#435 TWITTER’S LIBERAL AGENDA EXPOSED! | Gavin McInnes & Lauren Southern Guest | Louder With Crowder

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Huge show! Talking Kamala Harris time traveling, Trump ruining liberal sex, and Jack Dorsey's real Twitter agenda. Lauren Southern updates us on Europe's migration disaster, and THE Gavin McInnes sits third chair.
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StevenCrowder Hace 3 meses
Where do you line up here? Is it time for the government to regulate Big Tech as public utilities? Or would that be a step too far? Let me know in the comments!
Ruby Nibs
Ruby Nibs Hace 2 meses
+DuckDuckGo is a better search engine More government intervention! Hail, Big Brother!
Ruby Nibs
Ruby Nibs Hace 2 meses
+Woochinatchika Kokillibolinov The use of force pretty much defines the Left-wing.
Ruby Nibs
Ruby Nibs Hace 2 meses
+Mohamed Mohamed Yes, Mo worked for Satan. As the Bible says, he was a false prophet, and people who follow false prophets are doomed to Hell--unless they leave the teachings of the false prophet, and turn to Jesus Christ before they die.
Ruby Nibs
Ruby Nibs Hace 2 meses
+Mohamed Mohamed The Bible says not to believe ANYONE who comes after Jesus, and says he's a prophet. None of them, as they are all false prophets. That means Mo was a false prophet, and so was Jo Smith. MoJo: the highway to Hell.
Cherubim666999 Hace 2 meses
its time for the government to piss off..less regulation gives more of us a voice, and a choice.
Veder Georgiev
Veder Georgiev Hace 5 días
I pray for Hopper. Dog part of the family and for me ,her live(my doggy) is equal to any person in my family.
Mario Maleski
Mario Maleski Hace 27 días
30:40 is when Sam Harris should've said, That's the thing Jack.. Nobody knows why. Not even the CEO of the company.
Abel C
Abel C Hace 28 días
That intro killed me. Cant believe I just stumbled onto this gem.
ToddSmith Hace un mes
You silly Americans budgets balance themselves. Trudeau math ftw. Canada a prime example why socialism doesn't work. You end up with Trudeau and his idiot cabinet.
Jeremy Jordan
Jeremy Jordan Hace un mes
@StevenCrowder Fairly new viewer of the channel here(Subbed and Bell ticked!) and must say I love it! Your story at the end of this episode was absolutely moving, and I'm extremely glad you "took time for yourself" to shared that with all of us because I enjoyed it very much! Keep up the great work and PLEASE make sure to keep us all updated with the current situation!
Anthony Merchant
Anthony Merchant Hace un mes
I'm a disabled Army Veteran that currently has my Twitter account with over 1000 followers suspended indefinitely. Twitter is now about protecting hate speech and silencing any opposing view points. Btw Tupac's first movie was actually Nothing But Trouble with Dan Ackroyd and Chevy Chase. I know this because I own the movie on DVD.
daniel .bakotic
daniel .bakotic Hace un mes
I don't understand when was this term "social media" created, it is social networks, not media. And there is a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig diference, but the term "social media" just got slipped in to language, without anybody noticing. Doesn't something to be called media have to be mediated? Fact checked? And authorised by people with names and responsabilities? Random noise, political pamflets and a bunch of selfish complaining is not news.
_Suburban_ Hace un mes
Silicon valley, not silicone valley. Silicon is what circuit boards are made of.
loyalliberty GC
loyalliberty GC Hace un mes
Great video!
Michael Young
Michael Young Hace un mes
The Narcos parody had me in tears lol
Lee Santiago
Lee Santiago Hace un mes
I know what we can do to lower carbon emissions we can all stop breathing 👍👍👍👍
James Murphy
James Murphy Hace un mes
Just came across this video and I am right there with you ... I just lost my 19 year old cat suddenly... I know people will say a cat is not the same as a dog but he was always there whether I wanted him to be or not but there is now a hole in my life where he was so stay strong and remember the good times
Jesse Elijah McVicker
Sorry to here about hopper. I know alot about hard times and losing loved ones. It has brought me to tears every time. there is no shame in tears for loved ones. God bless you Steven. Thoughts and prayers are with you.
