73 Questions With Kylie Jenner | Vogue

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Kylie Jenner dishes on what her current pregnancy cravings are, who the funniest Kardashian is, and so much more.

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Interviewer: Joe Sabia
Director: Matthew Pollock
Director of Photography: Alexander Chinnici
Editor: Daniel Poler
Color: Oliver Eid
Mix: Nick Cipriano at BANG Audio Post
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Director, Video Talent: Lauren Mendoza
Producers: Naomi Nishi, Jordin Rocchi
Producer, On-Site: Jace Davis
Associate Producer: Michelle Wong
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty
Post Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi

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73 Questions With Kylie Jenner | Vogue

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23 sep 2021






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Vogue Hace 14 horas
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Haris Wani
Haris Wani Hace 6 horas
Huge fan of Kylie Jenner and I love her and her whole family big fan and I love this show ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nora Perez
Nora Perez Hace 6 horas
No way she eats cinnamon rolls and junk food ..
NatureTube Hace 6 horas
High Class Holiness
High Class Holiness Hace 6 horas
You are really good at answering questions. You stay right to the point and you stay professional and focused at all times. You do a great job at asking the celebrities questions. Keshia
NatureTube Hace 9 horas
Can you ask some serious questions like where she keeps her safe like that
Nadia Tanjalog
Nadia Tanjalog Hace 3 horas
I was very happy to click... But danm ! Kylie seems very BORED and is very BORING in this video . I feel like due to her pregnancy , it was the worst moment to take this video . So uncomfortable .
J L Hace 3 horas
Why she is constantly sounding like that like tsk tsk tsk, 🙁 lack of enthusiasm
ItratFatima khan
ItratFatima khan Hace 3 horas
Who else thinks kylie becm arrogant nd seems disinterested 👎
Nikki M
Nikki M Hace 3 horas
Most boring 73 questions ever!!! She just walked around the room and didn’t describe anything!!!
Ryan Derek
Ryan Derek Hace 3 horas
The more she grows up the more she looks like fake azz Kim stop doing plastic surgery girl your looking worse
Shameema Hossain Khan
Her house is so amazing 🤩😍
Rosa Bonilla Espindola
¿Y esas viejas nunca sonríen? 🤔🤔🤔
Joshua Pingley
Joshua Pingley Hace 3 horas
There’s an irony to Kylie saying she was never nervous filming the show when this entire interview was hella awkward. I genuinely like Kylie, but she seems SO unlikable here. She’s just so unrelatable…
Syaufi Shaharuddin
Syaufi Shaharuddin Hace 3 horas
stormi is so sweet she was smiling at the swing the whole time
The Davis Family
The Davis Family Hace 3 horas
please get a better reporter, this was all over the place ☹️
The Davis Family
The Davis Family Hace 3 horas
he should’ve asked” may I come in “ after saying let’s do this .. that way she was could’ve said “ oh yeah!” & then began with thw rest of the questions lol idk that’s me
Melissa Holder
Melissa Holder Hace 3 horas
The smaking of the mouth at the beginning of almost every answer. lololol. edit much needed
Isabellaa Hace 3 horas
It’s so crazy how this video got 6 million views in one day but One of the most awkward videos of 73 questions. At least pick somebody that’s like interesting? Like somebody that we don’t really know that much
Mario Rosales
Mario Rosales Hace 3 horas
Why is she still relevant
Flor Fisogni
Flor Fisogni Hace 3 horas
Siempre que empieza una oración hace un "tss" Y ME FRUSTRA 😭😭😭😭
Chloe Chloe
Chloe Chloe Hace 3 horas
Eww Yucky 🤮 lol 😆
Rosie Ava Sofia
Rosie Ava Sofia Hace 3 horas
