50 INSANE DETAILS in Capital Supremacy - Star Wars Battlefront 2

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50 INSANE DETAILS in Capital Supremacy - Star Wars Battlefront 2
For more Star Wars Battlefront Capital Supremacy Gameplay, Star Wars Battlefront 2 Easter Eggs, Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay, Star Wars Battlefront 2 funny moments, Star Wars Battlefront 2 DLC, Battlefront 2 gameplay, Battlefront 2 Conquest Gameplay, Battlefront 2 fails, plus video game and gaming moments, be sure to stay bombastic!
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29 mar 2019






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Comentarios 523
Bombastic Hace 23 días
Looking at making a funny moments video soon. Only been 3 months since the last time we posted one 😅 Submit your funny moments here: staybombastic.com
Ct 21- 0408 echo
Ct 21- 0408 echo Hace 9 días
The twilight Easter egg could mean that the twilight is coming with Ashoka when she arrives to the game
Edward Slater
Edward Slater Hace 19 días
You guys need to bring ya vids back.
Yoda #1!
Yoda #1! Hace 23 días
+John Markes you are right. It is. That must mean the ship is of the 501st.
John Markes
John Markes Hace 23 días
Number 40 is the picture of the twilight ship in the clone wars cartoon
GoldenRaptorGaming Hace 13 horas
Star war
Star war Hace 20 horas
L-A-A-T !
cj theboss
cj theboss Hace un día
Hey Andrew how have you been holding up?
Syco Rekless
Syco Rekless Hace 2 días
If you fail capturing b or a there will be dead droid or clone once you get on the ship that you failed to destroy.
Moist Madness
Moist Madness Hace 5 días
I like sand, sand is squishey
Chris Cruise
Chris Cruise Hace 5 días
I pick grievous. I run into anakan. Thrust surge, doesn’t work. Cowardly retreat doesn’t work. While my team surrounds him shooting him his heroic might kills everyone, goes thru my block knocks me down. He uses 4th ability to end me. Fuuuuck this game
Anthony Moraetes
Anthony Moraetes Hace 7 días
You do know that was not a blue print of an observation tower but Anikan's ship
Ayylien Eggroll
Ayylien Eggroll Hace 7 días
Really scraped the bottom of the barrel with this one
ECOG9 Hace 8 días
I originally thought this was an April fools video 😅
Andrei Draghici
Andrei Draghici Hace 8 días
Let's face it... most people who say EA battlefront is trash haven't ever played it
Vexsly Hace 8 días
CT-1405 sorry i play too many games of arcade
DatCameraMON Hace 8 días
A lot of these "insane details" aren't insane or interesting at all. . .
ThatOneStrangeGamer Hace 8 días
My friends and I were hyped for this and loved the first round. Then suddenly we were back for another round and we ended up playing for 5 rounds which together lasted 2 hours. We quickly got tired once it became more of a chore.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis Hace 9 días
50 lack of details more like it. Lol
MrGamerMoose Hace 9 días
For number 39 it’s a map of the star system
Jimonybob Hace 9 días
At 6:18 thats the twilight from the clone wars tv show
Soviet Ram
Soviet Ram Hace 9 días
Ive become more comfortable than any jedi - The Count
Tate Freeman
Tate Freeman Hace 10 días
Actuly phase 2 clone piolts have a totally different armor design.
Soronaca Hace 10 días
4:05 what s this clone ?
Imperial Star Dreadnought Assertor
Tsaita gopta
Tsaita gopta Hace 10 días
4:47 i think its a film, WOW 😮😮😮
eluxi Hace 10 días
garrett verville
garrett verville Hace 10 días
ElecManEXE Hace 10 días
Needs more Droidekas.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Hace 10 días
6:09 that's "the twilight" from "The Clone Wars" animated movie (2008)
TheMilkyWay YT
TheMilkyWay YT Hace 10 días
Droid Ekas I think WILL make the game more fun and better, and last but not least PERFECT.
Kremè Piè
Kremè Piè Hace 10 días
Wow some of these details are truly insane, after many many games I never fucking noticed you get flown into a capital ship thanks
Chaotic Reaper0
Chaotic Reaper0 Hace 10 días
number 40 actually looks more like the blueprints to Corellian G9 Rigger-class light freighter, possibly "The Twilight" that was piloted by Anakin and Ahsoka. Like it looks to me like a side profile of the ship.
