8 Items LeBron Owns That Cost More Than Your Life..

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These Are 8 Things LeBron Owns That Cost More Than Your Life..

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26 may 2021






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Hart Thim
Hart Thim Hace 24 días
When you invest you're buying a day you don't have to work
Linda poplin
Linda poplin Hace 24 días
Jobs will pay your bills business will make you rich but investment makes and keep you wealthy the future is inevitable
Investors motivation
Investors motivation Hace 24 días
Small steps everyday!
Investors motivation
Investors motivation Hace 24 días
If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich spend less and invest more
Alice mark
Alice mark Hace 24 días
@Anderson Sarah tell her I referred you please
Alice mark
Alice mark Hace 24 días
@Anderson Sarah Catherine S. Woods
MCRINNEY Hace 2 meses
As somebody who lives in Akron, it has become such a nice city with so little violence. LeBron is such a big contributer to this, and he has done way more than just the school. He is truly a great person who has made a very great community and inspired others to do the same
Flounder Fanatic Fishing
@Randy Lynch no offense im not trying to start a argument but its their money they worked for it. i believe that its their choice
Randy Lynch
Randy Lynch Hace un mes
It's nice to hear that, happy for you, however this is something that SHOULD be done by ANYONE that has that type of money.. there is no reason for people to have 20 cars that cost millions and millions, etc, etc, etc,.. all while there are so many people struggling, even the ones that bust their ass working 70 hours a week struggling.. and athletes alone are getting 200mil dollar contracts to play a sport for few years.
Skyhypeplayz Hace 8 meses
You can replace all of them but you cant replace a life that was loved
Deanna Beard
Deanna Beard Hace 3 meses
Ace Thecrowd
Ace Thecrowd Hace 4 meses
This title is a joke lmao. But hearing this guys voice does not surprise me.
Danila Sergeev
Danila Sergeev Hace 5 meses
Yeah I reckon youtubers should stop with this whole cost more than your life, I get it's waaaaaay more money then we would spend but everyones life is much more important than this crap.
MBrumagin Hace 8 meses
If I'm not mistaken, he has/had an endorsement deal with Audemars Piguet. So, I highly doubt he was paying for those watches. They get more value out of the visibility that he generates for their brand by wearing them, than they'd get if he paid out of pocket to buy the watch.
Portgas D. Ace
Portgas D. Ace Hace 4 meses
the fact that he did his promise school he's gonna be loved in cleveland no matter where team he goes now
Leslie Nelson
Leslie Nelson Hace un mes
Respect for another incredibly insane upload to the channel well played brotha.☝🏾🐐✊🏾⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🎯
Mr. 79
Mr. 79 Hace un mes
Every one must be happy about what they owned. It’s your life, your fight, your action & your consequence.
sannu DAVIS
sannu DAVIS Hace 2 meses
Nothin is precious than our life ❤️
hesnyy Hace un año
“This is not even a house it’s a whole mall” 😂😂 that had me dying
Bourbex Hace 4 meses
same LOL
Dean Palmer22
Dean Palmer22 Hace 4 meses
Same lol
Redd Dymund
Redd Dymund Hace 5 meses
Bryan Obusan
Bryan Obusan Hace un año
Your so wonderful,kindness person and rich..
Shaquille Loyola
Shaquille Loyola Hace 10 meses
Tim Duncan was the simplest player in the NBA nothing special with his clothes just plain simplicity
Z French
Z French Hace un mes
Ok, that’s his prerogative. Other ppl like to dress nice. Nothing wrong with that either.
ChakraDonGODsSun Hace 11 meses
In a world without capitalism you guys might have a point, but in the real world we are all quite literally stock.
lawrence nelson
lawrence nelson Hace 10 meses
That'a why when the real Christ crack the sky's they gon pay up, true justice and reperations
offwhitegamer Hace 9 meses
Congratulations to Lebron! But you don’t need rich and cool stuff,you just need food,water,and shelter nothing else
Mohamed Hasan Altaraifi
Excuse me I think I mean might Just faint you need to be rich and have Nice lavish stuff to live and you also need food and water and a shelter and a car
Troll Kenobi
Troll Kenobi Hace 2 meses
@Unknown Name he just speaks facts
Unknown Name
Unknown Name Hace 7 meses
You're saying that as if you don't own stuff smh you guys hate to see people do good in life.
