5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind!

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6 ene 2019

Grilled CheeseSandwich GadgetsGadgets5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich GadgetsGrilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets5 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Gadgets That Will Blow Your Mind5 kitchen gadgetsKitchen Gadgets Put to the Testkitchen gadgets






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Comentarios 4 776
sandie beaches
sandie beaches Hace 2 horas
Lol bet you ate all the grilliies you made 😂🤣😂🤣 you forgot the butter though
Mike Landwolf
Mike Landwolf Hace 2 horas
you went full russian here lol :D nice keep throwing russian words in your videos its more fun
Gabriel Ropero
Gabriel Ropero Hace 4 horas
I love jadjicks
Stella Learns Life
Stella Learns Life Hace 5 horas
Chleb 🤣🤣🤣
Biglambo0123 Hace 10 horas
He hacks for the motherland
Darth Yoda
Darth Yoda Hace 16 horas
Who makes Grilled Cheese without buttering the outsides????
George Sealy
George Sealy Hace 17 horas
I like the Maconee product the best because it is so simple and the results are good.
kimex gamer
kimex gamer Hace un día
those ones you hold over the stove are realy comon in brasil
You will always this read wrong
For some reason, I only like the crust of grilled cheese. My opinion.
Pavel Pavlov
Pavel Pavlov Hace un día
So unprofessional and amateur
ShakATTACK 11 Hace un día
Raven Hace un día
Am I the only one eating grilled cheese while watching?
Вадим Пухов
my хлеб and my сыр)
C A Hace un día
Tomato soup gadjik?
Mia Mia
Mia Mia Hace 2 días
Who else calls the second one a toastie maker? And you put spaghetti and baked beans with the cheese? Maybe it’s just a New Zealand thing lol
lmaree200886 Hace 17 horas
It's got interchangeable names in NZ and Australia. Toastie maker, toasted sandwich, jaffle sandwich maker, Breville sandwich (named after the brand name of a sandwich maker). You can buy one from Kmart or Target for $10 (store brand ones). Plain cheese jaffle are good but my fave jaffle sandwiches are ham, cheese and pesto (or a bit of dijonaise), salami and Swiss cheese, ham, cheese and tomato or for dessert Nutella, banana and marshmallow. I'd have baked beans or spaghetti jaffle every now and then because I lived on them as a teen lol.
Steve Berryman
Steve Berryman Hace 2 días
butter the outside of the bread, makes a better crunch....great demo mate !!!
Dani Marsh
Dani Marsh Hace 2 días
Hehe to use the bags you make the cheese sandwich and put the whole thing in the bag then toast.
Valentine Casimer
Valentine Casimer Hace 2 días
5:58 when she took off her clothes off.
CarsHub Hace 2 días
Chljeb 😂
Suhail Noor
Suhail Noor Hace 2 días
Y does he say "will blow u r mind" in the title?
Alex Aparaschivei Aparaschivei
1:33 he was toasting a bird in microwave
Daksh Arts
Daksh Arts Hace 2 días
His english is getting better. Woah! Keep it up!! My fav youtuber
Pallepro 420
Pallepro 420 Hace 2 días
I'm hungry in every food video
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor Hace 2 días
This popped up on my recommended when i was eating a cheese toasty
hapless water
hapless water Hace 3 días
I made my main Higgs
Mikołaj Grzywiński
0:40 chleb kuuurwaaa
Mikołaj Grzywiński
Hello 🇵🇱
MARMELLOW LOVER 8.9 Hace 3 días
TTG Vac1n1ty
TTG Vac1n1ty Hace 3 días
“I got my chleb over here and my syr over here”
Urdu Tech
Urdu Tech Hace 3 días
Make a video of waffle gadgets
Kenny Westone
Kenny Westone Hace 4 días
It's nice how taras uses russian words for bread and cheese.
CyberGothWannabe Hace 4 días
English, English, Хлеб 😆
Big Chris S197
Big Chris S197 Hace 4 días
It means pancake.
