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"Man, this is the best day ever." 3 steak dishes, 3 time scenarios, and a whole lot of deliciousness. If you want more of Tasty, check out our merch here: amzn.to/2GJ2xvv
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17 mar 2019






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Comentarios 6 391
Beikenost Hace 16 minutos
Gordon Ramsey wants to know your location
Salma Knuters
Salma Knuters Hace 2 horas
5 second steak, i dare you
//Sisi// Hace 4 horas
I feel like Clair should have done this
Ioannis Ntzouvaras
Ioannis Ntzouvaras Hace 5 horas
I wish the chinese in my course were a third as cool as this guy is...
Mode de vie /lifestyle
My god how many times does he say whooo
Gabriel Youssef
Gabriel Youssef Hace 7 horas
Gordon Ramsay : it’s raw what a shame
Danilo Morales
Danilo Morales Hace 8 horas
Xero Xyn
Xero Xyn Hace 8 horas
Can you make a 5 millisecond steak, please?
eren duran
eren duran Hace 9 horas
The wine probably got to him when he added all that butter! 😂
eren duran
eren duran Hace 9 horas
Wow that looks delicious! I can't taste it but I can smell it.
koi Hace 13 horas
In summary: 5 minute steak: "Whoo!" 50 minute steak: "I'm gonna need a few moments." 5 hour steak: "See you guys later." ... ???
nafslee Hace 14 horas
Good for me, the 5min recipe was my favourite :)
joao gomes
joao gomes Hace 14 horas
6:05 but the bone is the best part
Tavon Pugh
Tavon Pugh Hace 15 horas
Who else caught the “SUPA HOT FIRE” comment😂
Gerard Di Cairano
Gerard Di Cairano Hace 16 horas
The steaks are nice, but I'm super impressed with that red wine sauce! Whenever I try to make a red wine sauce/glaze, it either comes out too thin, or the sauce breaks even though I keep the butter moving. Any tricks for making it come out like in this video?
corn dawgz
corn dawgz Hace 22 horas
if u want a good steak never put inside a oven.....
ClUtChIsBaCK Hace 23 horas
All that butter that is not healthy🤮
Fried Broccoli
Fried Broccoli Hace un día
Basically the same as just eating butter
Random Dude With Random Content
Chef Alvin Ramsay
MR BANANA Hace un día
Yow why not try joining masterchef
ShadowNightmare Hace un día
5 min vs 50 min vs 300 min(5 hour) Me: why is it not 500 min
Limbotroll 21
Limbotroll 21 Hace un día
I wonder what his weird fetish is
Jose Cinco
Jose Cinco Hace un día
First I like ur vids second I still like ur vids 3rd I -lick- ur almost all ur vids oops I mean Like
Good tip: season the front back and the sides 2 get the most amount of flavour
Mariam Abdulla
Mariam Abdulla Hace un día
Please make a giant steak
Joseph Fuller
Joseph Fuller Hace un día
Always time to cook but maybe not the utensils. Not everyone in the world has an over or stove, et al.
Sab SM
Sab SM Hace un día
No one: Literally no one: MrFreshasian: Hey guys, yes
MSB Killr
MSB Killr Hace un día
11:24 is so satisfying
Aimee Aguilar-Romero
Vegans are quaking😂
Lynn Hace un día
"This may seem like a lot of butter.. and the reason for that is.." "Because it is" -Alvin 2k19
dude play for life life gaming
5 hours is nothing if you do it for 5 days it will turn into Kobe beef
Natalie Rojas
Natalie Rojas Hace un día
alvin: i need some butter for a video tasty: how much? alvin: *yes*
adaptiveplexus Hace 3 horas
yes butter or ghee, vegetable oil is gross
Jay White
Jay White Hace 2 días
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm steak
Poddy Hace 2 días
No one: ESvid: "You need to know how to get rid of 5 hours of your free time."
Sean Omondi
Sean Omondi Hace 2 días
Too bad it's good Friday
SkellyPlayz _YT
SkellyPlayz _YT Hace 2 días
Why do I torture myself watching these videos
LazyBoxie Hace 2 días
suger in red wine sause? my teacher would kill me if i used suger in it
shama saeed
shama saeed Hace 2 días
ks omk y3t
Cyronn Enriquez
Cyronn Enriquez Hace 2 días
He said his not a rapper but keeps saying hoooo like a rapper
Just Boltz
Just Boltz Hace 2 días
Who’s eating cereal watching this
Luca Cetorelli
Luca Cetorelli Hace 2 días
I made the bone in ribeye but made it with the mashed potatoes and the reduced red wine sauce.
Cristian Hace 2 días
yo why do i watch stuff like this when i’m hungry
david valens
david valens Hace 2 días
Where Can I get that electric heater?
joseph morris
joseph morris Hace 2 días
Damn i want some steak now
Missy Lily
Missy Lily Hace 2 días
7:13 *T H I C C*
Xander shakadera
Xander shakadera Hace 2 días
5 senconds 5 minutes 5 hours 5 days 5 weeks 5 months 5 years 5 decades 5 centuries 5 life years
meru0796 Hace 2 días
Guy loves his butter
TheMobileBoi Hace 2 días
“It’s ready for the meat” THATS WHAT SHE SAID 😂😂😂👌👌😂
Dapper Tart
Dapper Tart Hace 2 días
How do you make the fifty minute steak well done? My mom likes it like that
this video got me so hungry for meat i had to go make maple bacon for myself
I've never wanted to eat a steak more in my _life_
Rick 'RlCK'
Rick 'RlCK' Hace 2 días
Now I want to taste it... fck
Gabe Hace 2 días
*T H I C C C* I have no life
Twisted Films
Twisted Films Hace 2 días
I love a good grilled half lemon to squeeze on my arugula it's got super intense flavor it's also great with chicken as well.
