481-6 | England Hit World Record ODI Score! | England vs Australia - Trent Bridge 2018 | #1

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You thought #2 was good? Well this is better. England smashed their own World Record emphatically at Trent Bridge. Watch here.
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21 may 2019






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Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma Hace 7 minutos
To be honest. One of the best batting line up against the one of the weakest bowling line up 💯 . Ye to hona hi tha 😂
beast Hace 40 minutos
481 runs 48.1 lakh subscribers what a coincidence.
Ashish Butola
Ashish Butola Hace 4 horas
13:20 me to my sister when mom is beating her
Shivam Shrivastava
Shivam Shrivastava Hace 6 horas
Hales ko ipl khelna Chahiye
Arkam abedin ansari Ansari
Jonny Bairstow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Un known
Un known Hace 8 horas
when audience were fielders and fielders were audience...
Aniket Patre
Aniket Patre Hace 10 horas
I would like to see india in chase
T Rishik
T Rishik Hace 10 horas
It's very hurtful you are playing well and got RuN out Roy this is for you Unlucky champ I am both fan of Roy and Bairstow Because they are risers stay strong champs
Thati Pradeep Reddy
Thati Pradeep Reddy Hace 11 horas
12:22 what a powerful shot🔥💯
Romir Anand
Romir Anand Hace 23 horas
What !!!! Root at no. 7
fun tak
fun tak Hace un día
Notice there is no starc no Hazelwood
josiah joy
josiah joy Hace un día
Small ground Dead pitch Poor captaincy great batting line Sums it up for a world record score.
Abc Xyz
Abc Xyz Hace un día
Why australia always!!😆
Chipmunk99 Hace 2 días
No one appreciating Andrew Tye’s century ☹️
Arendra Singh
Arendra Singh Hace 2 días
When highlights itself is 18min you know
SAMAR kumar
SAMAR kumar Hace 2 días
English crowd 🔥🔥🔥noise op
Dinesh Hace 2 días
Its the best day for england cricket fans and the worst day for Australian fans
Mukta Bhagat
Mukta Bhagat Hace 2 días
Saala itna chota ground aur woh bhi circular nahi hai, toh 400-500 run toh obviously banenge hi na. Ek aur baat aus ke bolwers ne bhi bahut kharab bowling kee.
Roney Gaming
Roney Gaming Hace 2 días
It proves that without starc and cummins australian team are nothing.
suraj chhetri
suraj chhetri Hace 2 días
SOUTH AFRICA will win 2023 WC SOUTH AFRICA and australia will play the final match. Damn sure everybody notice my this comment 😊
Arun Balhara
Arun Balhara Hace 2 días
Which team do u think can break this record
Isabella Donna
Isabella Donna Hace 2 días
Wonderful match
Prashanth M
Prashanth M Hace 2 días
Srh fans 😎😎..srh opners 😎
chaitanya gamer ddj
chaitanya gamer ddj Hace 2 días
Golden era of England🇬🇧 🏏cricket... 😊
Dipe Ahamed
Dipe Ahamed Hace 2 días
iam,,,, a 1Bangladeshi.. iam 1big fan England,,, I LOVE You England,,,,,,
Subin Raghuvaran
Subin Raghuvaran Hace 2 días
English batting vow roy hales bairstow butler ben stokes morgan root no match
Muz man
Muz man Hace 2 días
We stand with Palestine ♥️♥️🇧🇩 Long live Palestine ✌️✌️
9, Karmanya 8B
9, Karmanya 8B Hace 3 días
Everyone is giving hate Australia Do you know Australia chased highest score in t20 against a strong team New Zealand 246 in just 18.5 overs
9 SPORTS Hace 3 días
i love this channel cuz they always show the best matches
Abhinandan Routray
Abhinandan Routray Hace 3 días
Hales, Roy, Bairstow, Stokes, Morgan, Buttler, Ali
There is something nice about stadiums of ENGLAND that watching any cricket match feels very joyous😀😀😀
Vijay Satyavarapu
Vijay Satyavarapu Hace 4 días
Most time people think one or two people can't impact team more. But the fact that Australia is not the same they used to be after Smith and Warner got banned. Those 2 years are very tough for Australia. But they bounced back after Smith and Warner came back.
