49ers vs. Cowboys Super Wild Card Weekend Highlights | NFL 2021

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15 ene 2022






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Comentarios 8 644
ExtraSalt Hace 4 meses
This is probably the most embarrassing Cowboys playoff loss ever, and it was shown on Nickelodeon
Jorge Hace 4 días
barak O niner
barak O niner Hace 6 días
@Raiden MK N?
barak O niner
barak O niner Hace 6 días
Bwhahaahahhaha was it?
Antoinette Brown
Antoinette Brown Hace un mes
I loved it lol
Davo Migo
Davo Migo Hace 4 meses
QB draw with 14 seconds left and no timeouts is CRAZYYYY!!!!! I wouldn't even do that on Madden with Lamar Jackson lol
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn Hace 3 días
- So what play would YOU love for Dallas to call right here, Kyle Shanahan? - QB draw. Definitely QB draw.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez Hace 5 días
@FastFacts perfect name for that comment lmao
onb23 Hace 3 meses
@Josh Hernandez Facts
D P Hace 4 meses
Cowboys scored 7 points in 3 quarters. With all those stars on offense, that is just unbelievable.
Branx Vetter
Branx Vetter Hace un mes
What stars?
black Admin
black Admin Hace un mes
If we had Romo we woulda destroyed em
Barney Weiss
Barney Weiss Hace 2 meses
True, but their defensive line got pushed around all game. No contest.
Hazehaze songs
Hazehaze songs Hace 3 meses
BOOOOOOO and there couch got mad at the guy who just went for it when they were about to start AND NINERS R BETTER
Sean Paul
Sean Paul Hace 3 meses
D M Hace 4 meses
I never thought I would say "thank you Tony Romo." At least he knew the rules and explained them in real time.
Madona Lovely💜💜
SON UNOS DE LOS ALLEXIS.Uno Senada: "Hermoso." Amor. "Momentos." Jamas.: "Corazon." Habara.: "Sostengo. ." Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
aliss liou
aliss liou Hace 4 meses
Deebo Samuel is a freakin machine. He's so fast and unstoppable. It'll be interesting to see him vs Packers defence next week.
D P Hace 4 meses
Not sure what the Cowboys were doing on the final play, that might have been the most bizarre ending to a game in NFL history.
Philly Eagles For Life
@David Naranjo Not sure about "the nines suck"🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
David Naranjo
David Naranjo Hace 3 meses
@Harry Surtees is that better not hfkr
Randell Rankin
Randell Rankin Hace 4 meses
I'm a 63 year old man who has been a Cowboys fan all my life. I'm a fan through the good and the bad times. The defense did a great job of shutting the 49s down in the second half to give offense a chance to get back in the game. But penalties have killed us all season. Not giving up yet. It just gets harder to keep hoping for another championship in my lifetime.
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn Hace 3 días
@Nathaniel Coleman Prolly not.
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn Hace 3 días
At least you were able to watch them win 5 Super Bowls. There are people who are much older than you and fans of teams much more pathetic than the Cowboys. What must it be like to be a 63 year old die-hard fan of the Lions? Or Browns?
Nathaniel Coleman
Nathaniel Coleman Hace un mes
You’ve seen them win it all though. You can’t complain. I’m 19 and I’ve seen no success from them. I’m wondering if they’ll even win one in MY lifetime
jtc90 Hace 3 meses
@Johnny Kizzar I’m 31. I gave it 5 to 6 years about 10 years ago. I feel like we are always missing offense or defense and it’s back to the drawing board. We’re not going to be an elite team for a long time until front office makes some changes.
Johnny Flores Cabrera
Hang in there grandpa will get it
Marcus Lopez
Marcus Lopez Hace 4 meses
The Niners have displayed heart, grit, and determination throughout the playoffs. Go Niners!
David Reyea
David Reyea Hace 18 días
Penguin Dude
Penguin Dude Hace 3 meses
Too bad they had to take their foot off the gas against the rams
Walker Buehler's Burner
Paul Marrujo
Paul Marrujo Hace 4 meses
Hell ya! I'll say once again if they can keep the mistakes down they can do this.
John Beard
John Beard Hace 4 meses
If you're a Cowboys fan, I feel for you. Your team's incompetency cost them their season in the waning seconds of this game. That's tough.
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
Yes, Incompetency. And now, four days after the game, I'm wondering how Dak feels. I'm guessing it hurts a lot.
