5 Breakfast Gadgets put to the Test Part 2

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5 Waffle Maker That Will Blow your Mind! - esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-05toP4aAexw.html
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14 mar 2019






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Comentarios 2 433
tim florek
tim florek Hace un hora
I like my cereal soggy
Санжар Алмабаев
Сколько у тебя таких кухонных приборов? Ты их коликционируешь или же выбрасываеш?
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Hace un día
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Hace un día
Hanifa Bibi
Hanifa Bibi Hace un día
bonganonuevo Hace 2 días
I also like my ceral soggy
SNKRhead Games
SNKRhead Games Hace 3 días
Who else saw mold on the bread in beginning??
Robbee Hace 4 días
I like soggy cereal though!
Asli Kabasakal
Asli Kabasakal Hace 4 días
2:14 the bread is with mole 😂💀
Toni Navone
Toni Navone Hace 5 días
I LOVE soggy cereal
Frazer-Rae Morgan
Frazer-Rae Morgan Hace 5 días
Your bread was gone off I still like your videos though
halimahtul saadiah mochamat
3:05 that skill though
Alif Raihan1Ö
Alif Raihan1Ö Hace 7 días
Emre Hace 7 días
Put some oil while cooking the eggs goddammit.
Lemon Bleach
Lemon Bleach Hace 9 días
ASMR | Crazy Russian Hacker Edition 4:08
how cool is that?
Noah Warren
Noah Warren Hace 10 días
Who else wonders if he actually uses they off camera
HandsomeHolland MotorV
when Americans use BUTTER on EVERYTHING except while baking stuff -.- .
InsaneFameNYC Hace 12 días
That cereal bowl is the greatest
Shaher Bin Belal
Shaher Bin Belal Hace 13 días
5:53 are those ants on his plate
styles weigand
styles weigand Hace 13 días
I like my cereal soggy to
Pilot Apple Sauce
Pilot Apple Sauce Hace 14 días
ンデヴィ Hace 14 días
*How cool is datt*
BigBoyGaming Hace 14 días
5:39 are those bugs on the plate
Domonic Dunaway
Domonic Dunaway Hace 14 días
I like soggy cereal
Pikku Mafiosot 69
Pikku Mafiosot 69 Hace 14 días
6:03 I would use it cause i'm always late from school
Iben Games
Iben Games Hace 15 días
What is the name of this breakfast maker
Jesse Ramirez
Jesse Ramirez Hace 15 días
I like it when it’s moist-CRH
Dieter Lang-Zörner
Dieter Lang-Zörner Hace 15 días
„Toast look good“?? See 8:25 - the toast was rotten / green 😱
707madmanny YT
707madmanny YT Hace 15 días
I like my cereal like yours
JustAsSimple Hace 16 días
Well that's Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner for Me
Jude Stoltz
Jude Stoltz Hace 16 días
I love soggy cereal
Burnt Hills Laser
Burnt Hills Laser Hace 16 días
ItsDivvey Hace 16 días
I like my cereal the same as CRH!!!
Constantine Avellana
Constantine Avellana Hace 17 días
Your accent is getting better just saying
Janet Loo
Janet Loo Hace 17 días
“i didn't use any oil, so good luck to me” hahahaa xDDDDD
Mitsuki, Hace 17 días
"I like all the food"... Me to buddy
Kole Samuels
Kole Samuels Hace 18 días
Are those bugs on your plate
Hi I'm JOE!
Hi I'm JOE! Hace 18 días
Mouldy bread again
Hi I'm JOE!
Hi I'm JOE! Hace 18 días
The breads mouldy
GFRIEND BUDDY Hace 18 días
8:43 😂😂😂
Kid who sits in the corner
4"30 it's also called small portions, and 2nd bowl
gymnastics girl
gymnastics girl Hace 18 días
Hi people looking through the comments
BunnyFett Hace 18 días
My favorite breakfast gadget is a pan. :)
pantera tanker
pantera tanker Hace 19 días
Fpsrussia is inspector gadget
XxtheDuCkisGonexX Hace 19 días
"this thing look pretty cute" -crazyrussianhacker 2019
Wedge Lewis
Wedge Lewis Hace 20 días
You need to start using cooking spray on cheap non-stick gadgets. Love your videos.
Aussie kids presents
Aussie kids presents Hace 20 días
I like soggy cerial i like it very moist
ICE WALLOKUM Hace 20 días
Check on the bread. Didn't toast it. Very nice.
