5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments | People Vs. Food

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Watch to see if these 5 foods can be cooked in a waffle iron.
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5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments | People Vs. Food


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5 sep 2019






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REACT Hace 9 meses
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TOKYO Hace 8 meses
please react to K-12 by Melanie Martinez. her album / movie! 馃挅馃挅
T G Hace 8 meses
The girl black shirt, I can see thru it. 馃憖
Get Sum Chicken
Get Sum Chicken Hace 9 meses
Great video..tell'm go subscribe to Get Sum Chicken 馃憤馃従馃憤馃従馃ぃ
Seth Organ
Seth Organ Hace 9 meses
@REACT "The 5 Best Foods Prepared With Only a Vibrator" -make it happen.
Cooking My Way
Cooking My Way Hace 9 meses
As a Chef of a magic Channel I love this one! 馃帄馃帀馃檶馃徎馃帡馃帠馃敟馃憞馃徎
wet burger
wet burger Hace 3 d铆as
8:32 my family when i was born.
Shaun Mattice
Shaun Mattice Hace 5 d铆as
Meanwhile in Canada, we call corn dogs Pogo's lol
the amazing channel
the amazing channel Hace 24 d铆as
Go to DUBAI MALL GF parking lot
Kasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen Hace un mes
that is NOT a burger...that is just meat and bread eww
Kasper Nielsen
Kasper Nielsen Hace un mes
Fawaffle? you mean LaFaffle
Brax1982 Hace un mes
Everyone commenting about the "weenie"...tee-hee-hee! That noise at around 9:00 is where it's at. A real gem.
FTG Benji
FTG Benji Hace un mes
Was habt ihr f眉r H盲ssliche falafel wtf
jorgech11 Hace un mes
"this is really..like slimy" -People who've never cooked
Edilienne Henriquez
Britanny always wears something where her shoulders are visable
gokaury Hace un mes
"Awful Fawaffle! Awful Fawaffle! Awful Fawaffle!"
2023 Ethan Ariza
2023 Ethan Ariza Hace un mes
you can tell they are from LA
Eshan Garkhedkar
Eshan Garkhedkar Hace un mes
Alberto is the most happy person I鈥檝e seen.
Deepu Shaji
Deepu Shaji Hace un mes
Try Indian food for once With so many cultures and Various varieties so much that you guys might end up with 5 or 4 episodes For details msg me at insta dealingkingshoots
KingZ Hace un mes
Is Kennedy cosplaying as Don King?
Appu laal
Appu laal Hace un mes
Labib Yasir 馃槏
Firefox 1990
Firefox 1990 Hace un mes
I hate hearing ppl chew
Kat Nguyen
Kat Nguyen Hace un mes
I only use my waffle iron to make hashbrowns 馃
Vaa Icyy
Vaa Icyy Hace un mes
Brittneys havin a lil bit too much 鈥渇un鈥 馃ぃ
Mojan Kiazand
Mojan Kiazand Hace un mes
Leo Le
Leo Le Hace un mes
React please make a giant food
Dracula Hace un mes
Im just curious who is on albertos shirt
dauntlas Hace un mes
1:35 that鈥檚 what she said
Noah Pasquier
Noah Pasquier Hace 2 meses
James Veighey
James Veighey Hace 2 meses
I love izzy she's so gorgeous
Sir Nicholas
Sir Nicholas Hace 2 meses
Jinx I jinx them why are they talking oh it doesn't work like that oh shit
The_Edgaras Hace 2 meses
the first one you sould do in afrier and fry it its better fried
Ansel Ortiz
Ansel Ortiz Hace 2 meses
We made a sandwich in a waffle maker
Horo Machacho
Horo Machacho Hace 2 meses
2:59 am i the only one thinking it looks weird
Laia Hosch aguila
Laia Hosch aguila Hace 2 meses
5:10 just can鈥檛 馃槀馃槀
Xunar Hace 2 meses
Xunar Hace 2 meses
Jayvon Blake
Jayvon Blake Hace 2 meses
When she wiggled it and said she touched his meat calm down what y鈥檃ll bout to do
Justin Clark
Justin Clark Hace 2 meses
protest to make it be called a Wallafel
_.The. Moonlight._
_.The. Moonlight._ Hace 2 meses
I remember the two twin sister when I was 8-9 from kids react omg I realize we all age so fast and even at teens react when I was a kid omg
PTA OFFICIAL Hace 2 meses
'it's not a mozzarella stick!' it's a mozzarella melt!
Noodle Dragon
Noodle Dragon Hace 2 meses
*b o n e a p p l e t e e t h*
Foki Iv谩n
Foki Iv谩n Hace 2 meses
Alberto looks like he plays fortnite at an age like his.
Adrian Hernandez
Adrian Hernandez Hace 2 meses
i LOVE when Labib and Britany are together馃拃馃拃
Marco Cheikha
Marco Cheikha Hace 2 meses
Fawaffle 馃 lol 馃槀
Joel THIS Vlogs
Joel THIS Vlogs Hace 2 meses
why is labib so cute.. i love him! 馃き
Thismyname dealwithit
5:09 her laugh omfg 馃槀
Felicia Hace 8 meses
鈥淔awaffle鈥 3:57 this guy is a genius
Felicia Hace 8 meses
Imagine getting paid for this
