42 Secret Minecraft Features You Didn't Know Existed 

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Minecraft has plenty of secret things and features you've probably never heard of. Here are 42 secret minecraft things that SURELY you didn't know. Goood luck!
Sorry for the lack of uploads, the pinned comment says this too but college applications are taking a while :') Once the year ends I should be way better at getting videos out.
➤➤ Twitter: WifiesWasTaken
➤➤ Discord: discord.gg/zAWUuWb
Jerrylum remote control: bit.ly/3CKHo0L
Crafterdark: / crafterdark
Trap the Warden: bit.ly/3rF7BXV
See Under Lava: bit.ly/3Esuupf
Cure Villagers: bit.ly/3eiiXOE
Original Mansion: bit.ly/3SQWtDi
This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but 42 secret minecraft facts where I test your knowledge about the game.


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9 oct 2022






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Wifies Hace 11 meses
pov you wait 5 weeks for a wifies video and you see 42 secret minecraft things Currently in the process of college applications which is why these are taking so long to get out but I promise once that's over AT LATEST by the end of the year I'll be uploading way more regularly and better videos :)
Muyo Hace 11 meses
Esmaeil Zarei
Esmaeil Zarei Hace 11 meses
Among us
Scalene Triangle
Scalene Triangle Hace 11 meses
Worth the wait
xyzadeyz Hace 11 meses
@Muyo no one cares
Kaustubh Gupta
Kaustubh Gupta Hace 11 meses
Hmnm Hace 11 meses
Wifies is one of the only ESvidrs who actually tells us facts that we didn’t know instead of telling us naming a sheep “Dinnerbone” makes it turn upside down
Sigman Hace 11 meses
DSUR Hace 11 meses
I knew a bunch of these so it just depends on the person
Hmnm Hace 11 meses
@DSUR fair, but I'm just saying that most of these are quite unknown to the general public
Raph DM
Raph DM Hace 11 meses
"fun fact: CrEepErs WeRe crEAtEd fRoM a tEXtuRe gLitCH wOWoWWOwOW"
aaa Hace 11 meses
i love how wifies actually tells us stuff we actually probably didnt know instead of stuff we've heard hundreds of times
Graggle Simpson 🅥
Graggle Simpson 🅥 Hace 11 meses
Finally it's here after so long: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html
Its_Paul5618 Hace 11 meses
Yes bro,everything in this vid I didn't know 👏👏👏👏
piplupdabest Hace 11 meses
Here before 1k likes
Lightningfoxxy Hace 11 meses
yeah, really good
Rasplin Hace 11 meses
Dang that crafting grid inventory space was a pretty neat one. Learned lots of things in this one
Wifies Hace 11 meses
Plenty of space for even more explosives
Rasplin Hace 11 meses
@Wifies Indeed
I love ROBLOX Hace 11 meses
Kilp Hace 11 meses
omg the crystal pvp guy
Off_ie Hace 11 meses
100th like!! :D (I know atleast someone is gonna say “i dont care” :( )
Tester Wulf :3
Tester Wulf :3 Hace 9 meses
That bioluminescence underwater thing would be so cool! They could add it to flooded caverns as a sort of new biome. I’d love for it to come back..
jan harald
jan harald Hace 11 meses
the lava trick I've actually found out myself, by accident trying to surface below a block, and I guess there happened to be flowing lava there the paintings are also really cool secrets, I suppose they could be real nice for some "elemental teams/factions", or adventure maps
Wasquash Hace 8 meses
the crafting grid should totally be a feature. as like a last resort. only activating when your inventory is full.
GamingWithDestiny Hace 9 meses
I can tell Wifies works hard on his videos. I think he deserves the amount of popularity he gets.
Forbidden BoX
Forbidden BoX Hace 9 meses
Exactly how does bro keep finding these? I literally thought I knew it all
GamingWithDestiny Hace 9 meses
@ruben adiele you are very much wrong.
GamingWithDestiny Hace 9 meses
@ruben adiele u r actually delusional. wifies is a great youtuber.😠
DJFlare84 Hace 11 meses
At first I thought the trick was simply being able to cure 4 zombie villagers simultaneously and I was like "... I can do that with a regular potion too if they're standing close together...". Being able to re-use the arrow due to piercing is definitely a good trick though.