Taylor ONeil
Taylor ONeil Hace 2 meses
The end made me cry
Taylor ONeil
Taylor ONeil Hace 2 meses
The intros are always so beautiful. Love it!
Khalil Mehirdel
Khalil Mehirdel Hace 2 meses
Ur ass will burn in the debts of the hell fire
KingofWisdom Hace 2 meses
Booker is pushing that vegan crap because he's pandering to the female majority of voters. We all know it's mostly women who are vegan.
pedro guerrero
pedro guerrero Hace 2 meses
Twitter doesn't have a libreral adjenda, its just that Twitter is making sure that there isn't neo Nazis or white suppresses who 9 out of 10 are the right
Comnenus Hace un mes
Everything in your comment suggests you're retarded.
I KID YOU NOT Hace 2 meses
Stella Hace 2 meses
Matthew Way
Matthew Way Hace 2 meses
Normal (not politically involved) people are starting to notice the shadow banning and that ESvid kids is still full of pedophilia.....was hard not to say "yeah I've known this for years"
Jason LaSalle
Jason LaSalle Hace 2 meses
What do the cute girls have to do to get a mic? You sexist bastards!
Jason LaSalle
Jason LaSalle Hace 2 meses
How bout instead of spending untold billions on combating global warming we encourage people to be moderate in their consumption. Instead liberals want to take everything away from people including their hard earned cash. Any notice that no matter what the issue...sexism, the environment, racism, poverty, education, health care...the only solution liberals have is to take more of your money and put themselves in charge of everything?
Jason LaSalle
Jason LaSalle Hace 2 meses
I must say after several years of watching LWC I still find it extremely entertaining. Guys and gals sitting around talking politics, talking philosophy, talking about a range of subjects in an intelligent and funny manner that doesn't assume its followers are morons and actually encourages people to think about what they really believe as opposed to what the media would like us to believe. While most liberals are producing absolute shit these days. Pandering to identity politics and radical feminist narratives etc (ad nauseum). The average funeral these days is more entertaining than most of the content created in Hollywood at present.
JG Hace 2 meses
If there is ever a need for someone to play a young, conservative Tom Hanks in a movie you could pull it off with ease...... I won't hold my breath.
antics Hace 2 meses
Well.....I wasn't expecting to tear up listening to LWC but here we are. It hasn't taken him yet so enjoy every minute and spoil him as best as you can.
Australian Justin Dare Dad
My heart and prayers go to you and you're family! Hopper is a big part of you're family and cry all you need as he has given emotional support unconditionally, support that only a loving member of a family could give, and he loves you as much as you love him! This is true male masculinity, we fight and work for our families and never give up! And we cry because of their kindness loyalty and friendship. God bless and keep up the loyalty he has shown you! Louder with Hopper Crowder!
dodgeman250 Hace 2 meses
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-JzynOCnAVqU.html Bill superfoot Wallace
Shayneby Shaynebi
Shayneby Shaynebi Hace 2 meses
I used to watch Southern. She is mature but lacks the experience and hard evidence or historical accuracy and fact to speak with authority on some of her recent topics. She needs to stop being perceived as an alt-right proponent or seen hanging around people like Molyneux with his outrageous claims and controversial topics that are not as simplistic as they appear. Her perspective on white ethno state, pseudo-white genocide of innocent whites in South Africa is highly inaccurate, biased and one sided. She's not an investigative journalist and lacks the experience and mental fortitude at her age to venture into such topics with authority. All she'll do is expose her ignorance in the face of hard facts from the other side, which can potentially push her to embrace what people like Spencer, Molyneux and her sympathisers have to offer and which is not is not good for her. My take.
Gary B
Gary B Hace 2 meses
I'll try a Walther but I live in California (for now...fuck commies)...soooo I'll take a trip to Phoenix and give it a shot out there! May god guide Hopper through a peaceful and painless sleep, sorry for your loss buddy. Hopefully Becky doesn't react negatively for too long when Hopper does leave. :/
KeeperPlus Hace 2 meses
Most Catholics arent real Catholics.
