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Ohhh… how we girls wish that our lives could get a bit easier! What if we could tell you about some more hacks?
Life is a little complex? But when life throws problems at us, we throw hacks! If you are stressed, you should be well-dressed!
And you can do wonders with a look to kill! We did some digging and found out some amazing girly hacks and tricks that would help to sort out all the last-minute problems.
From dyeing your hair pink to a bathing suit from scratch, we have got you all covered! So, check’em out and you can thank us later!
0:17 DIY fake piercing
1:13 Homemade temporary hair dye
2:49 DIY cropped top
4:27 Easy way to fake freckles
5:18 DIY bathing suit top
6:20 Refashion two tight t-shirts into one flowing top
7:37 Warm jacket out of scarf
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23 mar 2019






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Emilie Prosperi
Emilie Prosperi Hace 36 minutos
Elena Ristovska
Elena Ristovska Hace 6 horas
i love this amy
Emily Zaske
Emily Zaske Hace 13 horas
the staple hack is a bad idea it will hurt after a bit
Huw Jones
Huw Jones Hace 14 horas
I did the second video but it was blue
Neveen Salib
Neveen Salib Hace un día
I love Amy and Lana and lily
Joudy Ehab
Joudy Ehab Hace un día
You all looks so cool 😎 I don't watch any videos only your they. You are my favorite💞💞💞
Jose Uresti
Jose Uresti Hace 6 horas
Mini Sabu
Mini Sabu Hace un día
Don't Maya brush her teeth, coz its so yellow
Melissa Walker
Melissa Walker Hace un día
Cool life hacks
Alyssa Staton
Alyssa Staton Hace un día
Cool I guese
Lovethy123 Lovethy123
Tegan Silk
Tegan Silk Hace 3 días
Dilawar Khan
Dilawar Khan Hace 3 días
Vicky and Mia look the same 😂
Flower Rose
Flower Rose Hace 3 días
I love 123 go
Sophie Aristy
Sophie Aristy Hace 4 días
2:30 did u realized Mia put on her glasses without picking it up.
Sharon Ruth
Sharon Ruth Hace 5 días
Lily-Rose Byrne
Lily-Rose Byrne Hace 6 días
Rrg was
Liza Amed
Liza Amed Hace 7 días
Ursie Evie
Ursie Evie Hace 8 días
Does the dye come out in a shampoo 😟😟😟🧐🧐🧐🙁🙁🙁🤨🤨🤨😕😕😕😋😘😛☺️😊😝😜😍🤩🤗🤔
Cleotilde Martínez
Cleotilde Martínez Hace 8 días
No One Cares
Olive Whang
Olive Whang Hace 9 días
that girl literally searched up freckles
Alice Sperry
Alice Sperry Hace 3 días
Olive Whang actually no she was on social media
Wo w
Wo w Hace 10 días
Naiara Martinez
Naiara Martinez Hace 10 días
How can you take the dye off
Fika Djaya
Fika Djaya Hace 11 días
the bloopers where so funny
Yusra Ahmed
Yusra Ahmed Hace 11 días
Amy looks pretty with pink hair
Yusra Ahmed
Yusra Ahmed Hace 11 días
Just a ‘Printer’
Just a ‘Printer’ Hace 11 días
CHANDA MEENA Hace 11 días
Awesome girly hacks
Jayda Khatun
Jayda Khatun Hace 11 días
I wish I had pink hair 😭😫😭😭😭
Belle Rodriguez
Belle Rodriguez Hace 11 días
I’m not trying to offend them but their teeth are VERY yellow😐
syamala s
syamala s Hace 12 días
William Nguyen
William Nguyen Hace 12 días
I hate Vicky
Jose Nicolas Ramirez
Jose Nicolas Ramirez Hace 12 días
:( it fake for the hair streamer
Devi Komar
Devi Komar Hace 12 días
It got so crazy when I am at the first time put something warm on
Aimeely Garcia
Aimeely Garcia Hace 13 días
Just for the record I don't even think freckles are cute
Carrie Cobb
Carrie Cobb Hace 14 días
or food coloring
Vikram Bagai
Vikram Bagai Hace 16 días
We can colour our hair but how will we take it out permanently ¿¿??