Upbeat Vids
Upbeat Vids Hace 10 días
On 17 the clone are phase 1 and on the cut scene there in phase 2
Aaron Voigt
Aaron Voigt Hace 10 días
The core of the republic capital ship is similar to the one in clone Wars which was destroyed by Boba Fett
Anton Anderson
Anton Anderson Hace 11 días
6:11 That's the Twilight
ᚱᚢᛚ•ᚠ Hace 11 días
In RotS the LAAT gunships on Utapau are piloted by normal clones as well.
Lil Diddler69
Lil Diddler69 Hace 11 días
This update is nice and all. But my game is super glitchy now. It feels like the game is in the alpha stage.
Anthony’s Ant-imations
The Imperial Informative
1:20 for roger roger
Drummer boii
Drummer boii Hace 12 días
You can't spawn on command posts smh
Shark Bait
Shark Bait Hace 12 días
40 is anakins ship from the clone wars
L0rd_Equinox Hace 12 días
Why the hell are there phase 1 and 2 clones on capital supremacy?
King Lurch
King Lurch Hace 12 días
Wow number 10 blew my mind
TheKoolaidman371 Hace 12 días
what a terrible list.... why not mention something actually cool like, if you destroy a module of the ship and then go back to the ground, the ship you boarded will have taken visible damage, or that if you reboard a ship there will be bodies and destroyed droids still laying around.
Snowtime gaster!sans [three souls combined]
TheKoolaidman371 because its sarcasm and because its a joke
PwnimuS Hace 12 días
INSANE Detail #49 : They MISSED the detail!
Komrade Hace 12 días
8:22 what’s that cartoon version of Star Wars called?? It looks familiar
MissionPassedGaming Hace 10 días
Clone wars 2003
Lou Testa
Lou Testa Hace 12 días
Detail #40 is actually Anakin and Ahsoka's ship from the Clone Wars series. If you watched the Clone Wars movie, after engaging Ventress while rescuing Jabba's son, Anakin and Ahsoka use this cargo ship to escape.
Zack Finsand
Zack Finsand Hace 13 días
LA Bubbles
LA Bubbles Hace 13 días
At 6:12, that's actually the Twilight from the clone wars series :P
Hermoáñ The Incredible
these really ain't insane details
Chara Hace 13 días
Did you say exchange a friendly missile? “Hello neighbor! How are you!” **Fires heavy turbolaser battery severing the observation deck and venting the droid bay into space** “Oh, I’m doing well! Lovely weather eh?” **Launches concussion missiles into hangar bay killing dozens and blows up the ammunition stores**
ThePulverizer8 Hace 13 días
I want droidikas!!!
Shimazu Goose
Shimazu Goose Hace 13 días
Number 39... Screensaver?
dafullclip Hace 13 días
5:47 Those scribbles are the graphics of the 1983 Star Wars Arcade Game
Fuckologic Hace 13 días
No51 - if you get shot with a rocket to the face YOU WILL DIE, just like what would happen in movies, and most likely real life
mlg gamer 666
mlg gamer 666 Hace 14 días
Pool you Hhhjn
TheMegaSuperPickle Hace 14 días
#40 looks more like Anakin's ship from the clone wars "Twilight"?
BMG 061
BMG 061 Hace 14 días
#40 is the Twilight.. Anakin and Ashoka’s ship in TCW
Colin Masterson
Colin Masterson Hace 14 días
Finally! This game is starting to look and feel like it’s predecessor.
Anthony Baglione
Anthony Baglione Hace 14 días
what of the Droideka where are they at?
Zerebrat Eightyseven
Zerebrat Eightyseven Hace 14 días
why is chewie there ? shouldn´t it be tarful ?
Mr. Lonely
Mr. Lonely Hace 14 días
So we’re not talking about the thumbnail okay.
enderman21117 Hace 14 días
Battle droids are identified as OM
Robert Jack
Robert Jack Hace 15 días
I wanna se droidicas
miniminer1999 Hace 15 días
Bombastic, R1 means recon group one, R0 is their backup.
Jonah Mani
Jonah Mani Hace 15 días
Ba BOOM! never change that ok? it reminds me of the old days
The coconut Gamer
The coconut Gamer Hace 15 días
Yo they should make a game mode we’re it’s kind of like capital supremacy except the initial fighting should be in space and you need to disable the opposing teams capital ships shields then you board it and the same thing happens that it would in capital supremacy inside the hanger and they should make it so people can actually use capital ship turbo lasers or point defence cannons
Wizard Canine
Wizard Canine Hace 16 días
Please drodekas / destroyer droids PLEASE!