The wildest side of gaming
Bakugo Katsuki
Bakugo Katsuki Hace 8 meses
Tip for multiplayer: So someone is killing you, but you have so many diamonds? Don't worry. Although it's not much it will be a lot after you die. So if you go to settings and change it so you auto respawn, you can put the stuff you want to save in the crafting thingy in the inventory, and everything that was in that space will still be with you even after you die ( if u want to try it plz do it on a random server with like a monster or smth cuz idk if it works on java )
Markofka Hace 11 meses
Another note for the fact about rubies: the texture for the item is still in the game files, there's just no way to get them in-game
ICantThinkOfAName Hace 11 meses
Not only is there no way to get them in the game, there is not actually an item corresponding to the texture. It is just a file that is sitting there doing nothing.
TheHunter2071 Hace 5 meses
12:35 Fun fact, there actually is one thing that naturally causes an explosion with a high enough blast strength to explode liquids in survival. The wither has about a 1 in 1000 chance to fire a blue skull from their main head when targeting an enemy, and when it hits something it causes an explosion with a high enough blast strength to break lava and water! It's actually really annoying for building wither cages as you have to figure out a way to deal with them or they'll destroy your farm lol
Icosahedron simp
Icosahedron simp Hace 11 meses
I like how Wifies tells us facts we actually didn't know and not "Did you know the creeper was a mistake"
THE DAPEES Hace 11 meses
I really hope we get the underwater thing in a future update. And since it deals with bioluminescence, they could add the fireflies we were robbed of
Davis Fisher
Davis Fisher Hace 11 meses
And maybe make the glowsquids actually glow...
THE DAPEES Hace 11 meses
@Davis Fisher 😂😂
Dan S.
Dan S. Hace 11 meses
yeah the fireflies were a cool idea; if i'm not wrong they didn't add it because a lot of people made fun of it kinda sad :(
THE DAPEES Hace 11 meses
@Dan S. I thought they added them bc they’re poisonous to frogs
Chichou🌱 Hace 3 meses
@THE DAPEESthat’s not a good reason, cookies are poisonous to parrots
Toughtntman37 Hace 11 meses
I think the boat breaking is not about the height, but the speed. I somewhat recently ran into a wall in an ice boat track and it broke
Wooly Cow
Wooly Cow Hace 11 meses
nah it is height, idk y tho, they are really glitchy so i dont doubt you boat went boom lol
DRWHOCOBY Hace 11 meses
That's another glitch, not related to the height one.
robby longoo
robby longoo Hace 11 meses
I thought they were the same thing, as I noticed that after ~25 blocks the boat would glitch and the speed of the fall would reset.
Hacker1o1 Hace 9 meses
@robby longoo thats lag
Hacker1o1 Hace 9 meses
tought tnt, thats probably because the game lagged and it got stuck in a block at the right angle.
Monke Hace 6 meses
The biggest problem with enchanying a gapple would be that it's only possible in creative mode.
Battadia Hace 11 meses
About block hardness, the Blockopedia, which was released in 2014, lists the blast resistance of all the blocks available at that time, including Bedrock (and all other unbreakable blocks) at 18,000,000, Obsidian at 6,000, and Water and Lava at 500. The Blockopedia also lists Fire as a gas, while Air is considered "the absence of a block" (neither are given a blast resistance).
Xenird Hace 11 meses
wtf 6k obsidian
Your Local Ikemen
Your Local Ikemen Hace 9 meses
@Xenird it be ✨ stronk ✨
ThunderStorm Hace 28 días
Imagine making full diamond armor with prot 4 unbreaking 3 and thorns 3 only to put in on your villagers. That would be so cool, especially because you can get basically the armor from the trades and the books too 😂
TwilightEmber Hace 11 meses
1:10 The beacon is made so you always find home, and an achievement proves that by being called 'bring HOME the beacon' so that's why it has a MAP in its textures
Muhammad Mukhtar
Muhammad Mukhtar Hace 3 meses
Ohh, Really Cool👉👈
YouknowLemon Hace 11 meses
If you use the invisible item frame glitch use glow frames so it blends in more trust me I have done it before
AdMer Hace 11 meses
oo thank you!