Silver Mountain Instruction
Steven you're a good man... my 15 year old Jasper is going fast right now. You stay you!
TEAM SWOLE Hace 2 meses
They should not only regulate big tech but pass media bias laws as well as brainwashing reparations for lying all day long!
trolly stomper
trolly stomper Hace 2 meses
would love seeing sydney watson on here too!
Hailee DeLuca
Hailee DeLuca Hace 2 meses
What a beautiful collab.
Pastor_Langel Hace 2 meses
wait why did he call lauren southern she?
KingKracker Hace 2 meses
Just like alex jones, i think he is fun, but cant watch him!
KingKracker Hace 2 meses
Ya cows are the real problem, not giant corps pump tons of pollutants into the air!
Gerald Hoff
Gerald Hoff Hace 2 meses
I feel you Steven. I lost my Molly to cancer after 9 years. Best dog I have ever had. Ever. I cried that day. Never be ashamed of your love for Hopper.
Will B
Will B Hace 2 meses
Steven - I lost my best buddy (English Bulldog named Winston) a few years back too... I get it. Sorry man.
Vlady Vorob
Vlady Vorob Hace 2 meses
Thumbs up for the intro 😂 keep em coming
XRayStar Gaming
XRayStar Gaming Hace 2 meses
That opener was great! Love your lawyer.
Giirbot Gamingz
Giirbot Gamingz Hace 2 meses
1:16:50 i felt that
Andrew Tschuta
Andrew Tschuta Hace 2 meses
Southern is a soulless miserable asshole.
Millennials with Meaning
Steven Crowder has influenced me so much. He encouraged me to start my channel.
No Akomplice
No Akomplice Hace 2 meses
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.
Lemillion Hace 2 meses
32:03 Sorry, I had to.
Lilac Pilot
Lilac Pilot Hace 2 meses
I teared up a little when you talked about Hopper. Don't be ashamed, no (reasonable) person would think it strange or weak of you to cry about losing your dog.
Carter Gilbraith
Carter Gilbraith Hace 2 meses
I think this is how the right keeps moving farther left. It’s a company they can do whatever they want. We’re supposed to want less government over reach, if we truly believe capitalism will right the wrongs then we shouldn’t want the government to step in.
Gman Hace 2 meses
Gavin is jew controlled zionist opposition.. Fact. and so are proud boys
Scott Duncan
Scott Duncan Hace 2 meses
The girl sitting next to .25 black is darling
Preston Gable
Preston Gable Hace 2 meses
Make Gavin permanent!
Rob Green
Rob Green Hace 2 meses
That was the most poignant close you've ever done steven. Just beautiful.
Nisa Rodriguez
Nisa Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
Is this the NARCO beginning?? I love it 😂😂
David Pyro
David Pyro Hace 2 meses
Steven, here’s how a dog changed my life. This dog came to my family as Buster on March 13, 2006, from the Animal shelter. It was a Sunday. He was born 12/23/04, so by the time he came to me, he was just over a year old. Sometime during that year he arrived at the shelter as a run-a-way. The shelter kept him for weeks, waiting for his unknown owner to claim him. But no owner ever came forward. He was set to be put down on a Friday afternoon, but that morning he was adopted by a new family. The following Monday, the original owner finally came to the shelter looking for him, and was given the news, that he was adopted out, and could not be returned. The man said he understood and left without his dog. On Tuesday the adoptive family brought him back, saying they couldn’t keep him because he was too vocal and drooly. The shelter staff then immediately called back to his original owner, with the good news that they could have their dog back. The man said “No. I already told my kids he was never coming home and we got another dog.” Buster stayed at the shelter for another several weeks, but once again, was slated for euthanasia on a Friday afternoon. I told the staff at the shelter that I could take him for the weekend on a trial basis, and bring him back on Monday, and that would restart his death clock. He came home that weekend to meet my wife and my other dog, and we experienced a phenomenon called “trial-schmial” He would never make it back to the shelter. We knew right away he belonged with us. We spent the next 24 hours trying to come up with a new name for him. We stayed up late trying on new names and none seemed to fit for him. We stayed up past Jay Leno, past Conan O’Brien, and beyond. As we gave up for the night we flipped off the TV and bid our late late show host the appropriate greeting. “Goodnight Carson.” And Buster lifted his head, as if to say he approved of his new name. From that day forward he was Carson. Over the next decade he accomplished many great dog things. He taught me how to pull porcupine quills. He taught me what NOT to look for in a sled dog. He taught my infant children that dogs are not to be feared. Later he taught my toddler children how to give proper commands, and be good with dogs. Together he and I taught dogs and owners all over northern Michigan how to solve their issues, and have better relationships. He was an ambassador for his breed and changed countless negative opinions about pit bulls. Because I was willing to have an overnight guest for the weekend, he and I gave each other twelve wonderful years, and I did indeed extend his death clock. He was happy to see me every single time I came home. He never pulled on the leash. He always heeled when I called him. He didn’t beg for scraps. He was gentle, humble, kind, and affectionate. In recognition of his life well lived, he has earned the title every dog hopes to achieve. He was a “Good Boy.” Rest in Peace Carson. 12/23/04 - 04/02/18.