IllJWill Hace 4 meses
@True Funk Soul No they didn't deserve to win that's why they lost
IllJWill Hace 4 meses
I don't feel for any cowboys fans it made my day and my weekend to see them lose
True Funk Soul
True Funk Soul Hace 4 meses
What? Like they were gonna win if they didn't pull the dumbest play of all time "in the waning seconds of this game" as everyone knows the Hail Mary would have been a formality, now that you've explained it that way I feel really sorry for them. The Super Bowl was there for the taking if not for that unfortunate piece of bad luck. Poor old Cowboys totally deserved the win :/ that's tough. Should we start a GoFundMe page for them to afford a competent quarterback?
alexhdz512 Hace 4 meses
Eh it’s all good. Trust me a lot of us are used to this and saw this coming 👍🏼
Robert Halstead
Robert Halstead Hace 4 meses
49ers needed to score TD's a few more times, they outplayed the cowboys more than the score indicated. Jimmy G high passes almost sunk them
UnBR0k3enAngel Hace 4 meses
@MrChido03 who's to say he won't? If Jimmy win in GB (big ask lol), I think the Niners would be dumb to let him go. We also all have heard the Shannahan record w/o Jimmy stat. Maybe Lance fixes that...but I don't see it rn
MrChido03 Hace 4 meses
@UnBR0k3enAngel yeah but I rather have lance get the experince now.. u know Jimmy won't be a niner next yr... so why not give lance a chance either way if he doesn't do good
UnBR0k3enAngel Hace 4 meses
@MrChido03 ...I've been saying this for awhile, but what if Trey Lance is just that bad, that Shannahan is sticking with Jimmy G on one shoulder? Niners coaching staff has got to have tried Lance with first stringers a few times, and all they have concluded is that "Yeah, Jimmy is the guy."
MrChido03 Hace 4 meses
@Matt Bonneville I mean if he's hurt he shouldnt be selfish and continue on especially on him if his injury gets more serious if he cant throw an accurate ball he shouldn't be playing..
Thomas Nixon
Thomas Nixon Hace 4 meses
@Miguel Jimenez I guess I'd have to watch it again to be sure, but it seemed like he took the flat right as the ball was thrown so Jimmy's trajectory was already set.
JeremyShaferOrigami Hace 4 meses
The ref sprinting with all his might and pushing through the offensive line to place the ball as time runs out. Wow! What an ending!
GodsSon987 Hace un mes
That ref ran faster and harder than Zeke did all game
Dr. Reviews from personal experience
@Roshan Vermezyari The refs weren't, the previous 55 minutes the cowboys offense played like they always play against playoff teams, which they only beat two playoff teams last year Eagles and pats
Brenda Yoder
Brenda Yoder Hace 3 meses
Watched this several times and I love it!
LitanyOfBoredom Hace 3 meses
@Mike Thomas Crybaby
Matthew Cao
Matthew Cao Hace 4 meses
Man, as a niners fan, I almost got a heart attack last night 😰
NesiFX Hace 3 meses
@Be contagious yup the Rams won😂
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
And as a Rams fan, I dislike the 9ers more than any other NFL team. Heck, they've beaten the Lams six times in a row. It is hard to beat the same team three times in one season.
Violasrblue Lee
Violasrblue Lee Hace 4 meses
As a Niner fan I’m always almost having a heart attack!!!
Michael Hace 4 meses
I am not a fan of cowboy or 49ers and I have a heart attack watching all this drama. I have never seen a ref running that fast. He should be in the olympic doing the 100 meters with Usain Bolt.
Katrell Stith
Katrell Stith Hace 4 meses
49ers would be done this Saturday
Lee Hace 4 meses
Congrats niners, that game is going to haunt us for years
Lee Hace 2 meses
@E Faciler you never hear them huh?
Great white 26
Great white 26 Hace 3 meses
That last throw by G takes the cake on the game that will haunt 49ers fans
Reggie Johnson
Reggie Johnson Hace 3 meses
Dad's and installed
FRODILES Hace 4 meses
@E Faciler I hope it’s our year lol
E Faciler
E Faciler Hace 4 meses
Let me guess. Next year is yalls year? You dem Boyz? Nah, you dem quiefs
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks Hace 4 meses
As an Eagles fan, it sure did feel awesome seeing the Cowboys beat themselves again. 49ers deserve that playoff win though, they played great team football this season.
natedeanmaan61 Hace 22 días
@Victor volkaski Hurts sucks, there's no disputing that, but at least we didn't lose on a clocked ball
David Naranjo
David Naranjo Hace 3 meses
@The Feels his peak
David Naranjo
David Naranjo Hace 3 meses
There you go coughing up blood 😂
HustlerxX512xX Hace 3 meses
Atleast eagles make playoffs when there expected to cowboys make playoffs acting like superbowl champs
Ja’Marr Chase
Ja’Marr Chase Hace 3 meses
@Victor volkaski qb draw
TheFuzzay1 Hace 4 meses
Finally, love getting some of the context clips during the game like Bosa's injury and the effect of the sun in the stadium. Really tells the story of the game.