Kedo Hace 11 meses
I like how Wifies tells us facts we actually didn't know and not "Did you know if you close a trapdoor over you, you will go in the crouching position"
Computment Hace 9 meses
Did you know that eating bread will restore hunger points? So cool right!
『الــمــــصــمـــم عـــــلــــي』シ♠
​@Computmentdid u know trading a villager makes him happy! Cool right?
Collin Coulter
Collin Coulter Hace 9 meses
I wanna say I knew 1/42 but I may have to say I knew 0.5/42 with the one being the item name colors. I had a hint that it could be colored to reference the rarity, but I also thought initially it was colored for the item.
Jeremy Whalen
Jeremy Whalen Hace 9 meses
This guy has over 160 million views on youtube and still goes to college, respect and goodwill to this brother right here
Shinoa Hīragi
Shinoa Hīragi Hace 6 meses
I've myself discovered how Enchanting Table can detect invisible players. I've even used it for house protection!
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia Hace 11 meses
in older versions if you shift click items into a enchanting table you could get the uncraftable potion
Enter8909 Hace 11 meses
the problem is that it needs to be stacked too.
blitceed Hace 11 meses
which version?
Enter8909 Hace 11 meses
@blitceed up until 1.15.2
blitceed Hace 11 meses
@Enter8909 thx
Abraxas Gadolinium MacGuile
Ditto with tipped arrows going in there.
Emma Ingram
Emma Ingram Hace 10 meses
Wifies not only tells us actually cool facts, he also shares the love with his fellow ESvidrs by sending us their way 🥰
Tiny Desk Engineer
Tiny Desk Engineer Hace 9 meses
I actually recently learnt about the bee stings being visible on the player like arrows. I was not aware of Swift Sneak. At all.
bldhf Hace 11 meses
I already knew about the swift sneak sprinting one - another tip for this is that you can go even faster by jumping like you would when sprinting normally, and spam jump in 2 high areas. The best thing about it, in my opinion, is that it lets you go fast while also taking far less hunger since you're technically not sprinting!
AFK Bros!
AFK Bros! Hace 11 meses
dont respond to the scam unless THE REAL WIFIES replies ok?
xolt10 Hace 11 meses
@AFK Bros! It is a scam i talked with this person
Catonic Hace 7 meses
I remember playing on my xbox 360 with my friend, on a Minecraft world with a tower we had built. I would always listen to the music discs we had, and my favorite was Cat. I had no clue that the last part wasn’t in the other versions.
Tarttaken Hace 9 meses
Idea using the cat remote control, hook up the cat remote to chunk band which you can place under your base, so whenever you leave the server, a no one can raid your base
dark rain
dark rain Hace 9 meses
yea but when you rejoin your stuck since a cat wont sit back up
Draities Hace 11 meses
You can go even faster with swift sneak by doing the same things you did but holding D and W or A and W and going in a straight line but make sure to not stop moving or you will go into normal swift sneak.
Ornithorynque Réel
Ornithorynque Réel Hace 11 meses
This allows you to go as fast as running speed while crouching
Ziphon Hace 27 días
@Wifies actually, the -1 hardness in Minecraft does not actually equal -1. Minecraft only allows positive numbers (Java Integers) to be set for the hardness level. Setting to a negative number actually just tells Java to count backwards from 0. Since there are no negative numbers to count backwards with, Java will start then count to the closest thing, which is the biggest number it can count. You can think of these numbers as a circle, not a line. The closest numbers to 0 (backwards/forwards) are actually 1/2147483647. The hardness of something like Bedrock is actually equal to 2147483647. The more you know 🌈
Teevz Hace 11 meses
Hello @Wifies, I was wondering, since your theories align into a storyline, if you could make a video about your entire storyline, like that it would make like a story that describes minecraft lore up tho this point.
