6IX9INE - STOOPID FT. BOBBY SHMURDA (Official Music Video)

Tekashi 6ix9ine
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Directed by Trifedrew, William Asher & TheDonCanon of Figure Eight Creative Group
Mixed and Mastered by Wizard Lee.
@Trifedrew @William_asher @Thedoncanon @Feet1stmusic
10 FOR 10 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
"STOOPID" OUT NOW: 6ix9ine.lnk.to/STOOPID
Stoopid Lyrics:
Y'all already know, big boy Yung Gordon
You rockin' with Take Money promotion
Ay Take Money Promotion
Give 'em that new sh-t, no fool sh-t
Oh Yeah, let's go
DJ Lethal, Lethal
(Rough Rider)
Tay Keith
954, we live
Take Money Promotion
Tay Keith, f-ck these ni**as up
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)
[Verse: 6ix9ine]
Shoutout my apes in the f-ckin' roof (for real), for mayo they gon' sh00t
Spin a hoop, who the f-ck is you?
Who the f-ck you know, ni**a? No, ni**a
Ni**as killed your cousin, you want smoke, ni**a? (stoopid!)
Dumb ni**a, rollin' up your cousin in a blunt, ni**a
Bozo, b-tch, are you dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb? (stoopid!)
B-tch, I'm Nick Cannon with this drum-drum-drum-drum (brra-pom-pom)
Pull out the semis, no lil' pump-pump-pump-pumps (no esskeetit!)
We goin' dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb-d-dumb-dumb-dumb
B-tch I'm stoopid, b-tch I'm out, I be tweakin', I be wildin', I be booted! (b-tch I'm dru nk)
I'll be stealin', I be robbin', I be lootin'!
Your boyfriend dumb, he get no money, b-tch, he stoopid!
Oh, b-tch, he, oh, b-tch, he stoopid!
D4mn, homie, in high school you was the man, homie
What the f-ck happened to you? I'm just sayin', homie
Now you smokin' Black & Milds, smokin' reg, homie
Bobby Shmurda:
Ah, Ah, Ah, Shmurda on the muthaf-ckin set
Ni**a 6ix9ine is tight cuz
Tell ‘em shut up, suc a d-ck
Tell ‘em f-ck ‘em, I’m the sh-t
B-tch I’m drun k recording this
I’m getting money im the sh-t
Shout out my Bloods, shout out my Crips
That ni**a Ebro he a b-tch
Just another old ni**a on a young ni**a d-ck
B-tch I’m lit on the gram, a million likes you see my sh-t
A b-tch DM for the d-ck, but I’m probably with a hit
VVS Cuban hit, shoutout Jimmy for the drip
Your baby daddy mixtape was sh-t he a b-tch
Free Bobby, free Raddy, free Quino, free the nine
Shoutout Jady, shoutout Kooda, Dsav those my guys
FOA they gone ride, GS9 they gone slide
When I whoop who back ah, ah, ah, those my guys
[Verse: Bobby Shmurda]
She give me neck until I pass out
She use the teeth, she get cursed out
And all these suckas with they f-cking feelings always got they b-tches with they purse out
We on the blast ni**a b0w down
I count bricks put the work out
You know you like a ni**a shmoney dance, you gone love a ni**a when I swerve out
B-tch, I'm silly
Up them choppers, sh00t your sh-t up, let's get busy
Drinkin' Henny, goin' brazy, poppin' pillies
S3x Money Murda, shoutout all my blazing Billies (all my Billy)
We in yo' city! (we in yo'!)


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5 oct 2018






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0:38 when your dog hear the door bell
McBryanMan Hace 14 minutos
Ni🅱️🅱️a has been said too much
That OneGuy
That OneGuy Hace 25 minutos
Hes getting fat bruh
That OneGuy
That OneGuy Hace 27 minutos
"Sex money murder" he stole that from kendrick Lamar 😆 he to stoopid to come up with his own lyrics
Freestyle More Freestyle
Freestyle More Freestyle Hace 38 minutos
Free tekashi
Oreo Man
Oreo Man Hace 58 minutos
When he was still free.
