50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget

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Title: 50 Famous GoalsImpossible To Forget
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21 jun 2017






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Ploni Almoni
Ploni Almoni Hace 10 horas
Goals: like. "Music": HATE!!!!!
Janine Salina
Janine Salina Hace 14 horas
Yet this guy did not put the great R9 the best striker to live
Glossypearl Hace 17 horas
"Football is So Cool" Watch #26 Funny Football Scenes: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-aHEE_teJskM.html
Shaun Hace un día
Why isn't Paul Gascoigne's goal here - England vs Scotland Euro96!
Ahmed Loudini
Ahmed Loudini Hace 2 días
LemonB Hace 2 días
Jack Wilshere Arsenal V Norwich ? One of the greatest bit of team play of all time !!
Christian Haugaard
Christian Haugaard Hace 2 días
Where is Saeed Al-Owairan´s goal from World Cup 1994. What about the bicycle goal from Marco Van Basten when he played for Ajax. What about his goal in the 1988 final against USSR.
chocko59Studio Hace 3 días
Amazing action - all Country fight with Covid-19!!! Wow check this out...wow!!+ Join Us!!!!!!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-5I629WA-Hjs.html&feature=share
Mr. Octodood
Mr. Octodood Hace 3 días
When Maradonas goal showed up is when... the meaning of the title hit you.
Noble Society
Noble Society Hace 3 días
Nice upload buddy 🙌
Rasta Sky Foot
Rasta Sky Foot Hace 4 días
Boom Boom esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-gpJFH5WoDiU.html
Gaurav singh
Gaurav singh Hace 5 días
It’s one the of the best videos 📼
Gaurav singh
Gaurav singh Hace 5 días
In history
Zang Gaming
Zang Gaming Hace 5 días
Just trying to make the pultrich effect work.
jnwankz04 Hace 5 días
Where's Pele and R9?
Amol srivastava
Amol srivastava Hace 6 días
Idk why ppl even think about comparing messi and ronaldo it stinks and it’s obvious
Teo Maltagliati
Teo Maltagliati Hace 6 días
Invece di mettere quello di Zidane metti quello di Grosso 2006 godo ancora, mangia baguetta
Rodrigo Morfín
Rodrigo Morfín Hace 7 días
So... no Ronaldo goals here???
Larrykr2 Racing & Fanf
2:51 I love how you se how the camera man/girl thaught he was gonna shoot
Abraham Alanis
Abraham Alanis Hace 8 días
Sergio Ramos is the bitch of all scorers
Ashkan92 Hace 8 días
Thierry henry vs msn united deserves a spot over gotze ronsldos counter attack goal and foremost the ramos header.. beckhams midfield gosl and roonrsys shouldve there too
best To Be
best To Be Hace 10 días
Best football players all time 2020 edition esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-iAl0dANZIHI.html
Wariobros194 Hace 10 días
ha ha ha ha ronaldinho socer!
cesar agut
cesar agut Hace 11 días
It is incredible that Christian Vieri's goal is missing. Instead you put the goal of Ramos that was a robbery (see the infraction of Bale on Juanfran).
Jakhongir Boboyev
Jakhongir Boboyev Hace 11 días
Jakhongir Boboyev- The best footbal channel /You tube.Jakhongir Boboyev
king j
king j Hace 11 días
Don’t get me wrong I hate arsenal but u gift appreciate Dennis berkamp whenever he was on the pitch he did a madness
Jack Bowden
Jack Bowden Hace 12 días
R Carlos be like wind 💨
Yun Chiang Kuo
Yun Chiang Kuo Hace 13 días
9:16 pure domination
José Antonio da Costa
O gol de "mão" do MARADONA podia ser substituido por outros bem melhores....mas valeu ampliar a grade de gols bonitos...
Akash Ramdany
Akash Ramdany Hace 13 días
Marcel St
Marcel St Hace 13 días
Marcel St
Marcel St Hace 13 días
Liam Richmond
Liam Richmond Hace 13 días
I frikin luv he’s awesome best player in history
jaime barrera
jaime barrera Hace 16 días
Are u dum? Number 21 was Carlos vela not giovani dos santos
Anton Montrezor
Anton Montrezor Hace 16 días
#46 goal by Sheva is legendary, went right over Buffon, bellissimo!
