49ers vs. Saints Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The San Francisco 49ers take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.
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8 dic 2019






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Sean Kirkpatrick
Sean Kirkpatrick Hace un día
The pass interference penalty at the end was such bullshit the refs were acting like he actually had a chance to catch that😂
ampharos Hace 3 días
This was such a good game, kittle is a legend
Chris D
Chris D Hace 4 días
Who's here after Jimmy G's horrible Week 1 (2020) performance?! *raises hand*
Arxiza Hace 2 días
Me 😫
Christopher Mudd
Christopher Mudd Hace 4 días
I watch this game are the tv and b.s. there is penalty after a penalty
pantherteen1 Hace 6 días
8:22 dang who knew Taysom Hill was a savage. He just pushed down Jimmy Ward 😂
Scott Konrath
Scott Konrath Hace 9 días
Eduardo Estrada
Eduardo Estrada Hace 11 días
Remember great game
Devin Rivera
Devin Rivera Hace 12 días
This should have been the Superbowl
B-nasty Is GOATED
B-nasty Is GOATED Hace 12 días
Go eagles 🦅👍
Dog Days Brayy
Dog Days Brayy Hace 2 días
You wanna talk about the eagles vs redskins game
M T Hace 12 días
Saints fan here. Had no idea who Deonte Harris was before this game. Now I know
Jerry Chandler
Jerry Chandler Hace 14 días
Big calls go against the Saints again....
STH Hace 15 días
We could've gotten a rematch if NOLA didn't choke to Minnesota 🤧
J Landon
J Landon Hace 17 días
Wow just wow. Don't see these exciting shootouts often. I remember Chargers Dolphins 81 and Cowboys Broncos 2013. I'm sure there are others but those are the two i remember.
Stanley Jean
Stanley Jean Hace 17 días
Kittle is a monster 😂😂 he refused to go down
Fly Guy Ry
Fly Guy Ry Hace 17 días
Who else here in quarantine?
Diego Gonzalez
Diego Gonzalez Hace 16 días
Ready for the new season on Thursday @ Fly guy Ry
Max Totton
Max Totton Hace 21 un día
13:20- 13:24 That’s we’re depression starts
The Realist
The Realist Hace 21 un día
That second cook TD was not a catch.
Benjamin Day
Benjamin Day Hace 22 días
We got it this season
Payton Lor
Payton Lor Hace 22 días
Sanders and ginn are underrated
Victor Villatoro
Victor Villatoro Hace 23 días
6:10 Dude went to sleep after that hit lol
The Dude
The Dude Hace 24 días
GREAT things happen when you REFUSE TO GO DOWN... KITTLE!
The Dude
The Dude Hace 24 días
Did anyone else notice that they left out one of the 49ers TDs in this "highlight" video?
TheLoneGamr Hace 24 días
If Teddy has of played this would have been a 49ers blowout.
MrWeenuk21 Hace 25 días
sanders ankle breaker on that deep route with the cheeky little jersey grab is awesome.
Tyjhe Hargrove
Tyjhe Hargrove Hace 25 días
gummy bear song
60BloodyChamp60 Hace 26 días
Kittle overshadowed what might have been more impressive. Bosa stood Hill straight up more than once this game, something nobody else has ever done.
Marcos Arreguin
Marcos Arreguin Hace 28 días
Awesome game 49erz baby, who’s ready for 20/20 ???
Jojo Jr
Jojo Jr Hace 5 días
Remember last almost all of the 49ers games were giving me heart attacks I couldn’t but awesome year
C- Mack
C- Mack Hace 28 días
5:42 nick bosa is so good
Dog Days Brayy
Dog Days Brayy Hace 2 días
no duhh...
Michael Mika
Michael Mika Hace un mes
Jiimmy G. is AWESOME.!!!
legoman7041 Hace un mes
Ah yes. Non VO highlights.
Liz Hsu
Liz Hsu Hace un mes
Liz Hsu
Liz Hsu Hace un mes
The San Fransico 49ers defeated the New Orleans Saints, 48-46, in week 14 of this NFL season!
Cameron. Lords child
Am I the only one who thought that play was pass interferences?
MrPrettyBoyChina Hace un mes
This game is when I gave up on the Saints. The last few years is nothing but heartbreaks & letdowns. I had enough
TheOnlyHumanBeing Hace un mes
sgtstreetmeat Hace un mes
damn sanders can throw lol..
Regan Shee
Regan Shee Hace un mes
As a Niners fan I’m mad that we did all of this just to blow a 10 point lead in the superbowl
Regan Shee
Regan Shee Hace un mes
Sophia Garcia ain’t that the truth
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace un mes
I blame the referees. They did not make the right calls.