Super Otter
Super Otter Hace 11 meses
YEAH that would be good @Wifies
Averie Gabehart
Averie Gabehart Hace 9 meses
They should’ve kept the bioluminescence stuff. Imagine you kill the warden and then make a base there. So cool!
FroskPL Hace 11 meses
3:38 You can also do that in 1.8 by shift clicking an item to crafting grid and exiting at the same time, but it also triggers an anticheat.
Your Local Ikemen
Your Local Ikemen Hace 11 meses
uh, question, what’s an “anticheat?”
TimTheDestroyer Hace 11 meses
@Your Local Ikemen A software that prevents cheaters found on most Minecraft servers that are not anarchy
Your Local Ikemen
Your Local Ikemen Hace 9 meses
@TimTheDestroyer oh ok thank you:]
joe the memezar
joe the memezar Hace 11 meses
I used to remove Snow using buckets before, but now I carry end portals and obsidian for melting the snow. It's very easy thank you wifies!
Hyper Beam X
Hyper Beam X Hace 11 meses
8:35 smoother block versions of block actually have more blast resistance than their regular block variants
Michew Hace 8 meses
This video was very good, gave a lot of helpful tips. I got 24/42. Not bad!
Cynical Hace 9 meses
I was surprised to be taught new stuff for once, most videos like this just repeat things I've known for months but these are almost all new to me. Thank you, it was entertaining.
Baldi Seed Completionist
I love how this person actually credits the inventors of these tricks.
Joel Everard
Joel Everard Hace 11 meses
I knew 24/42 of them, which is the smallest amount I have gotten on ANY of these types of videos! Good job finding these facts!
Daemon Blood
Daemon Blood Hace 9 meses
the glazed lime terracotta doesn't resemble a crossbow it resembles a quarter of a lime slice. Terracotta places depending on which direction you are facing, and if you place it right you will create a lime slice.
Xenon Hace 6 meses
That's just you bro.
IC_Youtube Hace un mes
9:14 In accessibility you can show the operator's tab and the paintings are in there as well. :D
Crafterdark Hace 11 meses
I just discovered today that I was featured here for the extra slots method, ty! Really nice video, especially the way you explain the hidden features!
Jonathan You
Jonathan You Hace 11 meses
.. and no likes except for me
blixxy1320 Hace 8 meses
1:44 it’s cheaper and more convenient in the long run if you grind for the weakness tipped arrow fletcher trade
ArkenTV B
ArkenTV B Hace 11 meses
The Invisibility effect in minecraft doesn’t make you complete invisible to any mob! The range is reduced in wich the mob can see you! You can further reduce this through croutching and through wearing the head of the specific mob :D
Linus Lücke
Linus Lücke Hace 11 meses
If you wear the Mob head, invis becomes useless
lucky and dev
lucky and dev Hace 11 meses
Lets all appreciate the effort he makes in his videos just so we don’t miss anything and to keep us happy!!
dombomb64 Hace 11 meses
10:48 Now that I know what kind of colorblindness Dinnerbone has, I’m struggling even more to understand why everybody lists it as one of the reasons Mojang made the switch from rubies to emeralds, if not the only reason. Like, I get switching to a green gem to help distinguish it from a red powder, but how is *that* trying to cater to a kind of colorblindness *that mixes the two colors together?* Sorry if I sound rude, it’s just that I’ve been confused on this for years.
Dendran Gardner
Dendran Gardner Hace 5 meses
Endportals give off light and apparently, snowlayers do not consider a heatsource to melt, but certain lightconditions. Endportals check those conditions
SP4CEBAR Hace 11 meses
I had to research the values of the weird boat breaking, and what stands out is that the values are of two pairs each time, each time the pair is separated by a value that increments for each pair, (1,2,3,4), and the other thing is that the second value of each pair is almost a perfect parabola (quadratic pattern)
『【itz_rose 】 』
11:16 vexes are changing the texture of its self. And it looks like an allay but still has the same colour pallete. ( in the 1.20 update I think ) So I guess this ruins this a bit.
Dış Güçler
Dış Güçler Hace 11 meses
I remember how we used to cover coastral areas with soul sand, It stops your boat so it wont break. But It shakes a lot while floating, causing a lot of lag💀
hen ko
hen ko Hace 11 meses
Despite all these years, the game does not lose its excitement.. A great update, a great excitement..