Stacy Lee
Stacy Lee Hace 17 días
Watch Full amzn.to/3bte4uO
Sara Zeballos
Sara Zeballos Hace 18 días
I think Ronaldo is better
conlee75 Hace 19 días
Barca fan boy. How does Scholes goal not make it on this list against Barca but inesta does against Chelsea
Niklas Eldevik
Niklas Eldevik Hace 19 días
And we can thank Johan Cruyff for alot of this
Kenan Yıldız
Kenan Yıldız Hace 19 días
United Spirit
United Spirit Hace 20 días
you forgot this one esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-dVmxzXiuZII.html
S.L. Onyx
S.L. Onyx Hace 20 días
Nobody touches Ronaldinho in his prime. My opinion
Natanael Hace 20 días
11:00 mano de dieho armando Maradona
Score 360 Khazana
Score 360 Khazana Hace 21 un día
Goals are amzing
عزوز / azouz
عزوز / azouz Hace 21 un día
Best Goals Goal
Best Goals Goal Hace 21 un día
love this game
Danny Devitto
Danny Devitto Hace 21 un día
but mara handballed
Lenz 2810
Lenz 2810 Hace 21 un día
Schürrle 7:1 vs. Brazil???
futispoika 23
futispoika 23 Hace 22 días
0.59 Nice goal
Franco Tregarthen
Franco Tregarthen Hace 22 días
no hacia falta el de gotze :'(
Jo Jo
Jo Jo Hace 22 días
Are you kidding me no ronaldo's r9 goals this fool trippin
Jackie Hickman
Jackie Hickman Hace 22 días
yes the boys
YD 7
YD 7 Hace 23 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rwXnBxbxO04.html Who will be able to score this goal ?
be shey
be shey Hace 23 días
zla maju
zla maju Hace 24 días
My first time i see have player malaysia
Michael Rowden
Michael Rowden Hace 24 días
Troy Deeney??? Really?? How does RvP’s 1st time volley for UTD not make this compilation but Troy Deeney does?
Michael Rowden
Michael Rowden Hace 24 días
The flick, turn, and volley from Henry! Just amazing
Unnati Films
Unnati Films Hace 24 días
im film makre please contact me WhatsApp 8087802993
Unnati Films
Unnati Films Hace 24 días
Hi how are you cassandra...im Rahul Surwade Unnati films Nagpur India
Jah Haj
Jah Haj Hace 25 días
more than 35 goals don't deserve to be here, because there are many better ones,... you don't understand soccer
Lozst Hace 26 días
Imagine if it scored from a spectator in the stands
Aige Hace 26 días
Man I always loved ronaldinhos goals nice video
GRANDE DIAS Hace 26 días
Talal Albadri
Talal Albadri Hace 27 días
Everyone in the Corona time here?. I miss Soccer😣☹
Maxwell Huey
Maxwell Huey Hace 27 días
You forgot Bale scoring the winner at the Champions League final
Abdirahman Abdiaziz
Abdirahman Abdiaziz Hace 27 días
I like the moves
Karen Taylor
Karen Taylor Hace 27 días
My sons like that
Ignacio Benegas
Ignacio Benegas Hace 27 días
el de maradona tiene que estar minimo entre los 5 mejores
Aquas Hace 28 días
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Hace 28 días
what about Pele the brazilian
Kadir Bora Bilgic
Kadir Bora Bilgic Hace 29 días
9:52 The best Goal of Football History Clarence Seedorf!!
ole kers
ole kers Hace 29 días
Ibrahimovic kill all players!!!
eshimu eshimu
eshimu eshimu Hace un mes
45? Maradona
Tottenham Hace un mes
You forgit about Erik Edman ( His goal against Liverpool in the 2004/05 season)
Azza M
Azza M Hace 9 días
Worth the 1.7m transfer fee alone.
Fernando Espinosa
Fernando Espinosa Hace un mes
Where is the Phenomenon Ronaldo Luis Nazario !!! The best !
Ben Williams
Ben Williams Hace un mes
Why on earth would you put Maradonna's handball in here? So many goals missing from so many quality players that aren't here. I didn't see on from a Liverpool player. Laughable! Some quality goals in there, one of Zlatan's being my favourite for skill.
md makki
md makki Hace un mes
Fk u.. Not good video Fk ibrahimovic gay football Maradona and bergamb are the best Cr7 is good Where is Ronaldo brasil
rojal shahi
rojal shahi Hace un mes
2:06 .. Bale's run!!
enhee enhbayar
enhee enhbayar Hace un mes
8:24 this is the teamwork that every team needs
F Leo GTA Hace un mes
prateep nakup
prateep nakup Hace un mes
no gerrard -*-
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