aichuj Hace 8 meses
he actually said the falafel didnt have that much taste??
xarvany Hace 8 meses
5:53 yeah bc u ate it raw lol
AvocAdo_xart Hace 8 meses
8:19 We all know that teapot laugh 馃槀
zeph Hace 8 meses
god i love the chemistry between these duos. they all seem so enjoyable and fun to hang out with.
Anna_ c:
Anna_ c: Hace 8 meses
Please tell me you had cleaned up the iron, after the burguer... Because those brownies should taste weird 馃槼
Thomas Cook
Thomas Cook Hace 8 meses
Interesting :3 good to know good to know.... and i'm not talking about the food
maya tr
maya tr Hace 8 meses
shane did it first
Lukas Cole
Lukas Cole Hace 8 meses
5:52 ...how I feel about this channel
me Hace 8 meses
9:00 I ship them
me Hace 8 meses
Goleon Hace 8 meses
I鈥檓 making sure my dad gets one when he gets paid as this would save a lot of time and hassle whenever he has to cook burgers on the stove.
Ntombikhona Ngozo
Ntombikhona Ngozo Hace 8 meses
I love Kennedy's hair
Shweta Roy
Shweta Roy Hace 8 meses
4:58 labib's reaction I can feel you bro 馃槒 you know what I mean 馃槀馃槀
buck beltzer
buck beltzer Hace 8 meses
鈥渟o she can make herself mozzarella sticks when she is sad鈥
Edgar Angulo
Edgar Angulo Hace 20 d铆as
@Tat酶 Plays yeah 馃槀馃槀
Tat酶 Plays
Tat酶 Plays Hace 20 d铆as
Edgar Angulo ikr
Edgar Angulo
Edgar Angulo Hace un mes
That's a mood
Rob Delman
Rob Delman Hace 8 meses
This kid throwing the falafel cuz of the smell... Grow up
David Blankson-Hemans
8:33 when I see myself in the mirror
Anime Geek
Anime Geek Hace 8 meses
Me ---
Rebecca Sam
Rebecca Sam Hace 8 meses
"bon apple teeth"
Lauryn MB
Lauryn MB Hace 8 meses
Rebecca Sam I was looking for this comment
eLe Vitteri
eLe Vitteri Hace 8 meses
3:36 damn that reaction
Shadow Gamer6345
Shadow Gamer6345 Hace 8 meses
I want to be on this channel so bad
Erika David
Erika David Hace 8 meses
Now I wanna buy a waffle maker
Edge Drew
Edge Drew Hace 8 meses
Waffling sandwiches is fun, especially when the panini maker is dirty xD
Venson Dominic
Venson Dominic Hace 8 meses
Labib's reaction when Britanny tried to play with the corndog hahahahahaha hmmm
Constant Chaos
Constant Chaos Hace 8 meses
I mean it by far wasnt a corn dog lol
Layth Kadhim
Layth Kadhim Hace 8 meses
2:32 did she say bone apple teeth???
Layth Kadhim
Layth Kadhim Hace 8 meses
@Jess V iim really confused, u said appleTIT?
Jess V
Jess V Hace 8 meses
have you not heard of that meme??? lol I think it started on twitter when people were misspelling bon appetit
eLe Vitteri
eLe Vitteri Hace 8 meses
Yeah lmao
Cardinal Hace 8 meses
No one: Kennedy: Bone apple teeth 馃嚝馃嚪
OmegaCrystalsYT Hace 8 meses
This is when I bought a Waffle Maker...
pinksweetyful Hace 8 meses
I'm inspired now!
Tdawg Yunno
Tdawg Yunno Hace 8 meses
7:55 they look good together
Preston Lopez
Preston Lopez Hace 8 meses
The wheeze at 8:18 馃槀
Natalie Olalde
Natalie Olalde Hace 8 meses
i hope people know the fact that the mozzarella stick wasn鈥檛 so 鈥渂read-y鈥 was simply bc they themselves didn鈥檛 put as much bread crumbs 馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔
Mia Gonzalez
Mia Gonzalez Hace 8 meses
docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdtbsgboVu8_3CeCjxDsqjIWUXkoZ6QP-APhai5nf1mzbqERQ/viewform?usp=sf_link PLEASE TAKE MY SURVEY IM TRYING TO PASS GOV CLASS
Doppia Hace 8 meses
there you go buddy
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid Hace 8 meses
Done! Hope you pass!
Soni Hace 8 meses
Wonderful survey
XxEmilyXx x
XxEmilyXx x Hace 8 meses
Mia Gonzalez I tried it:)
Mitchell Cox
Mitchell Cox Hace 8 meses
Draco_malfoy_bish _
Draco_malfoy_bish _ Hace 8 meses
5:09 i touched his Winnie 馃槀馃槀馃槅 I can鈥檛
Draco_malfoy_bish _
Draco_malfoy_bish _ Hace 8 meses
Steven Esparza 饾殥饾殱 autocorrected ok no my fault
Echo Tripz
Echo Tripz Hace 8 meses
Steven Esparza
Steven Esparza Hace 8 meses
Doodles Experiment
Doodles Experiment Hace 8 meses
夭亘乇丿爻鬲 賵蹖趫蹖賵 亘诰丕卅蹖蹟 賲噩诰蹝 蹖蹃 鬲氐賵乇 倬爻賳丿 蹃蹝蹟 讴蹖丕 丌倬 賲蹖乇蹖 丌禺乇蹖 賵蹖趫蹖賵 丿蹖讴诰 爻讴鬲蹝 蹃蹖诤責
Lisa鈥檚 Forehead Manager
5:09 lmao 馃槀 I touched his Winnie 馃ぃ馃憦
Mr PancakeZ
Mr PancakeZ Hace 8 meses
All i was thinking is why the hell they didn't use gloves they have eggs on their fingers when they were breading the first food they made 馃槶
kyle. stephensen
kyle. stephensen Hace 8 meses
How long do you leave that burger in cause I'm doing tha
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