SpaceArtStuff Hace 9 meses
That bioluminescent deep dark concept should be it’s own type of cave (with glow squids too)
Cows On Mars
Cows On Mars Hace 5 meses
with the craftibg grid one, you could do that in alpha version without needing to change any settings for it
Teleporter Hace 11 meses
The last secret you spoke of genuinely helps prove the latest game theory minecraft video, literally the latest video on their channel rn. That actually continues to prove that what we saw in that video is more true than we think.🎉🎉
HEROBRINEBOT462 Hace 7 meses
genuinely interesting! the inventory needs updating but the crafting slots will do in the meantime.
Battadia Hace 11 meses
Fun fact: The extra inventory slots trick was referenced in the very first Minecraft novel, "The Island".
KoreanAnime Hace 11 meses
wait really? when?? Ive read it at least twice but ive never seen it
Battadia Hace 11 meses
@KoreanAnime Oops, I was thinking of a different book, sorry.
KoreanAnime Hace 11 meses
@Battadia wait so what were you talking about-
Battadia Hace 11 meses
@KoreanAnime I'm not sure, I think it was one of those unofficial spin-off novels that were all the rage around 2016.
Glowing Games
Glowing Games Hace 11 meses
A way you can use the snow end portal thing is if you and your friends are boutta go to the End, you replace all the floor with snow blocks and put dripstone or lava or whatever underneath, then when you ignite it they all fall to their deaths.
Ethan Schneider
Ethan Schneider Hace 8 meses
Timestamps for the 42 features since I was bored (0:16) Number 1. You can fly faster or slower in spectator mode by scrolling. (0:35) Number 2. Using only a few blocks you can make a remote control to do whatever you want whenever you want. (1:04) Number 3. Map icons inside beacon files (1:16) Number 4. By using a piercing 4 crossbow and a tipped arrow of weakness you can cure 4 zombie villagers at once. (1:44) Number 5. You can send secret messages with sculk. (2:47) Number 6. By setting up a dispenser with thorns armor next to a villager, you can trick your friends into attacking a villager that will fight back. (3:13) Number 7. You can use the crafting grid as extra inventory space before the version 1.19. (3:49) Number 8. You can make one way glass using just maps and item frames. (4:17) Number 9. If you start with a sprint run up and then crouch which using Swift sneak you can go way faster. (4:33) Number 10. To see netherfloor when there is lava (4:48) Number 11. Evoker has a mechanic to turn sheep red (5:12) Number 12. Allays were going to be called Wisp or Pixie (5:24) Number 13. Boats will still break into their raw materials if dropped from certain height (5:47) Number 14. A redstone contraption you can set it up so whenever you leave a server your cat will sit down on a chest, and get a redstone pulse to do whatever you want. (6:12) Number 15. Bee stingers are a visible model like arrows when you get stung by one (6:27) Number 16If you wear leather boots, you can scale any wall made of powdered snow. (6:49) Number 17. The noises for the axolotl mob are just heavily edited dog sounds. (7:04) Number 18. If you use the command to give yourself a potion, you’ll get an uncraftable potion impossible to get in survival. (7:26) Number 19. If you craft a firework with a firework star and use it with an elytra, it will damage you (7:42) Number 20. The hardness for unbreakable blocks is -1 (8:05) Number 21. When using frostwalker boots on water is called frosted ice (8:19) Number 22. Lighting a nether portal can melt ice around it (8:30) Number 23. Smooth variants of blocks, like quartz and sandstone actually have a bigger blast resistance than their regular versions. (8:43) Number 24.
Shinoa Hīragi
Shinoa Hīragi Hace 6 meses
Eyyy Thanks Hope your comment gets pinned
Joey Cannella
Joey Cannella Hace 11 meses
Love how he always comes up with original content
Graggle Simpson 🅥
Graggle Simpson 🅥 Hace 11 meses
Finally it's here after so long: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html
ReganRoar00 Hace 13 días
.5/42 I knew that the glazed blocks rotated and looked like tiles, but didn't know they were based on real tiles. So cool!
