6 Unique Meals Using a Waffle Maker

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Move over toaster, suck a big one panini press, blow it out your a-hole forman, there is a new master in town and her name is Waffle Maker. That's right folks she zips, she dips, she crisps, and she even nips that bread in such a glorious way you won't know what hit you.
Watch as these two genius savant bat rastard brothers create full meal options using the waffle maker. After getting constantly sick from seeing the same damn waffle iron hacks over and over, yeah yeah we get it, throw in some cinnamon rolls to make waffle cinnabons, add in some cake mix for a cake waffle, enough is enough already they said and decided to set out to find some new creative ways to rock that waffle maker.
Ever seen a head of lettuce get waffleized? Neither had they, until now, folks, life as we know it will and has already changed forever.
Breville Waffle Maker - amzn.to/2bEW9Ct (affiliate link)
01:03 - Grilled Lettuce Wedge Caesar Salad
02:19 - Steak and Egg Hash Brown Waffle
04:32 - Sesame Orange Chicken Waffle
05:57 - Fawafel with Pita
07:54 - Pizza-Hitta-Enada
09:25 - Puff Puff Waffle
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Comentarios 80
Varinya Medina
Varinya Medina Hace 8 días
Loved the recipes... just please be careful with the glass containers on the wall!!
Amber Xu
Amber Xu Hace 24 días
Oh man, you guys are awesome! I have been watching all these waffle videos since it is my first day of getting a waffle maker and just want to expericen any thing other than a regular waffle with it. The food that you cooked there not turning out to be the pretiest but defintely looking the most delicious and most importantly, you guys made me laugh and happy! That should be the essence of doing anything, you guys got it! Keep making people happy is a great work! Thanks and I will take this experiment even further I guess, lol!
Lustwaffe Hace un mes
I used to make many of these meals shown here when I was in college. I was too lazy to use my kitchen, so all I used for everything I made was either my wafflemaker or my george foreman grill. Those two were my ONLY cooking tools for years. 😂
Kevin Club
Kevin Club Hace 2 meses
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ZPPDQCrnIXs.html waffle maker here
ej Hace 4 meses
아 위꼴오져
Johnjohn Braxton
Johnjohn Braxton Hace 5 meses
238 grill cooks disliked this video
Vincent Quattrocchi
Vincent Quattrocchi Hace 5 meses
why do i feel like you guys are in new york
Mikassa Akermann
Mikassa Akermann Hace 6 meses
6:55 Was that a bug on top of your dough ?! 😱
Sheila Sarathy
Sheila Sarathy Hace 6 meses
I wanna make quesadillas in tbe wafflemaker
piby 180
piby 180 Hace 7 meses
I wasted my life wasting hours on cooking. WHERE WERE YOU?
VPfyi Hace 7 meses
I’m subscribing! Damn dude where y’all been all my life! This shit is greatttttt👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Alex Silver
Alex Silver Hace 8 meses
very good ! very good ! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY ! ahahahahaa
Elizabeth Shaw
Elizabeth Shaw Hace 8 meses
I purchased a waffle maker after I saw the first hacks for it. I also have very damaged hands so it will help me make beautiful food and I bought one where the plates flip over and it turns into a panini press or you can open it up and cook steaks on one side fish on the other you can cook protein on one side veggies on the other. Much easier for me when I'm alone and I have no caregiver at this point in time and it doesn't look like I will get one this summer. I am nursing home at home status that means I have to sign every year that I don't want to go into a nursing home because I need nursing home care at home. Even when I have a caregiver they don't do what they're supposed to.
gf31415 gfrz
gf31415 gfrz Hace 8 meses
I made waffles. sorry.
Abigail Jiménez
Abigail Jiménez Hace 9 meses
did they really grill lettuce with the bottom? I know you are better than that update: After that incident, everything in the video is actually amazing
Dizhane Jones
Dizhane Jones Hace 10 meses
They for sure smoke lol
Yung Sammy Sosa
Yung Sammy Sosa Hace un año
They high as fuck 😂😂😂
Ryan Madrid
Ryan Madrid Hace un año
Time traveled from 2019 bec we just got this exact waffle maker!
Mik Lax
Mik Lax Hace un año
So much oil.. I love it lol
kasia salamon
kasia salamon Hace un año
Why do you guys use so much olive oil? The waffles are drowned in the oil which is not too healthy.
Bathsheba Thayer
Bathsheba Thayer Hace un año
I am a mother I did already the Felafel 😇
Lilla Barbarics
Lilla Barbarics Hace un año
OMG I want a waffle maker!
Jazylah Sanders
Jazylah Sanders Hace un año
Can't wait to try these
Kathy nguyen
Kathy nguyen Hace un año
That Chinese impression was ugly and disgraceful
RJ King
RJ King Hace un año
has anyone tried fried dough?
Spaz Creations
Spaz Creations Hace un año
gonna save this, thanks!!
Alex RRR
Alex RRR Hace un año
Fekin amazing!
IamUncledeuce Hace un año
I picked up a waffle iron couple weeks ago and I made waffles... Then I saw this video... wow. Very cool.
kevin cinco
kevin cinco Hace un año
Made love in a waffle maker today.