The American
The American Hace un mes
Video omitted fourth Niner TD.
Trollface Hace un mes
9:15 wtf no flags 🤨
Joe Dubane
Joe Dubane Hace un mes
It was a fake punt
Sarah Johnson
Sarah Johnson Hace un mes
escape from tarkov
Sand Town
Sand Town Hace un mes
At 9:23 how in the hell wasn't that called? Im telling you the referees be on some payroll type stuff. They be like Mike Caddell might be the commissioner but we're the ones who decides who goes to the Superbowl and wins.
Joe Dubane
Joe Dubane Hace un mes
There’s no pass interference on a fake punt
Sand Town
Sand Town Hace un mes
I don't understand why a lot of the defenses in the NFL are more focused on stripping the ball then making the tackle. I get that they want I turn over but what good is trying if you can't even make the tackle then they score. 😕
Gent Belgium
Gent Belgium Hace un mes
The Faithful 49ers
supermike1982 Hace un mes
The obvious pass interference on the fake punt decided this game
J C Hace un mes
49ers tho..ain't even a fan of them tho
Diet Bleach
Diet Bleach Hace un mes
If the saints went for a PAT on their second touchdown instead of a 2pt conversion, then they wouldn't of had to attempt another 2pt conversion on their last touchdown. They would of just went for another PAT. Then the 49ers would of made the field goal and this game would of gone to overtime.
Aiden The cool cat
Aiden The cool cat Hace un mes
This year the saints will be the 49 ers as a revenge game
becky krueger
becky krueger Hace un mes
sound of silence
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Hace un mes
After watching this game i knew we were a super bowl contender
Dan Muffoletto
Dan Muffoletto Hace un mes
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Brian Holland
Brian Holland Hace 2 meses
Saints won that game! Once again the refs doing what they do to the Black N Gold!! Oh Well...At least we know the real call on the field!
morgan chavez
morgan chavez Hace 2 meses
wow classic
Antoni Nicolas
Antoni Nicolas Hace 2 meses
In 2018, the Saints were had the most “best” games of the year. In 2019, it was SF
Antoni Nicolas
Antoni Nicolas Hace 2 meses
Actually in 2018, it might’ve been the Chiefs
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena Hace 2 meses
Saints ain't ever Goin to the sb again LOL
Grant Fuller
Grant Fuller Hace 7 días
@Angel Cadena ok
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena Hace 7 días
@Grant Fuller hardly. If u allowed 23 pts on a team whos in progress. U have long adventure ahead of u especially with that red hot Wilson n Rodgers but again it's just week 1. Wait till the half way point of the season. Then u can make accusations.
Grant Fuller
Grant Fuller Hace 7 días
@Angel Cadena you’re right i cant compare, saints are just on another level and that’s all
Angel Cadena
Angel Cadena Hace 7 días
@Grant Fuller it's week 1 N many teams have showed rust including us due to this dumb pandemic. We're not one of the worst. Were actually in the top 15 rn N u cannot compare a saint team who has had the sane pieces for like 3 years compared to us who are still somewhat rebuilding. Nevertheless tho lock looked sharp. So I'm not concerned at all n clearly Peyton is teaching lock rly well.
Grant Fuller
Grant Fuller Hace 7 días
@Angel Cadena Don’t get me wrong i love von and Peyton was great, no offense but you guys are one of the worst teams in the nfl right now. I don’t think y’all could even beat the saints with a 14 point head start
Joseph Van Horn
Joseph Van Horn Hace 2 meses
The 49ers had home field advantage in the playoffs and that was HUGE for their success and winning the NFC. That said, they went on the road and had 2 of the most entertaining wins against 2 of the absolute most difficult teams to beat in their house in New Orleans and Seattle. They EARNED that home field advantage by winning big games against the best teams on the ROAD.
David Torpey
David Torpey Hace 2 meses
Where is the 49ers fourth touchdown?
carlos hernandez
carlos hernandez Hace 2 meses
Madden 22 cover Garoppolo👀???
coreyswag29 Hace 2 meses
In 2021
Nicetreday14 The Robloxian Warrior
Why is my Saints defense is so damn trash!?