Brianjames Cruz
Brianjames Cruz Hace 20 días
6:53 egg maker or egg cooker 😂😁
King Asmodeus
King Asmodeus Hace 20 días
The ant plate had me waiting for one to come alive and move.😂
Jolly Hace 20 días
I too, like cereal soaked in milk which makes it less crispy and easier to physically digest and chemically digest starting from my mouth.
BrainTwister23 Hace 20 días
toast has mold at 8:24
R8cer X
R8cer X Hace 21 un día
Dude cool stuff but you couldn’t afford a loaf of bread?
Daniel Hay
Daniel Hay Hace 21 un día
Very moist
Cheeze Hace 21 un día
Soggy cereal is only good for some cereals, but soggy cookies are the best
Cory Schulze
Cory Schulze Hace 21 un día
hes saying its gonna be hot and grabs it with bare hand
Cory Schulze
Cory Schulze Hace 21 un día
anyone notice that the bread was moldy?
Jorunn Ottosen
Jorunn Ottosen Hace 22 días
Dose i taste like lime and herbs?
Jorunn Ottosen
Jorunn Ottosen Hace 22 días
Where can i buy that kind of bread?
Samarth Sharma
Samarth Sharma Hace 22 días
Where’s that egg cracker?
Hugh Janus
Hugh Janus Hace 23 días
BRO there where ants on that plate
Daniel Barrientos
Daniel Barrientos Hace 23 días
BOOM *drops egg*😂
TheAssasin Gamer
TheAssasin Gamer Hace 23 días
The coffe looks delicious and black 😉
Frapp Ccino
Frapp Ccino Hace 23 días
It’s the milk
Nappypuff Hace 23 días
4:05 that little bit of ASMR tho
Kaleb Foster
Kaleb Foster Hace 23 días
I eat seral like that all soggy
KiwiPotato Hace 23 días
3:42 Taras: I like soggy cereal Me: WITCH
Karam Johal
Karam Johal Hace 23 días
what about this gagit?
Man'sLife Hace 24 días
6:28 is that ur tongue?
Abel Aguilar
Abel Aguilar Hace 24 días
I get anxiety seeing him make a mess all over the counter top 😖
Domo Bro
Domo Bro Hace 24 días
8:42 😂
Italian Troutaholic
Italian Troutaholic Hace 24 días
is that Mold on the toast?????
TheHero Yuri
TheHero Yuri Hace 24 días
Trihard 3:19
Error 404
Error 404 Hace 24 días
I like sougy cearal I now I'm weird
Christian Coeuille
Christian Coeuille Hace 24 días
That toast was moldy
Logan T
Logan T Hace 24 días
2:04 anyone else notice the bread has mold on bottom left corner. Be carful man.
balloon friend
balloon friend Hace 24 días
im gonna vomit, soggy cereal, you disgust me
Brandon Loyo
Brandon Loyo Hace 24 días
Haha You failed with that egg
czkocur6 cz
czkocur6 cz Hace 24 días
I love serial that thei are sinking
Viggo Persson
Viggo Persson Hace 24 días
I guess im weird to but i like soggy cereal to
Alien Tail
Alien Tail Hace 24 días
My favorite gadget was the moldy bread
乔Alvis Hace 24 días
Where can I buy that coffee cup?
Brogan Stewart
Brogan Stewart Hace 24 días
Me and my girlfriend love these videos especially the one where he gets peed on
The Dino
The Dino Hace 25 días
I like my serial soggy
Koo Haiqal
Koo Haiqal Hace 25 días
5:52 there is 3 ant on the plate.. Dafk?
ScottishDavie30 Hace 25 días
emm am late to the party but is this guy for real lol
Karen Martinez
Karen Martinez Hace 26 días
Did you see the mold on the bottom left side of his bread 🤢
Chrispunch Hace 26 días
2:30 - 2:34 Bruh i think he’s high 😂
Jeddchanlol Hace 26 días
*_HowToBasic would like to know your location_*
Omena player
Omena player Hace 26 días
You can make oatmeal much easier. You can put water to bowl and oat flakes and put it to microwave and its ready
Alrashid Dimacuta
Alrashid Dimacuta Hace 26 días
Dream Hace 26 días
Ice cream gadgets please!!!
Jai Pritchett
Jai Pritchett Hace 26 días
I think you made penicillin
Cwrob5 Hace 26 días
Toast has mold on it dude!
Shaolin monk420
Shaolin monk420 Hace 26 días
Why separate your milk and cereal if you're going to throw together anyways
Tony Beltran
Tony Beltran Hace 26 días
I eat soggy cereal to
Alex Mason
Alex Mason Hace 26 días
To be honest that machine is terrible and takes way longer than it should to cook one egg and toast one piece of bread
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