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez Hace 4 meses
Love Romo/ Nance team
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
Fun fact: this was the first-ever 49ers road win against Dallas in the playoffs!
mclohan Hace 3 meses
@Mr. No Weapon (The Prince Of The Talkbox) mad because the 9ers lost?!?! Hell no I wanted them to lose. I made 2500 on championship weekend 😂👍
Mr. No Weapon  (The Prince Of The Talkbox)
@mclohan U mad huh ha
mclohan Hace 3 meses
@Mr. No Weapon (The Prince Of The Talkbox) you jinxed them bud.
Steel pulse
Steel pulse Hace 4 meses
@Texas4Ever wow you won 2 more games big deal how many playoffs games have you won since 1995 four damn games haha how many have the niners won since then 12 and counting we have nothing to whine about but you sure do and it showed on Sunday.
Salvador Perez
Salvador Perez Hace 4 meses
Cowboys 🤠 fan here that not fun
confusedrhino Hace 4 meses
10:03 Kittle is a beast, and Deebo has unbelievable acceleration after the cut. But if #27 on Cowboys played until the whistle this play would have ended differently
Powell Cameron
Powell Cameron Hace 4 meses
Ohh god I missed that homicide
AL Hace 4 meses
If I were him 27 I felt like I would’ve been in diving tackle range, but it may have ended differently if played till the whistle, seems like he did give up.
Bazooka Tooth
Bazooka Tooth Hace 4 meses
He fell for the fake. He has responsibility and by the time he realized they didn't have the ball he was too late
Mugiwara Hace 4 meses
Dang Kittle blocked 3 linemen for Deebo. Huge!
637man Hace 4 meses
Here following the Niner's win over the Pack. This was an awesome display of how the team game works, I'd be delighted to see the Reda and Gold in the SB. Also, at 10:14 you can see the "deer in the headlights" look on the face of Dak, he wasn't bringing Dallas back. Go Niners.
David Medina
David Medina Hace 3 meses
Niners lose to the rams bahahaha bang bang niner gang..
Melodie Frances
Melodie Frances Hace 4 meses
The last five minutes of this game was giving me multiple heart attacks. The Niners almost handed the game right back to them. And then. The cowboys were basically throwing at will, picking up yards, getting out of bounds to stop the clock. And yes, the Niners finally wised up with corners on the edge, but still ... 14 seconds left, no timeouts, and even though we don't know enough to give the ball immediately to an official, lets do a quarterback draw. High risk, mediocre payoff, but lets do it. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Thank you cowboys for the weirdest end to a playoff game I have ever seen in 40 years of watching them (god I'm old lol).
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
This game was lost by a brain fart.
cs512tr Hace 4 meses
as a 49ers fan i was so glad they made it through but that ending was insane, !
Drake Hace 4 meses
QB draw with 14 seconds left and no timeouts, I've officially seen it all.
Tip Rifleson
Tip Rifleson Hace 4 meses
Kellen Moore aka Jason Garrett Jr
Madona Lovely💜💜
SON UNOS DE LOS ALLEXIS.Uno Senada: "Hermoso." Amor. "Momentos." Jamas.: "Corazon." Habara.: "Sostengo. ." Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente.
The Cawd Squad
The Cawd Squad Hace 4 meses
@NooB SaiboT Yeah, they thought he'd be only a "minor" upgrade over Jimmy. Brady could have finished out his career in San Francisco while mentoring Lance.
Ryan M
Ryan M Hace 4 meses
Dan Quinn, even tho defensively, was still on that sideline. Thats Quinning at the highest level
Michael Hace 4 meses
Dak spotting his own ball... Then blocking the ref 🤣
Alex T
Alex T Hace 4 meses
This is and always will be a classic playoff game
Glen Thompson
Glen Thompson Hace 4 meses
If the 49ers had a real QB they’d be sick af
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
@True Funk Soul LOL
The Cawd Squad
The Cawd Squad Hace 4 meses
@Lum Not really. He choked in the super bowl and in the NFCCG against the Seahawks.
Lum Hace 4 meses
@John Jameson he was good even in his final years
Richard Walker
Richard Walker Hace 4 meses
@Patrick Leclercq lol I'm sure they'll miss your 20 dollars FOH!!!
sokin jon
sokin jon Hace 4 meses
Congrats niners, that game is going to haunt us for years
48Dodger Hace 4 meses
For a moment.....it felt like the 80's....really enjoyed the game.
m c
m c Hace 4 meses
The Cowboys' punter was their best player. He kept them in the game by pinning the Niners inside the ten several times. Threw for a first down and got another first down on the roughing call. They ought to pay him Zeke money.
Niner Fan
Niner Fan Hace 4 meses
Now that’s an analysis
me again Dave
me again Dave Hace 4 meses
@Nyle Winston oh, I'm completely agreeing with you. 👍
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson Hace 4 meses
Exactly that punters first down throw is what got them in field goal range and got them 3 points.
Maine bear hunter
Maine bear hunter Hace 4 meses
He is definitely worth his salt for sure.
Ron Hace 4 meses
Excellent take!
Eric Bear!
Eric Bear! Hace 4 meses
Never expected the 49ers to escape with the win in this emotional game!
