50 Cent Gave Himself Some Christmas Cars

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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All 50 Cent wanted for Christmas was a Ferrari. And a Lamborghini. And a Rolls Royce. And another Rolls Royce.
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12 ene 2019

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Comentarios 1 042
Expo On XBL
Expo On XBL Hace 34 minutos
Wow mike tyson is funny
Sizewilda Sirisnor
Sizewilda Sirisnor Hace 45 minutos
I love 50 Cent he's so cool to watch I hope to see him one day in person. *Jesus please make it happen*
Stuart Anderson
Stuart Anderson Hace un hora
Nothing as tasteful as bragging about your wealth on national television. Looks like etiquette is a bit lost on 50.
Sim_ _Raaan
Sim_ _Raaan Hace un hora
why 50 built like mermaid man
Ryan Surbrug
Ryan Surbrug Hace un hora
COMING SOON BANKRUPTCY 2022 Staring (Curtis Not a penny Jackson) in theaters near you !
Cynile Hace 2 horas
"I never been invited to one of your parties half dollar" 😂😂
katt williams
katt williams Hace 3 horas
You have kids? Yeah 1
YANG MU55A Hace 5 horas
I don’t care you got money I got money too fool...lol
marioepsilon Hace 5 horas
Guests like this (50 Cent, Nicki Minaj etc.) are invited to the show just for the sake of diversity and entertainment. American's fascination and obsession with celebrities, famous and rich people, justifying their behaviour and holding them to lower standards of conduct is at the heart of many issues; sadly these folks become role models for kids. Needless to say, this celebrity obsession for sure played a role in the election of Trump.
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas Hace 5 horas
he not lying I love that woman Omg...... Helen is fire!!!!!!
plasticpaddy 64
plasticpaddy 64 Hace 6 horas
The cringe when he said fiddy cent, sounded like he said fidacent
Carlos H
Carlos H Hace 6 horas
New clone 50 he’s soft
Adnan A
Adnan A Hace 6 horas
This does not seem like the same 50 I grew up with 😂
Adnan A
Adnan A Hace 6 horas
I can’t wait for the day I buy myself a supercar.
Brother Bop
Brother Bop Hace 7 horas
I can't help but smile whenever I see 50's smile lol.
Mike Quarentino
Mike Quarentino Hace 7 horas
So, Filthy cent stab Ja rule with a $3000 dollar knife 🔪 in the gut.
Jada Mix Videos
Jada Mix Videos Hace 7 horas
snowrida1 Hace 7 horas
I got a rolls Royce Jeep !
Cameron Edmonds
Cameron Edmonds Hace 8 horas
What a weird guy
gokufujison Hace 8 horas
the groupon part killed me :D :D :D
ComicEnthusiast? Hace 8 horas
Oh yeah yeah
jonas smith
jonas smith Hace 9 horas
churchill say all of G-unit ... not my foot ... and ho is sane mind sacrfiee a empire ...
Matthew Ryan Thomas
Matthew Ryan Thomas Hace 9 horas
Get rich or die tryin is one of my favourite albums and the movie pretty good too I like 50's hustle , can't hate on this guy. He's a real one
papa mito
papa mito Hace 10 horas
Why was this super awkward
Jack Pulse
Jack Pulse Hace 10 horas
3:00 “when you look down the house and you don’t wanna go down there...” That’s how I am with school hallways
levu djokara
levu djokara Hace 11 horas
fif goat!
