that range with plastics ty for getting back to me:)
Angela POSSIBLE Hace 5 años
Hi,I am Angela from China. We are the manufacturer of this machine, any questions pls feel free to contact us: pbmachine@possiblemachine.net
Andreas9434 Hace 6 años
I must say that i honestly don't remember the settings back there, but probably they were well below 10 mm/sec, more like 4-5 mm/sec.
Mikael Laporte
Mikael Laporte Hace 6 años
that music
Frank Sandqvist
Frank Sandqvist Hace 6 años
Hej! Råkar du vara från Svenskfinland?
russellturner47 Hace 6 años
Hi Have been trying to find out how much this printer costs, can I ask how much you paid for this machine.
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf Hace 6 años
around 2.500 usd. check aliexpress
Fadi Ght
Fadi Ght Hace 6 años
This is a fantastic already how much the price?
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