Lexio Hace 3 meses
I will FOREVER remember this game 😥
ccf Hace 4 meses
Dak trying to set the ball himself instead of giving it right to the ref had me dead af, come on cowboys hahahaha
MrAcoll Collier
MrAcoll Collier Hace 4 meses
@Matthew Davidson Also, no one is paying attention to the fact that when the ref moved the ball back that most of the cowboys players were offsides. The only lineman that moved backwards was the center. Even the left far wideout was offsides and he false started.
andan04 Hace 4 meses
@Matthew Davidson I missed that. Only thing Dak's new strategy is missing is the players' ability to pause the game clock.
Matthew Davidson
Matthew Davidson Hace 4 meses
@andan04 Yeah, on that fateful final play, Dak gave himself 3 extra yards. The ball should have been spotted where he began his slide around the 27. But instead it was snapped from the 24. If the ref would have actually spotted it correctly they wouldn't have even gotten close to a snap off. The Oline was setup at the 24 and would have had to backup 3 yards before they could get set.
andan04 Hace 4 meses
I think Dak is on to a brilliant strategy! Spot your own ball, give yourself a first down every play. And hope the refs don't catch on.
bobi miiu
bobi miiu Hace 4 meses
Finally, love getting some of the context clips during the game like Bosa's injury and the effect of the sun in the stadium. Really tells the story of the game.
Declan Hace 4 meses
Deebo Samuel is a freakin machine. He's so fast and unstoppable. It'll be interesting to see him vs Packers defence next week.
serra1220 Hace 4 meses
@MrDeathpilot go cry somewhere else, I can hear you crying all the way to my house jajajajajjajajajajaj
Tam Nguyen
Tam Nguyen Hace 4 meses
@Awaken child Of god1:03 in regulation, Niners 3rd &7 at GB 38. GB with no time out left. Debo Samuel rushed to the right for 9 yards gained, tackled by Devondre Campell. Told Ya!
MrDeathpilot Hace 4 meses
@serra1220 Not a team that deserves to be there.
serra1220 Hace 4 meses
@MrDeathpilot but who is playing the division championship jajajajajjajajajajaj
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 4 meses
If you're a Cowboys fan, I feel for you. Your team's incompetency cost them their season in the waning seconds of this game. That's tough.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Hace 4 meses
Gotta love Kyle he never fails to do his job. Best FB ever in history
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne Hace 4 meses
“Reminds of the time I called that timeout in OT last week.” - Los Angeles Chargers
Faisal Hace 4 meses
Master Wayne
c588417 Hace 4 meses
As a SF49er fan, I don't know what the outcome will be between SF49ers and GreenBay; nevertheless, I was elated watching SF ride the Cowboys out of their own stadium.
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
GreenBay? They lost, and now the 9ers get to face the Los Angeles Lams.
Yootoobe cansoogmiballs
Jimmy did it 2 years ago against gb in the playoffs....and they can do it again ok his thumb is fkcd but he has so many weapons..kittle deebo jysckykcyk (or however this is spelled)
T Mall
T Mall Hace 4 meses
Only the cowboys could manage this ending. 😂
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
I blame Dak for this ending, no one else.
Politically Correct Redskin
Any NFCE team, I'd argue. Winning the NFCE is like winning gold at the Special Olypics or something.
Jc Hace 4 meses
Regardless of this comment EVERYONE always watches us. We love the haters bro. No matter what happens we always win because yall ALWAYS watch us and are so quick to comment when we lose.
PeepMySwagger Hace 4 meses
@NoOffSwitch This is nothing but facts, especially for the QB. I have played on teams where my QB made calls against the coaches call because he was able to see an opening in the defense or flaw in the coaches call. Dak should have told the coaches that running the ball is not a good idea, or better yet just thrown it without saying anything prior. Tom Brady, Big Ben, ore any other QB in the past decade would not call a run play when down 6 points with more than 1 yard to touchdown, let alone a QB running the ball at that. It is clear the Cowboys have no real leading players, only undisciplined robots who follow orders regardless of how dumb they are.
Martin Man
Martin Man Hace 4 meses
@L.L. Craft 🤣
Anthony Abbett
Anthony Abbett Hace 4 meses
I absolutely LOVE seeing Joke Prescott and the Cowgirls lose. One of my favorites things in the world. 👍🤣🤣
Will Harper
Will Harper Hace 4 meses
Whoa..we missed some scoring opportunities to even make it that close, but of course we will take it and move on...#49ers 👏👏👏
Marcus Lopez
Marcus Lopez Hace 4 meses
Great Win For The Niners!
Ethan Leach
Ethan Leach Hace 4 meses
I’m glad to see a Mike McCarthy-led team living up to his reputation with all of those penalties.
UnderWaterLevelz Hace 4 meses
Dallas Cowboys as usual showed up unprepared and undisciplined. 49ers had this game the whole way.