TΩwmaX Hace un año
Be sure to use a waffle maker that has removable plates
moth Hace un año
Got my waffles tasting like tuna
Two One Knows
Two One Knows Hace un año
Omg I love you guys! Hitting subscribe now!
logan loony
logan loony Hace un año
This should be called how to make gormet meals in a waffle maker!!!!!!!! Awesome Video
venu paul singh dahiya
Wow guys! These recipes are just amazing! Keep it up . The innovation + creation + maintaining the funny side .
T K Hace un año
Love the vid description lmao
d0npian0 Hace un año
So hungry now!
D Crane
D Crane Hace 2 años
5:24 equals " Waffle pocket" Jim Gaffigan fans. Thank you guys this looks like fun!
Amma Starr
Amma Starr Hace 2 años
Congrats on the 1mil!
Shayla Amey
Shayla Amey Hace 2 años
love them so much
Valerie Martínez
Valerie Martínez Hace 2 años
Whaaaatttt. I'm soooooo buying myself a waffle maker. I can't even believe you got me all excited about buying a waffle maker LOL
Ruth Lewis
Ruth Lewis Hace 2 años
These guys are the Paganni of the kitchen :re pact with the devil. Go Bros.
Sara Schrlau
Sara Schrlau Hace 2 años
Great Video
Jenni Larsen
Jenni Larsen Hace 2 años
Honestly LOVE the hair! Super cute :)
dr. whet farts
dr. whet farts Hace 2 años
can i fart in the waffle maker
were y'all high? lol. good recipes!
Anthony Curanaj
Anthony Curanaj Hace 2 años
This inspired me to open up place to eat based off of cooking wit waffle makers only ... amazing from breakfast to dinner to desert ... just amazing the sky's the limit with this shit
Anthony Curanaj
Anthony Curanaj Hace 2 años
Ima have to cop that waffle maker
Joshua Popplewell
Joshua Popplewell Hace 2 años
by the way, thats not a taco..
MarzNet256 Hace 2 años
Throw some sticky cinnamon buns in there....then drizzle with hot jizz. 😍
Barbara Carbone
Barbara Carbone Hace 2 años
Holy moly...I always thought the waffle maker was underrated but never really knew why...now I know!!! Ty sooooo much!
Ron Woods
Ron Woods Hace 2 años
Anyone else think of Shawshank Redemption when the music started?
Kenny H
Kenny H Hace 2 años
Personally I think you both have lost your minds! Who the hell wants to eath everything converted into a f'n waffle? yuck! enough to gag a maggot!
Google User
Google User Hace 2 años
Just the thought of warm lettuce..😰😵😲
RubenOchoaPerez Hace 2 años
He's hot
gg55 Hace 2 años
Omg! U guys are using a LOT of oil 😬
Alice Alice
Alice Alice Hace 2 años
Thats was a lot of soy sauce :-0 the falafel was my fav
Twiggy the lizard
Twiggy the lizard Hace 2 años
That pannini steak taco😍😍😍😍mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
kei kei
kei kei Hace 2 años
You guys are incredible.
Lizzybeth grace
Lizzybeth grace Hace 2 años
I just got a waffle maker and I am making all of these
Zawja Abdul Aleem Yemeni
luv luv luuuuuuv from west philly!!!!
Nadia Uriostegui
Nadia Uriostegui Hace 2 años
what waffle machine is this ? do you recommend it ?
Maria VillaSant
Maria VillaSant Hace 2 años
Why did you all have to ruin it with your super racist Chinese comment/impersonation?
jessica salgado
jessica salgado Hace 2 años
This is every stoners dream. You guys are doing it right.
Pete &Pete
Pete &Pete Hace 2 años
you grill one half of the lettuce then mix it with the fresh half.
en pointe off balance
It's like. Stoned Daniel Radcliffe and Stone Andrew Garfield, talking to me about their weird waffle adventures. I'm into it.
Ashley Whisman
Ashley Whisman Hace 2 años
u guys are geniuses!!! My husband is gonna love this stuff. My kids too.
Laura M
Laura M Hace 2 años
Loved that video 👌🏻
The empanadas thing is more of a calzone
Benjamin Li
Benjamin Li Hace 2 años
"Move over toaster, suck a big one panini press, blow it out your a-hole forman, there is a new master in town and her name is Waffle Maker." HA! Loved that
Crystal Hace 3 años
I just got a big 4 in one waffle maker & these are incredible unique ideas! thank you!
Eduardo E
Eduardo E Hace 3 años
Girls can't wait for the sperm to shoot out
mmand1 Hace 3 años
I am the only one who is bothered by the amount of oil they poured to the waffle maker? I thought it is supposed to be non-stick?
Maureen Horan
Maureen Horan Hace 3 años
that music sounds like an old kate bush song, what is it waffle guys? just curious
Priya Chand
Priya Chand Hace 3 años
those spice racks are yhe most LEGIT I've EVER seen. i would know, us Indians are obsessed with spices
Jennifer M
Jennifer M Hace 3 años
Great ideas but immature delivery
Maura Hace 3 años
so much oil :(
Thea Ronayne
Thea Ronayne Hace 3 años
I don't have a waffle maker.
Snowy Hace 3 años
nothing chinese about that weird thing you made
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