Jay Ugly
Jay Ugly Hace 8 meses
All we need is God
Blackstar 1000
Blackstar 1000 Hace 8 meses
Food ,water' and shelter my mother use to tell me this every day ,miss her .
Baller 34
Baller 34 Hace 10 meses
Rebound is making me feel better.
Shuayb Khan
Shuayb Khan Hace un año
The hard work and charity he gives, I think he deserves this :)
random person
random person Hace 2 meses
@ThatOneDumbPerson Bro what are you talking about? "cant even put a period at the end of your sentence" bro its not like this is school where every capital latter, period, and comma are important lmfao. Plus if you wanted to be really technical then maybe at a capital letter at the start of your sentence
Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis Hace 3 meses
RUDRA DALMIA Hace 8 meses
Nothing can cost more than life because life itself gets you this.
Dave B
Dave B Hace 4 meses
LaBron is a hero for his community, god bless
Nick Herling
Nick Herling Hace 10 meses
I will always say Lebron is one of the best idols a child could have, and his donations to charity are amazing. Idk why but his comments and the connections to the media seems like a facade. For example this ESvid site is promoting him, giving this glorifying ESvid, and lebron has a car with their sponsorship on it……..somethings off. Again everything he does is great but it makes me question
TheSteelKage Hace 8 meses
bro lol, that "sponsorship" at 4:40 was just some obvious video editing, they do it in almost every video to get people to subscribe
Arek Guldjian
Arek Guldjian Hace 5 meses
The first thing he said was a little rude “lebrons things cost more than ur life” but it’s ok my guy 😇
Frank J
Frank J Hace un año
All the Hard work, All the Sacrifices, All the Sleepless Nights, Struggles, Downfalls, It all Pays off. -Lebron
Etinosa Izevbigie
Etinosa Izevbigie Hace 15 días
@frankespinoza9 so why isn’t the random tall guy in the NBA?
frankespinoza9 Hace 2 meses
@trewinters Wunters if i was that height i would be an unstoppable force .i maxed out on the bench 405lb at 5,7 in
trewinters Wunters
trewinters Wunters Hace 2 meses
@frankespinoza9 their are also more people that tall that don’t put work on
trewinters Wunters
trewinters Wunters Hace 2 meses
@frankespinoza9 he’s 6’9 250
frankespinoza9 Hace 3 meses
must be nice being 6'8 270plus i think with his genes anyone can be successful
Jaycee Allen
Jaycee Allen Hace 8 meses
Life is priceless my guy 💯❗️
DJ DOG STUDIOS         🙂
DJ DOG STUDIOS 🙂 Hace 4 meses
I think the best part was "I would not be surprised if he bought another house in the same neighborhood at this point, wait a second HE DID DO THAT"
Scousered Hace 24 días
When FSG bought our club (Liverpool) it was worth roughly £300 million. It's now valued at £3.6 billion and the 4th most valuable football (soccer) club in the world. So Lebron made a wise investment there.
Gang Bang
Gang Bang Hace 7 meses
I don’t care what lebron own,which I really happy for him but nothing that he owns cost jmore than my life. 🤞🏾
Spicy Mike
Spicy Mike Hace un año
“Gain the world and lose your soul” “Wisdom is better than silver and gold” -Bob Marley-
Guy Tsemah
Guy Tsemah Hace un mes
its actually "Don't gain the world and lose your soul wisdom is better than silver or gold"
Jedaiah Juni
Jedaiah Juni Hace 3 meses
Yes it is true
Rob Hace 4 meses
Well, I don't believe in souls so I'll just stick with the silver and gold thanks!
frederick porter
frederick porter Hace 10 meses
@William Randalllebrons racist rants = responding to racist people's rants, yeah.
