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"Man, this is the best day ever." 3 steak dishes, 3 time scenarios, and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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Fight or Flight
Fight or Flight Hace un hora
All fake ass clickbait especially with the thumbnail
Camryn Dorilma
Camryn Dorilma Hace un hora
The eye area on the rib eye looks like a dog.
JRR31984 Hace 3 horas
I make some banging mashed potaters-- gotta leave the potato skin, less butter, add mayo, adobo, pepper and even tspn sofrito. Thanks for the meat tips!
auxxidat Hace 4 horas
Tbh I cannot wait just feed me, 5 minutes please.
exitixs Hace 4 horas
I came back to watch this video just to make galic bread.
Mahmud Imam
Mahmud Imam Hace 5 horas
saco de vacilo
saco de vacilo Hace 7 horas
that " rib eye cap" was leftover meat glued together
thoriq haris
thoriq haris Hace 8 horas
Basic Bros Clips
Basic Bros Clips Hace 9 horas
Um, medium rare please?
YANA World
YANA World Hace 9 horas
Is a regular ziplock bag okay to cook in a 120 water?
bob the builder
bob the builder Hace 10 horas
Nathan Kimbrough
Nathan Kimbrough Hace 11 horas
Alvin: This is where it get's sexy Me: *Clicks off video*
NDijos Hace 12 horas
I want the induction in the video and can’t find it anywhere
Furkan Şengül
Furkan Şengül Hace 13 horas
I really love steak but in Turkey... You can't even buy any type of meat. You have to pay 50TRY for the worst red meat. And in Turkey people work for 12 Hours a day lol
Memed Hace 14 horas
I made the 5min for my moms bday
Nakadu Hace 14 horas
the last one looks amazing
True Savage PlayZ
True Savage PlayZ Hace 15 horas
When your teachers use memes 1:10
Elias Ghotbzadeh
Elias Ghotbzadeh Hace 15 horas
IM supa hot but IM not a rapper
Dylan Henneke
Dylan Henneke Hace 15 horas
Did anybody else have a foodgasm when they saw this ?
Soko Hace 16 horas
Nightgirl 202
Nightgirl 202 Hace 17 horas
Why am I torturing myself
Bombascular Hace 18 horas
Ur old enough to drink u look 7
Marty Mar
Marty Mar Hace 19 horas
You need a man grill. Where can we donate. Great ideas on an electric pan, but your missing bbq grill ...
plaineggos Hace 20 horas
im a simple person. i see alvin and i click
Catherine Sturm
Catherine Sturm Hace 20 horas
You should season your steak 30:00- 60:00 minutes before cooking so the salt gets to go into the meat but doesn’t dry it out
nick star
nick star Hace 20 horas
This pan is supa hot - but im not a rapper. You earned my like.
OZIE Bozie
OZIE Bozie Hace 20 horas
"But i'm not a rapper"😂😂😂😂
Nicole Jean
Nicole Jean Hace 22 horas
I’m just wondering why there is no rice, like how do you eat meat without rice. It’s the best thing ever. 😂
cutting steak with the grain really? that a newbie move.
StackzGamingz Hace un día
Alvin: Gonna season my steak Me:ooh Alvin: **uses salt and pepper** Me: 😞
Lance Amiel
Lance Amiel Hace un día
U should start ur own restaurant
Who Knows
Who Knows Hace un día
Wonder why people dislike cooking videos?.
Yee Yeet
Yee Yeet Hace un día
This guy copies every word guga says
Itzme Hace un día
I’m surprised he’s not diabetic
FaZe Verse
FaZe Verse Hace un día
I feel like you’d be best friends with my older brother lmao
yugoxgc Hace un día
Sorted... Wait
Soup279 square
Soup279 square Hace un día
It’s rawwwwwwwww
Brittlespy Hace un día
Did he really make a super hot fire reference? I’m genuinely impressed
Fury 19
Fury 19 Hace un día
“The pan is uhh supa hot but I’m NoT a RaPpER”
Alex Guerrero
Alex Guerrero Hace un día
Make a 5 year steak
Jhitt Fuego
Jhitt Fuego Hace un día
I Shook The Pan And Burnt Myself
All of the good Usernames are taken
Alvin vs Gordon Ramsay
Normalhuman78 -
Normalhuman78 - Hace un día
Why must I watch this at 2 am.
Nico cUeVaS
Nico cUeVaS Hace un día
This video is fantastic
Cecorra Hace un día
Looks great but cringed a bit when vegetable oil was used instead of butter
Joab Cervantes
Joab Cervantes Hace un día
I don’t know if I trust this guy
Cookiieplays Cookiies
It be a shame if you get kobe beef and you cook it but its raw because you didn’t cook it enough lol
Adrian H
Adrian H Hace un día
1:09 Respect +
Izzy Behan beer
Izzy Behan beer Hace un día
I don't think I have ever craved steak more 🤤 Like honestly it was a struggle watching this hahahaha
Alex Long
Alex Long Hace un día
Exam: explain your answer Me: 9:55
JuanchiRugby Hace un día
La hiciste 5 horas y está cruda la puta que te parió
Ferrari Trevisan
Ferrari Trevisan Hace un día
Use butter
um t
um t Hace un día
Tasty has come along way since the days of just stuffing ketchup bacon and cheese on evryhthing with an ooih yyess
Meekah She
Meekah She Hace un día
That's a lot of salt and butter.... I love it🤣
Gurpz Singh
Gurpz Singh Hace un día
I had a fat munch before watching this video, I'm bloody starving again 😂
Ja Wot
Ja Wot Hace un día
Hello, I have a question: How can I make these for my dad, who refuses to eat steak if there's even just a hint of pink in the meat? (he grew up in a place where meat spoils very quickly and where deadly things live inside of the steak.) Thanks in advance for the help!