Seamus J Bamrick
Seamus J Bamrick Hace 2 meses
Emmanuel Sanders tho
Marcus Garcia
Marcus Garcia Hace 2 meses
This game exposed how garbage Eli apple is
CEN CAL Hace 2 meses
49ers #1
Кирилл Жуков
Michael Koch
Michael Koch Hace 2 meses
Jesus Reyes
Jesus Reyes Hace 2 meses
49ers are good they have Richard sherman nick bosa George kittle they have power and they are goo i give the score 48-46
Saints got robbed By refs
Almost forgot how bad Eli Apple was 🥱.
brendan bwall
brendan bwall Hace 2 meses
@11:05 Kamara Instantly remembered the Pass From Brees to Bush against the eagles years ago 😂 smart man
Nathaniel Cyrille
Nathaniel Cyrille Hace 2 meses
Now that's football. Gawd Deamn!
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Hace 2 meses
Being a Saints fan for almost 40 years I can say I really hate the 49rs!!
Charles Hsu
Charles Hsu Hace 2 meses
Intelligenze Hace 2 meses
This was the game that made everyone respect Jimmy, then bad play calling made everyone lose it for Jimmy. Doesn’t make much sense to me
Deluxe Dimer
Deluxe Dimer Hace 2 meses
niners offensive coordinator: "kittle how many defenders does it take to tackle you" kittle: "yes"
The Ace
The Ace Hace 2 meses
3rd down Saints: (Force the incompletion on Kittle) Also Saints: There’s no way they get in field goal position this quick Kittle: Hold my face mask
If ur reading this then ur gay
9:30 that’s holding not pass interference
Jotinder Kaur
Jotinder Kaur Hace 2 meses
Your my favorite ESvider
EAsfgman Hace 2 meses
Almost as good as that 2012 divisional round in sf. "The Catch 3"
EAsfgman Hace 2 meses
9:44 anyone know what happened to #92 on this play??? Lol
Dad of Boy
Dad of Boy Hace 2 meses
After that you can’t tell me that Kittle isn’t the best tight end in the nfl right now he literally had three guys trying to tackle him Kelce would never be able to do that I’m just spitting facts he won a super bowl but Kittle is still the better option say whatever you want I don’t care😂
Apple 9089
Apple 9089 Hace 2 meses
Marcus Williams is just a joke now, no-one could take him seriously 😭
Mehdiggz Hace 2 meses
6:09 poor cameraman😂
ATLWM Hace 2 meses
They cheated they knocked Cook out the game on purpose because they could t stop him 🤦🏾‍♂️
marquee mckinney
marquee mckinney Hace 3 meses
ghost stories
ERIC ERIC Hace 3 meses
Go49ers! I hope there is Football this year!
Cacti_King_Gaming Hace 3 meses
Good to see the refs still have an unexplained hatred for the saints.
john Hace 3 meses
Game of the year for sure
Ro Ro
Ro Ro Hace 3 meses
This WAS the super bowl, as far as I’m concerned.
C Feldstein
C Feldstein Hace 3 meses
That special teams play was great
Isaac Howard
Isaac Howard Hace 3 meses
I still watch this game even today one of the best games last year
12BJJohnson Hace 3 meses
Yeah but cook didn't maintain possession...
Downs Hace 3 meses
Saints lost the game @ 2:15 seconds
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
Give me Kelce over any TE in NFL history. Yes, even my boy TG. Its his "will to win."
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
Kittle legit beast. Not quite Kelce. But on his way
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
Mahomes is new Jordan of sports. He hasn't even scratched surface. What he's going to accomplish will absolutely blow minds. Stuff like winning 4 straight SBs. Throwing 6,000yds/50tds season. Playing in 10 or more AFC Championship games.
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
JimmyG/LamarJ? Both (0-2) vs Mahomes
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
JimmyG/LamarJ. ^^^can't play in big games. SF got in SB cuz their running game/Defense. SF finally needed to rely on JimmyG up10 on Chiefs 6mins play? Jimmy G goes Punt Punt Downs Int Final 4 drives
Jason Peters
Jason Peters Hace 3 meses
Tuxedo Fish
Tuxedo Fish Hace 3 meses
When healthy kittle caught the ball at the end I almost had a heart attack
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams Hace 3 meses
Arguably best game of the regular season
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry Hace 3 meses
ADRNVQZ Hace 4 meses
Do you still want to be a bear robbie?
TheWinter People
TheWinter People Hace 4 meses
Awesome 49er HYPE Video Right Here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ht-9HbzEwJ8.html
Jay B
Jay B Hace 4 meses
Being on the 9ers fanwagon since 1994...it's so good my boys are back where they belong! I pray this momentum carry overs to a 2020 Superbowl. I'm so so glad we are not settling for field-goals and bringing them "7's" on the scoreboard!!!
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