7-Second Grand National - Turbo V8 Swapped Buick!

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The 2016 Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals are the scene of the action as this killer turbo v8 swapped Grand National hits the lanes and shows us what it's got!
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30 dic 2016






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Jessica R SugaPlum
Jessica R SugaPlum Hace 28 días
Yeahhh baby GN🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇺🇸🏁🚦☠👍🏻👍🏼👍🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥
Vito Simplicio
Vito Simplicio Hace un mes
Boylston as nun
Chief Kowee
Chief Kowee Hace un mes
Everyone hating on the grand national can’t even afford a regal 😂
Chief Kowee
Chief Kowee Hace un mes
trap martin I have a 84 t type and I’m getting ready for a twin turbo LS swap
trap martin
trap martin Hace un mes
I own a 78 regal I just don’t see the point of using a classic rare g body for this...
Ricardo Figueroa Reyes
Boricuas rotarys are the law !
Lycanthropic Paranoia
V6 or nothing......
Bryan Carpenter
Bryan Carpenter Hace 3 meses
Silentshadz L
Silentshadz L Hace 9 meses
What a waste of a GN 😔
daniel bean
daniel bean Hace 9 meses
Good way to fuck up s GRAND NATIONAL. Fucking idiot.
Oxi Clean
Oxi Clean Hace un año
If it’s a V8, just supercharge it for goodness sakes
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch
Plus supercharged engines are more likely to chip a piston.
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch
Why? Turbo's make better power in most situations.
Mn384 Hace un año
Would have been nice to see the other times on paper also (60ft time, etc).
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
Something went horribly right with this car and I don't know how. It's like Buick knew the exact amount of power and weight to get amazing acceleration and traction. You can have all the power in the world but if you're just spinning tires you aren't winning shit. A turbo V8 is almost like an 8" dick - so excessive that it actually starts to hinder your performance. Once you're making that kind of power you have to run super sticky tires that are useless for anything except hot as fuck and dry as fuck. Thanks but no thanks. I don't know how tires still suck so much all these years later. They're obviously better but the amount of progress made in 30 years is sad. People are too complacent and it isn't a big money maker for companies so I guess tires for car enthusiasts are put on the back burner. Sad.
Billy May
Billy May Hace un año
Matthew Pavelka
Matthew Pavelka Hace un año
R my status wrong Real gnx was 0 to 60 in3.9 sec stock from factory can u help me on this I had Buick true gnx not Bolt on after market faster than the corvette that year???
R Verro
R Verro Hace 7 meses
If memory serves me well, the 1987 GNx only lost, in 1988 was, to a Ferrari Testarosa or something like that. Beside that, it killed everything else for a couple of years in-a-row.
Jon B
Jon B Hace un año
It's not a Buick Grand National anymore. It's a Buick Regal. People need to get this straight. You could put any badging you want on it. But once you get rid of the V6 turbo it's a Regal
Aubrey Skinner
Aubrey Skinner Hace un año
Does anybody know if this dude has a Facebook?
Austin Stone
Austin Stone Hace un año
Didn't win any of those races but your car Is super quick
Martin Ball
Martin Ball Hace un año
Dang he lost every race
Collin Klitz
Collin Klitz Hace un año
That V8 doesn't belong there
Joshua Vasquez
Joshua Vasquez Hace 2 años
Lol it only took Ls.
Frigglebiscuit Hace un año
turbo 3.8 gn was running 7s in the early 90s. you played yourself.
Tracey Melbourn
Tracey Melbourn Hace 2 años
GN is no joke even in 2017!!
Falafel Hace 2 años
The GNX proved to america that there is replacement for displacement, by having a turbo V6. Swapping it with V8 would make its exploits and legacy pointless.
Frigglebiscuit Hace 11 meses
@mewrongway not in my dreams. it happens. so many blown up ls engines compared to 3.8 buicks.
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
To be fair, 3.8 liters is pretty damn big for a 6 Cylinder. Practically every other 6 cylinder I can think of is a 3.0 or 3.5 at most. It's only 0.8 liters smaller than 4.6 liter Mustang GT. Throw 20 pounds of boost on top and it's not that hard to see why it's so fast. It has almost an entire liter advantage over the Supra and we all know how insane that car is. Buick did something right since the FBI discretely bought a shit ton of GNs and GNXs. As a rule of thumb, if the FBI wants it, I do too. Their R&D team is on point lol.
