50 Cent Gave Himself Some Christmas Cars

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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All 50 Cent wanted for Christmas was a Ferrari. And a Lamborghini. And a Rolls Royce. And another Rolls Royce.
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12 ene 2019

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Comentarios 2 094
Poetic Frost
Poetic Frost Hace 2 horas
I like 50 but I think Eminem is more black
Fernando Luna
Fernando Luna Hace 19 horas
Am I the only one that sees how unhappy this guy is?
Larry Clark
Larry Clark Hace 22 horas
the seats is the most epic fuckery ever
Nick Rhoades
Nick Rhoades Hace un día
Ole half dollar😂😂😂
adam pratt
adam pratt Hace 2 días
He’s a funny fuker lol bought the 1st 4 rows classic 🤘
TG1982 Hace 2 días
Calling a rolls Royce suv a truck, yeah thats america.
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace 2 días
8:51 LMAO The expression on his face was as funny as what he said.
The One
The One Hace 2 días
How can people watch this is so fake He’s broke They all rentals That’s why they play lottery cause they so rich come on people
Masud Saeedi Physiotherapy
I feel like stephen is trying too hard
ARE Hace 5 días
5:08 damn that came outta nowhere.. Especially with how fucked up his relationship is with his eldest.
Divine Hace 6 días
50 cent is such a troll 😂😂😂
Jay Mour
Jay Mour Hace 6 días
4:59 The coldest line a black man can say to a white guy.
nOseGoPro Hace 7 días
i don't know what it is about fifty but daaaamn evertime he smile's i'm feeling lucky
יעל סילוני אטעיששכטא
Hes seem not present!🙄
Chacha Lu
Chacha Lu Hace 8 días
He said he got one kid wow
Krasimir Kostov
Krasimir Kostov Hace 9 días
goooood fiiiiive staaaaaaaers from nl goooood
danceparttyy Hace 10 días
Money money money money 💰. Fml :/
xanax Hace 11 días
he's like a kid
Dramatello Hace 11 días
lolll never knew 50 had this low key sense of humor without even trying.
CrazypOOlDiver Hace 11 días
he's like a shy, modest boy talking about his new toy cars
Bob Saget
Bob Saget Hace 11 días
you can tell he lives by the 48 laws
Alex SM
Alex SM Hace 11 días
The way he says fiddy makes me physically cringe
S w E n e K A f
S w E n e K A f Hace 11 días
Great actor he is , you would not guess by his attitude he is a psycho ghetto crack dealer , killer
Ashley Dunk
Ashley Dunk Hace 11 días
It would have been funnier if in the first four rows Em, 50, and Dre were just sitting there lol
SW 505
SW 505 Hace 11 días
So he knows who 50 cent is but not Eminem wtf??
um t
um t Hace 12 días
50s vocie and demeanour is always softer quieter when he on white people shows but every bit as savage
Nice Hace 13 días
Fuck him. Give that money to some poor duds instead.
Jonas Johnson
Jonas Johnson Hace 14 días
Helen Mirren is hot though lol.
Sarah Pedro
Sarah Pedro Hace 14 días
He said "half-dollar" and I just died.
Rebecca South
Rebecca South Hace 14 días
50 cent it so cute seems shy on the low
Dominic Garrison
Dominic Garrison Hace 14 días
Legend has it Stephen Colbert owes fofty money from his time spent on the show😂
halimkosturi Hace 14 días
8:53 😂
Trinavara Hace 14 días
Man made it out of bankruptcy,big respect..
cland123 Hace 14 días
Even though he filed for bankruptcy if you think he was actually bankrupt you are a special kind of slow 😂
Jj Rem
Jj Rem Hace 15 días
He sounds bare shy
Errol Brown
Errol Brown Hace 15 días
I watched the first interview. He's definitely drunk or buzzed in this one. Edible , something.
Kebo Kev
Kebo Kev Hace 15 días
Remember when ppl thought 50 was going broke?? Lmao dudes a genius he will never be broke
RAP-GODS Hace 7 días
@3milio0o yeah he did the smart thing
3milio0o Hace 13 días
I believe he filed for bankruptcy only to protect his assets when he got some girl pregnant, stuff like that can cost you an arm and a leg.
Edoardo Eichberg
Edoardo Eichberg Hace 16 días
“Everything’s easy when you got money” im fuckin dead
D L Hace 16 días
His net worth is only 30 million..
Preston XP
Preston XP Hace 16 días
Dang I thought he would sound so much different in real life then music
Brownie Garcia
Brownie Garcia Hace 16 días
Half a dollar is a savage
koketso sepakwe
koketso sepakwe Hace 16 días
all chilled laid back , like nothings happening
Camille Imperial
Camille Imperial Hace 18 días
did they cost 50 cents???
GUNO6 Hace 18 días
Music in his entry was just to unavoidable .
udaya 123
udaya 123 Hace 19 días
He got no eyebrows
MultiTHEJOKER Hace 20 días
last minute shopping for cars
Israel M
Israel M Hace 20 días
That's so hilarious the first four🤣
David Merrick
David Merrick Hace 21 un día
Colbert: "I hear you've got a crush on Hellen Mirren" 50: "Yeah, she's sexy" No hesitation there, fair play Mr half dollar 😂👏🏻👏🏻
Diãs El
Diãs El Hace 21 un día
Bought the 1st four 1st row hahahah this is crazy
Kaki Hace 23 días
"Now we have to test your showmanship"
Barney Stinson
Barney Stinson Hace 24 días
I wounder how much dope he smoked before that interview?