Amaury Perez
Amaury Perez Hace 9 meses
LeBron might have a good lifestyle but some of us are going through rough times
Young99 Hace 4 meses
@Ghost 😂😂
Ghost Hace 4 meses
@Young99 LMAO I shouldn’t have laughed at this but I laughed mad hard bro
Dein sports
Dein sports Hace 6 meses
My man congratulations for helping lots of people and children
Rossana Glasgow
Rossana Glasgow Hace 11 meses
From Akron to the top. WORKED HARD.
Legless_dolphin Hace 7 meses
I know you won’t see this comment but keep it up your content is so funny and intertaining keep it up man
Tech Hace un año
I love how these videos are 13+ minutes long. They're really entertaining
Benjamin Racklin
Benjamin Racklin Hace un año
@Kardo Animations fr nova is epic
Kardo Animations
Kardo Animations Hace un año
Nova for life
Benjamin Racklin
Benjamin Racklin Hace un año
Nova is underrated af and yeah I agree but I wish they were linger
Makaveli Musolini
Makaveli Musolini Hace 10 meses
There's watches that cost more than brons entire watch collection by themselves.
Angel Lee
Angel Lee Hace un año
The real thrift shop has me like, “ Why you buy that ?!?!” !! 🥰🥰
Omar Ajoste Vlogs
Omar Ajoste Vlogs Hace 10 meses
Bless his heart and thanks for sharing
Roblox tutorials (iPad version)
There’s 2 things wrong with this video. Nothing costs more then my life and Lebron
I have a good day at work today and I will have to
I think I’ve had more money spent on me than the first item…
Leon Rodriguez
Leon Rodriguez Hace 11 meses
I mean the only problem Is that your calling him the goat dude that's MJ. Everyday
kurt Hace 8 meses
I can safely say none of these are worth more then my life
Lincoln Farris
Lincoln Farris Hace 9 meses
Bro "Were talking bout the goat" Had me crying
Bro Gary Butler
Bro Gary Butler Hace un año
That’s why I’m forever respecting this dude. Instead of going into business with prisons he’s giving back to his community.
Bro Gary Butler
Bro Gary Butler Hace 10 meses
@Vanessa Jefferson oh okay. I got you.
Vanessa Jefferson
Vanessa Jefferson Hace 10 meses
The Michael Jordan that is in business with prisons is White. A school is nice but Michael Jordan has built 2 clinics that provide healthcare to uninsured and under insured people in Charlotte. He is building 2 in Wilmington.
Bro Gary Butler
Bro Gary Butler Hace 10 meses
@Man Pan I got you bruh
Man Pan
Man Pan Hace 10 meses
Yeah man it’s my thought but I wanna point at the school was pretty heroic
Bro Gary Butler
Bro Gary Butler Hace 11 meses
@Man Pan that’s your thoughts bruh.
Rio Nabil
Rio Nabil Hace un año
If Lebron died and I'm still alive is that mean I'm way more expensive than him??
Truth HurtzandHealz
Truth HurtzandHealz Hace 8 meses
You can't put a price tag on anyone's life. Whoever created this segment is the true definition of a "sell out."
Gregory Samaniego
Gregory Samaniego Hace 11 meses
When you have to rub one out just to charge your watch you know you made it! In 4th grade I thought I was bad ass because I got me a casio calculator watch that had back light capabilities and was water resistant up to 30 meters and lebron has a watch that takes a normal person 3 lifetimes to make and still might have to sell a kidney to have enough!
Infinite_cOnTenT Hace 3 meses
Life is priceless you can’t go up to a soul
Black Goku
Black Goku Hace 8 meses
He deserves it all. 🙏🏽
D Tattoo
D Tattoo Hace 7 meses
@Dee Ess 🤣for real..there are people that actually work harder for a penny
Dee Ess
Dee Ess Hace 8 meses
Why because he puts a round object inn to round hole?
rich t
rich t Hace 7 meses
If I was rich, I would be humble, id still wear my G-shock watch, my clothes will still be from Walmart.
bryler04 canada
bryler04 canada Hace 9 meses
Life is precious..life is priceless..
