41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump

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It's pronounced 'chyna!'
Welcome to Next of Ken and in this episode, we're counting down 41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump. Oh no... we done did. We went political on Next of Ken. Actually, no. We didn't. Whether you love or hate Trump, you can't deny that Alec Baldwin's continued portrayal of Trump is LEGEND. It's the perfect blend of accurate and hyperbole and we can't get enough of it.
Did we miss one your favorite Alec Baldwin Trump moments? Are you gonna comment your disapproval of this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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18 sep 2018






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Next of Ken
Next of Ken Hace 2 meses
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Sherry Koury
Sherry Koury Hace 29 días
Gábor Csonka
Gábor Csonka Hace un mes
Sorry, but these videos are in that category
House of Mods210
House of Mods210 Hace un mes
wandawoman Hace un mes
+stubones Says someone who just looked this up and watched it. Admit it, you secretly found it funny and accurate.
shaka mon
shaka mon Hace un mes
Next of Ken awwww man NO! 👎👎I'M STILL GONNA FOLLOW YOU!
M. Rodrigo Lemus
M. Rodrigo Lemus Hace 2 días
Awesome hahahaha 😆
HaraldOft. Hace 2 días
Baldwin is an idiot.
Roel Santos Jr
Roel Santos Jr Hace 2 días
ntucker tucker
ntucker tucker Hace 3 días
yes we are the other side
Mark Mckeown
Mark Mckeown Hace 4 días
Came here coz heard his impression is garbage. Yes its total shite.
Cody Neely
Cody Neely Hace 5 días
Have no other content with all those writers LMFAO so yeah there living of him basically
Deborah Adams
Deborah Adams Hace 5 días
He could be a Trump double. He is good. Better than the Orange original.
Alan Zan
Alan Zan Hace 6 días
The Thug Baldwin please run for President in 2020 I need the entertainment here in Australia 🇦🇺🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Paul Scarpa
Paul Scarpa Hace 6 días
Super funny
Truth Matters
Truth Matters Hace 6 días
Record breaking idiot -in -chief
Cory Burfield
Cory Burfield Hace 6 días
I love Alec Baldwin 😂Alec for president 2020 I know it's probably not possible but we definitely need a part 2😂😂😂😂😂
tuttt99 Hace 7 días
9:55 says it all
Paul Warwick
Paul Warwick Hace 7 días
He certainly is a jackass Donkey Donny.
hardenednipple93 Hace 7 días
My favourite Alec Baldwin moment: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8J0-ZatDHug.html He really is a class act.....
Alexandria Plato
Alexandria Plato Hace 7 días
fucking washed up moron.
gary proffitt
gary proffitt Hace 7 días
TRUMP turns AROUND the CASE - (1) Trump is FIDDLING WiKiLeaKs for RUSSIAN HACKS (2) Trump said "there is no WiKiLeaKs" ???
Anna Vajda
Anna Vajda Hace 7 días
Well apparently that's the only work Alec can get too bad.
Ozzy Guy
Ozzy Guy Hace 7 días
Ha ha...Simple minded "comedy" for simple minded leftists...
ASSMAN Hace 7 días
SNL makes fun of Trump because he is a white Christian male conservative so it is safe. SNL did nothing but kiss Obama's ass while he was President because if they made fun of him they could be called racist and taken off the air. Trump is the best President this country has ever had. To anyone who says he is racist then volunteer to let some illegals stay at your place. Trump has saved countless animals from torture by stopping government funding for it as well as lowered unemployment to a record low. This is a disgrace and makes all all look like assholes when we don't support this great man.
Joshua Hammond
Joshua Hammond Hace 7 días
Wow, what a hot take, so edgy.
Jason B
Jason B Hace 8 días
Turn coat
Denise Laino
Denise Laino Hace 8 días
Baldwin, you couldn't nail it with a hammer!! Get a grip!!
James Tola
James Tola Hace 7 días
AND Trump couldn't string a complete sentence together if his life depended on it! "Sad"
Patterson Tari
Patterson Tari Hace 8 días
Alec B didnt nailed anything...looks like a baboon. not funny.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Hace 8 días
The trouble with these impressions (apart from the fact that they're not very good) is that they make Trump seem like a harmless figure of fun, whereas in fact he is a moron with the nuclear launch codes - and there's nothing funny about that.