Frigglebiscuit Hace un año
3.8 buick whoops a lsx's ass. fuck off.
mewrongway Hace 2 años
LSX proved to the world that you can make ungodly amounts of horsepower and still get great economy and longevity!
Nicky Cowboy
Nicky Cowboy Hace 2 años
Love the Gn so much but if it's a real Gn it's a shame that the it was built this way and had a motor swap. I mean if your gonna do that line as well just buy a base model regal. Cheaper to buy and won't ruin a nice car. Either way sick car love the Gn.
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
My thoughts exactly - he spent 30 grand on that car to fuck it up when he could have just spend 10 all in and had the boring as fuck V8 G body.
ftw65911 Hace 2 años
He keeps losing??
lb lewis
lb lewis Hace 2 años
Is he ever gonna win a race. RIP to ya career bruh
mr95supercoupe Hace 2 años
anyone know anything about that celica at 1:25?
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
@mewrongway How can you say anything about intelligent responses when you say shit like this. First of all, most of the cars in the video are old as fuck. It's not like someone just bought that, so immediately this is an asinine comment. If an American job was lost, it was lost a long fucking time ago. If you truly care about American jobs you must be pro Trump and very against illegal immigration? If not you're a delusional hypocrite.
mewrongway Hace 2 años
Ya I know that people keep buying foreign cars then cant understand why there kids cant find jobs! People keep buying foreign cars and cant understand why America is so deep in debt!
SS Soilder
SS Soilder Hace 2 años
Why would you put in a v8? The car has been destroyed
Linkin Park Fan 72
Linkin Park Fan 72 Hace 4 meses
@BigKleib34 right LoL
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
@BigKleib34 Cool for Instagram, not so cool if you're actually trying to win. That ain't a Dodge Charger and he ain't Vin Diesel.
mewrongway Hace 2 años
Only a SS Soilder would ask such a question!
BigKleib34 Hace 2 años
That wheelie thoooo
Buven Brar
Buven Brar Hace 2 años
Why would you do that to a grand national? Disgrace!
Tjfreak Hace 2 años
I hope this is one thing about America that never dies
jimmy ortiz
jimmy ortiz Hace 3 años
Smdh.. Some things are more important than winning a race. and he didn't even win!!! So he has a V8 REGAL.. its NOT A GN ANYMORE. wow impressive 😒
Taylon Hace un mes
Ruined the fucking beauty of that 3.6 turbo that made that gave meat to that body.yes the v8 is "more power" but it's not the power that made the gn what it was. To each there own,but damn man. It hurts to see.
wed3k Hace 2 años
yea 7 seconds isnt impressive considering those imports are in the 6's.
GrimmR34PER555 Hace 3 años
There's this odd feeling in my stomach, it just pits when i hear and see my favorite cars on the drag strip, it's fucking amazing. Badass video.
juliancho Hace 3 años
that Green ONE
Crizs Clips
Crizs Clips Hace 3 años
Wheelie Bars NEEDED..If he had those he could turn it up properly keeping the front down and go quicker
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
@mewrongway That's what he gets for using an aluminum V8(just guessing). Lighter is good, but not if it makes you turn down the boost. Cast iron blocks can handle way more power and I'm assuming they help mitigate shit like this.
mewrongway Hace 2 años
Finally an intelligent response! He is loosing because he is not getting proper traction!
jhumbled Hace 3 años
did I just see a 200 mph corolla?!?!?!?!?
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
@mewrongway This is 2018 - American kids will be without jobs no matter what. Buy an "American" car and it's made with Chinese parts and assembled by Mexicans. I'd rather support Asian kids that don't sell drugs in my country and actually take great pride in the work they're doing. The '80s ended a job time ago, unfortunately.
mewrongway Hace 2 años
No, You saw an American kid without a job because someone bought a foreign car!
Seth Patterson
Seth Patterson Hace 3 años
mike scott
mike scott Hace 3 años
Total stupidity. Build a Buick 274 stage 2 motor with 88 or 94 mm turbo. 1400 hp and a lighter motor
mewrongway Hace 2 años
Total stupidity, Keep using antique technology when you can use the newest and best technology available!
231mac Hace 3 años
Not very impressive. Lawrence Conley was running 7's in the late 90's with a V6 single turbo Regal. Wtf...