@Joshua Bradshaw Welcome to the playoffs
@Joshua Bradshaw Almost doesn't count
Tyler Schilreff
Tyler Schilreff Hace 4 meses
@G Lo My coach has more playoff wins under his belt than your Girls team does in the last 27 years.
Marcus Garvey HOU
Marcus Garvey HOU Hace 4 meses
@Dankbuds lol As a Cowboys fan I can’t even refute what you just said. 😂 it’s all good because the East is the Least.
G Lo
G Lo Hace 4 meses
@Tyler Schilreff your knew coach is not much smarter lol remember last years bad decisions 🤣
A Z Hace 4 meses
Can't imagine how much that has to hurt for the cowboy fans out there on the last play.
Kahlikoh Hace 4 meses
Oh...my...god....that ending....they were doing so well..
Michael Redd
Michael Redd Hace 4 meses
Debo Samuel is the main reason why the 49ers made it to the playoffs and why they beat the cowboys he has been the best player for 49ers so far right now he’s been playing great if the 49ers don’t have nick bosa against the packers the 49ers will have their hands full against the packers
Andria Lee
Andria Lee Hace 4 meses
Cowboys ends the season with a crazy play unbelievable 😳
amogh kashyap
amogh kashyap Hace 4 meses
Wow I didn't know NFL had so many different penalties... thank you Dallas Cowboys for the "MasterClass"!!
Gabriel Peterson
Gabriel Peterson Hace 4 meses
@Marcos Hazael 49ers got away with similar holds. Refs need to be better about this
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Hace 4 meses
@Jason Craft In your dreams...
Silver Ghost
Silver Ghost Hace 4 meses
Facts...this is the season that I've ever paid attention to and I am really enjoying. And to find out so many penalties exist is crazy. And they are definitely more I still don't know about.
Marcos Hazael
Marcos Hazael Hace 4 meses
Look at the replays closely, they were legit penalties. The boys not a there top of their game, couldn't Stop holding
Julio Cesar Pereira
Julio Cesar Pereira Hace 4 meses
Wow! Who would think the 49ers would go this far and beat the Cowboys at Dallas! Go Niners, Go!
Harry Surtees
Harry Surtees Hace 4 meses
Not me. I really thought Dallas was going to win, and hoping too. Dak played really well this year, until this game.
Sheldon Dee
Sheldon Dee Hace 4 meses
Faith brother, faith!
This game was insane go 49ers
The ref sprinting with all his might and pushing through the offensive line to place the ball as time runs out. Wow! What an ending!
TMCS Hace 4 meses
The ref sprinting with all his might and pushing through the offensive line to place the ball as time runs out. Wow! What an ending!
MCES LEX Hace 4 meses
The cowboys prep was to practiced every penalty from the NFL handbook, never seen anything like it.
Suya Arauz
Suya Arauz Hace 4 meses
Clever 👏
Triggered Soyboy
Triggered Soyboy Hace 4 meses
@callmecatalyst-I usually blame coaching for that but the last 25 years dallas has been getting flags like crazy every game.
A Pinecone
A Pinecone Hace 4 meses
@Ian Furqueron i know. when I first heard the ref call defensive holding on Randy Gregory, me and my dad both went "huh?" and then they showed the replay and it was so hilariously blatant we started laughing
Joshua Q
Joshua Q Hace 4 meses
I cant stop laughing
Noff Memphis Slim
Noff Memphis Slim Hace 4 meses
@Abdizamed Said bro it seems like they are cursed....
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Hace 4 meses
Thanks SF 49ers! You beat the over-hyped Cowboys! I get tired of how the Dallas Cowboys are American’s football team! "How 'bout them Cowboys blew another chance to Super Bowl this years!”
aliss liou
aliss liou Hace 4 meses
I never thought I would say "thank you Tony Romo." At least he knew the rules and explained them in real time.
chris ashley
chris ashley Hace 4 meses
Great game plan by the 49ers. Old fashion smash mouth time possession game. They rattled Dallas early by going up 13. Those running backs ran like the demons and controlled the clock and kept dsj on the bench. Then the defense pummeled the Dallas o line early also. Dallas started getting unnecessary penalties and imploding in the first half. They finally got going but they were playing catch-up. The work San Fran put in early paid big dividends.
Richard DuBois
Richard DuBois Hace 4 meses
On the last play, the Line Judge and Down Judge were right on the 25 yard line. The Cowboys spotted the ball on the 24. The Umpire should have spotted the ball on the 25, the Cowboys would never could have gotten onside and snapped the ball. The Umpire did the Cowboys a huge favor, fortunately it didn't impact the result.
javi m
javi m Hace 4 meses
That loud cheer when the game ended by 49ers fans 😂 completely took over the place
Psionic Storm
Psionic Storm Hace 2 meses
@Stone W "I just have the sense to know what's good and not" not based on what little conversation we've had here.....boo. You sound pretty brainwashed to me.