Kaden Campos
Kaden Campos Hace un hora
0:00 6ix9ine after getting on witness protection
Alejandro Lopez
Alejandro Lopez Hace un hora
Un genio cantando 😁 un aguante desde Uruguay
Donald White
Donald White Hace un hora
I'm go in to rrrrooollleee on u nigga
kauê grossl
kauê grossl Hace un hora
A última antes de ser preso
FireGhost135 Hace un hora
0:38 when someone says lil pump us better than 6ix9ine
Mud Boy
Mud Boy Hace 2 horas
1:04 when you can’t think of original comments ( definitely not stolen by @LONII )
With Them
With Them Hace 2 horas
I love how the comments is full of memes XD.
With Them
With Them Hace 2 horas
Teacher: what's 2+2? Me: 9! Teacher: 0:48
Aman Singh
Aman Singh Hace 3 horas
RedXLion 7205
RedXLion 7205 Hace 3 horas
Who else watches is this so that way in the beginning they can go into vid sets and play it at 2x speed lol
purple idiot
purple idiot Hace 3 horas
You are the dumb one, 6ix9ine. Im not in jail.
PanosGreekGamer 9000
I showed this to my dog Now he is not my best friend
t jay
t jay Hace 4 horas
Free 69 this still my shit 💥💥💣💥
Robbie McGirt
Robbie McGirt Hace 4 horas
Tell shutup such a dick
Angel Escobar
Angel Escobar Hace 4 horas
Good job 69 for the songs
Trevur Silguero
Trevur Silguero Hace 4 horas
When I say to my friend what’s 9 + 10 Him:21 Me 0:48
Somalian Pirate
Somalian Pirate Hace 3 horas
Honestly, just fucking buy some rope from Amazon, hope for next day delivery... Tie it into a noose and fucking hang yourself.
Κατερινα Βλασερου
You motherfuckers
Da Boi Kev 21
Da Boi Kev 21 Hace 4 horas
1:13 when you one of your old classmates woking at walmart
yony Tapia
yony Tapia Hace 4 horas
69 the best El mejor q fue
Off Road Stuff
Off Road Stuff Hace 4 horas
I Be Snitching
Miranda Houwaart
Miranda Houwaart Hace 4 horas
William Escamilla vega
#69 💪🏻💪🏻 👇🏽
German Ruelas
German Ruelas Hace 5 horas
After doing a whole day of weed .whe. u see ur parents.0:38
Maxxas Crow
Maxxas Crow Hace 5 horas
He's such an idiot he spelled stewpid wrong
Ga'Kiya Carmichael
Ga'Kiya Carmichael Hace 5 horas
When ya teacher gives you work on the first day of school 0:48
ayden macpherson
ayden macpherson Hace 5 horas
whats the thing on his head
Don't Read My Profile Pic
this shit gave me ear cancer
Christopher Hurless
Christopher Hurless Hace 5 horas
Mello 5thousand
Mello 5thousand Hace 5 horas
Feds pulled up like 0:38 Judge like 0:47
My voice when I hit puberty 0:01
Skeleton Dead
Skeleton Dead Hace 6 horas
0:38 when you see your Ex
Runner4life Hace 6 horas
It’s still lit even though he snitched. Everybody fucked 69 so I understand
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
Or is this another situation of a fake tough guy screening his comments? Even worse slob, already got the screenshots
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
Red pride has died ranker
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
Lol nope, you just racin' to delete my comments before your fans see how bad you rank out to a NOBODY
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
Did I earn a 4 minute Instagram video with you talkin tough and tellin me to suc your dic yet?