CorellionCrusader Productions
9:57 This is because the arrows fire from the arm of the player, the same way the items are shown in the players hand.
Snudget Hace 11 meses
The boat thing is because mojang wanted the boats to drop sticks and planks when it dropped onto land, not in air, neither in water. But when the boat checks, whether it is on ground, it is actually in air. Except you dropped it from the perfect height
Tu zurch
Tu zurch Hace 11 meses
I’ve spent thousands of hours in Minecraft and I only knew 14 of these. Nice job!
Styx X
Styx X Hace 3 meses
Amazing video with new discoveries. How do you usually find most of this information? (8/42)
LucasGaming Hace 11 meses
I knew 14/42 facts u told. Btw, the ubcraftable potion can also be found on the achievement icon of the achievement 'Local Brewery'. Press the Z key to access all achievements
Bloxxedz Hace 8 meses
for someone that played minecraft for almost 10 years im shocked that i mananged to know 6/42. this is a good channel.
Kazaaakplethkilik Hace 9 meses
12:27 In my opinipn, this would be MUCH better. I hate current deep dark, it is boring and useless one-time thing. But unused one could be very beatiful with a number of cool light blocks. Deep dark is intended to be scary and creepy, but i can't get the atmosphere...
Nikolay Sitnikov
Nikolay Sitnikov Hace 9 meses
Light blocks are always awesome. Maybe Mojang didn't want to take away from the frog lights?
__Aqua Hace 8 meses
The only scary thing in the deep dark is the warden, and literally hold crouch
TabbyEarth Hace 2 meses
bro you make noise by opening chests and the awrden can sniff you btw and if you get too close he hears your heartbeat
Comfy_Jayy Hace 11 meses
for anyone interested in games dev stuff, in the code, -1 refers to infinity as computers can't visualise that for obvious reasons, if you play a game and the melee or the starter weapon has a visible ammo count of -1, it's likely a bit jank and rough around the edges as you wouldn't display that to players
WoahGabr Hace 11 meses
31/42 Wow I love these videos, they always teach me so much I didn't used to know about the game! Great job!
Anna Oftedal
Anna Oftedal Hace 11 meses
The Cubing Kid
The Cubing Kid Hace 11 meses
Dang I only got 10
TheGuyInTheChair Hace 11 meses
12.5 you know a lot
Polygon Tower
Polygon Tower Hace 11 meses
​@TheGuyInTheChair .5????? How did you half know it?
TheGuyInTheChair Hace 11 meses
@Polygon Tower I knew about crystallized honey but not the wax block
Kizzer Animations
Kizzer Animations Hace 8 meses
The hardest thing to do in Minecraft is to plan out a build, gather the material, and build to the point you are almost finish and then stop. And NOT complete the build despite knowing how it’s supposed to look and having the materials. It will drive you crazy.
indirect Hace 11 meses
8:20 I know how this will be kinda useful. Put a status chamber under the portal then if some1 will try to open it you will immediately teleport there but still idk what use it can do
Benjamin Hace 8 meses
Yeahhhh.. about the extra inventory slots. If you die with something in those glitched slots, they don’t drop. Probably not the best idea unless you use it for dirt or something.
brutexx Hace 11 meses
4 out of 42, been playing the game for 10 years now. I'm always baffled how you can find those secret facts.
HeroOfTheVillage Hace 11 meses
I remember when you were uploading all your manhunts, you've grown so much and I'm happy for you :)
Bento Box
Bento Box Hace 11 meses
I knew the slabs no skulk message thing, the horns on armor stand, invisible item frames making one way glass, lava x-ray, the 'wisps', the uncraftable potion, I knew that smooth has more blast resistance, the golden apple horse trick, the allay vs vex, the enchanting table invis, the "haunting" of endermen. I know a...bit.
Tweer64 Hace 6 meses
There used to be a message in one of the lang files that said "jere is a weasel". I believe it was an achievement in the Cornish language file. It was removed when advancements replaced achievements.
