49ers vs. Saints Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The San Francisco 49ers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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8 dic 2019






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The Prospectors
The Prospectors Hace 17 horas
Oh dear, how are we ever going to beat those Chiefs without a passing game 🤫
Moe Bazzi
Moe Bazzi Hace 18 horas
The Last play was so funny George Kittle Was like a horse and the Saints Defense Try to Ride on the Horse but 2 of them Fall down and 1 almost took a Ride. LMAO.
WitHeRiNe Hace 19 horas
Is anyone else doing football in high school trying to become a full-time player?
Eric Hill
Eric Hill Hace 23 horas
Man I thought the 49ers Seattle game was exciting but this was a nail biter 49ers are going all the way and winning the Super Bowl
Eric Hill
Eric Hill Hace 23 horas
On that fake punt New Orleans done the 49ers guy had a right to push him and hold him because it was a punt good call no Flags
Eric Hill
Eric Hill Hace 23 horas
Who dat who dat going to beat them saints 49ers!!!!!
Marcel Manzanares
Marcel Manzanares Hace un día
Kittle straight beast mode! great game!
Todd Taylor
Todd Taylor Hace un día
Overrated ass crybaby Aints haha. sAiNtS cAnT lOsE aT hOmE
Hdhdhdh Hace un día
Kittle for Super Bowl MVP. Highly underrated!!
akhil100 Hace un día
And they say "Jimmy can't pass!"
alxtsavo Hace un día
Oh my... My heart almost colapse
Karsten Potter
Karsten Potter Hace 2 días
Beast game ever??
joshua Uribe
joshua Uribe Hace 2 días
Who else was doubting Jim before the super bowl
Fernando Garibay
Fernando Garibay Hace 2 días
Que juego estuvo de poca madre!!! Go niners!!
Carlos Baez
Carlos Baez Hace 2 días
When you see all this plays on live. What a Year fir the 49ers
Eggs McMuffin
Eggs McMuffin Hace 2 días
6:10 look at the camera man bottom left corner
Dill Hays
Dill Hays Hace 2 días
Boy y’all do not want to get into a shoot out with the chiefs, or be down 27-14 to them
DuderDude Hace 3 días
And they say Jimmy G can't throw
SF Empire
SF Empire Hace 3 días
Had to come back to watch this beauty before the superbowl
Wandering Wade
Wandering Wade Hace 3 días
Is Breeze the oldest starting quarterback in the league?
john5nguyen Hace 3 días
Tell me I ain't the only one that keep watching these replays cause I can't wait for the SB.! LOL BANGBANGNINERGANG
Nico Sotomayor
Nico Sotomayor Hace 3 días
Same haha #GoNiners
Elizabeth Bender
Elizabeth Bender Hace 3 días
MR FLORES Hace 3 días
Somebody is mad haha ninnnnnnnners
Lampros Merkourakis
Lampros Merkourakis Hace 4 días
That was the real NFC championship
Jackie Bradley
Jackie Bradley Hace 4 días
Questionable ref moves .. Niners Def some heat, but we will see in the Super Bowl 💯🏆🏈 #ChiefsKingdom
gor9027 Hace 4 días
Everyone saying Jimmy G is an awful QB bc he only threw 8 passes against the Packers apparently forgot he did this against the Saints with the 1 seed on the line for both teams.
C Loading
C Loading Hace 4 días
That was pi on that fake punt
Dominic Gullotta
Dominic Gullotta Hace 2 días
There's no such thing as PI when in punt formation.
Aj Martin
Aj Martin Hace 4 días
Saints got robbed 3 plays they were pass interference but the gave it to sf
MR FLORES Hace 3 días
taher tufenkeji
taher tufenkeji Hace 4 días
Brian Andrade
Brian Andrade Hace 4 días
I see critics and Chiefs fans say "Garrapolo only made 7 pass attempts in the NFC title game, he's not capable of winning in a shootout". Well here's your proof
Shakester71 Hace 4 días
Sanders shouldn't have had a TD. Instead of going for an easy tackle, Bell goes for the strip and gets nothing but air and Sanders ends up in the end zone. He should have been tackled at the 11 yard line. I see this in every game.
Shakester71 Hace 4 días
If the Super Bowl is half as entertaining as this game, America's gonna get one hell of a show.
LOYAL 2 THE SOIL Hace 4 días
So much pass interferences against the niners weren’t even called .