Jasleen Kaur
Jasleen Kaur Hace 19 días
I love 123 go hair
AddisonOf UwULand
AddisonOf UwULand Hace 19 días
instead of glue for the shirt one i would use a sewing kit or a sewing machine
Alejandro Ramos
Alejandro Ramos Hace 20 días
Kojo Egyir
Kojo Egyir Hace 20 días
Cute hair
Maya Mwangi
Maya Mwangi Hace 20 días
I love these hacks
caroline donis
caroline donis Hace 21 un día
Amy and Mia is my favorite
Christanique Johnson
Christanique Johnson Hace 21 un día
I love yoy 🥰🥰🥰
Mya Lynn and Mackenzie l.v
Your thumb nail looks like your face is dirty
Omm Shaden
Omm Shaden Hace 23 días
... Mia and Vicky looks cute
Fanal Mohamad
Fanal Mohamad Hace 26 días
I thought her name was Mia not maya like if you noticed
Ayissabeth Rose
Ayissabeth Rose Hace 26 días
The girl put freckles on she looks like she just got in the dirt
Madeline Wootten
Madeline Wootten Hace 4 días
lovely wolf 1000
lovely wolf 1000 Hace 26 días
The paper hair dye trick roses not work my mom tried it on me
Nirmal Padamadan
Nirmal Padamadan Hace 26 días
Rafael Vpta
Rafael Vpta Hace 27 días
I love them!😍😘
Vanessa Dunlap
Vanessa Dunlap Hace 27 días
Sandiswa Sandiswa
Sandiswa Sandiswa Hace 27 días
Wow l like watching your video
Drawing Chero
Drawing Chero Hace 27 días
There all fake but k oop I thought it was troom troom well it doesn’t work anyway does it?
TitusGGS De andrade
TitusGGS De andrade Hace 28 días
The thumbnail is horrible
Tan Sze Teng
Tan Sze Teng Hace 29 días
The giraffe is good
Tan Sze Teng
Tan Sze Teng Hace 29 días
Good day
Zala Boc
Zala Boc Hace 29 días
how can you put pink color of your hair?
Taminnah Ganalongo
Taminnah Ganalongo Hace 29 días
Wow very adia👼😇👼😇👼😇💞💞💞🤗🤗
moussa gooda
moussa gooda Hace 29 días
Zhanelle ha Bernal
Zhanelle ha Bernal Hace 29 días
Hi amy
Jen McCann
Jen McCann Hace un mes
G I have pink hair
siena ruiz
siena ruiz Hace un mes
For the first hack the stapler I almost had to go to the hospital because I almost swallowed the stapler
Katelyn Hace un mes
Maybe next time do the nose ring
SerraFunny •w•
SerraFunny •w• Hace un mes
There teeth are really yellow-
afsheen fatima
afsheen fatima Hace un mes
Best video ever 😍😍😂😍
Andrew Hace un mes
Do you use hot water or cold water for the hair dye please answer
Leah Thompson
Leah Thompson Hace un mes
I did your nose ring hack
Briana Kelly
Briana Kelly Hace un mes
fathimath aala ahmed
did anyone notice that in this video they called mia maya
Aseel Mohamed
Aseel Mohamed Hace un mes
I wish I could have pink her but my mom doesn't let me have pink hair
Cynthia Maglonzo
Cynthia Maglonzo Hace un mes
Veronica Tiano
Veronica Tiano Hace un mes
I thought her name is mia
savbrieadam See
savbrieadam See Hace un mes
Umaiza Khan
Umaiza Khan Hace un mes
Yolimar Ceballo
Yolimar Ceballo Hace un mes
why yall' teeth are yellow same time
William Agtarap
William Agtarap Hace un mes
i like vicky not maya maya its so uggly
Brandy Nanez
Brandy Nanez Hace un mes
Roman Castro
Roman Castro Hace un mes
2:48 ha ha haha look at Mia face
Darcy Hickley
Darcy Hickley Hace un mes
There teeth are yellow
Linda Cashdollar
Linda Cashdollar Hace un mes
Really Nikki Minaj her music is not exactly good sorry nikki!
Sudeepa Awanthi
Sudeepa Awanthi Hace un mes
I like Amy's pink hair and she's pink dress
Vanessa Macias
Vanessa Macias Hace un mes
Does freckles look really cute
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