Steven Julian
Steven Julian Hace 11 meses
Thanks for the trick to curing multiple villagers at once, so helping (16/42)
ImMax Hace 9 meses
i knew 40/42 of the facts and i enjoy your content, keep up the good work
Lightning _11
Lightning _11 Hace 11 meses
I watch DocM77, so only 8/42 of these were new to me. This included Jerrylum remote control, even though I knew it existed, I didn't know how to do it until now.
Sperc Wolf
Sperc Wolf Hace 11 meses
The lime glaze terracotta reminds me more of the handle and guard of a sword rather than a crossbow.
doggyboul754 Hace 8 meses
Knew 17/42 of the features, learned a bunch!
Fauna 5000
Fauna 5000 Hace 7 meses
8/42, very good rate. Thanks for telling actually interesting facts!
Meowser Hace 11 meses
Wifies may not upload as often but the quality is just mind blowing
Aditya Alghifari
Aditya Alghifari Hace 11 meses
The skulk message can not only be used with just slabs but if you message it with stone and your creative mode just use infested stone
unseen Hace 11 meses
for the ender portal snow one you can use the snow as a block update so someone like dream could use this in a manhunt maybe to set off some tnt to kill the hunters or to teleport people away from the portal with a stasis chamber
Shelby Kutil
Shelby Kutil Hace 5 meses
You can also tame a horse on the first try if you pulled them with a lead.
SP4CEBAR Hace 11 meses
I found that heat and block-light are basically the same thing: any block that emits light is hot, any block-light level of 9 (if I remember it correctly) or higher will melt ice
Sam Le Cookie
Sam Le Cookie Hace 8 meses
i've been playing minecraft for 8+ years and I didn't even know about that painting one... the heck!?!? genuinely, thank you. I usually watch videos like these when I'm bored, and mostly just as an ego thing because then i get to be like "haha lol yes i know this one" but wow. holy hecking wow. this will add so much to my builds too and i just wow. thank you
Hyper Beam X
Hyper Beam X Hace 11 meses
10:09 Using golden apples to tame a horse has a higher chance that they will likely accept being your horse
Marshall Horton
Marshall Horton Hace 11 meses
I knew only 15 out of the 42 things beforehand. Those being: 5. 6. 8. 10. 13. (boats also can break if your far enough away from the world border whilst being in the world border) 16. 17. 19. 24. 25. (nostalgia moment) 26. 32. 37. 40. 41.
NovaQ Hace 11 meses
Fun fact for the Ruby’s one, Ruby’s actually still have a texture file in the game’s code, there’s just no way to get the item in-game.
arthursmummy Hace 11 meses
yes i know
Son Of Meme
Son Of Meme Hace 6 meses
Holy moly the thing about using your crafting grid as extra inventory rattled loose some memory, I'm pretty sure that used to be a thing in regular minecraft way back when as well
Fancy Freestyler
Fancy Freestyler Hace 11 meses
Wow didn't know the thing with enderpearl stasis chamber pretty cool! Related to the "alive mice", did you know that dead mouse actually had a custom cape, that would be on his head resembling mouse ears? 36/42!
Tiffany Maschek
Tiffany Maschek Hace 2 meses
It's honestly been so long since I've played Minecraft that I believe the last time I played avidly was update 1.12 so... Most of these are completely new to me.
Hesperiid Hace 11 meses
When we needed him most, he returned...
ELLE H Enterprises
ELLE H Enterprises Hace 11 meses
0øtheres bugs in your skin
Graggle Simpson 🅥
Graggle Simpson 🅥 Hace 11 meses
Finally it's here after so long: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-jhTTxdBKSyI.html
CyberTiger Hace 11 meses
Super Otter
Super Otter Hace 11 meses
Some Guy
Some Guy Hace 11 meses
for number 22 you can use it as a trap, use an observer to detect when the snow gets melted and make it send tnt or something down the end portal
RedingzMC Hace 11 meses
I've been doing technical Minecraft for a while now and I somehow managed to get 16 out of the 42. The rest I didn't know by a long shot.
Airbotic Hace 8 meses
I thought it was going to be secrets that almost everyone knows already(since that’s almost all secret vids),but then I only knew 3 of the 42 Some of these are kinda crazy ngl Keep it up!