What’s stormis’ favourite music: Stormi: MA DAWG WOULD PROBLY DO IT FOR A LOUIS BELT
Harmony Rose
Harmony Rose Hace 3 horas
Interviewer: “Did you ever feel shy in front of the camera?” Kylie: “not really” Also Kylie: *extremely nervous and shy* (No hate just noticed she looks anxious)
Linh Phuong Ngoc NGUYEN
Know more about Treble clef! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-I3dI7GXGt2I.html
Kara Tedder
Kara Tedder Hace 3 horas
This is painful to watch
Duda Hayate
Duda Hayate Hace 3 horas
Esperando a tradução simultânea do Diogo Paródias...
Seema Islam
Seema Islam Hace 3 horas
Why does not she smile 🐱
Mizzy Garcia
Mizzy Garcia Hace 3 horas
Were they headed to a wedding because I thought Kylie said she was going to an ultrasound appointment... but then see Kris back there in a tuxedo 😭😭 Catching flights be like that sometimes when your gyno is outta state I guess 💁🏽‍♀️✈
MegaMega !
MegaMega ! Hace 3 horas
I’m so happy for her. I hope her pregnancy goes amazing
orked Hace 3 horas
I'm a bit annoyed with 'tsk' sound 😐😐
comfykeegs Hace 3 horas
Great episode of ducktales
Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner Hace 3 horas
Ily Kylie
Isabellaa Hace 3 horas
This looks so awkward, usually people just walk around the house and do stuff why is she just standing there
Val arg
Val arg Hace 3 horas
wait is she pregnant??????
Swati Barua
Swati Barua Hace 3 horas
I am not prepared is my favorite line
Ashley Castillo
Ashley Castillo Hace 3 horas
Kylie’s little “mccht” before every question
Carolina C.
Carolina C. Hace 3 horas
So rehearsed.
Selenat 09
Selenat 09 Hace 3 horas
Houston is not a country
safaa xcx
safaa xcx Hace 3 horas
she’s so anxious
I_AM2 Hace 3 horas
The ONLY question that matters is...Who gives a flying F**K. Mindless drivel watched by brainless morons.
Aisha James
Aisha James Hace 3 horas
Kriss had me wheezinggg😭😭😭💀💀💀
Airela Ayala
Airela Ayala Hace 3 horas
Omg is she pregnant! Awww
Angela Solomon
Angela Solomon Hace 3 horas
She’s so nervous.Aw
A. H
A. H Hace 3 horas
okay no more fillers
Hush Whisper
Hush Whisper Hace 3 horas
All you who said God isn't real. You're screwed! Look... esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2K2XfdCjXfk.html
Erin’s World
Erin’s World Hace 3 horas
Who’s the best dresses? Stormi😐
Shitake Hace 3 horas
Illumined Hypnosis
Illumined Hypnosis Hace 3 horas
Omg she said the Giving Tree
chase jenkins
chase jenkins Hace 3 horas
kylie doesn’t look good in this imo
Madeline holland
Madeline holland Hace 3 horas
“Will you sing for us” that’ll be a performance fee “i’m not prepared for that” “Will you tell us the gender first” no also i see the back of her head a lot i love kylie i’m a huge fan but i def see the issues here
NityaJeon Hace 3 horas
FERAL Cheryl
FERAL Cheryl Hace 3 horas
#jocelynwilderstein Not hating but she's defo in the making. When your face stops expressing emotions you've gone too far 🙄
Uyenpha Hace 3 horas
This mansion..er house. My gosh!!
Junne Grajales
Junne Grajales Hace 3 horas
Is it just me or does she click her tongue a lot?:) heehee
Kaycee Mohr
Kaycee Mohr Hace 3 horas
I love Kylie but the “tsk” noise is very odd when she speaks
Tania Hermosillo
Tania Hermosillo Hace 3 horas
mss, mss... Ha ha ha
V King
V King Hace 3 horas
if you guys thought this was bad, go watch victoria beckham's 73 questions. kylie's is way better than a lot i've seen.
Treyton Berrycloth
Treyton Berrycloth Hace 3 horas
I just did, he sounded like he was trying to get in her pants the whole time 😂😂😂
Alex Bee
Alex Bee Hace 3 horas
oh no
oh no Hace 3 horas
I am a narcissist
sheenythesheep Hace 3 horas
The most boring 75 questions. Everytime she just stood by and answering questions doing nothing is veryvery awkward
oh no
oh no Hace 3 horas
1 day ago
oh no
oh no Hace 3 horas
Day 1