David Y
David Y Hace 11 horas
Fiddy is so involuntarily funny hahahah
Rafael artiga
Rafael artiga Hace 11 horas
50 petty af for that one 😂😂i think em is rubbing off on him
navarro a
navarro a Hace 11 horas
I have never seen a 50 cent interview like that, and I like his sincere sense of humour
robot chicken
robot chicken Hace 11 horas
Ahahahahaha 50Cent is the greatest of all time
Liliya Leto
Liliya Leto Hace 12 horas
Half-dollar Jackson should have went to Ja Rule’s concert and sit in the middle of those four rows. Imagine Ja Rule comes out to perform and sees 50 sitting there with popcorns and going like “let’s test your showmanship”.
karim Ba
karim Ba Hace 12 horas
Fifty 4 de first tyme FUNNY!!! =)
extraordinarylawns Hace 13 horas
Doesn’t look like a tough guy
18th Spectro
18th Spectro Hace 13 horas
🔥💯😂"I don't care if you got money, I got money too fool." 😂😭😂 That's why I love 50 cent man. He's a real straight up dude.
The Old Young Guy
The Old Young Guy Hace 14 horas
This shit funny as he’ll 🤣😂
MoroNews أخبار المغرب
A bankcuptsy guy talking about money and cars ..can you guys talking about something important ..
I.B. Rahim
I.B. Rahim Hace 15 horas
How can 50 forget about his son 6ix9ine!
I.B. Rahim
I.B. Rahim Hace 15 horas
How can 50 forget about his son 6ix9ine!
bkahugu Hace 15 horas
Why does he sound slowww. 😁
Kagan Hace 15 horas
*Now you gotta test your showmanship... You gotta still perform like everybody is here* 😂😂😂
Lisa Hace 15 horas
that's kinda mean to buy those first 4 rows. Im trying not to laugh that's mean
Peter Herrera
Peter Herrera Hace 16 horas
An American Icon!
Maximilian Delegal
Maximilian Delegal Hace 18 horas
50 is the man!
Jon  Hubbard
Jon Hubbard Hace 19 horas
I didn't except dude to be chill. Seems to carry himself well.
M. Anthony Navarro
M. Anthony Navarro Hace 20 horas
Honestly 50 cent is hilarious asf. Audience was probably caught off guard cuz they missed a few jokes. 🤣
abdul smith
abdul smith Hace 21 un hora
Wow fifty, that was mad petty......
Shane Blade Vlogs
Shane Blade Vlogs Hace 22 horas
Fiddy is the man!
Mobb Deeper Odell
Mobb Deeper Odell Hace 23 horas
Fif still that dude that would smack fire from your head....who would imagine this dude got shot 9 times and still live...boo boo
Azaad Saiyed
Azaad Saiyed Hace 23 horas
i prefer watching konan or jimmy kimmel and jimmy fallon but this dudes kinda boring...
moyin smiley
moyin smiley Hace 23 horas
He is so funny!!! Unintentionally 😂
Azaad Saiyed
Azaad Saiyed Hace 23 horas
he was never bankrupt, 50 living the life
Divine Omorogieva
Divine Omorogieva Hace un día
Why does 50 sound like a shy kid
Ettore Ciolli
Ettore Ciolli Hace un día
he did 200 x 15 pretty fast ngl
ArA Hace un día
Fifty is the king of all savages 😂
Beroski Whitehead
Beroski Whitehead Hace un día
50 needs a financial life coach..how about Melvin from baby boy...GUNS and BUTTER
A EL Hace un día
its always a delight to have him on
Giampietro Balia
Giampietro Balia Hace un día
5:00 he says he only got one child 😂🐐 he's the goat of trolls
Josh Rickards
Josh Rickards Hace un día
They should've never gave this _____ any money 😆
Trevor Bingham
Trevor Bingham Hace un día
Why do all white people say “Fitty” it’s FiFty
Mari k
Mari k Hace un día
As Eminem once said "Money doesn't buy happiness, It buys crazy ass happiness"
Alphonso Stewart
Alphonso Stewart Hace un día
50 was about to say that he only have 1 son but he caught his self. His 1st son is dead to him. I think it hurt him that him And his 1st son don't get along. Deep down
SavageModeOfficial Hace un día
Curtis Bragson
Bella Estrella***17
Bella Estrella***17 Hace un día
Eww a crush on Helen Mirren , really ! 🙄🤢🤮
MrEuropeanTv Hace un día
50 Cent the best celeb and best personality from a rapper
sense of laughter
sense of laughter Hace un día
" I do not want to f*** with you"😂😂😂
Dove Bak
Dove Bak Hace un día
Did this dude said he got one kid smh
James Brown
James Brown Hace un día
Smoking Mike Tyson marijuana get's you feeling higher than life itself out here smoke a little weed and your ball's drop
Bradley Hope
Bradley Hope Hace un día
2019: 50 Cent bankrupt again
Ajay Ram
Ajay Ram Hace un día
This is my fav interview ever😂
VUSI vusi
VUSI vusi Hace un día
Bianca Martinez
Bianca Martinez Hace un día
Savage level, fiddy
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt Hace un día
Why did it feel awkward watching this?