Marguerita Hunter
Marguerita Hunter Hace 8 días
Ronald Moore
Ronald Moore Hace 8 días
Alex Baldwin is a jerk who can not act and thinks his opponent means something to us
Copper Fit
Copper Fit Hace 8 días
Philbert Plummer
Philbert Plummer Hace 8 días
As an immigrant I love this President because he is a true American who wants to keep this Country a true beacon of hope which I personally experienced and the world a better place because of the USA,,all you retarded dumbass snowflakes travel a bit to other countries as I did 33 to be exact a see how good you got it here, he is not a politician that blows smoke up your ASS he tells it like it is,his heart is in the right place,in the history of the United States of America there have never been a President that have been demonized like him,I voted for him and will do so again,all these actors are just a bunch of buffoons who are just actors and have the most screwed up lives
Tina Durski
Tina Durski Hace 8 días
Alec Baldwin is a friggin Moron
Anwar Crutchfield
Anwar Crutchfield Hace 8 días
You Pathetic if you don't think this deserves a thumbs up.
Cole M
Cole M Hace 8 días
It's like a swarm of liberal snowflakes.
Mary Roberts
Mary Roberts Hace 8 días
Alec is a pussy,libtards.I know,and it's a fact,that liberals,libtards,enjoy, considerably,smelling disgustingly foul odors.And foul smelling libtards have small heads with low foreheads,which slope obtusely like the cowfart dummy aoc;skeletor,equally as dumb,pelosi; eggfart somali omar; naasty shitty rrasheetah; the gorilla uglies maxine and sheila jackson,also the australopithecines cummings and clyburn and I'll throw in elizabeth banana fart warren into the putrid mix.Libtards do have a intense desire to lick and munch out on eggfart somali omar's much shit encrusted dingle berries,attached to and hanging temptingly,from her horribly foul bunghole?do you wear both the burqa and hijab?If so,do you wag your tongue rapidly from one side of your mouth to the other side through the slit of your burqa when you see your kinsmen the tahleebahn and isis return from beheading Christian men,women,and children even babies? Do you fart considerably into the fabric of your burqa and hijab until they are thoroughly absorbed,denched into the fabric? REMEMBER LIBTARDS,TRUMPER MAN 2020.BUDRO
wingsandstrings Hace 9 días
I cannot wait to wear my MAGA hat to the voting booth in 2020 and help reelect Mr. Trump.
John Marston
John Marston Hace 9 días
Leah Hace 9 días
#16!!! 😂🤣
excavator1 Hace 9 días
this is how demorats contribute to society
Paul Warwick
Paul Warwick Hace 10 días
Good name Beeis and Butthead the goofy sons.
Juan flores
Juan flores Hace 10 días
ok jajaja
dustinzk Hace 10 días
I feel pity for the US
sudhi siva
sudhi siva Hace 13 días
They should make fun of Democrats too to be fair. There are all crooked and selfish plus disgusting.
TheConservative Juggalo
I completely busted out laughing at 4:55
Horulus Dalius
Horulus Dalius Hace 15 días
Alec is GENIUS
Mike Jimenez
Mike Jimenez Hace 15 días
Some of Alec Baldwin's finest work! Seriously!
Hult Cult
Hult Cult Hace 15 días
2:00 I laughed so hard that I had a wee urinegate/pee pee party in my pants. I’m fine now, changed my knickers, all is well.
Killer Elite
Killer Elite Hace 15 días
Alex’s Baldwin is a cunt just like your mum
this is me
this is me Hace 15 días
Winder how awkward it is around Christmas dinner for the Baldwin brothers....
Largest Classifieds
Largest Classifieds Hace 15 días
Alec Baldwin is no doubt a good actor. For Trump's impersonation, I prefer John Di Domenico.
Helen Campbell
Helen Campbell Hace 16 días
SOLDADO URSS Hace 17 días
Terry Wilson
Terry Wilson Hace 19 días
Baldwin's impression is nowhere near as good as the guy on comedy Central
Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin Hace 19 días
I thought it was funny when snl made fun of Reagan, George HW Bush And George W Bush. This is not funny. This is political. No more NBC or Msnbc for me. No more performers who think im dumb.
timsgta Hace 19 días
SNL has no comedic value anymore...
W. J.
W. J. Hace 20 días
“Women if you give me a chance, I promise I can do a whole lot more than just grab it... I can also bop it, twist it, & pull it.” I can’t 💀
mbw126 Hace 21 un día
I watch this 5 times...and never get bored...
NS Ghostbusters
NS Ghostbusters Hace 22 días
*My sons Beavis and Butthead.* LMFAO XD I am done lol
Brian Martinez
Brian Martinez Hace 22 días
Alec Baldwin is the best thing about donald trumps presidency lmao
Karla Rod
Karla Rod Hace 23 días
Non stop laughing!!
Oto Sonet
Oto Sonet Hace 23 días
Baldwin is very weak imitator.