Cameron Espinosa
Cameron Espinosa Hace 24 días
Lol hot wheels yeah?
Lymon Lyfft
Lymon Lyfft Hace 25 días
He sucks
Bling Blaw
Bling Blaw Hace 25 días
5:13 damn he dont even claim his 1st son thats crazy
Dreadhead Sedd
Dreadhead Sedd Hace 25 días
Protect 50 Cent at ALL costs, people 😂😂
Jose R Benítez Autrey
Don't tell bullshit 50cent you know what in france wtf underground's mansion roulette table of sex type situation shh.
SuhDude Gaming
SuhDude Gaming Hace 25 días
Question be how fifty can afford all that shit when his networth of 2019 is $30 million and last year it was $150 million, the fuck.
Inoge Maya
Inoge Maya Hace 26 días
Sorry 50, Are you not supposed to be bankrupt???, or act like it!!!!!!!?????????
Allnight Purging
Allnight Purging Hace 26 días
They don't call him Ferrari 50 for nothing
Christopher Ultravergonico
Half dollar 💵
Ash Wynn
Ash Wynn Hace 27 días
You can use his teeth as headlights
delieyo01 Hace 27 días
Lmao watching his interviews is like watching a fat kid eating chocolate cake 😂😂
euroyen420 Hace 27 días
#black privilege
Mercio Filipe Jeque Junior
6:08 savage 50😂😂😂
Tega Okorigba
Tega Okorigba Hace 28 días
Lmaooooooo 😂😂😂😂😂😂💀
MrAdmiralKush Hace 28 días
The real fifty came out at 7:39
med bona
med bona Hace 28 días
I don't care what anybody says but a lot rappers talk money but when its done by 50, its lit, this nigga n money are perfect couple cause he knows how to kick it better.
Tomas T
Tomas T Hace 28 días
"I got the Rolls royce...truck, the jeep" nice.
Morris Mungai
Morris Mungai Hace 29 días
Fake 50cent
Vicência Luís
Vicência Luís Hace 29 días
Love you "50 Cent" ❤😘
Amlandip Buragohain
Amlandip Buragohain Hace 29 días
Mike Khachikyan
Mike Khachikyan Hace 29 días
I've never seen 50 so calm
Jaclyn H
Jaclyn H Hace 29 días
He is so handsome... love him! I feel him to be quite calm and child-like which is beautiful.
Mamuani Qolhring
Mamuani Qolhring Hace un día
True 💯
Michael Coel
Michael Coel Hace 29 días
50 the truth
lisa lisa
lisa lisa Hace un mes
I just likeded it so much... Lordy
Ezoism !!
Ezoism !! Hace un mes
Ain't nobody wanna f with fofty
StillHdz17 Hace un mes
His sense of humor is something i wanna have as i get older 😂
King of New York
King of New York Hace un mes
Please bring back the 50 from queens!! Who is this dude??? 50 acts different in front of white folk.
varelaable photography
Half dollar “savage” 🙌🏽😎
jo eri
jo eri Hace un mes
5:08 50 cent's tell that he's lying is biting his upper lip
red b
red b Hace un mes
Jt remember he still a mf from Jamaica Queens cheating after the bag
Helena Damas
Helena Damas Hace un mes
woow 50 is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Info Newhiphop
Info Newhiphop Hace un mes
Nelson Dias
Nelson Dias Hace un mes
God Bless 50¢
Nelson Dias
Nelson Dias Hace un mes
Sexy??? Ok
Nelson Dias
Nelson Dias Hace un mes
This Prince Nelson III and 50 is the literally Coolest calm dude ever!!!! Sike, I’m not really a prince. Lol
Isaiah Oliveras
Isaiah Oliveras Hace un mes
Isaiah Oliveras
Isaiah Oliveras Hace un mes
Step we his kidz! Gunit!.
abdul rauf
abdul rauf Hace un mes
He is so humble
Roger Fuentes
Roger Fuentes Hace un mes
wader63 Hace un mes
I v watched this interview like 10 times , he is hilarious 😂😂
Shan Kem
Shan Kem Hace un mes
He talks like a shy 8 year old who got a couple million from his parents trust fund LMAO
Renato Zani
Renato Zani Hace un mes
You gunna b n1!!?? When!!?? When I die😠🤨
Ay John
Ay John Hace un mes
50 an educated fool 😂
v. ska
v. ska Hace un mes
rich guy doing rich stuff
Timmy 101
Timmy 101 Hace un mes
lol 😂
Funsterr Hace un mes
Lmao half dollar
ThatsTeej Hace un mes
having a conversation with him must be like talking to a little kid it’s so mf funny 😭
Ishu Rawat
Ishu Rawat Hace un mes
add english subs asap
Lammin Hace un mes
That look when he heard the name jarul 😂😂epic
Fangoverfang11 Hace un mes
That Ja Rule thing kinda makes me understand why he got shot 9 times
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