QEHER GAMING Hace 4 días
Imagine what will happen if Rohit Sharma and bairstow will bat together
QEHER GAMING Hace 4 días
Australian be like:- aishe kon maarta hai Bhai😂😂😂😂
AKARSH Hace 4 días
Absolute carnage!
Syed Shanawaz
Syed Shanawaz Hace 4 días
Catches was very high 😅
KauShik Hace 4 días
NCERT Update
NCERT Update Hace 4 días
What was the result? Of this match? Anybody प्लीज
Murali N Reddy
Murali N Reddy Hace 4 días
Look at the crowd there, how calmly they're appreciating by clapping. If it's in India, only cheers😁
Prayas Chaudhary
Prayas Chaudhary Hace un día
Only hooting
Sampriti Ghosh
Sampriti Ghosh Hace un día
Nothing wrong, cricket is seen as a gentleman's game in England that's why they are clapping . They scream like crazy too but in football and basketball games
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar Hace 4 días
It was very small stadium If played in Modi stadium You know
Tamil Tazz
Tamil Tazz Hace 4 días
Always my fav hero Alex Hales.
Aysha Akter
Aysha Akter Hace 4 días
Good job england
K P Hace 4 días
Alex hales should be in the England line up for the world cup
Deeshant Verma 10 d
Deeshant Verma 10 d Hace 5 días
If England were played against India than u couldn't enjoy winning moment in your first inning
roupucha blogs
roupucha blogs Hace 5 días
Marry a beauty and you lose your friends
V CS Hace 5 días
lol, root!
Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi Hace 5 días
SRH have these two players
MAX Wrist
MAX Wrist Hace 5 días
Ground is small i guess
Archit Gupta
Archit Gupta Hace 5 días
Australia will never forget this day
Li’lStar Hace 5 días
Feeling sad for the umpires.
vaibhav Hace 5 días
So, these are good pitches of england where u can play any bowler, coz u know it doesn't matter😂😂😂
Shreyash Raj
Shreyash Raj Hace 5 días
i am thinking about those 19 runs!!!!!
Vinayak Krishna
Vinayak Krishna Hace 5 días
I miss alex hales
Mane Goswami
Mane Goswami Hace 5 días
Nikalo ab
Mane Goswami
Mane Goswami Hace 5 días
Ye tumhara tukka lga h angrejo
What a show England 👍
Sajal Agrawal
Sajal Agrawal Hace 6 días
9:18 willey thinking abt himself when he comes to bowl 😆😂
Sajal Agrawal
Sajal Agrawal Hace 6 días
Even the umpire had a hectic day, giving sixes and fours 😂😆
Chathuka SM
Chathuka SM Hace 6 días
Umpires : i hate this match 😉
KING Hace 6 días
England team - name of destruction 🔥🔥
prashanth r
prashanth r Hace 6 días
Australia is no more the deadliest team after the ball tampering scandal.. It was clearly their crooked way to win patches...the public were fools
Ubaid Pallangod
Ubaid Pallangod Hace 6 días
Roy Bairstow Buttler Hales Morgan Root Ali Uff just wow !💥
alex hales such an underrated player
Bindubasini das
Bindubasini das Hace 6 días
Udara Senarath
Udara Senarath Hace 6 días
Small ground, Young Aus. Ballers. This might be a well planned match to breake records
SAHA WORLD by Yasie bin hyder
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ🔥
Jerin 11
Jerin 11 Hace 3 días
VALUE VISION Hace 7 días
6:44 finally saw them in real life
VALUE VISION Hace 7 días
Aus will be like- gajab bejati hai yaar
Saif Ur rehman
Saif Ur rehman Hace 7 días
If butler didn't out on that moment.
vara lakshmi
vara lakshmi Hace 7 días
when there is next match between india and england - virat shows who is the bosses in the world - rohit shows who hit the ball hard - dhawan shows who hit the ball classic - india shows who is world record
matin ansary
matin ansary Hace 6 días
David Malan
David Malan Hace 7 días
A humble request to everyone to please take all the precautions issued to help fight COVID19. Wear your mask, observe social distancing and sanitize often. Those eligible, please donate plasma as well. Let's win this battle.