Osama Bin Laden
Osama Bin Laden Hace 23 días
100% Donald Trump cant tell the difference. Im a National Socialist by the Way.
mark rottjakob
mark rottjakob Hace 23 días
Baldwin like to beat his wife
Chi Chi
Chi Chi Hace 23 días
You’ve ALL been conned by Leftist media. You were actually promised a conviction on Trump by Brennan...over & over. That’s not NEWS. It’s speculation on a so-called hard-news program. Where are CNN’S investigative reporters? Non-existent.
your father
your father Hace 23 días
Pronouncing china ' chyna' virginal .grab that pussy …. Only Alec Baldwin can training trump to be Adult life ..But that never happen...
Dustin skater
Dustin skater Hace 23 días
Overruled lol
Gary Lewis
Gary Lewis Hace 24 días
When is Alec going to do a skit about no Russian collusion? Maybe Alec doing a real jumping off of a building in celebration would be great
Savage KingX
Savage KingX Hace 24 días
Baldwin is on point
Steve Dunkley
Steve Dunkley Hace 24 días
Your time is up! JEFFREY EPSTEAN !
TazBoy07AbnR Hace 24 días
It's fake SNL, I'm telling ya it's fake, like the witch hunt. They're after me, Melania.....wheres melania?@$#
Nathan Wind
Nathan Wind Hace 24 días
Big deal. I would expect him to nail it after doing this impression 41 times.
Danny Day
Danny Day Hace 24 días
He couldnt act dead
Deborah James
Deborah James Hace 24 días
He nailed it......... love it
OC Pussyfoot
OC Pussyfoot Hace 24 días
2020 TRUMP!!!!!
charles riddlebarger
charles riddlebarger Hace 24 días
This is trash not funny fake laugh tape. People who laugh at this garbage are mentally retarded. Take it off tv
clausd d
clausd d Hace 26 días
What happened to Alex. Violent anger arrests. He seems very unstable. Is he really mentally I'll or something. God help him.
Tsheed1 Hace 26 días
Now I see why Trump is so mad at SNL and want them investigated 😄😁🤣
William Kahley
William Kahley Hace 26 días
I could do Baldwin just get sloppily drunk
Eric Dary
Eric Dary Hace 27 días
Now, if only the Fix-A- Dent would actually listen to how America feels about him.
Rage-A-Hol the band
Rage-A-Hol the band Hace 27 días
Here's the deal: Rage-A-Hol Season 2 will still be released. That date will come out at some point soon (few weeks to a month). FLASHBACK FRIDAY will take over for a while. Random SWDV videos will also continue to be released. Stay tuned, stay weird, keep listening to Rage-A-Hol and following Stonewall De Vries. Cheers!
rdmanone Hace 27 días
Who's laughing now fuker* no collusion.
dakota7609 Hace 27 días
41 Times Alec Baldwin made a Doychbag out of himself
Linda Orantes
Linda Orantes Hace 27 días
L ko nn N
Greg Gregory
Greg Gregory Hace 27 días
Driving trump crazy hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha
MisterPerez Oorah3AAB
MisterPerez Oorah3AAB Hace 27 días
great video
steviebkhall Hace 27 días
Funniest video 2018.Thanks
Live and Let Live Productions
Oo noo
steviebkhall Hace 27 días
Great vid ! Awe no Putin Numbers !Chill.
the Hamster
the Hamster Hace 27 días
Fucking great
Nancy King
Nancy King Hace 27 días
Trump 2020!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 MAGA
mary san miguel
mary san miguel Hace 27 días
The o ly reason everyone like alec ...is cause hes making fun of trump ..that's the only way alec gets notice really its pathetic cause an actor he sucks ...
Alec Baldwin is a chump amd loser
Mai Phan
Mai Phan Hace 28 días
What is Alex baldhead, He has been Just clown in Hollywood , bad joking
Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf Hace 28 días
Why are they lying. Time for Trump to sue for $250,000,000.
panic on Elm street
panic on Elm street Hace 27 días
Lmao please alec does a good job impersonating that clown
Welfare Queen
Welfare Queen Hace 28 días
I LOVE Liberals they pay me not to work! Gracias
Rocky Easterline
Rocky Easterline Hace 28 días
U are a fucking idiot
Swnsasy _
Swnsasy _ Hace 28 días
ROFLOL OMGOSH ROFLOL I love how this channel TRIGGERED Trump supporters...🤣🤣
Dave The Mace
Dave The Mace Hace 28 días
What a Crappy Actor Alec Butt Hole Lips.. from Hollywooded Rubber Leg Drunks
Dave The Mace
Dave The Mace Hace 28 días
Alec the Fucking Smart Alec....
Dave The Mace
Dave The Mace Hace 28 días
Alex Baldwin is a Blow Hole all in its Self... Alex has Butt Lips what a Sucker...
dgracey01 Hace 28 días
You are a nerd like me if you got the "My Struggle" joke.
Supe Smackdown Daddy
Supe Smackdown Daddy Hace 28 días
A flight attendant.😂😂
Kay Fields
Kay Fields Hace 28 días
A continuación
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