Darth Maul's top halve
Mighty Maul wants funny moments
Dom's Vids
Dom's Vids Hace 16 días
Since when did "EXTREME ATTENTIONS TO DETAIL" mean basic gameplay elements and continuity errors
Mavric Marvel
Mavric Marvel Hace 16 días
Played the original yay
ItsStillPasta Hace 16 días
6:10 That's not an observation deck that's blueprints for Anakin's "Twilight" spice freighter from the Clone Wars movie and SE1-2 of the show
William Barr
William Barr Hace 16 días
There is only phase 2 clone troopers but in both battles on genosis there where phase 1 clone troopers.
Kinetic Edge
Kinetic Edge Hace 16 días
No droidekas i fuckin hated those things
The Runaways
The Runaways Hace 16 días
40 is the twilight
Timmy Basbagill
Timmy Basbagill Hace 16 días
#bring back droidikas
Alex Hace 16 días
Can someone explain me why command posts? They don’t do anything, you can’t spawn there
terrence sampson
terrence sampson Hace 14 días
Alex nostalgiaaaa
King Boris 111
King Boris 111 Hace 16 días
When there is something painted blue that means (COIS) and when it is sand color it is used by its real manufactorers (Trade Federation)
Pontiff Sulyvahn
Pontiff Sulyvahn Hace 16 días
"Insane" Details: There're two capital ships... good to know
zeusz HUN
zeusz HUN Hace 17 días
6:12 I think that was the back of the "Twilight", from the clone wars series. You know, what Anakin, and Ashoke discoverd by R2 in the clone wars movie.
Cab00se 219
Cab00se 219 Hace 17 días
Dude it’s not laats it’s L-A-A-t. You say it separate.
arbiter690 Hace 17 días
Where are those Droidekas?! *EA cannons blast wave after wave of Droidekas*
Kurt Gaming
Kurt Gaming Hace 17 días
Geonosis in the movie theres only phase 1 clones and in the game theres phase 2 clones! im a big star wars fan!
Jay Fairless
Jay Fairless Hace 17 días
50 things DICE managed to FAIL at doing in the GAME
The PigletGamer
The PigletGamer Hace 17 días
40/ 6:10 looks to me like the bombers from the last Jedi.
Reâpers Curē
Reâpers Curē Hace 17 días
Droidikas would be fucking baller.
not so worldwide studio
Are these really insane?
captaindrewbob Hace 17 días
My name is Andrew too... nice vid!!
JohnnyLongFarts - Minecraft And More
Insane details wtf
Michael Scalese
Michael Scalese Hace 17 días
6:12 you sure that's not the twilight? Considering it was a turret on top just like it.
Jonathan J.
Jonathan J. Hace 17 días
A lot of this countdown is filled with time wasting fluff... "# That's your ship!, # that's your ship too" & many more "not insane details"
Deavastator 1120
Deavastator 1120 Hace 17 días
The the twilight is it's name not the observation quarters (BTW watch the star wars the clone wars to now what I am talking about)
sw guardian
sw guardian Hace 17 días
6:11 Is the anakin's ship , the twilight , from the clone wars
kyleplier Hace 17 días
I actually stated to my friend Ben on day 1 in Capital Supremacy the capture points reminded me of the OG Battlefront II. And now I know why. They're identical. Speaking of the OG Battlefront II... I wish I already had a new Xbox One X because Games with Gold is getting the OG Battlefront II. ATM, I only have a PS4 Pro. I don't even have the components for my new PC yet.
Bwave Hace 17 días
Just a little paint on their helmet 😂 true that.
RadiantSquirrel Hace 17 días
Xherdos Hace 17 días
What I loved from the Original SWBF was the bots
Sev07Sniper Hace 17 días
wtf is this video
MLG GUY Hace 17 días
You missed that the Planet its on is geonosis from the Second movie
reubs Hace 17 días
#40 is a miniature diagram of the twilight from the clone wars
Castalex Hace 17 días
Yeah, clones are wearing phase II and not phase I armors.
MinisterOgaming Hace 17 días
I want the droid dacas
Blitz der hund
Blitz der hund Hace 18 días
anybody notice that you are using the wrong set of armor in the battle of Geonosis?
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