Gabe _
Gabe _ Hace un día
damnn he really don’t be claiming his Oldest 😂😂
Tiffany Edmonds
Tiffany Edmonds Hace un día
Really 50? Come on petty betty.... 👀 I did watch and laugh tho🤷🏽‍♀️
Shaolin Master
Shaolin Master Hace un día
This dude don’t know sht about 50... joker!
Victor Ortega
Victor Ortega Hace un día
With wich investors money?
some moreya
some moreya Hace 2 días
Hey 50 cent. You know I gotta have my gangsta!
some moreya
some moreya Hace 2 días
Hey.. I got this book im writing in. You are beautiful you are special God bless u
Fadoua M
Fadoua M Hace 2 días
Really still bragging up about materialism. How many people could have eat from that money. Get some people water in areas where they have to walk 20 km for some water. But i love his charisma.
Mo-hammad Abunaser
Mo-hammad Abunaser Hace 2 días
I have not laughed so hard in 10 minutes ever in my life..
Rebecca Fucking White
I love you 50 cent ❤️❤️❤️ born IN the same Day 💖🎉🎊👊
Chidozie Jeffrey
Chidozie Jeffrey Hace 2 días
Beautiful chemistry
Ping Pong
Ping Pong Hace 2 días
50 was talking like he had a hangover
RANDOMAUTO9 Hace 2 días
lmao says he only has one kid
Dima Latorets
Dima Latorets Hace 2 días
50 is so chill it’s like he is on cloud 9
Lebohang Makgetha
Lebohang Makgetha Hace 2 días
50 knows how to box, he will break anyone's face. Don't ever act stupid around him 😂
Darius Holmes
Darius Holmes Hace 2 días
Half dollar Jackson
Mall Obsessions
Mall Obsessions Hace 2 días
One minute: "Folks it's the longest government shutdown in US history. People can't afford to feed or home themselves." Next minute: "Give it up for 50 Cent who just bought three luxury cars for himself!"
nitpickle - Allicia B
Wow, i didn't realize fitty was so darned cool. I love him
Sam Pelayo
Sam Pelayo Hace 2 días
Hahaha too good man 50 cent really humble
Sane Sanny
Sane Sanny Hace 2 días
Fitty is a real gangsta
Rohit Wagh
Rohit Wagh Hace 2 días
Wtf 🤣 🤣 he bought first four rows of JA RULE'S concert just to annoy him😂🤣🤣😂🤣
nbalive2408 Hace 2 días
Notice how soft spoken 50 seems on talk shows, but get him on the radio or different environment and hes a different animal!
Salah Eddine
Salah Eddine Hace 2 días
Lame crowd
Tony Snell
Tony Snell Hace 2 días
Money doesn’t buy happiness, but I’d rattler be sad sitting in a Ferrari
MR. Madulo
MR. Madulo Hace 2 días
50 never ages
Rick James
Rick James Hace 2 días
Think this is the most soft spoken I've ever heard 50 haha
Im Right U’re Wrong
Ja rule holding out the mic to the crowd. Silent
vmwindustries Hace 2 días
Yes 50!
argimara martel
argimara martel Hace 2 días
A continuación