Stone W
Stone W Hace 2 meses
@Psionic Storm I'm not from California nor do I live there, boo. I just have the sense to know what's good and not, based on my travels all around the country!
Psionic Storm
Psionic Storm Hace 2 meses
@Troy Lockwood "enjoy your miles of nothingness" and what would that be?
Zimmer Stone
Zimmer Stone Hace 4 meses
The sack then Int then Td on first play was ELECTRIC!!
The ref sprinting with all his might and pushing through the offensive line to place the ball as time runs out. Wow! What an ending!
Junior Polanco
Junior Polanco Hace 4 meses
you can hear the pain in Tony Romo's voice the whole game and I'm here for it.
John Neeley
John Neeley Hace 3 meses
I’m not so sure that’s accurate. Romo knows Dak blew a big game and he may have mix feelings about that
Scott Mescudi
Scott Mescudi Hace 4 meses
Love how the other refs didn’t run to clock it when he was closer. But another ref ran to do it for the rams 😂
FireBall Hamlin
FireBall Hamlin Hace 4 meses
As a Cowboys fan, gg 49ers. You played like a playoff team unlike us today. Good luck in Green Bay!
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen Hace 4 meses
@Tyler Theurer that was actually the most honest assessment of this gm esp by a 49ers fan. Kudos for u for calling this gm out and knowing u guys won a gm yall shoulda lost.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen Hace 4 meses
I respect you man. Cowboy fans are usually arrogant when winning and very salty when losing. McCarthy didnt have yall ready to play. Penalties killed yall on both lines. Bad play calling. Run stop non-existence. The 49ers actually kept u guys on life support to the end. Strange gm. 49ers are the 1 team GB dont wanna see. Kryptonite.
Tyler Theurer
Tyler Theurer Hace 4 meses
@Pro Yup, the niners are a true Jekel and Hyde team this year. They will definitely need their best, and a healthy Warner/Bosa, to have a shot.
MICHAEL A Hace 4 meses
Kurt Punches  Things
Kurt Punches Things Hace 4 meses
There sure gonna need it
Gilbert Angelo
Gilbert Angelo Hace 4 meses
To be honest I'm surprised Cowboys made it that far just to lose like that dear Lord
Rachel Corrie
Rachel Corrie Hace 4 meses
I knew in week 9 when the broncos went to Dallas and beat them with ease that the Cowboys were in shambles and wouldn't go very far.
yeudoi66 Hace 4 meses
the problems is the cowgirls fans was too easily empressed by adverage tallents go 9ers
Angelo P
Angelo P Hace 4 meses
The thing to keep in mind and that no one is mentioning is that even if the ball was spiked with 2 or 3 seconds left the Boys still had to score on the next play .
Sam Black
Sam Black Hace 4 meses
Yeah, it seems people are forgetting about the hard part.
ellaza39 Hace 4 meses
11:58 I recognize him from all or nothing on Rams! I'm glad he's doing good.
OGDC! Hace 4 meses
I believe Deebo deserves an X Factor next Madden game. Absolute beast
Eric Martinez
Eric Martinez Hace 4 meses
honestly niners deserved that W they dominated us the whole game!!!!!! it hurts but we didn't deserve to win!!!!
Ralph Films
Ralph Films Hace 4 meses
14:59 not even a cowboys fan but look how focused they were to get them the first down but don’t let them even have a restart in play
BurrMarie Hace 4 meses
I’m not a 49er fan but I would have Deebo as the MVP all day The guy is a monster
Sam Black
Sam Black Hace 4 meses
Kupp sets records and another receiver should be MVP in the same season? 🤔
AL Hace 4 meses
@Josh Madrigal bruh fr lol
Josh Madrigal
Josh Madrigal Hace 4 meses
This comment word for word has been posted 3x on different accounts. Are bots watching football now?
uneek unique
uneek unique Hace 4 meses
Like Stephen a Smith always says " just wait ,the cowboys will find a way to break your heart" and he's been right ever year thus far
Arm Pit Sniffer
Arm Pit Sniffer Hace 4 meses
@Leonardo Braynen No Elliott No Hope. The Cowboys would be a 6-11 team.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen Hace 4 meses
@Erynn Casey so dude u a Cowboy fan right? Eat the loss bruh. Sit small. Stay quiet. And we'll sympathize. Somehow.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen Hace 4 meses
@Erynn Casey EXACTLY! LOL
Erynn Casey
Erynn Casey Hace 4 meses
@Leonardo Braynen yet your telling me what to not type? Lol
A & N B
A & N B Hace 4 meses
really wished i had watched this live, tony romo games are always fun and this one looked especially exciting
سلیم کہاں
سلیم کہاں Hace 4 meses
Deebo is a pretty tight running back also. He got skills 👍👍
Quyen Tran
Quyen Tran Hace 4 meses
It’s getting so hard to defend this freaking team. One and done...just like everybody was saying we were gonna do. And all the penalties that we just gave ourselves. Pathetic. We deserve this loss.