Zymon Castañeda
Zymon Castañeda Hace 4 días
02:30 Mikoromovka?
Nina Brd
Nina Brd Hace 4 días
Isn't the 2nd one.. just a regular gadget?
Isaac Wheeler
Isaac Wheeler Hace 4 días
Get some hlib and cheese and put it in the microwaveofkna
Misfit Vapor
Misfit Vapor Hace 4 días
What did he call a microwave 2:30
Abdullah Javed
Abdullah Javed Hace 5 días
Now I am going to eat some grilled cheese sandwiches 😋😋😋.
Leon Goodley
Leon Goodley Hace 5 días
Lol put captions on at the very beginning “what’s up everybody welcome back to Malibu to every city is numb bumper him”
Stacy Durham
Stacy Durham Hace 5 días
What kind of bow do you have hanging in the background and thanks for the video
C J Hace 5 días
06:24-9:55 I’d use to make pancakes a/o eggs.
Knight 5521
Knight 5521 Hace 5 días
Make a triple grilled, 3 pieces of bread, 2 pieces of cheese
Riadh Bentorki
Riadh Bentorki Hace 6 días
Just like a binini maykar hhhhhhh lol you the best taras 2:27
David Cano Mejia
David Cano Mejia Hace 6 días
sandwich maker that has been around since the 1920's...gadget
Yafie A Raihan Productions
That Second "Gadget" Reminds Me Of My Childhood Before Go To School Every Breakfast In 2003 - 2005
PrincessLoveBug Hace 6 días
Currently shedding a tear for the butter less bread 😢
Cactus Coob
Cactus Coob Hace 6 días
5:00 “it breaks so ftlleleltd perfectly”
Cactus Coob
Cactus Coob Hace 6 días
3:00 “this is so beautiful guys” as he violently rips it apart
ZD games
ZD games Hace 6 días
Is it just me or does he thing white cheese is cheddar😂
scooby doo
scooby doo Hace 6 días
3:11 "look at that, there's cheese inside there. what an amazing sandwich!" - taras 2019
Djordjevic Hace 6 días
2:15 and i got my HLEB over here hahahha slav in blood
Fedir Bondarenko
Fedir Bondarenko Hace 6 días
cody lusby
cody lusby Hace 7 días
You gotta butter the bread
Brandon McBride
Brandon McBride Hace 7 días
Where’s the butter? It’s a sin to make grilled cheese without butter!
Matt Blake
Matt Blake Hace 7 días
is he calling bread hleb
Richard anguiano
Richard anguiano Hace 7 días
The best grilled cheese maker is the round one 👍🏼👍🏼great job 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 !!
Saurabh Khatri
Saurabh Khatri Hace 7 días
It tastes really good if you put some oregano between two slices of cheese & then grill it
Lukas Hall
Lukas Hall Hace 7 días
I love how he eats with his mouth open and talks. And he’s flexing his 5 dollar sliced cheese. Nice.......
Hyper Panda
Hyper Panda Hace 7 días
For the 1st one you should of 1.50 on one side and 1.50 on the the other side
Ms UltimateCringe
Ms UltimateCringe Hace 7 días
We call em cheese toasties here in Britain. Mmm, love me my cheese and ham toasties in the morning
Ms UltimateCringe
Ms UltimateCringe Hace 7 horas
lmaree200886 What’s a jaffle
lmaree200886 Hace 17 horas
Plain cheese, ham, cheese and tomato, Vegemite and cheese or canned spag bol or baked beans are common toasted sandwich, cheese toastie or jaffle sandwich here in Australia. Plain cheese jaffle are a good basic but my fave jaffle sandwiches are ham, cheese and pesto (or a bit of dijonaise), salami and Swiss cheese, pizza jaffle (salami or pepperoni, mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce) or for dessert Nutella, banana and marshmallow. I'd have baked beans or spaghetti jaffle every now and then because I had too many as a kid lol.
Bernie Kendall
Bernie Kendall Hace 7 días
Put Butter or Margarine on the outside of the bread first.
