73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue

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On the eve of the release of her new film, "A Star Is Born," Lady Gaga invites Vogue to her LA home and answers 73 intriguing questions. While sitting outside, amongst perfectly placed potted plants and flowering ivy, Lady Gaga talks about her songwriting process, working with actor-turned-director Bradley Cooper, and her upcoming Vegas residency.
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73 Questions With Lady Gaga | Vogue
Created By: Joe Sabia
Styled By: Taylor Angino

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13 sep 2018

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Jumarie Agbayani
Jumarie Agbayani Hace 8 horas
73 questions with Mariah Carey pleaaaase. 😍😍😍
WM TV Hace un día
Love her message to the yoing women. Love yourself. LG is an inspiration.
Yasmin McEwen
Yasmin McEwen Hace un día
This is very Nice :) Lady Gaga looks so happy! She is such an Inspiration and has some great words to live by--"Never Give Up!"--Amen, to that 💝🎵😎💫 Love to Lady Gaga 💝
nicholas williams
nicholas williams Hace un día
Scripted and not authentic at all wtf
salvatore fancello
salvatore fancello Hace 2 días
Oi ledi Gaga amie pare chi gra gana de aria ai monti egia si bi
Alexis Alvarado
Alexis Alvarado Hace 2 días
Vogue: "Can you reveal a beauty secret?" Gaga: " Soon" Now she has her own beauty line😂
POOJA Xo Hace 2 días
She didn't let us in her house.... 😭😭😭😭I wanted to see the interior decorations...cause it is sure to be out of this world just like her fashion sense.....
wael karaki
wael karaki Hace 2 días
Patricia Jones
Patricia Jones Hace 3 días
Chip Hace 3 días
She is so beautiful
Laura Elizabeth
Laura Elizabeth Hace 4 días
The most natural interview... completely unstaged in my opinion
Livia Babnik
Livia Babnik Hace 5 días
Love u Gaga . You are iconic!! ❤️
Riley Jackson
Riley Jackson Hace 5 días
Give us 73 questions with Lana Del Rey!
Skiral Hace 5 días
Yes ms. singapore airlines yes ma’am I would like a steak ma’am thank you ma’am have a safe trip ma’am
ana a. martínez
ana a. martínez Hace 5 días
look at this house. then search 'patios de granada'.
Eros Erfe
Eros Erfe Hace 6 días
"Can you reveal to me one of your beauty secrets?" "Soon" HELLO HAUS BEAUTY
wompwompwomp leelee
wompwompwomp leelee Hace 7 días
breakfast at tiffanies and bottles o bubbles ;) ill go now
Sumi r
Sumi r Hace 7 días
Most boring 73 answers😑😑😑
Chelidon Hace 7 días
what's the dress she's wearing?
Subhan Tariq
Subhan Tariq Hace 8 días
Who's here after launched her hauslabs?
Mckessa King
Mckessa King Hace 8 días
The interviewer gave her that David Bowie gift at the exact moment that he did, because he realized that he annoyed /upset her after asking what her hidden talent is.
Paolo Lucatello
Paolo Lucatello Hace 8 días
She looks very bad
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner Hace 8 días
Lady gaga seems genuine🙂
nanami nanami
nanami nanami Hace 10 días
Yayay she mentioned Audrey Hepburn, she and Gaga are my two favourite idols, probably biggest inluences :3
Freddye Cachorro
Freddye Cachorro Hace 10 días
Leon Leo
Leon Leo Hace 10 días
2007 when i turned 21. We know what she was doing
AEA- ASMR Hace 11 días
Love the look of her house. She has such great style & taste. The jazz in the background was the best out of all of it. I also liked at the end when she just walked in her house all casual, lol!
Coffee Maniac
Coffee Maniac Hace 11 días
73 Questions with Shawn Mendes..
Vladimir Fernerhin
Vladimir Fernerhin Hace 11 días
Phượng Vy
Phượng Vy Hace 11 días
73 questions with Sam Smith, please 🙏
ImKiceLee Hace 12 días
Should’ve asked her about the fact if she taking care of the MJ wardrobe
Lola mo
Lola mo Hace 12 días
Annie Bananie
Annie Bananie Hace 12 días
i. absolutely. love. lady. gaga.
Livy Hace 13 días
LaDy GaGa HI!!
creative weirdo
creative weirdo Hace 13 días
I really want them to do one with Emma Watson!!
L Crisd
L Crisd Hace 14 días
Could she be more fake?😒 i doubt it. Throwing people off balconies behind her? Hope so
Akash Dutta
Akash Dutta Hace 15 días
....a long hawt baaah
MegaMaxiepad Hace 16 días
Lady Garg: "God, I am so original!"
Joey Alkaabi
Joey Alkaabi Hace 16 días
73 questions with Paris Hilton. 💖
Cayden Booker
Cayden Booker Hace 17 días
Very modern girl
Yahir Plascencia
Yahir Plascencia Hace 17 días
Is it crazy that I kind of wanted to cry during the interview? I love Gaga
dinna dayana
dinna dayana Hace 19 días
She is too serious
Horn Canguio Willie
Horn Canguio Willie Hace 20 días
Tu veux quoi comme poste ?
muhammed salih sefiloğlu
i will remember the message and everything related with Born This Way.
Tracy Campanella
Tracy Campanella Hace 22 días
I adore her. She's so genuine, well-spoken and talented.
Priyanka Rahang
Priyanka Rahang Hace 22 días
She s a boss
Raimondas Raime
Raimondas Raime Hace 22 días
Ux Lady juo Kvin,
kuntilanak merah
kuntilanak merah Hace 22 días
I think she is an intellectual person...
Zaib Master
Zaib Master Hace 23 días
I can't stop loving this woman
Ramzan Shaikh
Ramzan Shaikh Hace 23 días
Family friends freedom❤ Edit: always be true to yourself.
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