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
My shit hit you so hard it'll knoc all that skittle dye out your wig, ho
King James
King James Hace 6 horas
Btw, you got some Uncle Tom ass blac dudes got your bac if they lettin' you say n*gga, slob
glauser Katlyy
glauser Katlyy Hace 6 horas
You're growing man titties
marian marianowicz
marian marianowicz Hace 7 horas
169 000 unlike is cocksucker
Vap oreon
Vap oreon Hace 7 horas
Dzięki za polski
KLastrR /كلاستر
افضل جزء في الاغنية لما قال قله يلعق قضيب 😂😂😂
geert wilders
geert wilders Hace 7 horas
0:10 when you hear you going to jail
leonel peña
leonel peña Hace 7 horas
leonel peña
leonel peña Hace 7 horas
kaoatai ronyel uaao oacauio
Sciucio Cosimino
Sciucio Cosimino Hace 7 horas
Star Smokey
Star Smokey Hace 7 horas
6ix9ine in the prison :(
Fracture Hace 7 horas
this guy is rich of what being a retard
samy dadi
samy dadi Hace 7 horas
Rooster.retsooR _
Rooster.retsooR _ Hace 7 horas
MKAIN ! Hace 8 horas
Bars so hard he ended behind them
jordan feliz
jordan feliz Hace 8 horas
Guafoki torotonton
Sandra Hernandez
Sandra Hernandez Hace 8 horas
Te Extrañoooo 6ix9ine 😓😘
AD PEEP Hace 8 horas
christopher milne 24
Anther comment for the commenters since six9ine is in jail for 47 yrs and he’s 22 do the math he’s gonna be 69 when he’s get out did he plan did or
christopher milne 24
Yo six9ine why almost all your songs on a different channel???
rosa :v army
rosa :v army Hace 8 horas
temazo UwU
Anthony Kean
Anthony Kean Hace 9 horas
Hey having fun getting raped
Music. România
Music. România Hace 9 horas
Teodolinda Morales
Teodolinda Morales Hace 9 horas
I like lil pump and snoop dogg
Matrox DR
Matrox DR Hace 10 horas
Aroseoffice 666
Aroseoffice 666 Hace 10 horas
Kamil Tyczek
Kamil Tyczek Hace 10 horas
Michał Zubik
Michał Zubik Hace 11 horas
Wow I’m blown away
鑫 阿
鑫 阿 Hace 11 horas
Andromediens Hace 11 horas
I BE SNITCHIN' oh wait... WAIT WHAT Tekashi????
Naphtali Parvaiz
Naphtali Parvaiz Hace 11 horas
Brooklyn Wilson
Brooklyn Wilson Hace 11 horas
Nicoxx Sk8
Nicoxx Sk8 Hace 11 horas
hunts man
hunts man Hace 11 horas
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Olive Tree Hace 11 horas
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Master Two
Master Two Hace 11 horas
Ashish Panta
Ashish Panta Hace 12 horas
Vten Ko Geet HerepaxI Aaune Kati Yeta.
Uo Uo
Uo Uo Hace 12 horas
1890: 2019 will be the future 2019: ohh fuck..
youngjr666 666rjgnuoy
youngjr666 666rjgnuoy Hace 12 horas
I was never a fan of his but his music is catchy
Grunon Hace 12 horas
No u
Nancy Geo
Nancy Geo Hace 12 horas
he has 0% IQ , he acts like an idiot
Reegant Hace 9 horas
Well someone's jealous
Dji et sosso Djibril et Sofia
lles Français vous ette la
Víctor Gonzalez
Víctor Gonzalez Hace 12 horas
Got her panties 💦 while you was in ⛓
Jimmy dean Farts
Jimmy dean Farts Hace 12 horas
GodHasStruck Hace 13 horas
Bobby: *sings on prison phone* Everyone: *well fuck..*
Kk Hawkinsla
Kk Hawkinsla Hace 13 horas
benjamin molbek
benjamin molbek Hace 13 horas
you are the best
Domi domino
Domi domino Hace 14 horas
Polyline Hace 14 horas
Mate you can’t even fucking sing. All you do is scream like a little girl.
Mqsked QUIT
Mqsked QUIT Hace 14 horas
*When you don't sleep all night and tomorrow you have school* *Brain:* 0:48
e456e2 Hace 15 horas
I swear i kiss you tomorrow
e456e2 Hace 15 horas
I love poop
e456e2 Hace 15 horas
My boyfriend names Sunne
wintaze anil
wintaze anil Hace 16 horas
Your song is same copy Vten
DgknAkd Hace 16 horas
çeviri efso olmuş brom
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