Ghulam samdani
Ghulam samdani Hace 7 días
Why not Alex hales in the thumb nail.he played better and scored more runs than Jonny bairstow.😕🤔
Ayesha Khan
Ayesha Khan Hace 7 días
We are not watching full match 😂😂
Ali Talks Official
Ali Talks Official Hace 7 días
Simple make ground smaller,any team can broke such record at trent bridge.
cricking dharmesh99
cricking dharmesh99 Hace 7 días
There are 9.3 k audiance are Australian 😁(saw dislike)
Saurabh Sharma
Saurabh Sharma Hace 7 días
Records always made for broken ....and india will do that ... .👍🏻
hyena131 Hace 7 días
Sour bad Karma This video has nothing to do with India. Do you have ADD?
Sunam Tinny
Sunam Tinny Hace 8 días
England my favourite team
One of the worst trip of Australia
Prashant Kaundal
Prashant Kaundal Hace 8 días
Just in love with that stance of bat of Eoin Morgan Initially bat's in the air Finally ball's in the air
Aryan Nair
Aryan Nair Hace 8 días
Bairstow is so powerful, just a flick of the wrist and pop goes the ball
Prahlad Parvataneni
Prahlad Parvataneni Hace 8 días
Morgan plays well for his country , because any player play's for his countries' victory
ruqia syed
ruqia syed Hace 8 días
High score : Hales find my name😂😂😂
Viplove Gupta
Viplove Gupta Hace 8 días
English audience is just incredible They claps everytime when english batsman hits a four or a six.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Really you are the mother of cricket ENGLAND
NooB VeeR
NooB VeeR Hace 5 días
@Vaibhav Patil don't compare indian audience bro English audience is on another level
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil Hace 5 días
Yeah and India is father I guess then
Visakh Ajin
Visakh Ajin Hace 8 días
Just 22 runs comes from last 15 balls other wise it would cross 500 runs oops !!☺️
Which team break this record
Ya record konsa team tod sakta ha
Raj Rani Mehta
Raj Rani Mehta Hace 8 días
When I was seeing land batting innings I was like is Zimbabwe is bowling
rah man 1003
rah man 1003 Hace 8 días
Morgan enna adiii💥💥..yovv ipl la form ku vaa 2022 la
Atul Kumar Rajput
Atul Kumar Rajput Hace 8 días
Just missing those pre corona days...f**k you china
Maryada purusottam Pati
9:19 300 up for England treat to watch the partnerships
youtube shorts
youtube shorts Hace 8 días
13:20 when you get beaten by mom badly , but your brother gets beaten Brutally 😂😂😂
Indian King
Indian King Hace 8 días
Apne ghar me kutta bhi sher hota hai
Shadab Hace 9 días
4:22 the best Jason Roy
Sunil nagvanshi
Sunil nagvanshi Hace 9 días
England's plan 1st 20 overs - play like t20 Next 20 overs - play like t20 Last 10 overs - play like t10
buschangne Hace 4 días
underrated comment
Arslan Durrani official
Before covid life was too good
Krunal Orpe
Krunal Orpe Hace 9 días
Others watching the match. Me watching the weather over there.
Subhadip Sur
Subhadip Sur Hace 9 días
14:25 Kane with sunglass. :-)
Gouri Lohia
Gouri Lohia Hace 9 días
Morgan smile sooo beautiful
Gouri Lohia
Gouri Lohia Hace 9 días
Morgan is so happy