50 INSANE DETAILS in Capital Supremacy - Star Wars Battlefront 2

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50 INSANE DETAILS in Capital Supremacy - Star Wars Battlefront 2
For more Star Wars Battlefront Capital Supremacy Gameplay, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Easter Eggs, Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay, Star Wars Battlefront 2 funny moments, Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC, Battlefront 2 gameplay, Battlefront 2 Conquest Gameplay, Battlefront 2 fails, plus video game and gaming moments, be sure to stay bombastic!
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29 mar 2019

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Bombastic Hace 2 meses
Looking at making a funny moments video soon. Only been 3 months since the last time we posted one 😅 Submit your funny moments here: staybombastic.com
Ct 21- 0408 echo
Ct 21- 0408 echo Hace 2 meses
The twilight Easter egg could mean that the twilight is coming with Ashoka when she arrives to the game
Edward Slater
Edward Slater Hace 2 meses
You guys need to bring ya vids back.
Yoda #1!
Yoda #1! Hace 2 meses
@John Markes you are right. It is. That must mean the ship is of the 501st.
John Markes
John Markes Hace 2 meses
Number 40 is the picture of the twilight ship in the clone wars cartoon
Timothy Newill
Timothy Newill Hace 9 horas
Bring back droidekas
lolbit plush Productions
1:59 *pop*
sportsbrosmaxx k
sportsbrosmaxx k Hace 2 días
The diagrams show the projected debris from the explosions
Erik Jackson
Erik Jackson Hace 2 días
I just saw the update there’s going to be droid acres in battlefront two capital supremacy
Erik Jackson
Erik Jackson Hace 2 días
I just saw the update there’s going to be droid acres in battlefront two capital supremacy
Doge Empires Gaming Channel
51. They changed the clone pilots to the pilots from revenge of the sith when they take down a jedi from the air i forgot his name he found ahoska
King Dean16
King Dean16 Hace 4 días
Has anyone noticed cloud city looks kinda like the kamino place
Vincent Long
Vincent Long Hace 4 días
isaac perea
isaac perea Hace 6 días
Question. He mentioned that most of the enemies you will kill in capital supremecy are AI'S. What im trying to say is why hasn't DICE added capital supremecy to arcade. They already have the bots for it why not just add it to arcade? I would like it if they did this Cause im mainly an offline player and it would be nice to bring this into the game just like the original star wars battlefront 2(yes it had AI'S if you played offline then you could still play the conquest gamemode with AI'S)
Lazaro Scott
Lazaro Scott Hace 6 días
They should add droidekas
Emma Lee
Emma Lee Hace 6 días
Insane details? Looks more like game features, but there are some details
Juy Juy
Juy Juy Hace 7 días
There is yellow paint on helmet
No.40 is actually the blueprint of Anakins Ship from The Clone Wars that he always used instead of his yellow ship
Game Knight
Game Knight Hace 7 días
Gimme my friggen droidekas.
armin ak
armin ak Hace 8 días
where is the gun shipe? i cant find them ?
Smoky American
Smoky American Hace 9 días
3:30 In the galactic assault map, I was highly immersed as a clone destroying the separatist towers with my sniper right under it then being crushed under the falling debris. It was definitely a stupid moment on my part, but geez the immersion made it that much easier to cope with.
mr name
mr name Hace 11 días
There all phase 2 armor and not phase 1
JWCfive Hace 13 días
Number 39 is the Death Star explosion directions for the first Death Star
JWCfive Hace 13 días
Number 39 is the Death Star explosion directions for the first death star
1:26 theyre from the shitty star wars comic lol
Harve HD4
Harve HD4 Hace 16 días
More droidikas
Claire Philpott
Claire Philpott Hace 16 días
I'm pretty sure that it was a blue print of the twilight clone wars
Layne G
Layne G Hace 17 días
I know EA are a bunch of greedy bastards, but man they put out some of the most detailed games I've seen
Chri optic
Chri optic Hace 17 días
THE R In r1 is Reinforcement
Toadally Sam
Toadally Sam Hace 18 días
If you fail an attack on a capital ship there will be tons of dead body’s when you go back to it
Konstantine Katsoulis
Konstantine Katsoulis Hace 19 días
Yes please add droidekas EA that needs to be a thing. Also while I'm on the subject of extra reinforcements you should add infiltrators for the rebels, wimps, ETC.
joshswells Hace 19 días
@#40 no, that is the Twighlight anikans ship
Yaboi BV
Yaboi BV Hace 19 días
6:11 is the twilight from the clone wars
Legacy LexSton
Legacy LexSton Hace 20 días
6:00 the thing on the left is a LAATS on the right i don't know, sorry.