Low Tier Clobberin
Low Tier Clobberin Hace 2 meses
Fuck politics for the minute Steven, i'm so sorry to hear about Hopper. Hang in there lad.
Justin Leeds
Justin Leeds Hace 2 meses
Shut up, I got something in my eye!
ConcernedCitizen Hace 2 meses
They celebrate Twitter getting rid of a "tiny minority" of people for their opinions while simultaneously complaining that they are being censored. Oy vey, shut it down!
Soundtrack To The Future
I’ll admit it, I cried. This may be the moment I start going back to church.
henrywcrook Hace 2 meses
Hey,a any fix for this? Your videos keep showing up as private videos on my youtube and cant access them
VirtualHolocaust Hace 2 meses
I fucking hate people crating animals whats the point in having them
Lori Beth
Lori Beth Hace 2 meses
I'm sorry about Hopper. God Bless you and your best friend.
Muslim Evangelist
Muslim Evangelist Hace 2 meses
If you have better things to do than listen to shit, 43:00 and look at blondes instead.
Kirk Peterson
Kirk Peterson Hace 2 meses
I expected to watch this and laugh not cry! 😭😭😭
SourMelon News
SourMelon News Hace 2 meses
How do you get ESvid to play your commercials during your own show? I dont see any other youtuber doing this.
Renaissance Gamer
Renaissance Gamer Hace 2 meses
You don't need to apologize for feeling pain about Hopper. You never need to apologize. Love you, Hopper.
Matthew Timmons
Matthew Timmons Hace 2 meses
One of the best openings ever
Hemp Slayer
Hemp Slayer Hace 2 meses
My grandmother died from brain cancer. Praying for Hopper and God Bless the Crowder Family 👪🐕
HyperActive7 Hace 2 meses
I can't speak for you, but I know when I had to pull the trigger on my cat of almost eighteen years.. It was a very difficult emotional yet necessary moment and I don't know why I brought his basket to the vets with us, but I did and I will tell you.. It hurt, I don't think I've ever gone almost blind from crying, but I did because I knew the love I gave the cat is what kept him going until I had to let that love pass on over the rainbow bridge. It's very obvious you have the same connection with hopper and I can only send my best to your family.
Dayton Perkins
Dayton Perkins Hace 2 meses
OK so we make a joke of Martin Sheen, but Normalization of Gavin is all good? Something stinks.
Ryan Twomey
Ryan Twomey Hace 2 meses
Because crocodiles? and other such things which can live in the water? i mean i'm not the only one who thought that about the mud hut next to the water comment and before you call butthurt it did make me chuckle quite a bit
MADx TITAN Hace 2 meses
I have a little Boston terrier and he has gotten me through the hardest time of my life losing my sister and I look at him like another member of my family. I’m sorry to hear this Steven and I will send prayers your family’s way. Never feel ashamed of feelings it shows your human unlike much of the sadistic living left. We all support u and hope things take a turn for the better. U know that u Gave your all to hopper and so did he! Much love
C S Hace 2 meses
That intro was amazing
PeppyHydra Hace 2 meses
@1:05:00 Nobody thinks you're a pussy for crying about something that you hold dear. People that think that are the kind of people that complain about toxic masculinity and then laugh at you. You're in your total right to feel emotional for your dog. From what I understand he is one of your best companions and nobody can tell you how you should react or feel about him. We all love him and we all love you. Keep strong, my man. You can go through this.
dcox5555 Hace 2 meses
LOL!!!! Muhammad Agustus gloop!!!! Hahahahahahahaha I am dying !!!!!! Chowder you’re a fluckin genius!!!