Jesus M.
Jesus M. Hace 4 meses
Marshall Wacker
Marshall Wacker Hace 4 meses
Nothing quite like the cowboys losing a playoff game at home ❤️
Lmao Hace 4 meses
@NewAgain What's worse is that he made $75m this year alone, only to end up costing them the game😂😂
whatque Hace 4 meses
How bout them cowgirls
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis Hace 4 meses
@braydo young LMAO ONE AND DONE AT HOME A GOOD SEASON, if you guys didn’t beat up on a sad division you’d be lost
NewAgain Hace 4 meses
@braydo young bruh. Your QB cost $40M a year and played like sht. And not wise enough to HAND THE BALL TO REF. Lost 2 secs on that
John Jeffers
John Jeffers Hace 3 meses
listen to that crowd as the 49ers are marching down the field! sounds like a home game.
Vanessa Jacobs
Vanessa Jacobs Hace 4 meses
Yes Niners all the WAY!! 👏💞
emanuscriptgraphics Hace 4 meses
What a game! As per usual Jimmy G keeps it interesting LOL
Paul Barela
Paul Barela Hace 4 meses
When Cowboys snapped the ball 14 seconds and Dac took off running I busted out laughing, because it was stupid, probably 2 shots at the end zone or sideline and out of bounds pass, maybe 3 chances the way they were getting easy sideline passes. Excellent ending.
toogyman Hace 4 meses
I’m not a 49er fan but I would have Deebo as the MVP all day The guy is a monster
Sam Black
Sam Black Hace 4 meses
@Madmartigan Madmartigan….
Sam Black
Sam Black Hace 4 meses
@The Homie Ricky I watch all the games, all teams, every week and I’m impartial to either player. Really like watching them both. Debo is a beast, Kupp just won the triple crown, first guy to do it since 2005, one one of only 4 players to ever do it. Second most receptions AND receiving yards in the HISTORY of the sport. That isn’t the result of being in a favourable offence.. he IS the offence. Kupp is without doubt the best receiver in the league, the figures don’t lie.. but unless you watch his games, it’s easy to overlook how good he actually is and the impact he has. The entire Rams offence runs through him.
The Homie Ricky
The Homie Ricky Hace 4 meses
@Sam Black if you watch the highlight tape you will see the difference between the two. Deebo does it the old fashion way, breaking tackles hitting the holes hard with authority. Cupp is a benefactor or play calling much like wes welker. Look no further that their respective playoff game. Deebo vs Cowboys and Cupp in his. Thats why.
Sam Black
Sam Black Hace 4 meses
@The Homie Ricky Debo is a beast, but how is Debo the MVP when Kupp just smashed records playing the same position in the same season?
The Homie Ricky
The Homie Ricky Hace 4 meses
@nautgaming nautgaming how many games did Rodger miss this year? 1 due to suspension, and that game he missed, you guys played a blazing hot KC defense that was only allowing ten points or so during that 8 game winning streak etc. Not one player has dominated this league like Deebo Samuel, sure we have had explosive players like jamar chase (odell beckham, antonio brown), the wes welkers and julian edelmans before. Im referring to Cooper Kupp, but if you watch Deebo Samuel and how he breaks tackles its Marshawn Lynch all over again but in a wide out position. BUt not just in playoffs, its a daily game with ihm. His burst is different when he hits the gaps, not one person can take him down by they selves. Sure rodgers, brady and mahomes, herbert can throw for 5000 yards, but thats the norm now. Its a QB league, he is efficient, but its things we have seen before. With the NFL rules in place right now, an MVP will always be a QB. Thats how the game is set up, dont hit here, dont do that. Deebo is unique, hell have you seen Trent Williams play this year. Hes much more domianting that rodgers. Watch hwo he tosses people around. Hes literally been perfect all year. He should be MVP talks also.
J. Tang
J. Tang Hace 4 meses
The game was amazing. It must’ve been so ragey to know that the game ended before they could react. RIP Cowboy fans. I look forward to 49ers vs Packers.
John Koenigs
John Koenigs Hace 4 meses
This is what happens when a finesse team like cowboys meets a smash mouth football team like San Francisco which beat them up pretty bad! Better luck next time cowboys cuz you're done this year!
Mick Swagger
Mick Swagger Hace 4 meses
Penalties never let the Cowboys got going. Plain and simple
MrStickyfingersca Hace 4 meses
Didn't realize it at the time but after the Deebo td run the 49ers should have gone for 2pts to make it 24-7. Almost came back to bite them.
robert lewis
robert lewis Hace 4 meses
49ers run game was unmatched and defense was so intense from the start
NewAgain Hace 4 meses
jimmy g almost cost SF the game!