Blayden Appollis
Blayden Appollis Hace 5 meses
8 things that cost more than your life All of us: EMOTIONAL DAMAGE
Roberto Tesillos
Roberto Tesillos Hace 10 meses
“We’re talking about the GOAT”. . . 🤣🤣🤣
Ayodele Goodness
Ayodele Goodness Hace 10 meses
If it worths more than my life at that net worth means Bill Gate’s property Worths more than Lebron’s life
Redd Dymund
Redd Dymund Hace 5 meses
Lebron James is so good charity Giving back to his comunity own school to😇😪
dhilldeep Hace 7 meses
bruh mans like the best basketball player ever he is the G.O.A.T. keep it up REBOUND, u the man>
Logan Gage Tarantino
Your narrations are perfect!!! That’s the reason I’m forever a subscriber 👍 Nice job reporting the news.
Yabbaiscool Hace un año
Nah did you not hear him call LeBron the goat
POLABEH Hace 8 meses
Yep, thats worth more than my will to live.
Gamer Castro
Gamer Castro Hace 9 meses
Me thinking my life is worthless.
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
Now finally a shoe that is worth the price. The entire shoe is made of GOLD!! sheesh
Marites De Leon
Marites De Leon Hace 5 meses
There's no such a 'thing' that cost more than a life.
AnimaLandia Hace un año
I think rebound life is about $500k some times it can go lower depending on the market.
TysonsOfficial Hace 8 meses
they left out the part where he’s spent millions to traffic kids but he definitely made it all back plus some so it doesn’t count..
Mike Oquin
Mike Oquin Hace 9 meses
Me: Man I wish I could have those things Elon Musk: Man that's nothing
Lamon Woods
Lamon Woods Hace 10 meses
Life is incomparable. Some just don't respect Life. Priceless Life Is.
D33ZYE 27
D33ZYE 27 Hace 9 meses
Bronny’s allowance cost more than my life X100 😭
Luis Benavent
Luis Benavent Hace un año
this man should get a Oscar for most entertaining channel
Roses Hace un año
Lift Isint Lifeless. Its our Gift From God, And Nothings More Better Than That. Although Lebron Is very Rich
Grant Rensch
Grant Rensch Hace 10 meses
So true. Nothing compares to having a life loving Jesus
Destiny 15
Destiny 15 Hace 6 meses
If I ever became famous…I would make my family live well, buy myself a good car and a good house or mansion. That’s it. There is no meed for all this useless stuff.
Justice club
Justice club Hace 7 meses
The only thing important,it's how much good he doo
Pourtabib Hace 5 meses
i think he should have a good life
Dean Howell
Dean Howell Hace un año
imagine seeing a fit that costs more than your house.
Lil Bill
Lil Bill Hace un año
Mine is 190,000
Raymond Wisdom
Raymond Wisdom Hace un año
bobalicon1000 Hace un año
Mine 2.5 millions of pesos,, lol
SlaxHezziedU Hace un año
Mine is 900,000
Prosper Ngabirano
Prosper Ngabirano Hace un año
and more than the average yearly salary of a typical American 😭
car maniac
car maniac Hace 11 meses
Nothing costs more than Life!!
Fatherless Mickey
Fatherless Mickey Hace 11 meses
Lebrons gold shoes cost more than my house 😭
Armored Fn
Armored Fn Hace 10 meses
Mans freakin spent more on houses than I do with my life
Rohini Chevle
Rohini Chevle Hace un mes
Nothing keeps more value than a life.
JustlilCheese Hace un año
Rebound:We are talking about LeBron James the GOAT Michael Jordan:and I took that personally
MTC Hace 3 meses
“100k dollars is like Bronnys allowance” 💀
Sqrd353 Hace 11 meses
He's very wise and charitable.👏👏👏👏
XG Hace 9 meses
All jokes to the side, nothing/money can come up to life even if your depressed and wanna suicide don’t because life is great you just need some patience. I hope I made someone’s day lol
Jason Marton
Jason Marton Hace 4 meses
How sad, there is so many people and animals that need help that could be saved from what they’re dealing with! Hope he’ll possibly look around and start more giving because some of the things he’s done is so awesome and important! Warm Regards
Christian Bozwell
Christian Bozwell Hace 4 meses
Did you cry about Trump's money too?