Charl Herbst
Charl Herbst Hace 2 meses
I can’t find this video in you videos???
Conocimiento Áureo
Conocimiento Áureo Hace 2 meses
Don't give the government the power to control social media platforms, it will only make the problems worse... If you want to know more about the SPLC, there's a good investigation into it and its machinations: /watch?v=ICw4YTwHR0k
Anthony johnson
Anthony johnson Hace 2 meses
ive been a youtube free loader for about 3 years now and this hillarious narcos intro has convinced me to finally purchase a mug club membership. You will soon have my money
Jay Jacinto
Jay Jacinto Hace 2 meses
Are you not under fire for having Gavin as a guest on your show? Are you trying to make a statement to blaze media?
John Smitty
John Smitty Hace 2 meses
Can we clone Lauren?
Shayneby Shaynebi
Shayneby Shaynebi Hace 2 meses
Won't mind it if she stops hanging around molyneux and the alt right people. She needs to be careful.
thomaschulze Hace 2 meses
Wrong: After having burned your old ID U can apply for a new ID in Germany. U only have to tell the authority whats your name, where U come from and whats your age (most of those guys were born 1.1.2002, 1.1.2003 etc). Then the German immigration office will believe those details and give U a new ID. It's insane but the truth in my country.
SynnJynn Hace 2 meses
Wow, talk about lazy... Very scary
Helena J
Helena J Hace 2 meses
Between last night and this morning, as I'm catching up....You now have Private Video's. I've never seen this on your video's before.
Super Mega SS 88 Ultra Rightwing Purity Death Squad
God your cohost is stupid. The Nazis would've killed trannies, not prosecuted deadnaming. You dumbasses.
Tidal Johnson
Tidal Johnson Hace 2 meses
Nobody can replace Jared :(
Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell Hace 2 meses
Bill Wallace UFC 1 blunder sent me here
buffcanuck83 Hace 2 meses
Great show 😄👍
Jupiter Jones
Jupiter Jones Hace 2 meses
funnier when Jared was there
Mauro Pastorcic
Mauro Pastorcic Hace 2 meses
IQ is negative in this video
Nick Chang
Nick Chang Hace 2 meses
I lost my 5-year-old German Shepherd to that exact same fast-moving lymphoma cancer. His reaction to the diagnosis reminds me so much of mine when I found out. Gretchen had about 8 weeks, and I used that time to really get closure before she went which actually made it a lot easier. Like you, she also helped me through some of my most difficult times. Stay strong.
John Frei
John Frei Hace 2 meses
Steven, I’ll never forget the day our dog Rusty was hit by a car and died. That was when I was about 11 or so. He was my bud. And I still cry today when I think of him and his passing. Thank God you had the gift of Hopper.
cj gore
cj gore Hace 2 meses
Oscars live stream copy right strike by disney
cj gore
cj gore Hace 2 meses
Oscars live stream copy right strike by disney
Brian Riddle
Brian Riddle Hace 2 meses
Really hit me in the feels with news about Hooper 😢
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Hace 2 meses
Dogs are Mans best friend
Ophio Taurus
Ophio Taurus Hace 2 meses
Steven, we are behind you. Hold your head up high and even though I am agnostic, ill be praying for you.
VASK- Hace 2 meses
I fucking love you Steven!
Kane Wootton
Kane Wootton Hace 2 meses
Praying for hopper, Love your show it wont be the same without him.
Darth Fluffy
Darth Fluffy Hace 2 meses
So, Liberals have stopped breeding? God bless you, President Trump!
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