Deon Taylor
Deon Taylor Hace 4 meses
Cowboys are soft af 😂
Richard Gutierrez
Richard Gutierrez Hace 4 meses
If we still had Bosa in this wouldn't have happened. He was dominating every play.
TheAnnoyingAsian Hace 4 meses
I’m gonna show my kids this game one day.
Swavyy Ness
Swavyy Ness Hace 4 meses
Gotta love Kyle he never fails to do his job. Best FB ever in history
Aidan Logan
Aidan Logan Hace 4 meses
Clearly to young to know about Mike Altstott
odiggler Hace 4 meses
49ers fan erupting at the end, priceless!!
John Lile
John Lile Hace 4 meses
I've always heard that heavily penalized teams are a sign of bad coaching. Think it applies here? I wouldn't put this on the refs. I think Dak deserves his big paycheck because he has been delivering, but with Zeke Elliot also wanting the big numbers, and having lackluster numbers ever since, and it even having to take an extra game for him to get 1,000 yards, just think of what kind of offensive line they would still have, if, they would have left something for them? Look what an impressive OL did for Emmitt Smith. Barry Sanders would have rushed for over 3,000 yards if he had the same OL back then. Apparently, the Cowboys still thought they could still get the job done. Think Jerry Jones will do the responsible thing and fire the GM? ;-)
Stanley Ezen
Stanley Ezen Hace 4 meses
Hell of a game. I’m a fan of neither team and I had heart palpitations
Rees Bodmah
Rees Bodmah Hace 4 meses
As a Seahawks fan, I'm used to having 4 heart attacks a game. But this game was even harder. In addition, I could not sleep... which is problematic in Switzerland, because you have to get up again 3 hours after the game ends 😅😂
Juan Mancinas
Juan Mancinas Hace 4 meses
@Jason Recinos hahaha i was just talking about that today with my fam. CRAZY. Will never forget
Jeff Hall
Jeff Hall Hace 4 meses
@sandvich48 don't forget Shanahan was the OC for the Falcons in that SB too
Dave Saenz
Dave Saenz Hace 4 meses
You need hydration.
William Larese
William Larese Hace 4 meses
Imagine being a 9ers fan 😂
4evaolskool Hace 4 meses
We all know what Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle and Mitchell can do! But I truly believe the x- factor in this weekends match-up against Green Bay will be J.J as known as Jauan Jennings! Quate me on that!
Ernesto Castro
Ernesto Castro Hace 4 meses
How bout them NINERS! Hearing that Niners crowd at Dallas was impressive, the faithful representing!! 🔥🏈💪
QB draw with 14 seconds left and no timeouts is CRAZYYYY!!!!! I wouldn't even do that on Madden with Lamar Jackson lol
SwoleB 4TheWin
SwoleB 4TheWin Hace 4 meses
Cowboys are “WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE” Yea Im a Panthers fan 💪🏾💪🏾
Eric Diaz
Eric Diaz Hace 4 meses
I loved when the crowd was chanting “Do Something” when it was 23-7 😂 Edit: got the video of the chant posted on channel thx for likes
Jed Winegarden- Edgerton
Yeah I know you like me :))
Jed Winegarden- Edgerton
Oh um so what about those packers huh?
Justin Goodman
Justin Goodman Hace 4 meses
@NooB SaiboT Yes.Mostly an Aaron Rodgers fan.
Jed Winegarden- Edgerton
Inca was a typo my phone sucks and is cracked it was "in a"what I tried to spell
Left side M
Left side M Hace 4 meses
Classic Cowboys! Brilliant at messing up.
Joseph Oshima
Joseph Oshima Hace 4 meses
Just one thing : when your offense during a playoffs game wakes up in the fourth quarter, this awakening had better be perfect. But it wasn't.
Hello Godbless You
Hello Godbless You Hace 4 meses
One of my top picks is gone, it's like they're not that motivated until that Fake play, damn it 😭😭😭✌️✌️👏👏🤟🍻🥃
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson Hace 4 meses
You could just tell the Cowboys knew it was over going into the 4th....
SosTdm 617
SosTdm 617 Hace 4 meses
That last play will go down in nfl history as the worst way to ever lose a playoff game
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond Hace 4 meses
@Kyle Young why put the game in the refs hands when u coulda taken 2 shots to the end zone?
AK Hace 4 meses
​@RemainLoyalToYour0wnSoil The reason the Eagles lost was because they played their practice squad against the Cowboys main squad. Fly Eagles Fly!
mutt sezz
mutt sezz Hace 4 meses
Kevin Bond
Kevin Bond Hace 4 meses
@Son Goku that 4th quarter by the Seahawks was like 5 chokes
Brady Hagen
Brady Hagen Hace 4 meses
@Kevin Bond right for sure. Just dumb to risk getting closer when it was still an improbable chance.
Dominic Mua
Dominic Mua Hace 4 meses
“That’s the end of the game” Hype af 🔥🔥🔥
I tried to profit at an arcade