Red Abarca
Red Abarca Hace un año
4:41 I actually fell for it this time. 😂
TitaniumKranium Hace un año
Me too! I'm glad you pointed that out lmao
yenniel martinez
yenniel martinez Hace un año
David Moreno Pérez
David Moreno Pérez Hace 10 meses
U can say It costs more that the 'earning' of an entire live. But saying it costs more than MY life implies it holds more value than my entire existence.. that's kinda' harsh
Khalifallah Saint-Cyr
Khalifallah Saint-Cyr Hace 22 días
Talking about the Goat 🤣🤣🤣 I was done at this point
OMG channel Lalalala
That part where the title said “that costs more than your life” said REBOUND.
Rez East
Rez East Hace 10 meses
My life cost more than anything another man like myself made
Go Leafs Go
Go Leafs Go Hace un año
I'm not really a basketball guy so maybe this impacts my view but I've never really been able to figure out the off court LeBron? After watching this video until its completion though I have to comment this guy seems to have his "sh***" together. Love the school now that's giving back to the community. Seems to be really smart with his finances or at least smart enough to listen to those employed around him.
B K Hace 3 meses
When he hires, and who his employees are. I think, just like on a basketball court, a tough guy is overpaid All this overpaid money should be returned to the community that for years supported it by paying for its playing, in the form of opening companies and jobs but not just bragging and showing off its inflated ego at every turn.
Dee Ess
Dee Ess Hace 8 meses
I wouldn't trade my dogs nail clippings for anything LJ ever touched! What a despicable human being!
Ḡяℐ℘℘εя Hace 8 meses
Life is more expensive than all together
Maykito Hace 9 meses
I take issue with Lebron being reffered to as the GOAT as if he somehow has surpassed Jordan.
molly manneh
molly manneh Hace 8 meses
Unfortunately,he can't take even 10 cents with him when he dies.I hope he has a will, and I hope he knows Jesus.
Finn Donnelly
Finn Donnelly Hace 4 meses
Did I hear you right he’s the greatest of all time I think otherwise Michael Jordan is the goat
Anais Cortez
Anais Cortez Hace 2 meses
dude our lives are priceless nothing can top our life dude you have the nerve who says that money is more than are life what if someone says that to you
Josiah Martin
Josiah Martin Hace 10 meses
Life is priceless!!!
Money Goon Empire
Money Goon Empire Hace 7 meses
Nice things but Nothing cost more than my life 💯
4EvaKing Hace un año
My life is priceless.Nice material tho.
Henwypowa Hace 2 meses
I agree but according to statistics average human net worth is 100,000 meaning Kenton’s list is statistically has more value than your life
Jason xd
Jason xd Hace 3 meses
Robert Crawford
Robert Crawford Hace 3 meses
Facts 💯
You Need To Know Everything
True and respect
Aaron Samuel
Aaron Samuel Hace 5 meses
Respect✨and Facts.
Timmey Jay
Timmey Jay Hace 11 meses
All those brands being like: yeah lets put a super big price tag on it, those mugheads like to flex, y know...
Tibet Gülderen
Tibet Gülderen Hace un año
Dude lebrons watch collection litterally costs as much as my house
Anthony Demone
Anthony Demone Hace 11 meses
🔴 Those shoes gonna end up being worth over a million dollars❗
Klepto LEI
Klepto LEI Hace un año
i really like your channel but your information is always so far off, lebron Audemars watch is WAY more than 31,000. More like about 200,000 to 300,000 and he was 17 NOT 18 when he got that hummer AND he didnt buy it, the cavs got it for him, he was almost not allowed to go to the NBA because of it.
Sim Drifter 69
Sim Drifter 69 Hace un año
Don't hate the playa hate the game.. Dudes living the life we all dream of
seun seun
seun seun Hace 9 meses
No amount of money can worth more than my life, you crazy.
Amberious Menefee
Amberious Menefee Hace 7 meses
LeBron is funny and goofing at the same time
xEliGamesx Hace 10 meses
Life cost more than everything
Bruce Shutan
Bruce Shutan Hace un año
Life is priceless
XGamer-2000 Hace 2 meses
Nothing cost more than someone's life I could say to you my house I own is more than your life
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