50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget

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Title: 50 Famous GoalsImpossible To Forget
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21 jun 2017






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The Johnson Fam
The Johnson Fam Hace 2 horas
10:58😂😂😂 *hand of god has entered the chat*
Francis Goss-Durant
Francis Goss-Durant Hace 18 horas
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-wP_Dxy4Gb24.html this has to be up there
Markus Göthberg
Markus Göthberg Hace un día
This video should be titled ”50 goals impossible to recreate”
snipez Hace un día
26 was a regular goal I’m confused how is it impossible 🤔😂😂😂
ツNasaInternet Hace 20 horas
Last minute
ツNasaInternet Hace 20 horas
Champions league final
Melker Stark Berglund
Zlatan vs England? Fam, are you dumb?!
Chloe Peters
Chloe Peters Hace un día
Van Persie's diving, looping header is a total one off - love it!
Max D
Max D Hace un día
A lot of goals dont deserve to ne here. Look this goal esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-F8Ehw1LvULk.html this one is not in the 50
733 733
733 733 Hace 2 días
watch my video guys
Eiry Thomas
Eiry Thomas Hace 3 días
Keeper just chasing the ball at 9:43 😂
Oguzhan Galatalioglu
I was about to forget some of em.. but then I encountered this video..
Antapants Big boi
Antapants Big boi Hace 5 días
What a worldie
PSP CreationZz.
PSP CreationZz. Hace 5 días
3/4th of the players are number 10
THTSound Hace 5 días
Dislike because of the music, every f youtube video related to football is with this f music
Yousef Sindi
Yousef Sindi Hace 6 días
Ronaldinho is the best player
Oliver Taylor
Oliver Taylor Hace 8 días
Anyone else here for inspiration
Theo Pass
Theo Pass Hace 9 días
Messi’s goals were only one time
Lukas Maximas Petre
Lukas Maximas Petre Hace 9 días
4:56 is just damn legendary
עובידה מחאגנה
Normal goals
Tiago Contieri
Tiago Contieri Hace 10 días
No Ronaldo?
James from Wii Sports
James from Wii Sports Hace 10 días
9:15 what an assist!
New Nervous Kind
New Nervous Kind Hace 11 días
The ultimate soccer anthem! open.spotify.com/track/0xOOJo1iBzno4AFJHPH3ez?si=eaRbkStCS1ymWIgGfwnjUQ
fleaciante08 Hace 11 días
I gave it a thumbs down because you get to the last one and ads pop up blocking it
Ayşe Ağca
Ayşe Ağca Hace 12 días
06:45 Mohd Faiz Subri what a crazy Goal
Gabriel Lebo
Gabriel Lebo Hace 12 días
Where are the Luis Suarez goals? He has several famous goals and best goals than many shown here
ammimen Hace 12 días
Aetanvar Hace 13 días
missing Youri Djorkaeff in Inter-Roma and Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima (Barcellona or Inter)
pedro santos
pedro santos Hace 13 días
List of favorites: #1- Ronaldinho #2- Z. Ibrahimovic #3- D. Bergkamp #4- Diego Maradona #6- L. Messi #9- D. bergkamp #10- Z. Zidane #11- Z. Ibrahimovic #12- Ricardo Quaresma #15- Lionel Messi #17- Neymar Jr. + #18- M. Mandzukic #19- W. Rooney #21- Roberto Carlos #23- Lionel Messi #24- James Rodriguez #27- Mohd Faiz Subri #29- Giovanni dos Santos #32- S. Roberto #33- T. Henry #36- Francesco Totti #38- L. Messi #40- C. Seedorf #42- Rivaldo #43- Ronaldinho #44- M. Bressman #46- A. Shevshenko #47- Robin Van Persie
Adolfo Neto
Adolfo Neto Hace 7 días
pedro santos você tem muito tempo livre
frank white
frank white Hace 13 días
Barca&RMA all i see
Marcel Magalhães
Marcel Magalhães Hace 13 días
Where is the Ronaldo GOls?
Elf Peksimeti
Elf Peksimeti Hace 14 días
where is the drogba's last minute goal at champions league final match?
Brent W
Brent W Hace 14 días
Its funny and crazy that these players would even have the idea in their head to try some of these goals... considering how most of the guys I play with are mostly just focused on “Ok, how do I not lose the ball?”
FIVES Hace 14 días
Top Goal of 4 Decade esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-NUO-pnIrMXU.html
rtg rffxgfdy
rtg rffxgfdy Hace 14 días
Number 45 was the best
Aryan Bhivgade
Aryan Bhivgade Hace 14 días
You tube: *50 Famous goals impossible to forget* Me: Did I even remember those
TortIlla l Boi
TortIlla l Boi Hace 14 días
tanisha ghangas
tanisha ghangas Hace 14 días
Who is here after Ronaldo and Bale's overhead kick.....
I make videos
I make videos Hace 14 días
Dog Like to activate
I make videos
I make videos Hace 14 días
Who remembers that game called *score goal* where u recreate famous goals including Marco van bastens goal and ronaldo’s goal in Real Madrid (It’s not in the App Store)
Erik Felipe de Castilho
RoyRapidGaming Hace 15 días
your mom
Th3j0k3r17 Hace 16 días
where is Pelè?
yrussq Hace 16 días
Roberto Carlos are off charts here. Canon shooting from midfield and zero angle goal. Phenomenal player! Superb compilation!
Laurentiu Pepa
Laurentiu Pepa Hace 17 días
Where is Hagi?
Carson Graver
Carson Graver Hace 18 días
did i say that😡😡😡😡
Tommy Toe
Tommy Toe Hace 18 días
I hate the way that the maradona goal is in it
عبدالرحمن BMZ
Physics:*exists* Roberto Carlos: hold my Brazil flag
uriel murphy
uriel murphy Hace 18 días
are you a boy
Fernanda Membreño
Fernanda Membreño Hace 18 días
El de Kaka siempre me encanta verlo ALV 4:06
Samer Bader
Samer Bader Hace 19 días
هدف روعه 0:30
Trevor Griffiths
Trevor Griffiths Hace 19 días
Where's bales bicycle against Liverpool?!
CGE Reason
CGE Reason Hace 19 días
Who is better Pele: or Messi:
ZOBICON -Z Hace 17 días
Mateo Fernandez
Mateo Fernandez Hace 18 días
Supreme Saiyan
Supreme Saiyan Hace 18 días
SoLaR_VortexXD Hace 21 un día
Bro Ibra is f#&*ing cracked
Carson Graver
Carson Graver Hace 21 un día
That's right.😎
TheMELTDOWN911 Hace 21 un día
7:01 Mexico...... this play shows when there is no team (BUT I almost had a heart attack when Giovanni made this goooooool!!!! )
TheMELTDOWN911 Hace 21 un día
8:23 Real Madrid......this play shows that working as a real TEAM .....the TEAM becomes unstoppable!
OliverPescadito Hace 21 un día
Roberto Carlos use hacks.
sssooonnnaaa z
sssooonnnaaa z Hace 22 días
No Pato goal against Barca?
Jerry Merry
Jerry Merry Hace 23 días
Not even 1 goal of pele?
Bob DaBuilder
Bob DaBuilder Hace 21 un día
This isn't fifa 15 bro
Solomon Raj
Solomon Raj Hace 23 días
Ibrahimovic flying short is amazing ⚽🔥say yes means Like 😂
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