The Drakontos
The Drakontos Hace 7 días
Eat with your mouth closed 🤔
Taurus Hace 7 días
2:15 did you say хлеб??
Taurus Hace 7 días
Fyi i am from грузия
Matt world full of custom Lego sets - time lapse
You said I get "chleb" C00L
FrostFangs Hace 8 días
In soviet russia , grilled cheese eats you!
gerilynne1955 Hace 8 días
Okay, why do you have a bow hanging from your kitchen ceiling? Getting for hunting season? Lol My grilled cheese is made with butter on the outside.
Bean Boi
Bean Boi Hace 8 días
This man..... This man has a bow in his kitchen 👏👏👏
aDANKo Hace 8 días
I love you saying "butterbröd", made me lol
Blake Gauna
Blake Gauna Hace 8 días
trust me, put peanut butter instead of cheese at 4:17 and its the best thing ever
Dennis Cooke
Dennis Cooke Hace 8 días
You've got to butter that bread if you're making grilled cheese.
Kuba Lasota
Kuba Lasota Hace 8 días
Put my chleb ? Xd
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson Hace 8 días
I love the gajick testing.....very cool!
Elijah Needham
Elijah Needham Hace 8 días
YAHYA lbrahim:-D
YAHYA lbrahim:-D Hace 8 días
Grizzly0816 Hace 8 días
Butter ?!?! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Maria Zhdanova
Maria Zhdanova Hace 9 días
More pieces of хлеб over here Looks like пирожок 😄
Constant Mariano
Constant Mariano Hace 9 días
i have the second grill sandwich gadget....
JJ Hammer
JJ Hammer Hace 9 días
Cash Out Squad Entertaiment
Master Chief Snake
Master Chief Snake Hace 9 días
Man. I should buy the grill cheese sandwich gadgets someday. Thanks
Randell Darcky
Randell Darcky Hace 9 días
I like a little butter on inside and Olive oil in pan. I dip My GCS in some Ketchup
Tareq Younis
Tareq Younis Hace 9 días
Taras I think u got ur cheeses mixed up. U kept calling the white cheese "cheddar" when it's American. The orange cheese is the cheddar.
Laksamana Riadi
Laksamana Riadi Hace 9 días
why do u cut the box 3:57 hahaaha
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Hace 9 días
Is it just me or did I think of smuckers peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for one of the gadgets 😂
Rourkii Hace 9 días
3:54 Everyone here in England has one of these
lmaree200886 Hace 16 horas
Same here in Australia! Can get a store brand one for $10 from our Kmart or Target stores.
Фархад Дадашов
Khleb means bread. Mikrovolnovka - microwave
Brayden Burns
Brayden Burns Hace 9 días
Amarican cheese is better than russian cheese
Christy Harsen
Christy Harsen Hace 9 días
Put the bird here
Everything Tech
Everything Tech Hace 9 días
I really like your videos on gadgets. Works great in my Channels Play list Current Technology. Thanks!!
Luis Miguel Naperial
The first gadget looks like a nintendo switch
Chad Aly
Chad Aly Hace 9 días
You could have at least used a little spray butter on the 🍞.
Yjuan Garcia
Yjuan Garcia Hace 9 días
Me and my mother have that second cheese gadget
Yolo Tv
Yolo Tv Hace 9 días
Why am i hungry?
Alexis Rivas
Alexis Rivas Hace 10 días
When i was a kid, my mom had a hot sandwich maker just like the gadget that made the triangles. Only differance was our’s was bigger because it was old.
let's cut it on thin special coated metal.....
David Osgood
David Osgood Hace 10 días
Now I want a grilled cheese sandwich!
Johanne Gwapito
Johanne Gwapito Hace 10 días
lacedUp_T Hace 10 días
Grilled cheese with 1 piece of cheese.😩
Sam is strange
Sam is strange Hace 10 días
If I had been told that in the future I would be awake at 12 a.m. watching a Russian man make sandwiches I'd probably believe it
steve honeybadger
steve honeybadger Hace 10 días
butter your bread my friend
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