David Baumann
David Baumann Hace 20 días
The clone pilots did have yellow on them
Ryan colbert
Ryan colbert Hace 20 días
2:50 the brown MTTs are owned by the trade federation, who, yes, is working with the CIS, but are different organizations but work together 6:08 that's the Twilight anakin/ ahsokas ship during the clone wars
The Platinum Halo
The Platinum Halo Hace 21 un día
Insane detail 69: There are clones
Kodiak Kodz
Kodiak Kodz Hace 21 un día
rgaborjr Hace 21 un día
I want droidekas in battlefront 2
Galaxy Fox
Galaxy Fox Hace 22 días
I can’t play it I’m offline
Radiant HD
Radiant HD Hace 22 días
I had to dislike since you're a phase mixer sorry m8
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon Hace 23 días
6:11 it look like b-wing
etwiz 05
etwiz 05 Hace 23 días
Geonisis battle droids are stronger and are called R instead of B
G T Hace 26 días
The thing that bombastic thought was the bridge tower but really looks like the twilight,
Vader Animations
Vader Animations Hace un mes
6:20 Mountain Dew he’s a new sponsor #dewitup
Meta Killz
Meta Killz Hace un mes
Are you stoned when you make these? If so I like it
SILVER Spartan
SILVER Spartan Hace un mes
40. Nope that the twilight anikans ships from the clone wars
Anonymouse Craig
Anonymouse Craig Hace un mes
Is it just me or is there yellow on there helmets at 7:47
Larmeena Chroma
Larmeena Chroma Hace un mes
@bombastic that green picture you thought was the blueprint for the bridge of the cis ship its actually the blueprint for the twighlight the ship that anakin piloted for a while in star wars the clone wars series
Make A Difference Lakenheath
That blueprint that you think is a bridge is a ship from the clone was tv series
carlos reyes
carlos reyes Hace un mes
Maybe it splatererd to bits the thing.
Jesse Amor
Jesse Amor Hace un mes
Mason Lee
Mason Lee Hace un mes
those are the blueprints for anikan and asokas ship the twilight
Dark Newbie
Dark Newbie Hace un mes
I noticed that you are a good yootubr
CT-5736 Hace un mes
What’s funny is my battlefront 2 name is CT-5736. I blend in with ai (name wise at least)
Beta Build
Beta Build Hace un mes
To me it’s look like a B-wing.
ToastiestEye057 gaming
Watch those wrist rockets
Log 9843
Log 9843 Hace un mes
Thare is a battle in the map you can go in but it’s not in the battle area
Monk _e
Monk _e Hace un mes
6:11 is actually a republic shuttle
Owen Aalberts
Owen Aalberts Hace un mes
oh, and at fact 40 that's actually a cross section of a corellian G9 rigger, like the one Anakin used as his personal shuttle in the clone wars series. www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=https%3A%2F%2Fi.pinimg.com%2Foriginals%2Ff6%2Fba%2F1e%2Ff6ba1ed981e6e2230e0337dc417a9342.jpg&imgrefurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.pinterest.com%2Fpin%2F455567318553446507%2F&docid=AitvfcpG2Cl-OM&tbnid=8YfjF6TIzY561M%3A&vet=10ahUKEwi5s4Ddke_hAhVQIqwKHeYCBi0QMwhQKAMwAw..i&w=4000&h=2500&bih=609&biw=1366&q=corellian%20g9%20rigger%20freighter&ved=0ahUKEwi5s4Ddke_hAhVQIqwKHeYCBi0QMwhQKAMwAw&iact=mrc&uact=8
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Hace un mes
The details are so insane you forgot gen 2 clones were invading instead of gen 1's
Owen Aalberts
Owen Aalberts Hace un mes
The brown MTTs belong to the trade federation. The blue ones were manufactured by the separatists. This rule goes for any separatist equipment except for the droids.
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Hace un mes
Emperor returns confirmed, NANI?!
gabriel coronado
gabriel coronado Hace un mes
I know the clones in the gun ship there opost to be in phase one clone trooper amor
Jib Jib
Jib Jib Hace un mes
No droidekas please? They would break the game like how anakin had. There need to be a counter to the droideka.