MIKE GEORGES Hace 2 días
DiYGrGamer Hace 2 días
You are not seasoning the steak right! This will make it uneven seasoned!
david valens
david valens Hace 2 días
is that a cast iron?
lil Boba
lil Boba Hace 2 días
My cholesterol has raised by 80% just by watching this
esquiloespacial br
esquiloespacial br Hace 2 días
2,5 k vegans disliked this video
JD Cook
JD Cook Hace 2 días
I disagree, you shouldnt sauce a ribeye cap. The steak juices itself is a sauce on its own.
AviPlayz_ Hace 2 días
You copy pasted my food choice!
Jimbo Hace 3 días
Oh my god these look good
barack obama
barack obama Hace 3 días
5 seconds = raw steak U can't beat me
Cassie Hace 3 días
You should only flip a steak twice he flipped it way to much
Shadowbl4de Hace 3 días
Even if i got 5 hours to cook, I would cook a ton of those 5 minutes steak
Bent Ice
Bent Ice Hace un día
Shadowbl4de *cooks 60 steaks individually like a boss*
Gil Rodrigues
Gil Rodrigues Hace 3 días
I really like your videos... but please remember that all the rest of the world DOESN’T use farenheit. PLEASE add some temperature information also on CELCIUS for the rest of us.
Ian Holmes
Ian Holmes Hace un día
°C=°F5/9-32. You're welcome.
Νοσταλγός του ογδόντα
In my country, with the help of a good vet, the 5 minute steak would come back to life.
hughman 1818
hughman 1818 Hace 3 días
of course, the 5-minute steak takes a bit longer than 5 minutes when he makes it because he has to explain all the stuff to have with you when you cook it and of course, he talks a lot. Please like this comment because I have never had a like on any of my comments before
Matthew Claveria
Matthew Claveria Hace 3 días
I made the 50 minute steak and I got it pretty good in my first try, thanks for the recipe!
Donito YT
Donito YT Hace 3 días
Nobody: This Guy: Supa hot, but I'm not a rapper
farzshmarz Hace 3 días
Pretty sure I read that heating honey too much makes it toxic ...
I am the no.1 Chicken Lover
Is it just me or is Alvin constantly glowing up in every new video?
Mr Yahbish
Mr Yahbish Hace 3 días
Hey tasty are you better cook then Gordon Ramsey
Caleb Reno
Caleb Reno Hace 3 días
how is this guy so small with that diet?
Pablo Garcia
Pablo Garcia Hace 3 días
Esa gilada esta cruda
wolf_of wall_st
wolf_of wall_st Hace 3 días
Where can i find the full recipes?
Sofia & Sabrina D.
Sofia & Sabrina D. Hace 3 días
"this may seem like a lot of butter, but the reason for that is........." i love to eat butter.
Deicide Hace 3 días
Appo Hace 3 días
Them mashed taters look vile, way WAY too much butter
Weslee Deguerre
Weslee Deguerre Hace 3 días
after watching this video who else question there cooking skills?
CookItKeto Hace 3 días
You sliced your hangar incorrectly for texture. Next time slice in half first and then slice both pieces against the grain.
TheImitator Hace 3 días
Lolll supa hot fire😂
always heavier
always heavier Hace 3 días
thanks for giving me obesity
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire Hace 3 días
nice mash potato shake.
hawkboy1792 Hace 3 días
BIG Z Hace 3 días
I’m supa hot like a fryin pan
Valentin Ermakovich
Valentin Ermakovich Hace 3 días
that was some extreme mashed potatoes recipe. with such high amount of fat i bet you stay on some prison style bread&water diet next week =)
Johan Pervers
Johan Pervers Hace 3 días
michaelclld Hace 3 días
Damn that garlic bread looked great, I always just buy those cheap boxes of garlic bread in the frozen section. I need to try making some
Cruz Bazan
Cruz Bazan Hace 3 días
if you are on a diet (keeps watching :( )
B4H Hace 3 días
OK I watched it youtube, now let me breath please
Chris H
Chris H Hace 3 días
I noticed in the US here they cut all the fat off steaks. I used to buy London Broils with a nice piece of gristle fat on the edge. Now it’s all removed. I think they are trying to starve us to death here. When will they understand fat nourishes the brain. It’s the sugar and the carbs you want to cut. Anyone with thoughts on this?
Kim Jwi
Kim Jwi Hace 3 días
The color of the 5-hour steak is so good my mouth is watering
Fernando Lopes
Fernando Lopes Hace 4 días
His girlfriend is literally the luckiest girl alive
StraightLighting Hace 4 días
1:10 Get it? Because it’s actually supa hot!
Pavel Adamek
Pavel Adamek Hace 4 días
Wtf is with the cutting the ENTIRE thing ahead of eating??? Are Americans really so clumsy with forks and knives at the same time? You should cut one bite at a time so that the moist and heat is not released immediately.
Hiển Nguyễn
Hiển Nguyễn Hace 4 días
What about 50 hours steak ?
Michael Alberto
Michael Alberto Hace 4 días
Gordan Ramsey approves
Yo Mama
Yo Mama Hace 4 días
That shit raw
DER_Synx Hace 4 días
this pan is super hot , but im not a rapper xDDDDDDDD
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