Brandon Wilfork
Brandon Wilfork Hace 11 meses
@BigKleib34 fuck you lsd bitch lol I'm just playing
jimmy ortiz
jimmy ortiz Hace 2 años
231mac correction.. EARLY 90s
mewrongway Hace 2 años
231 mac The man is running in the 7's. What are you running?
the Shadow
the Shadow Hace 2 años
BigKleib34 faster than yours
EliteGeeks Hace 2 años
He has a point, if the V6 is just as fast, why bother?
Clifford Purk
Clifford Purk Hace 3 años
gut wrenching to see a GN with a v8 swap. I'm all about v8 american muscle but some things you just don't do v8 swaps to.
Carl Hammar
Carl Hammar Hace un mes
@Novusod , that might have been a Regal. Nothing other than it being black and the title on here says it was a true GN
Chief Kowee
Chief Kowee Hace un mes
Can any one of you even afford a regal?
babiesmakinbabies Hace un año
Agreed. Just use any old car. Why destroy/mod a perfectly fine car as is.
Silver N Black Mopar
@Novusod couldn't agree more....
Ten Ninecraft
Ten Ninecraft Hace un año
Freeman/duttweiler went faster with the stock 3.8l
Drew513Ryder Hace 3 años
if they remove the turbo V6 it's just a Regal in my opinion
Sotallytober Hace 3 años
Its like ripping the soul out of it the hole mustek of owning a GN is the fact you can say it's just a 6.
jorge felix
jorge felix Hace 3 años
What about the car from mech tec collage!🤔
NitrousCatfish Hace 3 años
RIP mustang mike
William Neff
William Neff Hace 3 años
dude lost every dang race. love the car and the fact that he swapped in 2 extra cylinders.. wierd to see a video full of losses
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
My thoughts exactly; I'm watching the races and it's loss after loss. I guess I should buy an RX-8 instead lol.
Collin Klitz
Collin Klitz Hace un año
The fact that he V8 swapped it makes me cringe
Kelly Boyd
Kelly Boyd Hace 3 años
Me thinks he was running in the wrong class! lol
Annie Rains
Annie Rains Hace 3 años
haha that's so funny I was thinking the same thing. badass ride just sucks that he lost!! I like that Fastback Mustang those things are making a comeback any info on that one I don't think it's Helenor is it?
jorge felix
jorge felix Hace 3 años
William Neff exactly the guy loose every race im like whats going on with the swap engine and stuff?
Wesley Ronne
Wesley Ronne Hace 3 años
why couldnt he just use a t type and make a clone
Wesley Ronne
Wesley Ronne Hace 3 años
@Drew513Ryder yeah that would be the best option
Drew513Ryder Hace 3 años
Wesley Ronne t type is worth money too. they should have just use a plain Jane Regal
Mathew Bolles
Mathew Bolles Hace 3 años
Bsaint Hace 3 años
Love myself some GNX only Buick I would ever own.
Yul Strokheet Al-Wauch
@Dave Wilson Doesn't the GNX have 5 more lbs of boost? Isn't 1st gear in the GN 15psi then 2nd, 3rd, and 4th at 10psi while the GNX stays at 15psi boost throughout the gears?
John fuggin kelly 01
John fuggin kelly 01
And the 3.8 Turbo
Dave Wilson
Dave Wilson Hace un año
@scott smith Bigger turbo, 1 more pound of boost and a better rear end suspension setup increase traction. As far as I know those are the biggest differences - hardly worth an extra 100 grand but to each their own. I don't care about the prestige of owning a rare care, I care about owning a blacked out G body with the 3.8 turbo. As a matter of fact I'd much rather have the plain GN because I wouldn't be horrified to actually drive the car and enjoy it. If I had a small house invested in a GNX I would just jack off in it and drive it once a week at most.
scott smith
scott smith Hace un año
Do u know diff between 87 gn an gnx ?
Oh Pulse
Oh Pulse Hace 3 años
rip the value of that GN
lro001 Hace 6 meses
The depreciation of that GN just dropped dramatically with that engine swap.
Robert Martinez
Robert Martinez Hace un año
Haaa...u can get a gn for under 20...that car would sell for 100
97336cf Hace 3 años
back in the 80s, v8s were pushing out less than 200 hp in most cars. Obviously the tubro 6 beat them.
Oh Pulse
Oh Pulse Hace 3 años
@Craig Cundiff could be a t-type
Craig Cundiff
Craig Cundiff Hace 3 años
@Drew513Ryder​ 😅😅😅. I meant the Regal Sport coupe not the Grand Sport. At least that's what it was called in that era (G body)
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