kammar Hace 3 horas
So serious, and sooo much lip smacking...
brylie schofield
brylie schofield Hace 3 horas
She clicks her tongue before talking a lot
Jay Jeune
Jay Jeune Hace 3 horas
The worst one, low engagement
Ingrid Matias
Ingrid Matias Hace 3 horas
Kylie looked so serious. Stormi literally was the best part of the video.
San Ru
San Ru Hace 3 horas
Not wanna spoil it for anyone but... Kylie tsk tsking before answering almost all the questions 😅...
Emily Villafuerte
Emily Villafuerte Hace 3 horas
Why did I search “most boring video ever” and this popped up
Kodee Foster
Kodee Foster Hace 3 horas
1) shocked at the number of thumbs up 2) nothing about y’all is relatable 3) HOUSTON?!?
Varonessa Roman
Varonessa Roman Hace 3 horas
Kris pushing stormi on the swing 🕴🏻
Hernan Rincon
Hernan Rincon Hace 3 horas
I think the person i love the most is kylie🤣
threetwosev Hace 3 horas
What I really wanted to know is, how much did all of her plastic surgery cost?
Whitney Miller
Whitney Miller Hace 3 horas
This is giving me Britney Spears on her Instagram vibes… 😮‍💨🥸👎
Remyandbuzzplayzz Hace 4 horas
Jim Smith
Jim Smith Hace 4 horas
WHat a house!!! Fantastic. I love this family. It's so cute that Kris is there and asked a few questions too. How sweet. They are so well prepared and have such a great image. Good on them. God bless the Kardashians.
Rohan Khubchandani
Rohan Khubchandani Hace 4 horas
"I think they can find someone to relate to" I'm sorry what?
Joycetaoexo Hace 4 horas
Oh my goodness
Lily Things
Lily Things Hace 4 horas
kawaii stormi
Divine Hace 4 horas
Naz Tava
Naz Tava Hace 4 horas
Girl, you would not like Houston 😂 trust me!
Afeera Maryam
Afeera Maryam Hace 4 horas
Is she pregnant again...!!! Bt with whom...??
TheMontesss Hace 4 horas
Before an answer she would “tsk”. I got so annoyed but still happy she did this session.
cocochannel5 Hace 4 horas
That awkward part of the video of her talking and just walking ahead and not turning around till she gets in the house 😂 she’s so cute
Hareshwari Reddy
Hareshwari Reddy Hace 4 horas
This one hands down had to feel the most memorised. You can see kylie being so nervous and think abt what she has to say 😂😂. Me whenever I to give a speech at school 💁🏻‍♀️💀
Tori Hace 4 horas
She did this video at the BEST time.
Lola Z
Lola Z Hace 4 horas
It triggers me that she teethed sucked her teeth with every question
Brianna Gonzales
Brianna Gonzales Hace 4 horas
Such a good momma
Nadia P
Nadia P Hace 4 horas
Señoritas Top's
Señoritas Top's Hace 4 horas
I'm feeling really bad and Kris is saying "just nod and smile, I can't smile".
Armane Aluna Catipay
Storm on the swings cuteeeee
Akilah Young
Akilah Young Hace 4 horas
Kylie saying her fans watch her family for one reason:Relatable Fans: More Drama please!!!🍿🤭
HCAR Hace 4 horas
Jajajaja this piece of junk listen it is not good people wake up , didit know what she said jajaja
Lucas Damasceno
Lucas Damasceno Hace 4 horas
Jesus loves you! Dont give up!
Linda Jessica C. Valadez
I wanna know more about her outfit, I want it😍
Faith and Piper
Faith and Piper Hace 4 horas
Who cares
Grazía Szczerbanov
Grazía Szczerbanov Hace 4 horas
Why does she speak with a “tsk” before every word?! It’s extremely annoying. Other than that, love Kris & Stormi!
Glai Za
Glai Za Hace 4 horas
So, she has that antic of kinda sucking her front teeth and lip before talking. Stormi is adorable btw.
riley keller
riley keller Hace 4 horas
no offense but wtf is krs wearing
dcnannen Hace 4 horas
kris is so robotic it’s scary no offense
Emma McIntyre
Emma McIntyre Hace 4 horas
Merlot Hace 4 horas
This is so awkward 😬
Cherish Rowa
Cherish Rowa Hace 4 horas
Andrea Mj
Andrea Mj Hace 4 horas
Yesss!!! Finally a Kylie Jenner version
Amanda Hace 4 horas
Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life