RePlayBoy101 Hace un día
my mom allways screams that its raw when i make it... and im dying becouse of the flavors (my mom likes her beef overcooked, brown as your vomit and flavourless)
Purifying Hace un día
It's the best day ever!
Egg Hace un día
Somehow the 5 minute one looks better then the 5h one
FBI Raid Force
FBI Raid Force Hace un día
5 min one looks best
Ally C
Ally C Hace un día
bookmarked this for Alvin's garlic bread recipe because i tried Tasty's "best cheesy garlic bread" and it SUCKS.
Liliplayz17 Hace un día
I got a tasty ad on this vid
Lol i sear my wagyu 20 secs total this title is wild. Love from Japan kiddo
Mercury Soda
Mercury Soda Hace un día
No your not Alvin, your asian
Massive Wong
Massive Wong Hace un día
I'm not going to lie, i was abit sad when the wine was sacrificed.
Pack Of Slav
Pack Of Slav Hace un día
I had a steak AD before this video
Tameem Hace 2 días
6:47 if you lose your job
Baran Daniel
Baran Daniel Hace 2 días
The most lactose that has ever been in mashed potatoes
Braylon Walters
Braylon Walters Hace 2 días
Hey can u get my friend a cookie hey had got his first win
Tiggerish learning for kids
7:11 best part
FadeYT_ Hace 2 días
“We’re gonna render the fat in the sigh? “5:40
FadeYT_ Hace 2 días
I have 50 years to cook this steak
[Viridian] Vid
[Viridian] Vid Hace 2 días
Brooo why does Alvin look so much like LeafyIsHere?? 💀💀
Kelsey Holden
Kelsey Holden Hace 2 días
Videos like these that make me think I can totally cool a steak now, ugh I’m so hungry...
207112351 Hace 2 días
I’d like to taste all three
Pertamax7 Hace 2 días
Ok sir
Felipe J Baez
Felipe J Baez Hace 2 días
El Hace 2 días
Hard boiled steak?
Dyp Hace 2 días
He looks like leafy
Firedude900 Oof
Firedude900 Oof Hace 2 días
Cooking stake for 1 minute
Waffle maker
Waffle maker Hace 2 días
Remove the honey and the soy sauce and its better.
Ava Playz squad
Ava Playz squad Hace 2 días
didn't they all take 1 hour?
Marina Romero
Marina Romero Hace 2 días
I'll gladly be the girl you take on a date. And for sure I'll end that steak with mashed potatoes!
Anika Manohar
Anika Manohar Hace 2 días
I'm living for this video. X
Mr. Polar
Mr. Polar Hace 2 días
Is that a voice crack at 1:07?
Noah Morrison
Noah Morrison Hace 2 días
Friend: how good is ur girls pussy? Me: 0:10
Judging Emperor
Judging Emperor Hace 2 días
I was actually dealing with depression this year and its been really tough... but now I see this video and realize it's because I didn't have any steak this year 😂😂😂
neviz Hace 2 días
thanks bro im 13 and love vide games and cooking so your 5 min stake was the best for me love what you guys do really easy to followe keep it up
gaming 101
gaming 101 Hace 2 días
Is that raw in the middle🤮🤮🤮🤮
Michael McCann
Michael McCann Hace 2 días
The last time I drooled at something that pink, I ended up on a register.
dame tu Costa gang gang oof
This is a try not to cum challenge
Crest Fallen
Crest Fallen Hace 2 días
The heart attack steak.
junbums Hace 2 días
trash 2 garbagechez
trash 2 garbagechez Hace 2 días
kid wins a solo match on fortnite: let’s gooooooooo🔥 Alvin gets a great sear on a steak: LETS GOOOOO🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gunfire 81
Gunfire 81 Hace 2 días
Anyone noticed the gnome-sound?
xXAka_ FaridaXx
xXAka_ FaridaXx Hace 3 días
Is it only me or the 5 minutes one looks the best 😂😂😂
CorruptClutch Hace 3 días
am i the only 1 who watches people cook steak, burgers, etc. because they're my favorite foods??😂
Joao Vieira
Joao Vieira Hace 3 días
I can hear the cow talking
Michael K.
Michael K. Hace 3 días
I think I'm weird. Steak isn't very amazing to me. Then again, I think bulgogi is steak so.. maybe it is one of my favorite things.
Spyro The Epic
Spyro The Epic Hace 3 días
Voice crack 1:08
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