Brandon Deoliveira
Brandon Deoliveira Hace 5 días
If only they got the two point conversion
Dunn Alison
Dunn Alison Hace 5 días
Jimmy G’s Performance Kinda Reminded Me Of A Classic Playoff Brady Performance.
Ammar Alha
Ammar Alha Hace 5 días
One of the best games this season
RAIDERS 24 Hace 5 días
6:20-6:30 they didn't show the 49er TD
Andy Lam
Andy Lam Hace 5 días
The 49ers secondary ain't that good if their front 4 can't get pressure. Patrick Mahomes is going to expose them in the SB.
royalrod _
royalrod _ Hace 3 días
Brian Andrade Yezzir, and our defense still hung in there. The Hot Boyzz are back and putting pressure on foos. Ford, Tartt, and especially Kwon make an huge impact for our D. Bosa becomes a beast with Ford, Kwon is the heart, And Tartt and Ward been a dynamic duo since high school. Chiefs ain’t ready. Mahomes had to ask Aaron Rodgers for advice. State Farm boys gotta stick together lol.
Brian Andrade
Brian Andrade Hace 4 días
Lmao this was when Tarrt was out, and Witherspoon was starting over Mosely not to mention we didn't have Dee Ford and Alexander. If you came to here to do some scouting 👀 you should realize this was a banged up 9er Defense. This game also proves Garrapolo and the 9ers Offense can beat you in a Shootout in hostile noisy environment. Shanahan will use his full playbook against the Chiefs
Pier Graham
Pier Graham Hace 5 días
49ers are gonna stomp the Chiefs.
VaChiefin Hace 5 días
Here scouting Jimmy G for my Chiefs. 😮
no one
no one Hace 5 días
Delvon Robinson
Delvon Robinson Hace 5 días
Who here after the 49ers won the nfc championship game
Andrew Cordova
Andrew Cordova Hace 6 días
But jimmy can't throw lol
Should’ve been a holding call, but good game to the 49ers they played tough
Connie K
Connie K Hace 7 días
I was at buffalo wild wings when this game was on... my fiance a cowboys fan don't like the saints (because one of his friend is a die hard saints fan and he kept rubbing it on my fiance's face) and was rooting for 49ers... I'm also a 49ers fan we stayed there through the whole game... we were literally on the edge of our seats scared and excited lol I was like 49ers lost they're gonna lose, but my fiance was like nope they're going to win.. and what do you know they won.. everyone at BWW was rooting for 49ers and we live in Kansas lol.
Chris Wyatt
Chris Wyatt Hace 7 días
Best game in the last 10 years, just think they would have never been here if colin were there quarterback.
BROWNSIDER Hace 7 días
This was the best Niner game of the regular season in my opinion
akamouse100 Hace 7 días
8:29 OPI shouldn't had a fg
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Hace 7 días
Seitrey King
Seitrey King Hace 8 días
Came here before the big game tomorrow
Phixation Hace 9 días
No defense on either side. Still don't know why NO went for 2. 49's 2nd TD big time pushing off. First turnover, Sanders should have caught that. Big time pass interference on fake punt by NO. Personal foul on 22 for NO, bad call. Bosa and Kittle are BEAST'S. I wish the official's were as good as both these teams.
The Luke Show
The Luke Show Hace 9 días
They didn’t show the Niners td
Jeff Garcia
Jeff Garcia Hace 11 días
crispy Hace 11 días
49's v Titans Super Bowl - my guess before the Conf Championships, lets see.
Henry Wkmon
Henry Wkmon Hace 11 días
Now, if u want to no the truth about the whole darn thing between the two- powerhouse! This is our year baby, The 49's
Eric Henry
Eric Henry Hace 12 días
This game came down to whoever had the ball last would win. Kittle is a beast.
Jerome Penn
Jerome Penn Hace 12 días
Such a great game that I watched from start to finish!! This is such a special team!!#NINERNATION
Henry Wkmon
Henry Wkmon Hace 14 días
C u all at the winning circle chumps, I mean champs!!!!! ☯️
Henry Wkmon
Henry Wkmon Hace 14 días
My, 49's since 65 years ago! Wouldn't trade those boys' inn for nothing! To be the man, you got to beat the (Man); (sha-zam) tht my coach new name (sha-zam) we going all the way- up! 😎🤠🤓🔫
Henry Wkmon
Henry Wkmon Hace 14 días
The Best game ever this year! Between two Superbowl champions, the 49's and the Saints 🤪
MarioEaglesFan 700
MarioEaglesFan 700 Hace 14 días
What a h*** of a battle
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