OBCity 71
OBCity 71 Hace un mes
The diagram looks like two star destroyers or veniters
James Kelso
James Kelso Hace un mes
Why are the clones in phase 2 armor when this was during the phase 1 era
Wizzle Doop
Wizzle Doop Hace un mes
number 40... i thought that was the twilight, from the clone wars
Mega KLIP Hace un mes
im glad you mentioned Roger from.. eh... that one show...
focus furry
focus furry Hace un mes
6:00 those are Point defence targeting concoles
Leon Yule
Leon Yule Hace un mes
6:11 looks like the anakins twilight from the clone wars
GoldenRaptorGaming Hace un mes
Star war
Star war Hace un mes
L-A-A-T !
cj theboss
cj theboss Hace un mes
Hey Andrew how have you been holding up?
Syco Rekless
Syco Rekless Hace 2 meses
If you fail capturing b or a there will be dead droid or clone once you get on the ship that you failed to destroy.
Moist Madness
Moist Madness Hace 2 meses
I like sand, sand is squishey
Chris Cruise
Chris Cruise Hace 2 meses
I pick grievous. I run into anakan. Thrust surge, doesn’t work. Cowardly retreat doesn’t work. While my team surrounds him shooting him his heroic might kills everyone, goes thru my block knocks me down. He uses 4th ability to end me. Fuuuuck this game
Anthony Moraetes
Anthony Moraetes Hace 2 meses
You do know that was not a blue print of an observation tower but Anikan's ship
Ayylien Eggroll
Ayylien Eggroll Hace 2 meses
Really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one
ECOG9 Hace 2 meses
I originally thought this was an April fools video 😅
Andrei Draghici
Andrei Draghici Hace 2 meses
Let's face it... most people who say EA battlefront is trash haven't ever played it
Vexsly Hace 2 meses
CT-1405 sorry i play too many games of arcade
DatCameraMON Hace 2 meses
A lot of these "insane details" aren't insane or interesting at all. . .
ThatOneStrangeGamer Hace 2 meses
My friends and I were hyped for this and loved the first round. Then suddenly we were back for another round and we ended up playing for 5 rounds which together lasted 2 hours. We quickly got tired once it became more of a chore.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Hace 2 meses
50 lack of details more like it. Lol
MrGamerMoose Hace 2 meses
For number 39 it’s a map of the star system
Jimonebob Hace 2 meses
At 6:18 thats the twilight from the clone wars tv show
Soviet Ram
Soviet Ram Hace 2 meses
Ive become more comfortable than any jedi - The Count
Tate Freeman
Tate Freeman Hace 2 meses
Actuly phase 2 clone piolts have a totally different armor design.
Soronaca Hace 2 meses
4:05 what s this clone ?
Imperial Shocktrooper
Tsaita gopta
Tsaita gopta Hace 2 meses
4:47 i think its a film, WOW 😮😮😮
eluxi Hace 2 meses
garrett verville
garrett verville Hace 2 meses
ElecManEXE Hace 2 meses
Needs more Droidekas.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Hace 2 meses
6:09 that's "the twilight" from "The Clone Wars" animated movie (2008)
TheMilkyWay YT
TheMilkyWay YT Hace 2 meses
Droid Ekas I think WILL make the game more fun and better, and last but not least PERFECT.
Kremè Piè
Kremè Piè Hace 2 meses
Wow some of these details are truly insane, after many many games I never fucking noticed you get flown into a capital ship thanks
Chaotic Reaper0
Chaotic Reaper0 Hace 2 meses
number 40 actually looks more like the blueprints to Corellian G9 Rigger-class light freighter, possibly "The Twilight" that was piloted by Anakin and Ahsoka. Like it looks to me like a side profile of the ship.
Upbeat Vids
Upbeat Vids Hace 2 meses
On 17 the clone are phase 1 and on the cut scene there in phase 2
Aaron Voigt
Aaron Voigt Hace 2 meses
The core of the republic capital ship is similar to the one in clone Wars which was destroyed by Boba Fett
Anton Anderson
Anton Anderson Hace 2 meses
6:11 That's the Twilight
ᚱᚢᛚ•ᚠ Hace 2 meses
In RotS the LAAT gunships on Utapau are piloted by normal clones as well.
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